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Previous thread: https://archive.ph/2E68R


The accursed thread returns from the lowest circle of Hell.


How is this political?


Why did you Sage? The thread was at the top of the page you goofball!


Celebrating foreign traditions has been looked down upon in Korea, and post-war doctrines even include laws about not putting the Korean Peoples' heritage behind foreign interest. Suddenly, S. Korea wanted to officially begin celebrating Halloween as the West does, citing it harmless fun which gets Children out. This would be a major example of borrowing from another culture against. They kicked it off with a government and large corporation funded Halloween celebration which winded up a logistical disaster.

A purposeful attempt to integrate one culture's holidays by an an already established culture which prides itself on being its own, has many political implications. The people dying is just a funny piece of trivia about it.


Because I like the blue underlined letters.


I'm very happy to see awareness of Jewish control of the media enter the public consciousness.


Erm, they are yellow bug people?
And I’m a white person with a 9 inch cock?
Their deaths are political because it’s good they’re dead and it’s funny they’re dead.


File: 1667179755868.webm (4.85 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1667103203972.webm) ImgOps iqdb

i like how the one guy's face goes between pure pain and the typical soulless indifference that peeskins usually show.


The average 4chan or Twitter user has a sub-80 iq , yet these retards dominate internet discourse. What can we do about the social media retard problem?


>about to actually die
>waste time hamming your reaction up for the camera
jesus these people are sick


The average 4chan or Twitter user is a bot.


This guy looks up at his phone like it is his God and he is expecting it to save him


On the full video, Apple dispatched a cadre of drones to airlift him out of there and to saw off the fingers of anyone who would cling to him (without also possessing the premium subscription) right after this clip.


This is me in public transport every single day


Yep its been a while this thread was alive.


Much luck to Luna. Hope the CIA kikes don't decide to overthrow him.


File: 1667231250209.jpg (34.08 KB, 720x405, 16:9, kanna hue.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>further BRICS integration
>helped broker iran nuclear deal
>lula is the "best friend of tyrants in the democratic world" t. washington post
They are going to be upset, but apparently his VP Geraldo might be a vector for future gayops


don't know anything about brazilian politics but this guy sounds like a retard
>Before a G-20 summit in London in March 2009, Lula caused an uproar by declaring that the economic crisis was caused by "the irrational behavior of white people with blue eyes, who before seemed to know everything, and now have shown they don't know anything."


Mass human sacrifice is political because politicians are satanists.



Having read this I believed it was very informative.
I appreciate you finding the time and effort to put this short article together.
I once again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and commenting.
But so what, it was still worthwhile!


you guys say the dumbest shit, yet this is not the worst in this thread. impressive


You sound mad.


i'm glad lula won the election.
I hate bolsonaro, i mean, i'm not far left, i can tolerate right wing president, but bolsonaro is just too much, he's reminds me everything i hate about brazillian people in general. I'm so relieved.



>If passed, the controversial legislation – which fines workers C$4,000 a day and the union C$500,000 for striking – would mark the first time in the county’s history that the right of workers to collectively bargain and to strike could be legally stripped away.

This kinda sounds like they're paving the way for all poorfags into indentured servitude.


Or they could just get rid of the regulations and licensing laws that give these unions their artificial monopolies in the first place. But that would mean less government and I suppose even conservative Canadians are incapable of supporting that.


>goes to tongue licking boots clean
Do they taste good jew?

>Or they could just get rid of the regulations and licensing laws that give these unions their artificial monopolies in the first place.

So that workers can have less bargaining power and be paid less? You're supportive of that? Jew cunt.


Unions are good for union members and bad for all other workers. No matter how you look at it, passing laws with the sole purpose of keeping other workers from competing with you is bad for them. These laws only benefit a small minority of entrenched union workers who are willing to harm others in order to get paid more than they deserve for low-skill work.


File: 1667511618469.jpg (142.35 KB, 757x960, 757:960, 1665997825455.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>anyone who agrees with any single action of a major authority is a BOOTLICKER
Funny, I haven't read that one since thread #27

One of the reasons, though not a main one, that Ontario teachers are going on strike for is because they want less parental involvement in what they teach peoples' kids. Most teachers there are childless females in their 30s who picked up teaching only because it was a means to make money, not because they had a passion for teaching. These techers can't handle parents asking them why their kids can't read or write and come home each day depressed.

Teachers sign a contract to be on school grounds for 8 hours each weekday to tend to children. They can protest, they can bargain for more pay, they can advocate for better treatment and resources. But they must do that on their own time. Walking out on the job should mean being fired and replaced. Schooling is daycare. When the teachers get their feelings hurt and all decide to take emotional leave, millions of parents then need to find care for their children. This means they too must take time off work, cut in to their savings, or risk subjecting their children to sub-par Craigslist care.

They are teaching from a textbook for a home-owning wage, with guaranteed weekends off, 70+ days of paid holiday per year, in a building that offers all human necessities… They have plenty of time to protest in a way that doesn't risk impoverishing and dividing families with small children. The government is right to suggest disciplinary action for teachers who go AWOL. Children who were entering Kindergarten during the scamdemic are educationally and socially impaired just from missing a few months of homeschooling from parents who have no clue how to teach.

I'm butthurt because this scenario is commonplace these days but when I was a wee lad all we got were P.A days and the occasional bus cancellation. I enjoyed homeschooling when I was and I could exist in my lonesome without causing trouble to my parents. That's only because I'm a wizard though, but kids these days enjoy school more than they enjoy home.


>No matter how you look at it, passing laws with the sole purpose of keeping other workers from competing with you is bad for them.

Jew hands who wants mass immigration to bring down the price the labor of all workers wrote this comment.


Sure, but school is actually a neverending nightmare every single student resents and the students themselves probably feel glad when these retarded cunts go on strike instead of hounding them, so them going on strike instead of bullying innocent children and grinding their brains into dust is actually a GOOD thing.


The people that these laws are hurting are not foreigners.


price of labor isnt the be all end all you fucking mong. if i was the only dairy worker in the world i would be paid 1 million dollars, a true victory for the workers right? except now everyone has to go without dairy products because a wedge of cheese costs 1000 dollars. money has nothing to do with actual wealth. people getting paid more money does not mean they are richer, people having more actual stuff means theyre richer, and actual stuff is created by WORK. if you reduce the amount of work being done, then you reduce the amount of actual wealth being created. unions (that have government enforced monopolies) and minimum wage laws reduce the amount of actual work being done, meaning there is less actual wealth in the world.

may we one day progress past this zimbabwean level of economic retardation…


Obligatory debate in every /pol/ thread: how can right-wing wizards reconcile their beliefs with being a wizard? The two seem mutually exclusive.

Right-wing hates
- useless people
- people who deviate from norms and ethics
- people who don't reproduce
- people who don't wageslave

Right-wing wants to create good obedient citizens who would die for their country (Plato and his insanity is the father of everything the right-wing stands for really) and who would put the welfare of the community above their personal interests. Why would a loner NEET hermit wizard care about the nation or race? To me it is clear that wizards are inherently individualists. We don't care about the expectations of the race/nation or traditional gender roles, we just want to do what we enjoy. So liberalism and leftist theories seem to be closer to us. Not to mention that leftists are more likely to give us free stuff, money and resources.

I'm not saying I agree with everything that liberals or leftists preach. But I feel their ideal is much more wiz-friendly.
Also, let's look at the representatives of these sides in the USA: Biden, a slightly senile and helpless old man who gets bullied and made fun of by rightoids for not being capable enough…and Trump, the essential supernormal. I think that's all that needs to be said. I always feel pity for Biden and how people mock him always. The left wants a world where not only the richest and most privileged can decide about things and I can respect that as someone who is ranked low in the social hierarchy. If I happened to be born rich or into high status then no doubt I would be a right-winger but as things stand, I have to look out for myself.


Wizards are individualists and leftist politics are incompatible with individualism.


>So liberalism and leftist theories seem to be closer to us
Leftism is directly opposed to liberalism. Leftism uses utilitarian ends-justify-the-means ethics to justify a monolithic state and the abolition of human rights. Just try to bring up the idea of morality or good and evil with any group of leftists and they will immediately start going on about how morality is a 'social construct'.

And the idea that the individual has a right to do things that happen to contradict the will of the collective (read: the state) is antithetical to the ideals of leftism. There's a reason why leftists call human rights "freedumbs". It's the natural endpoint of the utilitarian moral framework that leftism is based on, it doesn't leave any room for the freedom of the individual since it's only concerned with the 'utility' of the collective. Empty promises of free shit do nothing to remedy these issues, it's just a method that leftists use to convert the naive. The result of implementing leftism in real life is always slavery.


>unironic libtard who shills for his masters


You expect any sort of rational explanation from right-wing "wizards"?

Also liberals are right-wing.


It's not about reducing the actual work you selfish jew fuck, it's about being paid a fair price for your labor but of course you wouldn't want that would you? You would rather have your fellow wizards toil for 60+ hours a week on less than minimum wage so you and your rich jewish friends can buy another yacht.

It hurts *us* because mass immigration means a healthy supply of cheap labor.


Left-wing hates me for being what I am, a white man. They has done away with all types of logical reason and only care for mob rule. They insist on importing masses of foreigners that can't assimilate because they look nothing like the indigenous people. In my experience non-whites tend to be far less tolerant of eccentricity.



I feel attacked by leftists as well, they are intellectual bullies and they usually view us just as angry white guys and crabs. I'm also opposed to the idea of mass immigration since I had a lot of very bad experiences with violent immigrants and refugees who just don't fit in western society at all. Leftists also tend to be anti white and oppose western culture while sucking the toes of anything foreign even though most immigrants tend to have very conservative worldviews themselves, a good example of this is how they always go against christians but at the same time they support muslims who are against homosexuals and other leftist values, it just makes no sense. I also don't like how they tend to push things like sexwork, pornography and feminism, it's seems like they are responsible for a lot of the bullshit we have today.


>It's not about reducing the actual work you selfish jew fuck, it's about being paid a fair price for your labor
just like how printing money isnt about crashing the economy, its too bad our intentions have no bearing on the actual consequences of our actions. minimum wage laws and unions enact government violence to prevent people from working, thats reality, regardless of whether or not that leads to being paid a "fair price" for your work. and it doesnt lead to being paid a "fair price" for your work, as with all government intervention it usually has the opposite effect. raising the minimum wage means less poor people are getting paid at all, you thought you were getting a raise but really the government got you fired. the same is true with building codes, one day the government decides everyone should have a house built to safety standards so that no one has to live in a dangerous house, then you find out its too expensive to build a house thats up to code and you have no house at all.

understand that the government does not add any value to the world, it only uses violence to prohibit certain actions, it is only a destructive force.

>immigration means a healthy supply of cheap labor

whether the foreigners are in the country or not theyre getting the work. its just if theyre outside the country that means the whole factory moves and then the people living in the country dont get those jobs at all, making them even poorer than if they had just let the immigrants in.


Or you could just get rid of the IRS or at least taper it down to near nothing, and go back to funding the federal government primarily on tariffs and fees. You know, like back when the US was so prosperous the european money powers had to keep strangling the US economy with parasitic institutions like the federal reserve bank corporation in order to remain competitive with their (with minor exception) comparatively antiquated political and economic systems.

Oy vey we can't have that. How would the powers that be ever achieve their precious global government?


Human labor increasingly obsolete so we enter the age of extermination 2 years ago. All wealthy and poweful see you as a threat/useless and want you dead. Nothing can be done. Left/right both want you dead and the human race will go exctint anyway and the sun will burn away earth


Calling aristocracy "antiquated" is somewhat funny.
It's practically primal.


The political spectrum is more complicated than that. Both left and right have liberal groups or ideologies in them. Most liberals nowadays tend to be leftists, indeed liberalism itself came to be seen as something that is almost the same as leftism.

Treating you equally doesn't mean they hate you? You just don't receive special treatment because of your skin color.

Though I understand what you mean, I'm against the abolish borders thing. Immigration is fine if it's not muslims we let in.


>Most liberals nowadays tend to be leftists



Muslim immigrants are really the worst pieces of shit you could ever let hop over your borders, they are dumb as fuck and violent rapist. They never want to integrate themselves no matter how much people give them and they always end up establishing their own societies inside western countries and inside those they just throw trash in the streets and do other subhuman things such as creatig huge organized crime networks to exploit the western countries even more on top of their shitty religion spreading like a virus. They are also always racist against the very people that gave them money, food and a place to live and act superior even though they come from the worst shitholes on earth.

If you look at the crime stats of almost any european country you will quickly see that these muslim subhumans are always on top of the list when it comes to violence, rapes and drug crimes. All these cunts should get deported immediately and never let back into west, all the leftist retards who support them should fuck off as well. I'm 100% sure that the quality of life in western countries would increase significantly if there were no muslims. These cunts made me realize very early that there is a big difference between ethnic groups.

I'd rather let 1000 asians in my country than 10 muslims.


you can have multiple opinions on the same topics in relation to how they might affect different groups. wizards are rare, inconsequential glitches and will always exist so long as humanity survives (maybe eugenics could wipe wizards out, who knows). my main opinion instead then becomes what i think would be good for my siblings.
anyway, it doesnt really matter whatever side anybody here leans. not just people here, but people almost everywhere. there are a relative few who make the decisions and they dont take the feelings of proles into account past avoiding a lynching.
reducing politics to a spectrum and trying to neatly categorize views as left or right seems stupid and deliberately divisive. are terms like progression and conservation not blatantly transitory within the context of politics? why would you continue to progress after reaching that magical sweet spot that makes everyone content? you would then want to try conserving it, no? it all seems too contextual to categorize. even depending on the individual topic, one person can agree with me, one can call me a commie, one can call me a fascist, etc. so i will never understand this hangup about how wandlr verified™ truwizards cant be right or leftwing, or why not just wizards but everybody finds it so important to label themselves politically. i would assume it's as shallow as some tribalistic signalling, which sounds fundamentally un-wizardly, no?


>Treating you equally doesn't mean they hate you?
They have long given up the facade of equal treatment. They always disparage any white historical figure, unless they are fighting against a worse one in their eyes. Anything that is wrong in non-white communities is blamed on whites. They implement stuff like affirmative action (especially in America, but all their stuff gets flung over to Europe anyway), diversity quotas and the like.

>Immigration is fine if it's not muslims we let in.

I disagree. People will always identify others or themselves as the "other". Those who look too racially foreign from those who have build the countries and whom the culture was based on will never feel a complete connect to that country. This confusion will always lead to conflict.

In order to avoid any immigrants must be assimilated into the culture, and into the larger gene-pool of the country and not form their own communities. This does not happen when there is large-scale migration from racially distinct populations.

Here in the Netherlands for example, we had massive migration from the Mediterranean. Few even know about the many Italians that came here, but everyone knows about the Moroccans Turks that failed to assimilate. Same goes for surinamers, and modern african migrants.


File: 1667601790459.jpg (293.27 KB, 2325x1725, 31:23, DPgOY8mX4AAkpcs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Force users to do an 100 IQ level puzzle every time they want to post instead of a captcha.


Outside of the USA this is the case generally. Here in Europe whenever someone says "liberal" he usually means something related to leftism. Here libertarianism or right-wing liberalism doesn't exist basically. We have centrists, we have communists/socialists, we have conservatives and not-so conservative right-wingers/3rd way parties (in other words fascists but they don't dare to say it in public) and liberals (who are essentially what you'd consider to be the Democratic Party in the US).

Sometimes 3rd way alternative right-wingers incorporate libertarian stuff into their programs but not much.

So you dislike ethnic groups or muslims? I don't have a problem with christian arabs or africans, in my experience they are perfectly okay in civilized countries and can behave themselves. It's only the muslims who always cause trouble it seems to me. It's like they come here with the intent of ruining our countries and turning us into 3rd world barbarian countries too.

I try to stay clean of politics in real life, I only discuss it with my father or here. I think it's a waste of time usually for people like us since we are such a fringe minority.

But even I am forced to acknowledge that some ideologies are inherently anti-NEET and therefore I would hate to live under these systems. I'm talking about national socialism or fascism and communism in the traditional USSR fashion. NEETs or work-shy people were put into concentration camps by the nazis for being useless and in communist countries people who were NEETs were locked up in prison, it was a crime to avoid work. Also, some ideologies and systems are more likely to give us NEETs welfare, bux or free stuff.

So generally I am liberal culturally but economically I would want a welfare state.

I don't really think along the lines of "us" when it comes to my race or nation. I consider myself to be different from others and I share little in common with normals who belong to my race or nation.

I don't care if it is some african guy or someone white/someone from my own nationality if he is just being an idiot. I don't feel any solidarity towards my race, country/nation or culture. I don't identify with migrants or anything but I don't have any problem with them as long as they don't bother me, at least I don't hate them more than normals who are the same race or nationality as me.
Black or white, a dumb normal is a dumb normal at the end of the day.

>In order to avoid any immigrants must be assimilated into the culture, and into the larger gene-pool of the country and not form their own communities.

Wait, you don't like foreigners so you want to force them to merge with your people??? That doesn't make sense. Elaborate.


But liberals in america aren't left, the democratic party aren't left. America has two shades of the right wing as their main parties except one is more *socially* liberal.


You're wrong, it's Europe that doesn't have right-wing politics. The entire concept of freedom and human rights is completely alien to most Europeans. All parties in Europe are some variation of leftist slavery to the state, it's just that the "conservative" variations tend to be more monarchist in tone.


This is like when the working poors, the "disenfranchised", lower middle classes and so on actively support some far right retard who affects to be empathetic towards them. Do they honestly believe their empty opportunistic "populist" spiel? Not many of them do I bet, but it is more about fucking over those who are lower than them socially and economically.


Cant really say if I dislike them as ethnic groups or just as religion, hardly ever saw any arabs or north african christians but I can imagine that they might be different, then again they come from the same shitholes so probably not. Either way importing huge masses of people from totally different cultures is always a bad idea.


You're right in Europe there's a different understanding of liberalism, it's just another form of leftism by the definition of most people. Theres also a thing called "radical liberalism" which can be compared to libertarianism in the United States because it supports full freedom of speech but it's rather unpopular.

Europe really doesn't have the same concept of freedom as the United States and even the law actively prevents full freedom of speech so there's usually only slightly more conservative parties with some exceptions on the right wing side that always get suppressed by the laws. The conservative parties are usually just baiting the working class to fill their own pockets, they use things such as the failed immigration politics as a bait and then they don't do anything about it.

The whole concept of hatespeech laws has been a thing for a long time in Europe, we could never have the same parties or politicians as they have in the USA because they would get suppressed by the law, media and a lot of people in general to the point where they couldnt express themselves as they want. I think this whole suppressing of freedom is why most Europeans have this cuck mentality.


funny how taxpayer dollars being used to fund wars halfway across the world mattering to my parents coincides with trump promising to stop aiding ukraine. how many dozens have gone to israel over the years, again…? how about all the other conflicts the US either funded or directly engaged in? i really hate this zombie civilization. no consistency in the beliefs of the common cattle.
bonus: student loan forgiveness bad cuz tv said so.


Hey I stand to gain around $10k from the loan forgiveness, no amount of spinning can convince me that’s bad.


It is a sad fact but we are dependent on our people/society. Maybe directly in some cases, but also indirectly to defend us from other people killing us or stealing from us. It is human nature to side with people like us than those not like us. This is the case mentally, yes, but also ethnically/racially. This is mostly instinctual and it is so repressed in our society, but it is still there. You may or may not be a true exception to this but the fact of the matter is that most people are not. So when difficult times arise, people will care first about their survival and will, normally speaking, side with their own. When there is no other major factors at play, the "default", so to speak, this is their race. When there is no difference in race, this is culture.

>Wait, you don't like foreigners so you want to force them to merge with your people???

If they're living in this country, then yes. If they marry a local and sever all ties with their former nation, then in a generation or two their descendants will not look visually distinct from the general populace, nor consider themselves to be foreigners.


my parents are just mindless zog drones. tried discussing plenty of things with them in the past and often seemed like they came around, but then they turn the tv or radio or stream back on and return to square one. republican says it so it must be true. that is their entire line of "thought."


I know the feeling. Mine just watch MSNBC and shit all day.


Boomers grew up with no alternative media and they think the official mainstream news outlets are the only messengers of what's true. It's irritating how they hardly view things from an alternative angle and how many of them think "the internet" is just wrong information unless its msnbc.com or whatever. I think they would all think in a way less retarded way if they were open for more sources of information.

The only funny thing about this are the facebook boomers who publicly comment on news articles with their actual names in a very upset way or the ones who go totally insane and end up going on qanon and stuff, it's also funny how they sometimes suddenly know about stuff like some shot rapper or andrew tate because their news outlet of choice wrote something about it.


I just don't get how someone can live to be 65+ years old and not learn some things. Maybe it's all the leaded paint and gas, but they lived through so many blatant conspiracies and cover ups I don't get how they have no distrust at all. Like even the fact that fox news and MSNBC peddle completely different lies as fact doesn't alert them at all. They just think one is a liar and the other is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


my stepfather has some abominable QAnon/Gadsden flag with fake weathering on it. i tried telling him that i saw the first couple posts on 4chan years ago and that it was no different than other "insider" trolls that came before. it's just irritating to be constantly reminded, even by the remaining few people that i interact with at all anymore, that everybody is retarded and political action is hopeless. there is so much deliberate and unconscious misinformation that it is understandable that people cant approach the big picture, geopolitics is complicated enough even without all the propaganda piled on, but some stuff is just so blatantly fake that i cant imagine anybody but a legally retarded person to believe it.


I personally think that people have to stop believing the big lies before they can start wrapping their heads around the larger story at work here, but for a lot of people, the big ones are the only thing keeping them sane.


Could be because I have mixed lineage. I experienced quite a few insults about the other side of my ancestors. Not to me directly because I am completely white with red beard and blue eyes. But whenever I hear whites talking bad about my ancestors who weren't white I feel that I don't belong to the white race or my nationality.

This coupled with the fact that I am a loner led me to disregard blood ties and such. I don't consider myself either white or gypsy. I contain racial traits of both groups, I mean psychological traits because based on appearance I am one of the whitest people ever. So to me religion, class, ideology or anything else would be preferable when it comes to groups or working together.

I agree with you. Though I guess some people really believe in race or nationality above everything and are waiting for some racial/national hero or messiah to save them. And don't underestimate how misinformed people are. I know lot of people who consistently vote for parties that would make their lives harder if they won. Some people just can't understand basic politics and how they would benefit from other parties/ideologies better than the ones they have been indoctrinated into.

Many people think that right-wing=freedom and left=big state, especially americans. A more appropriate definition would be right=hierarchy/competition and left=equality/utilitarianism.

The political spectrum is much more wider and complex than what we witness in mainstream politics all over the Earth.


There's a video going around for the american midterms where the lefty interviewer thinks democracy is at risk if republicans start winning elections… the DeMoCrAcY iN pErIl narrative basically.

Does the average lefty voter actually believe this? Or is it just more hyperbolics



Leftists always think Hitler will rise up as soon as things don't don't go their way


I plan to!


>the lefty interviewer thinks democracy is at risk if republicans start winning elections
So there should be…one party?


Argument isn’t that hard :
Large part of Republican Party obsessed with declaring last election illegitimate, supporting the capital riot/insurrection/we, pushing lies about voting ( mainstream politicians lying about election processes) and supporting trumps retard lawyer kraken claim, putting cronies in government positions , federal society stacking conservative judges, large amounts of voter suppression ( reducing ballot boxes, army of vote challengers, etc) celebrating political violence, delusional violent conspiracies are becoming mainstream in the party, and the idea of turning on the fbi/government for daring to investigate trump or law enforcement generally, or their white supremacy issues.

You might not agree but there’s plenty of reason to be suspicious of the republican parties authoritarianism. Last election as part of their election fraud accusation they all tweeted how some state was stuffed with fake tranny voters, a big conspiracy by democrats to register fake trannies! Republicans ate it up because tranny cock addiction, but in reality the “statistical analyst” had a bad day set from the republicans because the state never records gender/sex on any voting form. They had put estimated gender using public records, and others had no data. They instantly jumped to it was a stole election with an army of democrat fake tranny votes, ranting about the estimated tranny population at the hearing lmao. It’s a retarded party addicted to conspiracies.

Are they going nazi who knows, but they are pretty authoritarian and retarded.


Stop acting like they are not both retards, the leftist democrats always push degeneracy and bad immigration politics and make the world worse as well so they can fuck off too.


Yeah you’ve got to vote for them if you want lower immigration can’t argue. Just the opinion they could become more undemocratic and authoritarian isn’t insane. Democrats being anti gun while fearing that is pretty funny though.


It just feels they are pushing a double standard harder than usual. "Big government bad unless it's us! " type shit. And I hate republicans too, bunch of retard jesus freaks that don't care about anything that God or Trump didn't tell them to. And yet Americans tell me to vote for them or we'll get more mexicans, like they aren't already half the population of the western half of the country.

I guess I just hate parties, they all seem to have shitty conflicting beliefs that I can never get on board with all they way.


retardlicans wouldnt even build the wall. that shouldve been the absolute bare minimum to be expected. anyone allowed to hold prominent offices will always be a corporate whore.


>It’s a retarded party addicted to conspiracies.
that's the biggest problem, conspiratards everywhere, sharing crap they sometimes don't even believe just to smear whoever they dislike or play the victim card. it's tiring seeing the same damn kooky ideas and buzzwords online and spilling over into real life and the mainstream


> buzzwords online and spilling over into real life and the mainstream
They aren’t spilling over anymore, they ARE the mainstream. A few years ago thing like rightoid, libtard and cuck entered common vocabulary and the world entered a death spiral.


It's just another sign of how the internet is a huge part of everyone's life


i like to think with the victory of trump in 2016 it was the 4chanification of society


I think of all the ridiculous sexuality and gender stuff that came from tumblr and how thats become completely accepted in society. So weird to remember how it was all just a joke less than a decade ago.


>accepted in society
It isn't. It's only pushed as reality by a very minute minority of very vocal and rich mentally ill Jews. That's why, like everything they benefit financially from, it was quickly made illegal to question the sexual reassignment industry.


I mean we can sit here and debate where and who accepts it but in basically all western countries more people accept it (or at least have been threatened or coerced into accepting it) that I would certainly call it a majority.


I'm pretty brainwormed when it comes to politics and follow the American Election bowl like it's a sport, despite living across the world. I kinda like the spectacle of American politics and the Manichean struggle of it with the FPtP, Winner takes all system. A system which, in all honesty, gets a pretty bad reputation. Mixed Member Proportional like Germany has leads to rampant corruption. It's strange how people criticize American Elections for the winner losing the popular vote, when you have absolute losers in places like Canada or New Zealand with unpopular positions getting into power with like 30% of the popular vote, and winning through boardroom backstabbing and hard out machivallianism.

America exports so much of its self hatred around the world. Growing up at school I had to watch Michael Moore films on how bad America was and we learned about MLK and Malcomb X.


Yes and like always the based jews represent the best ideologies. Gender roles and traditional values need to be destroyed, burned and eaten alive.

I want a world led by females and sexually aberrant people instead of privileged rich hetero alpha-males.


wow he was actually right about you peoples' psychology


Your mentality is weak and I'm not saying this as an insult or like some Andrew Tate faggot, I think right wing politicians are usually rich grifters that don't give a shit about their own people but there's a lot of value in traditonalism especially since this modern world is most likely the cause of this suffering.


the fact that faggots like this guy are actively browsing the pol scene makes me want to puke. Besides of which, the whole thing seems to be a strawman attack on communism rather than the typical leddit right-side-of-history socialism type


Not really a strawman when people like this >>295294 actually exist


it's a troll, almost nobody in the real world thinks or talks like this outside of the millenial 20% that is addicted to twitter or kids at universities.


this "self-hatred" is just another way to project its influence and soft power within its borders and abroad and reinforce american exceptionalism. nobody does it better than them, see all the anti war movies, the counter culture movement, alternative media… regardless of the intentions of their thinkers and creators it's all so toothless and shallow. you know how it's commonly said that criticism of capitalism end up absorbed and ultimately strengthening it? it's not too different with america.


File: 1667911184821.jpg (67.46 KB, 720x318, 120:53, 20221108_123405.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I love how these lefty articles make the GOP look cooler than it is.


it's weird how american media will pretend to flagellate itself while also downplaying or outright suppressing proliferation of the knowledge of the endless arms-dealing and economic/militaristic subjugation it has committed. i guess it doesnt matter because i dont expect another civil war to foment. for how much the media keeps americans at their own throats, the population seems mostly defanged.



For neets it is. You know trump wanted to scrap food stamps and just send food packages instead? Trump was always attacking and trying to undermine ssi disability? (Neetbux)


A healthy economy is a far greater boon for neets than welfare. Most of us here in the US live with our parents. Policy that prevents our parents from being financially capable of supporting us is not a good thing. I'd rather live in the privacy of my own room than be forced to subsist off of government gruel in tenement housing with a bunch of loud, violent niggers and junkies.


Socialism is about being creative and original so I'm not surprised you can't get its fundamental values. We want change and we will get it, no matter what means we will have to use.

>but there's a lot of value in traditonalism especially since this modern world is most likely the cause of this suffering
What suffering? Getting easy welfare and help from the community as compared to traditional societies where everyone was on his own? Our current world has its faults but it is much superior to most kinds of societies we had before.

Oh yeah, call me a troll, that is the most convenient "argument" you can come up with after all.

>A healthy economy is a far greater boon for neets than welfare.
No, it isn't. You can give head to your precious economy if you happen to be a homeless person with nothing to survive. Welfare/bux/gov support in any form above all is the obligatory NEET goal.

>I'd rather live in the privacy of my own room than be forced to subsist off of government gruel in tenement housing with a bunch of loud, violent niggers and junkies.

Or you could just receive money and resources from the government while living at home with your parents? Besides, parents don't live forever.


Man am I glad i'm not from america lmao.


The government is full of psychopaths. You'd need to be insane to place your well-being in their hands.


New policy: redirect the $4 billion in annual israeli military aid to student loan forgiveness


You can tell that poster is not a neet and never has been for a significant length of time (if ever). "neetbux is bad because uuuuh your parents pay taxes" is some bullshit way of beating around the bush. Just be honest and say you're fiscally conservative and hate the idea of welfare.


I'm not even American but I think he has a point. Sometimes as a NEET you can't rely on welfare from state forever because it comes with annoying baggage (appointments, therapists, burocracy paperwork, social workers bullshit, mandatory courses, etc). Sure, living with your family can be hellish too but if your parents have extra money in their pocket, more purchasing power and there is law and order that can be a good thing for hermit NEETs as well. The problem I see with leftist parties is yeah, some of them support a more generous welfare but also tons of wokeism and anti free speech policies, a more collectivistic and tribalistic mindset that directly targets solitary men as potential enemies, and environmentalism and "green energies" grifting that are bad for our comfort here and now.


File: 1667994599056.jpg (348.8 KB, 719x1077, 719:1077, desantis 2024.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Well looks like the GOP fucked up in the midterms. Most of trumps candidates lost. Meanwhile desantis turned florida from a purple state to a red state.

Things arent looking good for trump tards


Another rigged election


>The problem I see with leftist parties is yeah, some of them support a more generous welfare but also tons of wokeism and anti free speech policies, a more collectivistic and tribalistic mindset that directly targets solitary men as potential enemies
If only there was a party that combined socialism with cultural conservatism, eh?


And they would still be hostile to single loner men.


Florida banned tranny surgery?


If you mean stuff like mandatory labor or conscription from the 20th century I think that would be largely untenable in the future


Yeah, everyone knows the government is full of psychos? What's your point? Are you implying the average person is any different? I'd rather trust my well-being in the hands of someone who is capable/strong than someone who is loyal, moral and responsible but inefficient/weak. The role of the authorities should be to make others fear them. By using fear and violence they can force others to behave correctly. There is nothing wrong with strong authoritarian systems as long as they represent values I agree with
and aim for the same things as me.

Welfare is good, free stuff is good. What you mention
>annoying baggage (appointments, therapists, burocracy paperwork, social workers bullshit, mandatory courses, etc).
is done exactly to discourage people from taking up bux or welfare services. But you can imagine a society where resources are distributed more freely and without causing trouble for those who just want to NEET. Your parents will die sooner or later, that's the sad truth or maybe you will be the one who has to support them because they will get old/sick. You can't rely on parents forever, that's why it's important to build a system that is to our liking.

>but also tons of wokeism and anti free speech policies, a more collectivistic and tribalistic mindset that directly targets solitary men as potential enemies

Both sides are collectivistic and tribalistic. That's why a wizard should learn to play them against each other however it benefits him personally. I always vote for whoever promises the best things for me (duh?), I don't care about parties and their herd mentality. Coincidentally, most of the time it is leftists who benefit me more. That's why I support the left more usually.

I wonder around when being a progressive became the same as being a cuck basically. The fascists and communists weren't cultural conservatives yet despite this they had built working orders and systems. You can be authoritarian without being conservative.


Being supported voluntarily by people you know personally lets you retain the freedom to leave if the situation becomes untenable. Giving power to a distant group of politicians in exchange for promised financial support does not. They are likely not going to adhere to their word, and if they start abusing their power they have an army of men with guns to keep you from just leaving.
>There is nothing wrong with strong authoritarian systems as long as they represent values I agree with
The issue here is that it's up to a very slim dice toss whether or not the people in charge agree with your values, and if they don't you have zero recourse.


Where do you guys aggregate your alternative media from? All I've got is pol right now and it's just painful. Youtuber stuff is basically dead besides CHECKMATE LIBERALSM stuff as far as I can see

used to use unz review. Just too much wn ad nauseum without real news unfortunately


>Leftoid elites have one or two kids at best, most literally have none
>Rightoid elites have one or two at the low end, the average seems to have three or four and the most socially conservative have five to six
>The cognitive elite from India and China the west braindrains are socially conservative and/or highly religious, almost all go on to have families

I really do wonder if things will reverse in a few generations, and religiousity and social conservativism becomes associated with intelligence and secular atheism and progressive politics become associated with stupidity. A reversal of today's stereotype of the dumb stupid religious hicks.


actually I take it back. Unz is still fresh. I just remember the constant flood of wn ecelebs that was spammed around the time of the george mcflood riots. TRS is a joke, plain and simple


steve sailer


It seems like most alternative media is just grifting nowadays, I can't trust any of these people anymore, there's also way too much schizophrenic type stuff.


File: 1668090238051.png (46.06 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1667911904026935.png) ImgOps iqdb

>The fascists and communists weren't cultural conservatives yet despite this they had built working orders and systems. You can be authoritarian without being conservative.
I agree, revitalizing institutions without being reactionary is an admirable current in fascism as well


Why do people care about trannies, they're like 0.1% of the population if you don't count nonbinary tumblr girls


Because despite being so few in number they demand everyone kowtow to them.


File: 1668102868676.jpg (568.08 KB, 741x891, 247:297, trannies.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Because they force their way into every organization they can, subvert the administration, and change the rules to force people into playing along with their delusions.


>Giving power to a distant group of politicians in exchange for promised financial support does not
So what is a proper reason to support a distant group of politicians?

>The issue here is that it's up to a very slim dice toss whether or not the people in charge agree with your values, and if they don't you have zero recourse.

But if you had the power to create a society then how would you organize it? Don't you agree that a strong leadership of small elite can take care of things better than if people had to vote for everything?

Being reactionary is such a meme. It's just basically acknowledging that you have no ideas on your own and you are afraid to experiment a little. Progressive authoritarianism is the future of mankind, mark my words.

Because even the most liberal normo parents would hate it if their own teenage boy came home one day as a succubus with a bf.

If you ask me, the right-wing is more guilty of this than the left at this point. I mean about obsessing over trannies. You can't listen to a /pol/type without him going on about gays or trannies forever. You would think the war in Ukraine or global inflation or anything else would be more important to discuss? Nope, it's always about trannies, gays, and the rest of the rainbow color. I wish people would stop obsessing over sexual habits so much.


by contrast, progressivism has no future. Demographic trends indicate long run shifts towards cultural conservatism. Prog-left stuff is just the pozzed last gasp of degenerate whites


Lost another $500 betting on le red wave. I'm done with this shit.


It doesn't matter what the majority thinks. They don't have genuine opinions and only go along with the current trend. Humanity has always been progressing slowly but steadily. You can't turn back time, this is the error of the conservative.


Progress doesn't know left or right, though.



old footage, but it's important to remember how language is used to frame the same action by different parties


t.Trump-supporter Christian conservative fanatic who refuses to see that the political spectrum is more complicated than he thinks


>the political spectrum is complicated
>by the way, if you disagree with me you're a Trump-supporter Christian conservative fanatic


Because in this day and age, all it takes to get disproportionate political power and influence as a demographic is to be a no life internet addict that whines all day on twitter.

What demographic disproportionately spends its time on twitter whining? Trans people.


>why do people care about trannies so much
>bring up the topic nonstop

at this point the "anti-woke" crowd is the one making the bigger fuss. they are like "everyone's sick of it!" and rightfully so but then they double down and feign outrage over it anytime they get the chance


>at this point the "anti-woke" crowd is the one making the bigger fuss.
Business as usual.


Things that challenge identity or personal sense of identity become the biggest political issues. Politics is largely psychological. People being men or succubi is a big part of identity, genitals are identity, etc etc.

On the left, the ghost of how gay people were treated makes them much more open to trusting strange identity issues - and general oppression problems.

The Right has religion, conservatism, general mean-ness mocking weirdos, that makes it identity +. If we let trannies grow society will collapse.

Then there’s plenty of normal arguments against the ideology and claims. And there is an attempt to just browbeat trans movement in to reality, “fuck you trans succubi are succubi”, which is fundamentally weak on identity issues. People will dig their heels in to protect identity.


Destroying someone's career and throwing them in jail because they 'misgendered' someone seems like a bigger fuss to me.


That shit doesn't happen, hasn't happened in Canada where JP made a career out of it, doesn't affect the average norman. They're just seeing conservative boomer busybody trying to monitor books that are more tame than the manga we read in the school library as kids, scratch further and you'll see Qanon spouting schizos.
All the "cancel culture" shit on twitter and now people are seeing the "free speech" billionaire expose how retarded he is, even conservatives are mad at him. The only time you hear fucking "woke" anymore is from Tucker Carlson or fucking Dennis Prager and other fat pundits.
Conservatives went too far in on culture war bullshit and I'm glad it bit them in the ass.


Conservatives hyper focus on them and in Michigan they spent millions of dollars screaming about teenage trannies. There's probably like five of those, the average person either has never seen one, and and the ones who have don't have these seething hatred for them like you online. I mean just look at the replies here, people are acting like they're the lizards controlling things.



The thing is that this site already looks like a very conservative garbage so I'm already doubt the accuracy of the statement, it reminds me of this Hopkins bitch shouting about how he's being investigated for thought crimes, went on conservative talk shows, and never mentioned she got questioned because advocating for shooting migrants on boats and letting them drown.
Not even to mention that this is the country where someone got beaten and taen by the cops for calling Prince Andrew A DIRTY OLD MAN, not Michigan


Don't be a retard, both sides are equally dumb and hypocritical


you are so biased it's hard to take you seriously man


>Not even to mention that this is the country where someone got beaten and taen by the cops for calling Prince Andrew A DIRTY OLD MAN, not Michigan
Guns only became illegal in the UK in 1997. Things can change for the worse very quickly, and there are a lot of groups that very desperately want to push these kinds of changes. That's why it's important to call them out when you see them. If you ignore them they'll just sneak through a bill and then there will be nothing you can do short of outright civil war.



You might wanna consider who you listen to, because a lot of the people calling a red wave were just grifters telling their audience what they want to hear. They get it from the king of conmen himself Trump, who also lost a ton of people's money before the 2000s, he's lost the most money of any American and he still does it grabbing his supporters money



I've never had a bad experience with trans people personally so I don't care, until myself, or someone I care about or know does then I'll care. My biggest problem at the moment is chuds trying to concentrate wealth at the top at my expense with their bullshit trickle down economics and austerity that have been proven time and time again not to work


Has a rich person personally attacked you? If not then gee I guess you shouldn't care about them hoarding wealth and ruining society cause you didn't personally have a bad experience.



When I used to be NEET they tightened the laws so I'd get cut off my NEETbux for stupid reasons, I watched them reduce the pay while their politicians would talk on tv with out of touch ideas about how much the average person lives on, I watched our media ignore that fact because they were all owned by the same conglomerate that keeps pushing austerity and trickle down bullshit and lying. I've watched them cut work safety regulations to save businesses a few bucks that screwed over a family member of mine. I watch them kill my country's environment and places I've visited because they don't care



What is socialism, because according to American conservatives socialism is me not having to fork over my life savings for getting sick because people can't be fucked paying a little bit to help each other



Conservatives are the ones complaining about the elections being rigged, in Brazil when their Trump apprentice lost they chimped out and blocked roads and called for the military to intervene, jan 6 even though it gets overhyped they still attacked a government building and trump and many others would have had anyone in power null the votes and send their own electors, luckily people like Mike Pence and Mitch Mcconnell are decent people and didn't allow the trumpty dumpties their way, and they will get in line and vote for Desantis in 2024 and whoever else the GOP puts up, cause they are good little bitches



and for the record desantis is basically just a trump clone, he is more trump than trump and actually believes in trumpism and christian conservatism, whereas trump is an ex-jew york democrat who only worships himself and money, shilled the vaccine and suggested anti-gun laws which desantis never did. Desantis did stuff like the martha's vineyard stunt, opposing Disney even though it was "bad for the shekels", he is the action where trump is just talk, but more importantly he is actually successful whereas Trump is just dead now,

he is: old as fuck (desantis is young and fresh), has a political history now and baggage (jan 6 especially included and losing to biden, americans don't like losers, desantis is fresh and successful), appeals to moderates and the middle voters that are crucial to success, the ones who voted for obama, basically people like Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, Jordan Peterson, all support Jordan Peterson, Trump who was backed by a lot of huge financial people has now lost them as well (thiel, mercer, murdoch, so many more), Desantis is more appealing to them now

still I expect the trump supporters who are attached to him like an abusive husband to ruin things for desantis because they are the dumbest fucking people, I only care because I bet money on desantis because he is a true threat to biden and I realised that while people were sleeping on desantis


"grifter" is just a demoralization tactic used to smear run-of-the-mill supporters


How would you cover the shortfalls in expenditures for social security, medicare, and medicaid?


Not american myself and not him but come on. The government has money. They just don't like to spend it on the people in general. They would rather put money into the weapon industry, research, tourism, supporting arts, etc anything but giving people free stuff.

Maybe they shouldn't spend so much money on abstract projects but rather give it back to their own people in some concrete form like free healthcare, education, transportation, housing, etc.


literally just tax the wealthy more.


Listen, I'm actually arguing against some pretty dumb Republitards myself, but when I sit down and look the numbers up, I can not get these numbers to actually add up to argue against the points they're bringing back up against me. So, if you guys want to help me make any convincing arguments against them, I'd appreciate it.

>They would rather put money into the weapon industry, research, tourism, supporting arts, etc anything but giving people free stuff.
>Maybe they shouldn't spend so much money on abstract projects but rather give it back to their own people in some concrete form like free healthcare, education, transportation, housing, etc.
Here's a breakdown of the U.S. federal budget as of 2020 ( I apologize for lack of sources here, but I kind of feel like I'm already spending way too much time on an internet post, it comes from the CBO somewhere ):
Medicare,Medicaid,Affordable Care Act (ACA),Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
$1.26 Trillion
Social Security Retirement & Disability
$1.09 Trillion
Unemployment Insurance,Refundable Tax Credits,Veteran Benefits,Nutritional assistance programs,Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
$1.316 Trillion
Higher education grants, low-income assistance programs, deposit insurance, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, etc.
$1.02 Trillion
$0.715 Trillion
$0.12 Trillion
Education Department
$0.108 Trillion
Justice Department
$0.065 Trillion
Foreign Aid
$0.058 Trillion
Science, Tech, Energy R&D
$0.040 Trillion
$0.039 Trillion
$0.03 Trillion
Stuff I don't know how to categorize (congressional, judicial budgets, election budget, etc.)
$0.41 Trillion
Interest on the debt (again, back in 2020, it's going to be a lot higher this year.
$0.38 Trillion

You see what I mean when I look at these numbers? Defense, foreign aid, R&D spending are peanuts compared to healthcare, education, housing, etc. (what you were pointing out in your post). It's worse in 2022, and it's projected to be way, WAY worse in the next decade because of our demographics (when I look at CBO projections of U.S. federal government expenditures, basically the entire budget is just social security and medicare because there's just more and more and more elderly).

Alright, so I've been trying to look up how much money you can actually get by taxing the rich, and in every study I find, it's surprisingly small ( some bullshit with 'unrealized capital gains year swapping' that I do not understand https://taxfoundation.org/70-tax-proposal/ ), something between $20 to $70 billion ( https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2019/01/05/ocasio-cortez-wants-higher-taxes-very-rich-americans-heres-how-much-money-could-that-raise/?noredirect=on ). From that same WaPo article, "Collectively, their total taxable income amounted to $405 billion in 2016, and they paid about $121 billion in federal income taxes. They also face state and local taxes, which raise their overall tax burdens." So even if you tax these ultrarich guys at 100% somehow (which they'd likely just leave the country at some point like French billionaires do, or more realistically create some stupid fucking loophole by bribing a GOP congressman to change section 73 subsection a subsubsection III from an 'and' to an 'or'), you'd barely move the needle on the deficit, let alone the debt, let alone the unfunded liabilities.


File: 1668394595972.jpg (54.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, proxy-image.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There's no connection between taxation and spending for states that issue their own currency. Government accounts are marked up by issuing bonds, and taxes simply take money out of circulation. It's incredibly easy to defeat republicans or libertarians on these points as they never examine how the economy actually operates


You're talking about taxing income not wealth. You can easily tax almost unlimited funds from the wealthy as long as you tax their wealth not their income.


does anyone really understand how the world economy works, how countries manipulate things, how numbers are moved from one column to another. it feels completely artificial and overcomplicated by design as more controls and backdoors are engineered in for the elite.


I don't care, I just want to take away the wealth of rich people. So what if we create an unstable society? At least we felt good for a while and lived like kings or rather actual human beings instead of being forced to wageslave every day.

The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises are revolutionary movies in the political sense of the word and I love them. Joker and Bane are essential anarchist-core villains in those movies.
My point is I don't need to justify myself. I just want free stuff and want to take revenge on the privileged rich people. Who cares what happens after that? Let it burn.


Well thanks for being honest that you're just being a retard with no reasoning so we can all disregard your posts.


File: 1668452578845.jpg (260.25 KB, 965x1200, 193:240, cb5c8297f128ab15bd4f3d2d0e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think free stuff wizzie has a point, if you think logically about it. A wiz has no real reasons to care about future or long term. We won't have kids or future family. We will be death anyway. Life can only be enjoyed for us here and now and it's true the state has plenty of money the politicians spend often in stupid stuff. It's the same reason I don't care about environmentalism, it has zero benefits for a hiki NEET.


>Government accounts are marked up by issuing bonds

And those bonds have to be paid back, unless you have a government default and let your credit rating take a severe hit.

Modern Monetary Theory doesn't work. There's no such thing as a free lunch. You have to pay for everything, at some point, somewhere.


The countries that have historically attempted to implement a wealth tax, how do you think they did it wrong? Because wealth taxes have been tried, and it typically just leads to massive capital flight and a surprisingly paltry amount of money garnered.


tax rates were higher historically In the US. Globalist phaggots already offshore their wealth for tax evasion anyways so there's no loss


Why must I have a reasoning? I have good enough reasons, I said them. I hate the upper classes and I want a piece of the pie too. Why must people always justify themselves with some complicated ideology or morality? I want what's good for myself. I couldn't give a shit what happens to our society or culture after I'm gone.

Only children feel the need to justify why are they are selfish all the time and to explain how actually they are the good guys or the rational people in story.

You got it, man. That's the way to go.

Who cares if humans visit the Mars or meet aliens? From my perspective that's just a colossal waste of money that could have been spent on me, giving me free health-care, education, transportation, food, housing, etc.


tax money is never going to you or me, that much is guaranteed


This whole "wizards don't care about society ergo x" shit has been talked about before. Wizards have no reason to care about society or politics because we are our only generation, we don't have families or communities to protect, it's just us. Politics is about how society as a whole should ideally function, so it's inherently anti wizard. Saying things on the level of we should just kill people we don't like and take what we want is fine as far as what you want to do, but it's not politics it's just proclaiming your desires. It has nothing to do with society.

If we are talking strictly what's wizardly then having no political opinions and living alone in the woods a la uncle Ted is the only right answer.


> Who cares if humans visit the Mars or meet aliens? From my perspective that's just a colossal waste of money that could have been spent on me, giving me free health-care, education, transportation, food, housing, etc.

>I think free stuff wizzie has a point, if you think logically about it. A wiz has no real reasons to care about future or long term. We won't have kids or future family. We will be death anyway. Life can only be enjoyed for us here and now and it's true the state has plenty of money the politicians spend often in stupid stuff. It's the same reason I don't care about environmentalism, it has zero benefits for a hiki NEET.

>I don't care, I just want to take away the wealth of rich people. So what if we create an unstable society? At least we felt good for a while and lived like kings or rather actual human beings instead of being forced to wageslave every day.

>The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises are revolutionary movies in the political sense of the word and I love them. Joker and Bane are essential anarchist-core villains in those movies.

My point is I don't need to justify myself. I just want free stuff and want to take revenge on the privileged rich people. Who cares what happens after that? Let it burn.

I agree %100 with these posts. I don’t care about environment or future of the economy. I have no future and only normalniggers cares about these things. I have no loyalty or affection to any kind of tradition , faith or anything society cares about.


Is this an argument backing up >>295482 because you're saying:
>Yeah, tax rates were higher and the revenue garnered wasn't much higher.
>Yeah, you're right, these globalists already have offshore bullshit so a wealth tax wouldn't get anything.
Or is this an argument arguing against >>295482 because you're saying:
>Bullshit, we've had higher taxes in the past, we can do it again.
>The reason past wealth taxes didn't work is because of offshore bullshit.
Doesn't this underestimate just how fast wealth can be destroyed? I guess I care more about living comfy neetdom. Revenge seems kind of silly to me if it means I destroy my own standard of living. I mean, if I see someone trying to get revenge and their life is also destroyed in the process, then it doesn't look like a very good revenge plan to me. It kinda looks like the person they were trying to get revenge on won.
>the state has plenty of money the politicians spend often in stupid stuff
If you had a proposal for suggested spending/revenue of a government budget, how would it look like?
If you're giving up on discussing something, why bring that up? Why not just leave? It's like screaming at something that you're going to beat them up, why would it be to your advantage to say that?


There's literally no way to tax the rich. They run the government. Corruption cannot be stopped and in addition to that there is a whole world of countries for them to go to. The inefficiency and weird spending is often also corruption. You would fall too if you had some power and you can choose to either live a comfy rich life or get a bullet in the head


As long as we have capitalism of some kind certainly we won't see much benefits.

I see your point but what you suggest is no solution. Someone will always find you and won't leave you alone. You can't live the hermit life unless society somehow tolerates it or even supports you. Uncle Ted's case proves this, you can't go full independent man mode. And anyway, it doesn't solve anything, you just try to hide away and hope the cops or someone won't find you and cause you trouble. That's no way to live.

>Saying things on the level of we should just kill people we don't like and take what we want is fine as far as what you want to do, but it's not politics it's just proclaiming your desires. It has nothing to do with society.

I'm not sure about that. After all, all ideology, philosophy and politics has to do with human desires. It's a completely valid ideology and basically what I described is just revolutionary ideology/anarchism/communism.
Ultimately, you are a part of this world too whether you like it or not. The world's/society's state determines our lives as well. We should do everything we can to shape things according to our liking.

You get revenge for your own sake. It'd only benefit people like us since we are on the bottom of the barrel if things changed. Comfy neetdom is a privilege most people don't have. Your parents will die sooner or later. So having the community fund your NEETing is essential.
Maybe you live somewhere where you get NEETbux and that's ok. But I think these are just small crumbs the rich people throw at us in the end. Why do some people need to have 100 houses and 200 cars? What they even do with all that wealth? If I had that much money I'd share most of it with people who had nothing. Not because of moral reasons, humanism, empathy or anything like that but because I don't see any value in vain and pointless luxury like that.

>If you had a proposal for suggested spending/revenue of a government budget, how would it look like?

I wouldn't even have a government if possible, to tell the truth.

I don't want to tax anyone, I want to take away what they have through force and violence.


you know communism really happened and peasants did lead it, right?


Yes, peasants did eat lead dished out by communists.


File: 1668563531446.png (396.54 KB, 518x733, 518:733, 2f2e3122af1ac3ba3b545a31e4….png) ImgOps iqdb

The kulaks were bourgeois, friend


Seeing this was so funny to me, IDK, maybe I'm a sick twisted person inside, atleast I keep it to myself and do no real world harm, unlike normiecattle.


t. wizkike


People seriously underestimated how pissed off young succubi were with Rode vs Wade being overturned.

Terminally online politics niggies needs to be aware that just because a demographic doesn't make a noise, doesn't mean they don't think or feel a certain way.


This. I think the takeaway of the election is that abortion, whether people like it or not, is crazy popular.


I can't actually believe republicans tried overturning that. They should have known what the reaction would be


Our local gov just approved free public transport starting the next year. I love election times.


what country?




This is kinda crazy. Don't the feds have better things to do?

>Feds arrest Russians accused of running the largest pirated e-book library



No, that's a perfect job for them. Getting rid of free knowledge and information AND blaming it on the russians?


I spent hundreds of hours uploading stuff to b-ok, hundreds upon hundreds of books in English and Spanish. Tiktoker motherfuckers. What's worse, those morons could find their fucking garbage fantasy novels and selfhelp shit with a google search in a google drive in like 4 seconds instead. b-ok was suppose to be for rare and quality stuff, not your book of the week trash. Fucking morons fuck them.


Gen Z is borderline retarded.


I will reiterate what someone said last time, this tranny virus and this pigeon-holing of people into alt-right categories was intentionally done to stem revolutionary thought in nerds, the last people who have that.


I can't think of any revolutionaries in history who were nerds aside from some of the french and american ones, and that's just cause the enlightenment was popular at the time.


You sound entitled, which makes me question if you really uploaded "quality" for others. TiKTok is used by young people mostly that didn't have contact with old internet culture. Many of them don't even know what glowies are, which are the real responsible for this. But nobody is going to teach them, more easy is to complain here and do jackshit.


Who else is left to be a revolutionary? Your average wageslave? Champagne Socialists? Limousine liberals?


It seems extremely weird to me how everyone is just ignoring the emergence of AI that can pass the turing test and generate images of literally anything. Do they really not understand that this technology is going to make humans themselves redundant to corporations? The AI will be able to perform vast swaths of the current jobs for a fraction of a penny. This is going to destabilize the entire society and most people just completely ignored it.


>Do they really not understand that this technology is going to make humans themselves redundant to corporations? The AI will be able to perform vast swaths of the current jobs for a fraction of a penny. This is going to destabilize the entire society and most people just completely ignored it.
Like what jobs? Call centers are mostly automated already and yet people still are staffed there. AI will never replace artists as it's mostly a money laundering scheme in the first place, the art doesn't matter. Wagie jobes like cashiers and burger flippers? Most of the value in those is physical human labor. Who is AI gonna replace?


It's only ignored when people personally feel threatened by it. Have you forgotten the UBI Yang-shit from 3-4 years ago when the laptop class was creaming themselves over Joe the Truck driver being out of a job? And the entire narrative was based on middle aged, lower class blue collar losers becoming bigger losers.

The Portrait drawing AI hits a bit too close to home, with how within the space of a few years one of the most fundamental "creative" things humans were supposed to have an edge over machines, is almost gone entirely.

/r9k/ is filled with lower class failed wagies and they absolutely creamed themselves over this portrait AI with constant threads, mocking artists and boasting about how they're now obsolete. Go to any art forum and it's head in the sand, saying that AI is shit and will never replace artists.

The money laundering side won't change and is its own thing already. But you're in complete denial about the size and scope of the graphics design industry, and the absolute shredding this once respectable profession with face.


I've used Stable Diffusion myself just for fun. Yeah it's good, and yeah it's advancing rapidly, but you'll always need a human hand to do touch ups when the AI misinterprets something. Even the most powerful computers are useless without the right code, and even the best written code is useless without meaningful inputs. Today with things like CNC machines that run essentially automatically and make perfect cuts every time, a human is still paid to sit and watch cameras just to make sure they don't catch fire. The value of their work will likely go down monumentally, but it will still be a profession, like factory workers today.


Forgot to mention I indeed have no grasp of the size of the graphics design industry. When I asked who it will replace I did mean that with the hopes of getting an answer.


I worked in a call center like 5 years ago, and the automated calls are definitely more advanced now a days, but I don't see why, nothing that wouldnt've existed back then, so maybe it just needed time to become open sourced and popularized


The Graphics design industry is pretty large, although most of this in 3D animations, which is (currently) still safe from AI. The wages are high, like STEM levels of high for the top end ones working at Disney. The video game and film industry are two huge titans, and graphic design/art permeates both. There's a lot of people just now finishing their BA in Graphics Design that are shidding and pissing their pants because the field is already highly competitive and the 2D side is basically on its way out. I expect we'll have AI generated polygon models in a few years time, and in a decade we'll have 2D AI animation.

Basically every website/company/event that gets custom static art for an idea will have it AI generated to save costs. It doesn't have amazing composition, the AI can make up for that in sheer quality.

How it will work is there will still be Graphic Designers doing 2D work, but there will be
>They'll be half coders and be stronger on geometry, and be able to write elaborate prompts
>Their hands on work will just be final touch ups.


Yeah but how many people do you really need. How many people are going to be unemployed?


Are zoomers this fucking stupid? Why are they unable to keep their fucking mouth shut?


Yes, you will always still need humans, the point is you will need much fewer of them to produce the same or even greater level of output. Meanwhile demand for services will not grow anywhere near as fast as productivity will grow.



This book was back when Trump was still a jew york democrat (which he is at heart) and showed his true beliefs, he was pretty smart, he called for gun control, taxes and universal healthcare, abortion. even before the election he was against israel and what they are doing to the palestinians

that only changed when he needed to appeal to the retarded republicans so he could become president (since he wants power)

I still think Trump is a democrat at heart and he even famously said that the economy does better under democrats, he did support the vaccine (his vaccine as he claims it) and because of him Russia got BLOWN THE FUCK OUT BIGLY because he was the one who reversed Obama's noncaring attitude to ukraine and allowed lots of lethal aid to Ukraine and also threatened Putin that he'd bomb moscow long enough for ukraine to get its military shit together, he even tried to support gun control several times as president


I won't vote for republicans go fuck yourself.


File: 1668872273639.mp4 (3.47 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1668871763021.mp4) ImgOps iqdb



trudeau actually being based and telling the chinky manchild to kick rocks and suck nigger dicks for once.


Trudeau can say whatever he likes for domestic consumption, doesn't change the power relationship between irrelevant Canada and China unfortunately.



Canada: One of the bigger turning points in the farce Trucker Convoy investigation just dropped. After a month of offical story villainizing of truckers, The national intelligence agency says they didn't think the state of emergency order should have been invoked.

No surprise really. It was just a vehicle blockade in downtown Ottawa. If le indigenous rights had been invoked they'd still be down there protesting


kinda like how china always threatens US but never does shit when US encroaches a little bit more


The power relationship is that Canada has way more power. China is dependent upon western technology for literally everything. Canada could militarily defeat China in any conflict with the help of its allies. China has no allies.


Canada has a standing army of 68k, using mostly aged equipment. The Armed forces reported has fewer than 200 tanks, fewer than 2000 AFV's, and about 200 towed artillery pieces

In terms of technology advances Canada contributes nothing notable. The only thing going on in our relationship is money laundering in the housing market and fentanyl sales


I've heard Canadians are nice people, did I get fucked or that's true?


They're just center-left Americans with a rising number of Chinese/Indian migrants and Quebec- Canada is set to be 50% nonwhite in 20 years. Construction/trades and natural resources are the primary industries (low IQ), and the urban centers are retardedly liberal nonwhite hubs that keep winning Trudeau elections. Liberals are in power with ~30% of the vote. Housing prices are much worse than in the united states and the average job pays less. Social media is shitty curated/astroturfed liberal bullshit

It's not a serious country with no real role in international politics


File: 1668881431500.jpg (176.5 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Convoi_de_la_liberté_à_Ott….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

the canadian aut right got about 2% of the national vote in the libertarian people's party, and seems mostly to be tradie rednecks. Most of the early covid protesters were Qanon tier alternative health types mixed with PPC supporters. In Ontario and Quebec covid protests reached about 20k on big days, everywhere else was a couple thousand tops.

We have one alternative media site of any note, rebel news, which is a zionist libertarian shitrag. During covid the canadian government declared the convoy protestors domestic terrorists etc.

The conservative party of canada and the liberal party canada are practically interchangeable on everything but culture war policy


Never trust a Canadian, for your own good. All the Anglos will gaslight you and try to fuck you over at every turn. Half of the Frenchies are the same, the other half is generally fine if you habit of speaking out against the Anglo, but they will fuck you over for France's national interest. What's really bad about them is that they care even more about their reputation than a succubus would, unlike their American cousins down south. The immigrants to their country are all on the hunt for fresh kidneys to steal from unsuspecting people.


So a Canadian is an European who likes to fuck children over? Thanks, now I'll think better than making friends with a Canadian.


>Most of the early covid protesters were Qanon tier alternative health types mixed with PPC supporters
it's always a matter of time before these 'alternative health types' turn into big suckers for conspiracy and far right shit in general


no shit. The biggest names in protesting were circulating Qanon videos privately and we ended up with absolute clowns like Romana didulo (How is this not a Psyop? Who watches this?)

Common law was the other big lolcow. There was a group called unify the people which claimed they were going to write a new constitution for canada, and the fringe "Nationalist" party of Canada (maybe 20 people) tried occupying a legion hall by citing the magna carta https://leaderpost.com/news/crime/sask-based-far-right-party-leader-travis-patron-arrested-again. Surprisingly large following for common law in the early days despite the obvious bullshit involved, protest figureheads were supposedly using it to "bypass covid mandates" and common-law podcasts were donating apparently significant sums of money


>The conservative party of canada and the liberal party canada are practically interchangeable on everything but culture war policy

In 2021 Trudeau put forward a motion to limit non-citizens from buying Canadian land and real estate, bringing us to a point where the LPC had a more nationalist platform than the CPC. PPC got 4% of the vote last year btw, making them the fastest growing party in Canadian history. According to Bernier's newsletters, PPC registrations have nearly doubled since the 2021 election.

You type like a globalist who doesn't maintain a healthy diet and fitness discipline so I won't be responding to your posts going forward.


I'm fucking sure the libertarian party of canada is gonna cut immigration to levels that matter my guy


There is no Libertarian party in Canada. PPC isn't libertarian if that's what you're getting at, and if that's the case , please explain why you believe they are.
>I'm fucking
>my guy
You are not older than 21.


Bernier is.
>ad hominem etc


is immigration really even a problem to Cananda? what negative effects? the foreign investors fucking up the real estate don't have to even migrate


Most criminals in canada are sandniggers and other immigrants for example, they get negatively hit by immigration in the same way as any other western country. Canada is really not as safe as people think, look up some shootings and other violent acts committed by immigrants.


not cndnian but only thing i know about their criminals is white otorcycle gangs because of the wolfpack motorcycle gang


Most criminals are still not white though and even these motorcycle gangs are often getting replaced with non whites. In Europe all the big motorcycle gangs are controlled by sandniggers now even the biggest ones who have established names and they also became way more violent and dangerous to the public after all that.


Im guessing it's the same as australia where there is a housing crisis. Foreign investors buying real estate dont actually live in the properties so it doesnt have the same effect on rent prices as actual immigrants


A cheaper, more malleable and exploitable workforce.

I used work in a place where they'd hire immigrants half of the time because they could make them work longer hours and fuck with their pay.


No he's not. You're the one who accused him of being Libertarian so it's your responsibility to explain why.


that's exactly the case. i think trudeau cracked down on it a little bit recently, but really only to appease xi since rich chinese citizens were using canada to hide money.


housing prices in all the urban cities have spiked because of foreign money (chinese) buying up luxury homes. Migrants themselves already put pressure on the housing markets in these towns driving down supply. With incredibly high immigration targets projected the crunch will be even worse. It has gotten so bad that even normies on shitlib social media sites are talking about this

The Putnam effect means that mixed white/migrant communities in general are more atomized with less social cohesion

TFW's are stealing numerous unskilled and white collar occupations. Every fast food place is over 80% nonwhite

The same problem with minorities voting for social benefits as exists in the US is a thing in Canada

Do you really want to become a minority in your own homeland?


What are the most NEET friendly political ideologies? Give me some, guys. I'm trying to search for some but
>natsoc and fascism hate weak, useless people who can't provide for themselves
>in communist societies laws were made to prohibit people from being NEETs
>anarchists and other lefties are still targeting wageslaves mainly (as if wageslaves would be capable of anything)
>in capitalism technically it's okay to not work but you don't get any help either if you need it

Do I really have to be some ultra-orthodox conservative monarchist? Because I don't see any other NEET-friendly system and even this isn't that perfect because it relies on a king that cares about NEETs. Oh whatever.


eurosocialist dudebros. All they do is vote for gibs


I wouldn't care if whitey became a minority, unless it causes some social upheaval. The housing prices thing is because you allow foreign investors, not migrants. You could easily allow or disallow one and not the other. You could even simply build more housing to enable them to enrich your home economy, but muh zoning codes



also https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ts2Tcakqd39C/ is worth a listen

the more diverse a society is, the less cohesively it functions. Almost every societal metric will get worse. Whites being a minority means our political representation will become much less significant.


i do love gibs


My favorite city is very diverse: Hong Kong. I don't really care about diversity.



>My favorite city is Hong Kong.
2/10, you need to be more believable.


File: 1669125039125.png (270.14 KB, 578x432, 289:216, 1616718348533.png) ImgOps iqdb

>uhh, maybe immigration bad and you should hire british workers?
>t. starmer to cbi
The madlad actually went and did it, let's see the torytard cope from the incoming Labour blowout


I just saw a tranny IRL in my fucking area. He was disgusting. I've seen trannies before IRL but they were usually….sad repulsive drag queen things that I can ignore. The tranny faggot was one of those those fucking nerds who decided to put on a skirt over his trousers and wear a beret with a badge of an anime succubus with transflag behind it.

It's a fetish, failure of masculinity, etc turned into a psyop.


I was thinking today about how to apply hikikomori / hermit lifestyle principles in politics. Basically, I believe it would imply more isolationism and self-interested localism in a way, the smaller the scale the better. Mostly it makes no sense virtue signaling or investing in foreign political stuff like complaining about Qatari corruption or funding some far war or activists we actually don't care about when ourselves, our own grandpa or parents are poor and sick.


Medieval Korea was called the hermit kingdom.


who cares? You're soft and triggered because someone wore certain clothes.


>heh, triggered?


Have you guys been following the Musk/Twitter story? I find it amazing how blatantly coordinated the attempts to dismantle it have been, but the normies I've talked to haven't been paying attention or something.

>Employees quit en masse

>Journos shill for alternatives and write op eds nonstop
>Some advertisers withdraw funding
>lugenpresse trying to get app stores to drop twitter altogether

I don't remember the social media scene being this globalized and stacked before. It's like the all-thing from the hyperion universe or something


Why am I not surprised that /pol/tards defend trannies?


>I don't remember the social media scene being this globalized and stacked before.
You've never read Noam Choamsky's Manufactured Consent?


hey champ, just a bit of advice that will go far in your imageboard career: not every poster is the same person, bud.
good talk little guy.


keyword: Social media


Social media is a subset of media. It was only a matter of time until it fell in line with the rest, same with video games.


social media hasn't existed very long and it was controlled before it became mainstream lol. not even a far cry from news media anyway since it's a significant method of proliferating news.


>Clearly wasn't around when WN content started going viral around mid 2010


even if this were true, it's just so strange how most white people were self-loathing then and now!


fuck off andrew


>muh boogeyboy


you're not funny, you're not witty. If I wanted to talk to a 16 year old kid with internet access looking for epix lolcows like he saw on youtube I'd go to roblox


you're free to keep seething about nothing but you would look a lot cooler if you had something worthwhile to discuss instead.


If mods had any integrity you'd be rangebanned. I have zero interest in entertaining attention deficit teenagers addicted to the social media dopamine hit of faux controversy


>social media
It still applies. What? Did you think unfiltered and uncontrolled information on social media would last?

Look at the chans in the last decade, opinions are clearly being shaped.


yet that's the topic you're getting butthurt over. practice some self-awareness, you deranged faggot.


entire board for low effort retardation, get the fuck out


more projection


Those gibs require some kind of paperwork and cooperation with a job centre, am I right? I didn't get much "gibs" in my country but I had to decline that amount too because the job center kept harassing me every day with available jobs.

Literal National Socialism (not the hitlerian ideology) would be best for us I think. I mean nationalism combined with socialism, nazis pretty much forgot about the whole socialism thing when they built their system.

Nationalism because it focuses on your country where you live and if you are a hermit you will most likely live there all your life.
Socialism because right-wing economics don't like leeches or don't support them at least.
Also, strong authoritarian attitude to preserve peace and order otherwise we couldn't enjoy anime at home calmly. Read about Strasserism and national bolschevism.

That or some absolute monarchy with a wizard as the head of everything. It might be the most simple solution.


If local-control is what makes national socialist better than international, why not go full-local and institute neighborhood councils and communitarian federation ala Bookchin. It's still nationalist.


Always been a fan of localism. Obviously there should be larger structures, too, but most decisions should be left to the people intimately affected by them instead of some faraway detached bureaucrat who can't even begin to understand their needs.


The larger structures should be epherermal commmities of (recallable) representatives. If your representative acts poorly you can recall him on a majority vote. The committees would be for a specific task, and dissolved in completion. I don't have a clear vision for how to interop committees and corporations.


There's like multiple memes that have gone way past the point them being jokes like the "become your own gf".


localization in the age of social media is just going to intensify the shitlib factor. Countries where the average person becomes gets intensely politicized become totalitarian


Ironically, nextdoor is one of the least shitlib social media sites I've been on. Mostly people complaining about crime. I think that's an electronic illusion based on algorithmic promotion of controversy.


You might have a point. Somehow local politics in my region has the letter-to-the-editor bitchy factor but still ends up being majority shitlib. The problem is that most people are too apathetic to vote in local elections meaning the woke faction can pack the ballots until they do something stupid


File: 1669163599124-0.jpg (307.71 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, ad4e3aefc8b4689e61ecea8476….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1669163599124-1.png (71.64 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, FiF-f1JXoAUZMDj.png) ImgOps iqdb

Toronto succubus in final stages of Assisted Suicide application after nearly a decade-long search for housing

A disabled 32-year-old succubus says she is in the final stages of requesting a medically-assisted death after seven futile years of applying for affordable housing in Toronto.

Denise, whose real name has been omitted to protect her identity, suffers from a condition known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Exposure to chemicals that commonly linger in households, like laundry detergents and air fresheners, triggers debilitating symptoms.Her skin develops rashes, she suffers blinding headaches that can provoke temporary paralysis, and the constant risk of an anaphylactic episode looms over her. This has made securing housing a seemingly impossible pursuit.

>“I’ve been given this quasi hope where I see a way that I could survive now … the pieces just aren’t adding up and the money is the clock,” she said.

More than 1,000 donors raised money in the spring to help Denise secure permanent housing in a wheelchair-accessible space with uncontaminated air. But six months later, she is still searching for a home as funds and time run out.

>“I currently have two months left,” Denise said, nodding to her remaining pool of money.

>“I have requested final approval for MAiD,” she said.

Denise said there is only final paperwork standing between her and a medically-assisted death.

Funeral arrangements have been made and a power of attorney has been signed.


People knowing you isn't always a good thing. If your neighborhood ends up thinking of you as some undesirable for some reason then you will be the victim of witch-hunt and vigilantism at worst and will get the cold shoulder when it comes to resources at best.


assisted suicide is very dehumanizing. don't ever make the mistake this lady is making wizzies, shotgun all the way


32 years.. Succubus.. Toronto, Canadian.. Hypochondriac.. Never attempts to get out of the chair.. Blew through $75,000 in 10 months on "medical Marijuana"…

Like all humanoids of this demographic, this subject feeds off of pity and attention. The ability to go through a drawn-out, public suicide with nobody being allowed to interfere is probably the ultimate desire of the subject. A martyr for the cause of gibs for the chronically picky.

>No no I can't live in a basement apartment, it's not fresh enough

>No I can't move 45 minutes outside the city, none of my friends are there
>Uhh is that REAL wood? The smell gives me gas sweety that's a hard pass
>I'm too OCD about my appearance to wear an oxygen mask
>I'm soo weak *smokes bong* if only I had more energy *eats THC gummy*

Canada sucks and there is no housing and there never will be again, but this subject gets all the govbox, all the donorbux, and all the family support but still insists on performing its snuff fetish in public view.


In a way, it's like a pacifist nihilist view on what to do if you hate life, hate society for enabling your life, and wish to fight an unwinnable war of attrition against the system. It's a western liboid's terrorist bombing of civilians. And the MBA ideology ruling class enables them. Just cost them money.


Hey, at least the abomination dies. Are they gonna make some fund for her memory? Verily hope not.


This post is a great example of why the right/left distinction is bullshit. I know that gets said a lot, but it deserves to get said a lot.



>Following an FBI investigation, the authorities pinpointed Russian nationals Anton Napolsky and Valeriia Ermakova as prime suspects. The two were arrested in Argentina and now await potential extradition to the United States.

Left and right distinction is not bullshit, the waters have been muddied, so much that liberals can claim to be left wing while supporting economically right wing policies.


where'd you get the information that she blew 75k on weed? Do we know why she is in a wheelchair at all?

Canadian social media has picked up has retarded this bitch is as well anyways


Um, no. Only ignorant people say that or people who can't make up their mind about what they want.

Do you think it's a coincidence only that whenever the right takes power the first thing they do is stop giving out free stuff, welfare, bux and stop giving a shit generally about unfortunate people? Or that the right is more likely to support wars, to idolize military leaders and create systems where the top class people get everything?
Right-wing is about elitism and the few selected chosen ones always get everything in those systems. As you go down the pyramid of society you will see more and more suffering in right-wing societies, of course unless they decide to just simply endlösung everyone they think is undesirable.


Uh-huh, it's real because of your feelings telling you that other tribe of arbitrarily associated stances is uniformly evil. Great stuff, champ. High IQ dab on that "ignorant" poster.


right/left is entry level politics. Maybe this is more distinctive in Brazil, but for the west the "left" are neoliberals who parcel out benefits packages for votes but otherwise have no interest in wealth redistribution.

The "populist" vote is white working class, being targeted by "leftist" wealthy bohos who got indoctrinated with liberalism through college. Just ignore the rhetoric and look at the class differences and you'll see the two-party system has created near identical elite candidates appealing to different socioeconomic sectors


Nobody said that right-wing is evil. Evil is subjective. But let's be clear and honest. It's not in the interest or benefit of most people to create a right-wing society. Certainly not in the interest of NEETs who don't contribute to society and the higher classes at all. All right-wing system is individualist (meaning everyone is forced to take care of himself) and openly or not so openly about social darwinism and hierarchies.

Why should we lie and say things that aren't true? That the right-wing cares about unfortunate people and the lower classes is a lie. If you want to create a society with a dog-eat-dog mentality or strong, capable people then go be a right-winger. As a NEET I don't see any value in that and would rather just watch anime while the government sends me money for doing nothing.


That fucking backstabbing cunt finally said something of worth?


I'd like to point you to this post >>295775
Voting left in your country will probably get you gibs and that's all well and good, but it's not a logical end to leftism. No society will ever endorse NEETing, it is anathema to the concept of society.


>right/left is entry level politics
No it's what the political spectrum is divided into when you look at ideologies. It has nothing to do with parties. You are either for collectivism, equality and freedom (you are a leftist) or you are for individualism, hierarchies and competition (you belong to the right). There is no middle ground. Everyone who says they don't belong to either of these two groups they lie and want to confuse people. The whole 3rd way nonsense was invented by fascists who didn't have enough balls to openly confess that they are fascists.


The point was that everyone is a hodge-podge of various beliefs, and these beliefs are liable to shift on a whim. People tend to fixate either on war or welfare as the great pitfall of Western continuity but one look at US' budget says both are true. I fail to see how right or left slants matter when there are forever wars across Asia while latinos are stuffed full of factory-farmed chicken and seed oils and medicated off their rockers.


I made absolutely no moral distinctions in what I was talking about. I get that you're workshy and are exclusively interested in neetbux, but the populist debate is nearly the inverse of what you think left/right mean

"conservative" values are synonymous with the attitudes of the white working class in cohesive family units. "liberal" (progressive) values are synonymous with the attitudes of broken, underperforming, or atomized social units demanding government intervention. All of this breaks down statistically if you start looking at who votes for what.

you're referencing an ideological corpus that exists exclusively in political philosophy textbooks. No political debate is about collectivism vs individualism at this point. It's about who gets what and what set of social values dominate


And despite this, I only see the left discussing or even entertaining the idea of the right to be lazy or building up welfare states. That tells me all I need to know about which group is beneficial to my survival. Playing with words is fine but if you have no place to live and nothing to eat then it doesn't matter in theory what is right.


they're all talking about handouts now. DJT ran unprecedented deficits. Neetbux types are so insignificant as a constituency that no part of the discussion really involves them unless you're talking about ethnic groups or single mothers.

conservative vote = white working class values from cohesive family units that want less government
progressive vote = dysfunctional or needy constituencies that need expanded government protections because their current social arrangements fail to protect them
populism = hybrid

but I'm clearly wasting my time with this discussion


How do you reconcile your belief in meaningful political distinctions with the fact that the largest welfare state in history is also the greatest warmonger in history?


>but for the west the "left" are neoliberals who parcel out benefits packages for votes but otherwise have no interest in wealth redistribution.
This nigger gets it.


quite a few societies have advocated NEETing, probably most of them, in the form of otium for aristocrats. also monks have typically had support from the town, wizards live pretty austere lives for the most part. modern day monks could have the internet and not cost the greater society much


None of those things are NEETing. Do you think monks just sit around and watch anime all day?


Monk is NEET.
Hermit is NEET.
Homeless is NEET.
Drug addicts, often, NEET.
No need to gatekeep wizzie.


It’s not gatekeeping it’s the meaning of the word. A monk has chores, he must clean the temple, he must cook food, he must plan the food. Aristocrats too aren’t NEETs, their job consists of protecting the wealth they inherited as every single person try to surreptitiously yank it out from under their nose.

If you consider being a monk NEETing then just go live alone on a farm, it’s the same thing but you don’t have to care about faith.


>A monk has chores, he must clean the temple, he must cook food,
So you have a wizmaid that do all of this for you now or what? Because that's just common stuff that you need to do.


I mean literally make the food. From seeds.


Living alone on a farm with no job is NEET, what's wrong with you?


> Aristocrats jobs are protecting wealth
Who is their boss?
At least monks may have an actual boss in place. If you don't have wages, and you don't have a boss, I don't think you are a worker. If you are not a worker or in education or training, you are a NEET.


Your boss is the threat of destitution.


All people in this system have that, workers, aristocrats, people who are already destitute.


You are certainly wasting your time, considering you are projecting american politics onto politics as a whole.
I will just use right-wing and left-wing instead of progressive and conservative, taking into account that fascists and alt-right people are progressives too.
Right-wing vote = rich people or upper class people or people who generally belong to the ruling class (coincidentally mostly white males) + some fanatics like people here who despite the fact they don't benefit from right-wing governments significantly except for being able to say the n word out loud (or insert any local minority here) and to hate on trannies still vote for a system that treats them as expendables + the middle class who like the upper classes don't want to help anyone lower than them in the pyramid
Left-wing vote: pretty much everyone else

I understand as a middle class or upper class person you can't understand what it is like to be on the bottom.

>the largest welfare state in history is also the greatest warmonger in history?
Which country are you talking about? The USA?

>Aristocrats too aren’t NEETs, their job consists of protecting the wealth they inherited as every single person try to surreptitiously yank it out from under their nose.
Probably the stupidest thing I read here recently. Aristocrats are NEETs but nobody is bothered by that for some reason, in fact they are even respected and adored by commoners. But if you as an average person live the NEET life then everyone gets butthurt and will talk shit about you.

Monks really aren't NEETs, though. That's still a job, like being in the military. They have their superiors they need to answer to and the rules and laws they must follow.


Military jobs do have wages.
If a monk position paid wages, I would believe it were a job. In my limited experience they don't.




The USA isn't the greatest welfare state, what are you smoking, friend? The award would have to go to nordic countries like Sweden.

The wage of the monk life is getting stuff. A place to live, food, paying the bills, etc. Churches redistribute their wealth they stole or cheated out from people and that's why monks can even exist. If left on their own they wouldn't be able to live on that only.


Great can also mean largest, Sweden has far few people and smaller economy.

Imagine a welfare state that provides food, shelter. If they were NEET, they are NEET, regardless of their relationship to society. We all live in a society, and get economy of scale gains from it.


Check the US annual budget and get back to me, brainlet. They spend more on welfare than military even lol.


>The USA isn't the greatest welfare state, what are you smoking, friend?
I'm sure he'll pull up some sort of statistic where apparently money is being spent on the public and welfare but in reality it's being siphoned back in private hands.


>Gibs aren't real because my feelings
Sound logic.


>no, facts found through research are fake, it's actully the burr-jwa-zee stealing money


>fascist and alt right are progressives
I got dumber reading this


This is true, Progressivism is common to both Liberalism, Fascism.


Nick and Ye now working together. Black Israelite "we wuz the real jews" celeb and a guy who ranted for years against blacks specifically. Supposedly meeting Trump as well now which is just the cherry on top.

I can't see this ending well. Ye wants a presidential bid, Trump wants a presidential bid, Nick probably wants a presidential bid. Between the three of them there's a lot of overlapping baggage


>can't see this ending well.
lol no shit. terminally online right wing retards are really something else. isnt that freak basically trying to set up a literal cult? and isnt that fuentes a literal nobody outside of internet alt right circles? like, who cares what they do outside of youtube, twitter and imageboards?


>a nigger so black you can't even see him, even in daylight
>what appears to be a middle school boy
>a classic obese new york jew, but painted orange
I can't see it ending well either.


If you're a liberal or a progressive, you're basically retarded on the same level as a succubus, as succubi are the ones who vote progressive and liberal by like 70-80% margins.

Liberalism and progressivism literally couldn't survive without retarded foids voting to import 3rd world savages, welfare for niggers and succubi and removing your autonomy.


Who is Nick Fuentes?
I always thought he was a fucking nobody that debated Twitch streamers.


I don't understand why modern "politics" is lead by people with incoherent ideologies. Isn't Nick a literal homosexual?


File: 1669300313998.png (51.26 KB, 229x563, 229:563, 1668525804801148.png) ImgOps iqdb

>I don't understand why modern "politics" is lead by people with incoherent ideologies
Imagine if you had highly effective people with a coherent vision instead and you have your answer: something might actually get done


Sweden is smaller but has a better welfare state than any other country on Earth. There is a reason most migrants don't want to go to the USA but to nordic countries.

Oh so that is why the USA is a capitalist dystopian world where even the question of basic healthcare was considered taboo for so long? Maybe you living in the US perceive your country as "leftist" or as a "welfare state" because it isn't a full on capitalist meatgrinder like it used to be but we living elsewhere can only shake our heads at your dog-eat-dog culture. Btw, what the gov says they spend money on isn't necessarily true and I don't think I have to tell you how governments tend to lie about this stuff. Why are there so many homeless and poor people in the USA while your country continues to send billions of money to Ukraine for shitty proxy wars? You should ask yourself this.

Then research your ideologies a little better so you won't be a complete idiot when the discussion is about them. Fascism and Nazism are both progressive ideologies, they are anti-reactionary and anti-conservative meaning they are against traditional christian values. Conservatives are representing christian values regardless of the fact they are christians or not.

Fascism has its ideological roots in the events of 1789, the romanticism and nationalism that began after that and WWI which resulted in creating the soldier-working class. It as progressive as communism, just on the other side of the spectrum.

You can stuff your racism and hatred against succubi into your ass if you are fucked economically and nobody will bother to help you because the society you live in is a milder version of the Wild West.


> most migrants don't want to go to the USA but to nordic countries.
lol USA has higher immigration and higher amount of turned away than Swedes. Some online poll of arab rapists is how you decided "immigrants want"?


File: 1669313654106.jpg (224.57 KB, 1015x847, 145:121, R.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nick is a mixture of funny and persuasive, and is currently leading the only surviving semi-successful alt right movement. He got noticed by the Trump establishment and Tucker Carlson types after he started disrupting their events, and ever since has been enmeshed in their gravy train.


For the longest time he was. Then he started the "Groyper wars" and began disrupting speaking events by Charlie Kirk and later other people (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGdJcTCF2BU). Then he showed up at stop the steal and started getting real traction doing well received public speeches with Alex Jones etc. Later on Rep Steve King and some other notables attended his AFPAC event. His election night stream had 40k views, which is comparable to the entire north american alt right.

Before the groypers, nobody from pol would do things in public let alone anything politically effective. I assume the republican establishment see him as a grass roots guy capable of bringing in the hard right youth vote.

I've followed this guy ever since he was a nobody doing daily politics streams on youtube and recognized he had potential even then, so it's kind of nice to see him breaking out into his own. The problem is he has so much baggage I can't possibly imagine normal people embracing him.


>the ideological roots of fascism are in 1789
>interwar politics are now being considered analogous to modern day progressive liberalism
I REALLY got dumber reading this

he's right though. If Married couples or white men exclusively voted there wouldn't be progressivism at all. If single (defective, if a normie succubus is unmarried and without kids there is something wrong with them) white succubi or immigrants voted it'd be the progressive stack. The prog political movement could not exist without immigrant voters overruling the natural homeostasis of western politics


probably not and it doesn't matter since he has repeatedly stated he'll never date anyone because of the risks involved. There's been a whole gamut of accusations thrown to discredit him over the years, and if you trace them back to their origin it's usually less successful alt groups he feuded with. Or communists, every other thread on pol about this guy is a defamation attempt.

>he's a fed!

>he's gay!
>he's not white!
>he's a grifter!
>AF is civnat!

Neverending. All I can say is that unlike the rest of the crab bucket AF has actually been going places. Most of the smart money has already hitched their wagons to Nick anyways


Right-wing also hates succubi, which is why a lot of crabs flock to the right if for nothing else.


People want entertainment and to feel good. Barely anyone actually cares about ideology.


>lots of strikes
Think the powers that be will take a step back?


File: 1669404559228.webm (2.05 MB, 540x304, 135:76, 1669395384142615.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Trudeau's on the stand for the Trucker protests today. Reminder he invoked a state of emergency order to violently displace thousands of people outside parliament and now nobody seems to be able to justify it publicly.


The USA is much more stricter with migrants than nordic countries that's why most migrants would rather just go to Europe. This isn't some big secret. It's how things are.

Not progressive liberal, but fascism is progressive like I elaborated. You fall for the contemporary buzzwords and cults/parties that use words they don't even know what they mean. Just research fascism a little and you will see I am right. Progressive doesn't equal liberal.
It is rooted in 1789 and the french revolution just like socialism/communism is. Fascism and nazism are revolutionary and völkisch all around. It's not about the aristocracy but relies on the soldier/worker class.

>If single (defective, if a normie succubus is unmarried and without kids there is something wrong with them) white succubi or immigrants voted it'd be the progressive stack. The prog political movement could not exist without immigrant voters overruling the natural homeostasis of western politics

I like how you don't mention us among single people, as if wizards were closer to white family men than to those single "fucked up" succubi or those evil lazy migrants who only want bux. So you basically acknowledge NEETs shouldn't vote for the right, thanks.

The right doesn't hate succubi, it just thinks differently. It says that succubi should be moms and should focus on children instead of working or building a career life. Of course, crabs think come a right-wing system and then they would automatically get laid or get a wife somehow (lol) and so I see your point.


Bro USA has some of the laxest immigration in the world, Nordics are notoriously hard to immigrate to.

The demographic numbers show that USA has far more immigrants


it's ridiculous to compare contemporary progressive politics to turn of the century ones. Eugenics was being taught by white middle class protestants in classrooms across North America, is that what they're doing today?

fascism has strong ties to the lower middle class. In Italy they financed the paramilitaries that were putting down communists, in Germany it was highly Catholics but very similar with the Freicorps.

but of course, I'm talking to the guy who reduces every conversation down to "but how does it benefit me and my neetbux?", dismisses topics out of hand as uninformative because he disagrees with them, and generally reduces the content quality of every thread he posts in so…


>The USA isn't the biggest welfare state because my feelings cont.
Lol, mental gymnastics are always a lot of fun to witness.


> it's ridiculous to compare contemporary progressive politics to turn of the century ones.
Eugenics as policy is more popular than ever, and less talked about. Is that more or less Progressive?
Wasn't female birth control released as part of Progressive policy? And don't we keep it around for largely the same eugenicist reasons?


It's actually the other way around but whatever, believe /pol/ if you want to and continue to think that your country is some leftist migrant dystopia while it isn't.

>The demographic numbers show that USA has far more immigrants

Most of them being educated white first worlders while the typical migrant is directed elsewhere at the border, lol

A country that has heated arguments about basic shit like healthcare isn't a proper welfare state by any means.

It's not ridiculous to compare things at all, considering ideologies don't change and are timeless. Fascism was never about conservative values, it's always been a progressive ideology that was born to oppose liberalism, communism and the reactionary parties. Fat Italian Soldier Dude and German Moustache Angry Guy, the founders of fascism looked down on conservatives always and clearly distanced themselves from them. Of course, when it came to voting and gaining money then they were ready to team up with reactionary and conservative forces out of necessity and pragmatism.

But fascism isn't a militant version of conservative ideologies and to classify it as such betrays someone who doesn't know much about the subject. Mussolini, again the founder of fascism, was a disillusioned communist who switched sides because he read Nietzsche and other similar thinkers. Adolf hated Christianity, especially catholics and middle class culture, calling the middle class cowardly shits. He had the same opinion about european aristocracy.

So point is, taking money from conservatives and being their thug for hire doesn't make someone a conservative. Everyone who isn't a conservative is considered a progressive. Fascism and Nazism are progressive ideologies, in fact they are even more progressive than communism and liberalism because fascism was created in the early 20th century and is among the newest ideologies on the political spectrum. Fascism and Nazism are revolutionary because they want to form a new culture and don't want to return to any pre-existing period. You can only be conservative if you want to conserve something, not if you posit entirely new values.

>"but how does it benefit me and my neetbux?"

So instead of supporting an ideology that benefits me I should be supporting an ideology that benefits you…why, again?


>eugenics as a policy is more popular than ever.

Please give me one example of eugenics being popular. Birth control is not talked about in eugenic terms whatsoever.

Hitler and Mussolini both distanced themselves from the socialist factions present in fascism upon gaining power
>fascism was progressive because it was new
the point I was making is it shares no similarity with contemporary progressive movements whatsoever.


>instead of supporting an ideology that benefits me I should be supporting an ideology that benefits you…why, again?
Because I love you and will definitely help you once you give me total power over the state. You do trust me right wizzy? We're friends after all.


Progressive is progressive, I really don't see the point of you getting hung up on this. Liberals are progressive, socialists are progressive, fascists are progressive.

>Hitler and Mussolini both distanced themselves from the socialist factions present in fascism upon gaining power

I didn't say they were socialists. Mussolini used to be a communist, that's what I said.

I fail to see how wizards or NEETs can benefit from right-wing movements gaining power. I suspect most of the right-wing "wizards" itt are either fully functional normals, rich kids or self-hating/cuck failed norms.


>no similarity with contemporary progressive movements whatsoever.
Modern, Revolutionary, Middle Class, Totalitarian


>noooo ppl disagree with state healthcare so that magically means the state spending the most money on welfare programs isnt the biggest welfare state
I'm sure this is a pop top 40s mega hit on bunkerchan.


File: 1669529864232.jpg (1015.65 KB, 1440x3120, 6:13, 1665022136316796.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

fair point although I'm starting to think progressivism is largely elite driven. Pic related is not the only one


File: 1669569236124.pdf (2.36 MB, AMERICAN EUGENICS SOCIETY ….pdf)



US military fails audit again, no one gives a fuck and nothing will improve


really not that far removed from how Russia handles defense contracting at this point


>As Sens. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) and Jack Reed (D-RI) wrote in 2020, the lead vessel for every one of the Navy’s last eight combatant ships came in at least 10 percent over budget
If they're all around "only" 10 percent over budget, that's not too shabby for government work.
I also wonder amongst the five branches (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard) who did the best.


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File: 1669641228941.png (935.67 KB, 1350x1409, 1350:1409, nanjyakoryaa.png) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1669669183564.jpg (285.43 KB, 612x815, 612:815, 1669666929068363.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

/pol/ caricatures are now real people.



The Alberta UCP is passing a bill to allow veto of Federal legislation. Canadian social media in the usual hypocrisy is claiming it's tyranny and other "Dangerous to demomcracy" nonsense.


Man, this one really supports the current thing. He's just missing the mask and something about how Elon Musk is ruining twitter.


File: 1670097422751-0.jpg (45 KB, 740x624, 185:156, anglin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1670097422751-1.png (272.75 KB, 600x1214, 300:607, femoid-shrieks.png) ImgOps iqdb

Andrew Anglin reinstated on Twitter



So much butthurt


I loved his article on Greta thunbergs breasts


File: 1670201182172.jpg (64.87 KB, 567x680, 567:680, 1670200908343.jpg) ImgOps iqdb




Literally is a super manlet, shorter than the filipino chicks he has to pay to hang out with him. His dad sent him to sea to escortmaxx


Dismantle the VA and other wasteful garbage


>still doesn't understand that liberals are right-wing



In America the Democrats aka liberals are actually pretty conservative, except when it comes to race/social stuff but that was always a smokescreen since occupy wall street so they could essentially distract from economic issues


who cares about his height? you're not a wahmin are you?

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