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Police exist to keep society safe! Just call 911 if something happens and it'll be all ok
Officers regularly insult, threaten or belittle suspects, hand out fines they know will lose in court just to intimidate, overstep their legal bounds and often barely understand the regulations they enforce. If they get caught abusing their power the unions will cover it all up and they are almost never prosecuted.

If you call the police to report a crime that isn't life-threatening it will take hours before they get back to you and usually they'll tell you to drop it. If your case makes it to court you'll spend thousands hiring overpriced sophists while the judge attempts to rationalize an essentially arbitrary decision rarely even connected to retributive justice. Not to mention the entire criminal justice system in the west is weighted to explicitly take racial considerations in account and downgrade punishments against minorities while exaggerating punishments against whites. People with nothing to lose like the homeless or repeat offenders can easily assault or vandalize property with little recourse.

If you think Law Enforcement exists to protect the population from anything but egregious white-on-white crimes, you have never actually interacted with them.


File: 1670883575891.jpg (33.57 KB, 750x730, 75:73, 1598865158538.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>If you think Law Enforcement exists to protect the population from anything but egregious white-on-white crimes, you have never actually interacted with them.
I have interacted with law enforcement many times, and they were very pleasant to deal with. I was helped directly and given access to resources which could help me in the future. The Police actively engage in charity operations and general community wellbeing campaigns which make society a little more pleasurable to participate in.

>If you call the police to report a crime that isn't life-threatening it will take hours before they get back to you

If you live in the third world
>If your case makes it to court you'll spend thousands hiring overpriced sophist
If you live in the third world
>criminal justice system in the west is weighted to explicitly take racial considerations in account and downgrade punishments against minorities while exaggerating punishments against whites
bad wording. Whites are a minority. Race is the prime indicator of someone's potential to commit destructive or exploitative acts against another human being so racial profiling makes sense, but it's for that reason that Whites are persecuted more severely. We, as White people, should know better. It's not in our genes to commit crimes; it's something that must be learned and therefor unlearned. Negroes are regarded as mentally retarded children so they are given slaps on the wrist, and good thing too, for when a negro is imprisoned, 4 more destroy pieces of civilization in protest.

So let me guess what the alignment is this time… Lolbertarian. I think you watch too many rap music videos and cherry-picked clips of bad egg officers. If the police are so useless, then load your gun and take up vigilantism. Or get a job in the cadet program, you'll be fighting crime, you'll love it.


File: 1670884774930.jpg (90.19 KB, 720x513, 80:57, 1670364776472698.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

First world. If you haven't figured out they're either useless or outright hostile I assume you haven't actually interacted with them much. No, I do not have a criminal record either


He's going to reply by saying the U.S. is third world. Then, he will conclude by saying that America is a shithole and Europe is a glorious utopia where everything is perfect.


Things the BASED police and court system were doing during covid:
>Arresting people who appeared at candlelight vigils under five people in size
>Handing out thousand dollar+ fines for public assembly which is supposed to be a constitutional right
>Showing up at people's doorsteps without cause, busting their door cameras and then leaving
>breaking up the freedom convoy with riot police and horses beating protestors
>detaining and interrogating protestors for hours just to intimidate them
>some people got thrown in mental asylums
>the biggest lawsuits all got tossed because the judge would have had to mention the "conspiracy theory evidence" publicly

Things the police were doing before covid:
>Beating up and detaining mentally ill people during wellness checks which can be invoked for literally any pretense
>breaking all national privacy laws with impunity despite being sued multiple times over it
>Man who attacked whitey saying he hates white people can't be found guilty of hate crimes t.judge

If you're just some guy whose interaction is meeting them at a PR event you'd have no idea how rotten the system is. For every good cop there's another one with a bad reputation who can do this stuff with impunity. Try calling in an actual crime some time and see how far that goes for you- unless you're being attacked with numerous eyewitnesses you will probably not have a satisfactory resolution


Europe, that place where cops don't even go around harassing people but instead just sit on their fat asses and let white kids get gangbanged by migrants.


Yeah I've worked within the legal system and seen up close and personal how ridiculous and unjust it all is. The really scary thing for me is that there are thousands, maybe tens of thousands of TV series out there which boomers especially love to consume all build around this notion that "at essence" the people working in the "justice" system are essentially good and that the 'bad guys' are the ones who break the laws, etc. So even though in theory it would be quite easy to expose the hypocrisy and foolishness of the system and then work to reform things, that will never happen because most people are propagandised into believing the system is essentially good and works itself out anyway, and some people (mostly boomers) willingly lap up this pro-state propaganda because those people are essentially the boomers' 'elohim' or gods.

My only major disagreement with you is that you complain about racial aspects to things, which I have little experience with as a non-American, but in my direct experience and from what I've seen, the major demographic injustice in the legal system is violence directed towards men, in other words institutionalised misandry. Where I live (and this is the case in most countries now), something like 80% of police time is now enforcing 'domestic violence' rules which were set up by activist misandrist feminists, where the laws are often EXPLICITLY misandric, and that's on top of the inherent misandry and gynocentrism of society and the people working within the system. Sop violence is routinely meted out to men, while succubus literally murder men, sometimes in ultra-violent ways, and the system finds a way to let these succubi out the back door, not to mention that even when a succubus is imprisoned - she goes to a gender-segregated prison that resembles more an old-folks village rather than the type of prison men are sent to, where those men are subjected to much greater threats of violence and abuse.


I remember growing up and my father telling me calling the cops rarely if ever solves the problem. Took me a surprisingly long time to clue in


I believed him after I was robbed and assaulted in senior year and cops were less than useless


politics thread exists for this



I was assaulted on camera and the cop told me I must have uttered racist threats if I wanted to press charges. Should have fucking lawyered the moment I called them. Absolutely terrible profession that takes advantage of people who don't know how to handle the situation


I heard something like half of all murders in the US go unsolved. They love to make these television productions with fatass detectives discussing cases that they did solve to attempt legitimizing law enforcement.


most murders are committed by relatives aren't they? i find that hard to believe, maybe half of murders committed by strangers go unsolved, but these would be relatively rare no?


I completely agree
70% of murders are solved


File: 1671052736097.png (180.31 KB, 1281x568, 1281:568, 2020 clearance UCR.png) ImgOps iqdb

Depends on if the data includes the unsolved (uncleared) cases or not. If it does, then something around 10% are confirmed for strangers and another 50% have unknown relation to the victim.
Where are you seeing this number? I can see that manslaughter alone is around 70%, but for murder specifically I am seeing around 50.


Police abusing civilians happens in Europe too, the difference is that they use battons instead of guns. From the video's I have seen, American cops actually seem more polite than European cops. The American cops often don't seem to mind getting into a conversation with a person whereas in Europe, simply asking 'why am I being arrested?' is considered resisting and a reason to beat you up.


keep in mind a disproportionate number of murders are committed by ghetto blacks and are hardly investigated


I didn't know that, thank you anon


>Not to mention the entire criminal justice system in the west is weighted to explicitly take racial considerations in account and downgrade punishments against minorities while exaggerating punishments against whites
There is mountains of evidence that literally the opposite is true.
I've literally NEVER seen this idea substantiated, despite racists acting like blacks are immune to the criminal justice system.
The only evidence this position has is…blacks aren't lynched when they commit a crime?
I've seen your type act like blacks can literally get away with murder yet in all the /pol/ threads I've never once seen an article about it.
I can't comprehend this mindset.


They just think that the whole world is California and that affirmative action somehow means blacks are handed their life on a platter.



Blacks are baboon monkey niggers with zero remorse, while whites have some sort of conscious.

Blacks should get more time because they're baboon niggers and every black nigger I've met in real life didn't know how to wipe it's ass and would smell like putrid shit all the time.


File: 1672776072994.jpg (53.32 KB, 1003x1200, 1003:1200, youareretarded.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

sure man the media doesn't downplay stories of blacks brutalizing whites while selectively highlighting the rare occasions a white does something against a black person

sure democrats and leftists don't advocate for reduced bail/sentencing, which practically speaking means black and hispanic criminals get to terrorize people in urban areas only to be let out to do it all over again in a week

sure the movement to "defund the police" and other anti-law and order measures pushed by democrats and biden doesn't mean that blacks now get away with reckless driving, flash mob shoplifting and other serious crimes because everyone is afraid of getting derek chauvin'd if they intervene and god forbid are photographed stomping on some negroid's head. all he tried to do was steal from someone and carry a gun!


File: 1672776215937.png (91.4 KB, 1200x843, 400:281, youareretarded2.png) ImgOps iqdb

>affirmative action somehow means blacks are handed their life on a platter.

yeah how could anyone think that?


I imagine a large reason as to why niggers get harsher sentencing is because they are broke-ass cheapskates and default to the shitty public defender.


And even with all those gibs, how many doctors are black today?


in the english speaking countries the police seems to act like plantation overseers. they just violate people in public.

here in germany seems like the police has a better image because they only wear the uniform for things that make them seem like the friends of the people and then for the nasty stuff they take off the uniform and pretend to be regular citizens so that the people mistrust each other.

either way all i care for is a world without these overseers and actors. if i had known the world would be like this i would have never bothered being in school as a child, i would have instantly became a homeless.


A bigger reason is that they often actively sabotage their own case by not taking plea deals, coming to court dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, and showing absolute contempt for the judge. Public defenders are the only ones that will defend such fuckwits that do the bare minimum.


>coming to court dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, and showing absolute contempt for the judge
i thought justice should not care about non-criminal stuff, the like of you listed.


why did you think that? have you ever met a lawyer, cop, or judge? did you just invent that idea, because it feels outlandish to me. they are to enforce order, settle disputes to help maintain social peace.

its like thinking they set up democratic policies because they care what the unwashed masses have to say, its just because its a great pressure valve for social unrest, similar to courts dissuading and restricting individualized views of justice.


i mean a judge giving a harsher sentence just because the subject wore jeans is a bit unsettling.


yes, judges are human and fickle: look at the lunch time effect and leniency of judges.

they dont give a fuck about you, your freedom is paperwork to them. i would not be surprised if something so unimportant were paramount. Read Kafka.


i'm really surprised that a judge decision would depend on whether he ate or not.

i hope i never face once in my life.

>Read Kafka

i dislike reading long texts, bu thenks


this guy knows. My law professor likened justice to a coin flip; the outcome is arbitrary


That's true. If you present yourself maturely to a judge, they are more likely to think it was a one-off mistake or something. If you act belligerent in court, they'll think this is an everyday thing for you and you just finally got caught.


It's not so different from trial by combat: instead of knights you hire lawyers if you can afford them.


I'm sorry that happened, wizanon. Niggers are truly subhuman, and their enablers are worse.


Kafkas not lengthy the metamorphasis is like 120 pages


Gated community trust-fund kiddo poster detected.


File: 1678800346702.png (309.92 KB, 497x487, 497:487, b9c6ad28d5a8ea9b20ebe62039….png) ImgOps iqdb

with a bit of narrative theater they can break into anyone's house, beat them up and shoot them for no reason and then after it is done all they have to say is:

oops we got the wrong house.

i imagine if i were to open up a business that would compete with the monopoly in town then suddenly my house would get raided accidentally.

they do this with young streamers. when you stream video games and you say something that is too edgy, they just storm your house with a swat team to scare you, wipe the smile off your face and make you look weak to your audience and pretend that just someone called them for a bomb threat that they had no way of knowing beforehand was fake despite having everyone surveiled constantly. in the end they apologize without meaning it and say that their hands are tied. some streamers report experiencing this a few times every year.


How many streamers does this happen to? Can you name a few, I don't watch streamers because theyre gay


the discretion used in all forms of policing works like this usually. These guys have far too much discretion to troll through the social media/cell logs of people on their hit list and then start harassing them.


Canada is so based


File: 1679366745887.webm (17.12 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 1653077220597-3.webm) ImgOps iqdb


I was just watching this, and the part that scared me is when the cop shouted "Dont reach for it!"

That's how a lot of these bad incidents go down.

Like if you have X, that you shouldn't have, an illegal or legal gun, or even your Id, and you just want to hand it to the cop to get it out of your hands. You think X is the problem, once you give X to the cop, you solve it. But the cop is on edge, and any sudden moves towards what might be a gun, is what triggers him.

In the heat of the moment I think "don't reach for it" is too complex a command. They should just shout FREEZE, DONT MOVE, HANDS UP. 1 OR 2 words.

Also they claim they didn't know it was an obviously toy gun, because the kid was concealing it. But then that fat guard says the kid was waving it around.


or you could just not reach for it


There are gang members and even police gangs among departments across major US cities whose initiations include killing innocent people and getting away with it. This goes back to the 80s, at least half of cops in the Miami PD were working with Colombian cartels and their traffickers, and one of the main suspects in the murder of Biggie Smalls was a cop involved with the Bloods.


File: 1680205946097.webm (1.63 MB, 264x480, 11:20, dutch farmer arrested by ….webm) ImgOps iqdb

I also concur that Eurocops are worse in a way compared to Americops. The latter can be polite and lax in substantial numbers, balanced by the amount of low IQ sociopaths and amoral pension piggies of course, where some will just give you a warning if you're speeding or if they find some a blunt on you, and there are more laws that respect rights and what cops are allowed to do which can be fought in an incident or in court. In Europe there are less laws protecting liberties and rights of individuals, cops are trained for years and are more indoctrinated in the government's ideology as a result and will follow that doctrine unscrupulously, there not being much you can do if you get fucked around by them, and cops having more protection as a result. Whereas in America they do whatever saves their job and mindlessly go through the motions of it like a 9-5, shooting people for no reason along the way and getting a "sorry" as compensation.


People still use that "poleez is ther 2 protekt u :)" rhetoric? I thought people were already explicit about the true role of state, police, and businessmen. I think you might be talking to 5 year olds if you think people seriously believe that shit.
Actually, are you old enough to be using this site?


>like 80% of police time is now enforcing 'domestic violence' rules which were set up by activist misandrist feminists
Because succubi think in groups, they have a hive mind, meaning when you do one thing that pleases one succubus, be sure that it pleased them all. that's why authorities and governments are quick to act in the benefits of succubi, because you immediately get the approval of 50% of society and less than 50% disapproval from men. Complete victory for the majority. Glories democracy.


I think people who still think justice system is not broken, the government is not utterly corrupt and pigs are anything other than drones that exist to protect rich people must have a two digit IQ. I am not saying this to belittle other people I just cannot imagine how anyone can think otherwise without having a serious mental handicap.


they are a corporation protecting other corporations…

citizenship means corporate employee…

only way to be free is to renounce it, btw they will gaslight you on every step if you don't know what to do…

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