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Previous thread: https://archive.ph/2E68R
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You are certainly wasting your time, considering you are projecting american politics onto politics as a whole.
I will just use right-wing and left-wing instead of progressive and conservative, taking into account that fascists and alt-right people are progressives too.
Right-wing vote = rich people or upper class people or people who generally belong to the ruling class (coincidentally mostly white males) + some fanatics like people here who despite the fact they don't benefit from right-wing governments significantly except for being able to say the n word out loud (or insert any local minority here) and to hate on trannies still vote for a system that treats them as expendables + the middle class who like the upper classes don't want to help anyone lower than them in the pyramid
Left-wing vote: pretty much everyone else

I understand as a middle class or upper class person you can't understand what it is like to be on the bottom.

>the largest welfare state in history is also the greatest warmonger in history?
Which country are you talking about? The USA?

>Aristocrats too aren’t NEETs, their job consists of protecting the wealth they inherited as every single person try to surreptitiously yank it out from under their nose.
Probably the stupidest thing I read here recently. Aristocrats are NEETs but nobody is bothered by that for some reason, in fact they are even respected and adored by commoners. But if you as an average person live the NEET life then everyone gets butthurt and will talk shit about you.

Monks really aren't NEETs, though. That's still a job, like being in the military. They have their superiors they need to answer to and the rules and laws they must follow.


Military jobs do have wages.
If a monk position paid wages, I would believe it were a job. In my limited experience they don't.




The USA isn't the greatest welfare state, what are you smoking, friend? The award would have to go to nordic countries like Sweden.

The wage of the monk life is getting stuff. A place to live, food, paying the bills, etc. Churches redistribute their wealth they stole or cheated out from people and that's why monks can even exist. If left on their own they wouldn't be able to live on that only.


Great can also mean largest, Sweden has far few people and smaller economy.

Imagine a welfare state that provides food, shelter. If they were NEET, they are NEET, regardless of their relationship to society. We all live in a society, and get economy of scale gains from it.


Check the US annual budget and get back to me, brainlet. They spend more on welfare than military even lol.


>The USA isn't the greatest welfare state, what are you smoking, friend?
I'm sure he'll pull up some sort of statistic where apparently money is being spent on the public and welfare but in reality it's being siphoned back in private hands.


>Gibs aren't real because my feelings
Sound logic.


>no, facts found through research are fake, it's actully the burr-jwa-zee stealing money


>fascist and alt right are progressives
I got dumber reading this


This is true, Progressivism is common to both Liberalism, Fascism.


Nick and Ye now working together. Black Israelite "we wuz the real jews" celeb and a guy who ranted for years against blacks specifically. Supposedly meeting Trump as well now which is just the cherry on top.

I can't see this ending well. Ye wants a presidential bid, Trump wants a presidential bid, Nick probably wants a presidential bid. Between the three of them there's a lot of overlapping baggage


>can't see this ending well.
lol no shit. terminally online right wing retards are really something else. isnt that freak basically trying to set up a literal cult? and isnt that fuentes a literal nobody outside of internet alt right circles? like, who cares what they do outside of youtube, twitter and imageboards?


>a nigger so black you can't even see him, even in daylight
>what appears to be a middle school boy
>a classic obese new york jew, but painted orange
I can't see it ending well either.


If you're a liberal or a progressive, you're basically retarded on the same level as a succubus, as succubi are the ones who vote progressive and liberal by like 70-80% margins.

Liberalism and progressivism literally couldn't survive without retarded foids voting to import 3rd world savages, welfare for niggers and succubi and removing your autonomy.


Who is Nick Fuentes?
I always thought he was a fucking nobody that debated Twitch streamers.


I don't understand why modern "politics" is lead by people with incoherent ideologies. Isn't Nick a literal homosexual?


File: 1669300313998.png (51.26 KB, 229x563, 229:563, 1668525804801148.png) ImgOps iqdb

>I don't understand why modern "politics" is lead by people with incoherent ideologies
Imagine if you had highly effective people with a coherent vision instead and you have your answer: something might actually get done


Sweden is smaller but has a better welfare state than any other country on Earth. There is a reason most migrants don't want to go to the USA but to nordic countries.

Oh so that is why the USA is a capitalist dystopian world where even the question of basic healthcare was considered taboo for so long? Maybe you living in the US perceive your country as "leftist" or as a "welfare state" because it isn't a full on capitalist meatgrinder like it used to be but we living elsewhere can only shake our heads at your dog-eat-dog culture. Btw, what the gov says they spend money on isn't necessarily true and I don't think I have to tell you how governments tend to lie about this stuff. Why are there so many homeless and poor people in the USA while your country continues to send billions of money to Ukraine for shitty proxy wars? You should ask yourself this.

Then research your ideologies a little better so you won't be a complete idiot when the discussion is about them. Fascism and Nazism are both progressive ideologies, they are anti-reactionary and anti-conservative meaning they are against traditional christian values. Conservatives are representing christian values regardless of the fact they are christians or not.

Fascism has its ideological roots in the events of 1789, the romanticism and nationalism that began after that and WWI which resulted in creating the soldier-working class. It as progressive as communism, just on the other side of the spectrum.

You can stuff your racism and hatred against succubi into your ass if you are fucked economically and nobody will bother to help you because the society you live in is a milder version of the Wild West.


> most migrants don't want to go to the USA but to nordic countries.
lol USA has higher immigration and higher amount of turned away than Swedes. Some online poll of arab rapists is how you decided "immigrants want"?


File: 1669313654106.jpg (224.57 KB, 1015x847, 145:121, R.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nick is a mixture of funny and persuasive, and is currently leading the only surviving semi-successful alt right movement. He got noticed by the Trump establishment and Tucker Carlson types after he started disrupting their events, and ever since has been enmeshed in their gravy train.


For the longest time he was. Then he started the "Groyper wars" and began disrupting speaking events by Charlie Kirk and later other people (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGdJcTCF2BU). Then he showed up at stop the steal and started getting real traction doing well received public speeches with Alex Jones etc. Later on Rep Steve King and some other notables attended his AFPAC event. His election night stream had 40k views, which is comparable to the entire north american alt right.

Before the groypers, nobody from pol would do things in public let alone anything politically effective. I assume the republican establishment see him as a grass roots guy capable of bringing in the hard right youth vote.

I've followed this guy ever since he was a nobody doing daily politics streams on youtube and recognized he had potential even then, so it's kind of nice to see him breaking out into his own. The problem is he has so much baggage I can't possibly imagine normal people embracing him.


>the ideological roots of fascism are in 1789
>interwar politics are now being considered analogous to modern day progressive liberalism
I REALLY got dumber reading this

he's right though. If Married couples or white men exclusively voted there wouldn't be progressivism at all. If single (defective, if a normie succubus is unmarried and without kids there is something wrong with them) white succubi or immigrants voted it'd be the progressive stack. The prog political movement could not exist without immigrant voters overruling the natural homeostasis of western politics


probably not and it doesn't matter since he has repeatedly stated he'll never date anyone because of the risks involved. There's been a whole gamut of accusations thrown to discredit him over the years, and if you trace them back to their origin it's usually less successful alt groups he feuded with. Or communists, every other thread on pol about this guy is a defamation attempt.

>he's a fed!

>he's gay!
>he's not white!
>he's a grifter!
>AF is civnat!

Neverending. All I can say is that unlike the rest of the crab bucket AF has actually been going places. Most of the smart money has already hitched their wagons to Nick anyways


Right-wing also hates succubi, which is why a lot of crabs flock to the right if for nothing else.


People want entertainment and to feel good. Barely anyone actually cares about ideology.


>lots of strikes
Think the powers that be will take a step back?


File: 1669404559228.webm (2.05 MB, 540x304, 135:76, 1669395384142615.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Trudeau's on the stand for the Trucker protests today. Reminder he invoked a state of emergency order to violently displace thousands of people outside parliament and now nobody seems to be able to justify it publicly.


The USA is much more stricter with migrants than nordic countries that's why most migrants would rather just go to Europe. This isn't some big secret. It's how things are.

Not progressive liberal, but fascism is progressive like I elaborated. You fall for the contemporary buzzwords and cults/parties that use words they don't even know what they mean. Just research fascism a little and you will see I am right. Progressive doesn't equal liberal.
It is rooted in 1789 and the french revolution just like socialism/communism is. Fascism and nazism are revolutionary and völkisch all around. It's not about the aristocracy but relies on the soldier/worker class.

>If single (defective, if a normie succubus is unmarried and without kids there is something wrong with them) white succubi or immigrants voted it'd be the progressive stack. The prog political movement could not exist without immigrant voters overruling the natural homeostasis of western politics

I like how you don't mention us among single people, as if wizards were closer to white family men than to those single "fucked up" succubi or those evil lazy migrants who only want bux. So you basically acknowledge NEETs shouldn't vote for the right, thanks.

The right doesn't hate succubi, it just thinks differently. It says that succubi should be moms and should focus on children instead of working or building a career life. Of course, crabs think come a right-wing system and then they would automatically get laid or get a wife somehow (lol) and so I see your point.


Bro USA has some of the laxest immigration in the world, Nordics are notoriously hard to immigrate to.

The demographic numbers show that USA has far more immigrants


it's ridiculous to compare contemporary progressive politics to turn of the century ones. Eugenics was being taught by white middle class protestants in classrooms across North America, is that what they're doing today?

fascism has strong ties to the lower middle class. In Italy they financed the paramilitaries that were putting down communists, in Germany it was highly Catholics but very similar with the Freicorps.

but of course, I'm talking to the guy who reduces every conversation down to "but how does it benefit me and my neetbux?", dismisses topics out of hand as uninformative because he disagrees with them, and generally reduces the content quality of every thread he posts in so…


>The USA isn't the biggest welfare state because my feelings cont.
Lol, mental gymnastics are always a lot of fun to witness.


> it's ridiculous to compare contemporary progressive politics to turn of the century ones.
Eugenics as policy is more popular than ever, and less talked about. Is that more or less Progressive?
Wasn't female birth control released as part of Progressive policy? And don't we keep it around for largely the same eugenicist reasons?


It's actually the other way around but whatever, believe /pol/ if you want to and continue to think that your country is some leftist migrant dystopia while it isn't.

>The demographic numbers show that USA has far more immigrants

Most of them being educated white first worlders while the typical migrant is directed elsewhere at the border, lol

A country that has heated arguments about basic shit like healthcare isn't a proper welfare state by any means.

It's not ridiculous to compare things at all, considering ideologies don't change and are timeless. Fascism was never about conservative values, it's always been a progressive ideology that was born to oppose liberalism, communism and the reactionary parties. Fat Italian Soldier Dude and German Moustache Angry Guy, the founders of fascism looked down on conservatives always and clearly distanced themselves from them. Of course, when it came to voting and gaining money then they were ready to team up with reactionary and conservative forces out of necessity and pragmatism.

But fascism isn't a militant version of conservative ideologies and to classify it as such betrays someone who doesn't know much about the subject. Mussolini, again the founder of fascism, was a disillusioned communist who switched sides because he read Nietzsche and other similar thinkers. Adolf hated Christianity, especially catholics and middle class culture, calling the middle class cowardly shits. He had the same opinion about european aristocracy.

So point is, taking money from conservatives and being their thug for hire doesn't make someone a conservative. Everyone who isn't a conservative is considered a progressive. Fascism and Nazism are progressive ideologies, in fact they are even more progressive than communism and liberalism because fascism was created in the early 20th century and is among the newest ideologies on the political spectrum. Fascism and Nazism are revolutionary because they want to form a new culture and don't want to return to any pre-existing period. You can only be conservative if you want to conserve something, not if you posit entirely new values.

>"but how does it benefit me and my neetbux?"

So instead of supporting an ideology that benefits me I should be supporting an ideology that benefits you…why, again?


>eugenics as a policy is more popular than ever.

Please give me one example of eugenics being popular. Birth control is not talked about in eugenic terms whatsoever.

Hitler and Mussolini both distanced themselves from the socialist factions present in fascism upon gaining power
>fascism was progressive because it was new
the point I was making is it shares no similarity with contemporary progressive movements whatsoever.


>instead of supporting an ideology that benefits me I should be supporting an ideology that benefits you…why, again?
Because I love you and will definitely help you once you give me total power over the state. You do trust me right wizzy? We're friends after all.


Progressive is progressive, I really don't see the point of you getting hung up on this. Liberals are progressive, socialists are progressive, fascists are progressive.

>Hitler and Mussolini both distanced themselves from the socialist factions present in fascism upon gaining power

I didn't say they were socialists. Mussolini used to be a communist, that's what I said.

I fail to see how wizards or NEETs can benefit from right-wing movements gaining power. I suspect most of the right-wing "wizards" itt are either fully functional normals, rich kids or self-hating/cuck failed norms.


>no similarity with contemporary progressive movements whatsoever.
Modern, Revolutionary, Middle Class, Totalitarian


>noooo ppl disagree with state healthcare so that magically means the state spending the most money on welfare programs isnt the biggest welfare state
I'm sure this is a pop top 40s mega hit on bunkerchan.


File: 1669529864232.jpg (1015.65 KB, 1440x3120, 6:13, 1665022136316796.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

fair point although I'm starting to think progressivism is largely elite driven. Pic related is not the only one


File: 1669569236124.pdf (2.36 MB, AMERICAN EUGENICS SOCIETY ….pdf)



US military fails audit again, no one gives a fuck and nothing will improve


really not that far removed from how Russia handles defense contracting at this point


>As Sens. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) and Jack Reed (D-RI) wrote in 2020, the lead vessel for every one of the Navy’s last eight combatant ships came in at least 10 percent over budget
If they're all around "only" 10 percent over budget, that's not too shabby for government work.
I also wonder amongst the five branches (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard) who did the best.


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File: 1669641228941.png (935.67 KB, 1350x1409, 1350:1409, nanjyakoryaa.png) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1669669183564.jpg (285.43 KB, 612x815, 612:815, 1669666929068363.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

/pol/ caricatures are now real people.



The Alberta UCP is passing a bill to allow veto of Federal legislation. Canadian social media in the usual hypocrisy is claiming it's tyranny and other "Dangerous to demomcracy" nonsense.


Man, this one really supports the current thing. He's just missing the mask and something about how Elon Musk is ruining twitter.


File: 1670097422751-0.jpg (45 KB, 740x624, 185:156, anglin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1670097422751-1.png (272.75 KB, 600x1214, 300:607, femoid-shrieks.png) ImgOps iqdb

Andrew Anglin reinstated on Twitter



So much butthurt


I loved his article on Greta thunbergs breasts

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