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There are about 70x as many posts on r9k than there are on Wizchan. Do people on r9k simply not know about Wizchan? Are they too built into the habit of using 4chan to make the switch?
And its not how old a board is, either. 7chan has existed since 2006 (I'm pretty sure), and it's /b/ board has only 815,000 posts, while 4chan's /s4s/ board, which has only existed since 2013, and has amassed 10,000,000 posts.
How has 4chan, the most poorly moderated, poorly designed imageboard (except maybe endchan) held onto that many users?
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>4chan is becoming pozzed
4chan literally has /lgbt/ as a board


hmmmm yeah, you're right, it was pozzed since the beggining


Considering what you do here I have zero sympathy, You're probably the faggot who was uploading animay seggs pics to /his/


no Im not,I come here when I get banned on 4channel.pozzed


Every other imageboard I tried was dead, it's really the only one, but even this is a problem in itself, because the site worth shit now


r9k/ is great because it's all thinly veiled fetish threads.


Mysterium is a bitcoin miner


File: 1673658248066.webm (3.65 MB, 568x320, 71:40, Collateral - Nobody notic….webm) ImgOps iqdb

It's unreal how much of 4chan feels automated. Nobody seems to talk to each other, they just post. There's only a handful threads across entire boards that are genuine conversations being held.


I find the general trends of the website and how they change interesting. 4chan becoming militantly 'normie' now is kind of funny considering the 2010's was everyone pretending they weren't a 'disgusting normie'. Can't tell if the userbase changed or people just go along with everyone else.


best be joking newfag


>militantly 'normie'
Quite an apt description.

>Can't tell if the userbase changed

The userbase has changed and seems to have only surface-level memories gleaned from other sources. So you get this bizarre "recollection" that everything in 4chan was "ironic":
>everyone was pretending to be an outcast loser


Part of it might just be increased awareness. I mean i used to think most posters on wizchan were actually virgins. Pre-2009 my high school was full of normals who used 4chan, the time of it being for outcasts must have been short if it ever existed at all


>Pre-2009 my high school was full of normals who used 4chan,
That's some weird ass school you went to, I was literally the only person who knew about internet stuff along the lines of Maddox, SA, PoE, newgrounds, 4chan, internet drama, etc literally in 2015 I had co-workers talking about 4chan as if it was a secret hacker site.

>the time of it being for outcasts must have been short if it ever existed at all

4chan never having archives and users being anon means the past can be rewritten at will, but at SA I know a lot of the users were losers/nerds/outcasts because of post history.


I had the same experience as that wiz, all the nerdy kids in my highschool used 4chan, I'd overhear them talking about it all the time, people think it's a secret club but it's been mainstream for a really long time and was/is largely populated with children pretending to be adults


>lucky fags
I had the lone nerd experience like the other wizard. I guess on the "bright" side I got my ass kicked for being the odd one out as opposed to being a nerd at school.


Why do you guys say that? What do you even want from a discussion site?
>Nobody seems to talk to each other, they just post.
I agree; there should be atleast a five minute cooldown on posts.


I had this as well. It wasn't the nerdy kids at my school, it was the druggies and low functioning computer addicts that would use it. All the kids that started failing school basically.


I agree. The 'normie' boards there have somewhat healthier people.

r9k and some of the more niche boards are full of the most mentally ill people on the planet.

As in the kind who will probably knife someone or shoot up a mall.
They also do things nobody would do on wizchan like posting selfies of their fat selves with their bright dyed hair


>They also do things nobody would do on wizchan


>As in the kind who will probably knife someone or shoot up a mall.
Is this version of /r9k/ in your head? /r9k/ is a relatively normalfag board even compared to the blue boards.

>nobody would do on wizchan

wizchan is "good" because everything else is dead or broken. wizchan isn't actually good.


Ur right wizchan only really seems good because the alternatives are shit but in all actuality wizchan also begins to suck ass, especially last year it got obvious how the low user count makes this site prone to getting overwhelmed by retarded faggots.


4chan is not poorly moderated at all, it has never been poorly moderated and its even more professional now even though it lost its soul a long time ago. You can't even post with a VPN unless you have a subscription, the 4chan gold account meme literally became reality.

Even though there's still a lot of edgy things on there and fringe stuff it is a rather normal website at this point, the only thing that still stands out is the /pol/ board because the rest of the internet censors the topics discussed on there to shit but other than that there's really nothing on 4chan that you wouldn't find anywhere else, even the degenracy is something you find anywhere on the internet now because normies are fucking retarded.


Moefags can never have enough hugboxes


>Nobody seems to talk to each other like they used to
It's discord. If you're 18 right now you had just entered puberty when it became popular. An increasing amount of 4chan users have had their internet education happen on discord and they can't grow out of the vacuous posting style they picked up there.


4chan is the one that gets the most attention from mainstream media, this inevitably attracts normalfags, which means more users and less quality content.


>even the degeneracy is something you find anywhere on the internet now because normies are fucking retarded.
As a porn addict I should be happy that there's so much porn available and so many niches fulfilled. But instead it disturbs me for reasons I can't quite grasp.


>You can't even post with a VPN unless you have a subscription
If you have MysteriumVPN you can post without a pass
That makes sense. I had my "internet education" on YouTube and 4chan.


No one likes posting on dead boards.
There's a positive feedback loop in an active board where you can browse it constantly because there's no content being constantly posted, which leads to people making more posts which leads to more content which leads to more browsing.
Meanwhile on slower chans and boards you can go through the whole thing in an hour, and then you leave and maybe check back in in a week. Less content, less posts, less reason to browse. Negative feedback loop.


To me, slow small boards are far better than NPC dumpsters


On wizchan you can go through everything in 10 minutes and then come back a day later and it's almost the same shit.


s/On wizchan/In life/


>The userbase are people who are seriously fucked in the head and coping poorly. Sure there are some people like that here too but overall people here are more rational and less caught up in weak copes.

Wizarchan is recommended for people that are too fucked up for 4chan (r9k). For extreme crabs and virgins. That is what they say on 4chan (r9k), at least that is how I came here with a guy posting something like that.


That's literally every board on 4chan, too. Seldom do you find something new and worthwhile. At this point, the odds are that you will find such a thing much faster on slow bulletins.


>How has 4chan, the most poorly moderated, poorly designed imageboard (except maybe endchan) held onto that many users?
I think 4chan's popularity comes BECAUSE it's poorly moderated and poorly designed. You go there because you're sick of all the moderation everywhere else.


>except maybe endchan
Hilarious, that site blows virile black men.
>I think 4chan's popularity comes BECAUSE it's poorly moderated and poorly designed
Just wrong, at least now. It always attracted outsiders with ez bait. It's essentially a boogeyman now. Very, very, VERY sadly, it will probably still attract normalniggers.


4chan is full of normie faggots, I remember when people would get raided the fuck out off them if they talked too much about /b/ outside of 4chan and over the last years we had all kinds of youtubers exploiting it without any consequences, even showing whole threads which would have been a big problem back in the days.

I remember a time when /b/ was able to shut down 9gag temporarily for exploiting the memes and when the whole board would organize raids against all these normie fags wjo tried to exploit the culture. The real 4chan experience ended rapidly after 2012 when the whole normie horde fucked the internet up completely. It's just an edgy place for normies now and porn addicts, like anything else on the internet. If we get the full internet censorship treatment it will still get shut down completely at some point.


I knew at least one person offline who posts frequently on pol, and he was one of the most annoying humans I've met, always the loudest and rudest one in the room


>Seldom do you find something new and worthwhile.
What do you want from a discussion site?
Its a site for discussion, and discussion is always discussion.


you are damm right


I don't expect anything better. I expect the same poor discussion and same poor moderation, but if you follow the conversation then you might understand my point.


Entrapment happens in extreme cases, but most of the harm they do is in poisoning the well of ideas. 4chan isn't just a simple imageboard anymore: it's mass media. If you can find enough eyes in one place, you can bet it's going to be an attractive target for government and big business and who knows what else to do whatever they want with your head.


Pol is full of tradcucks/people with families


I think that’s good. Kicking the habit of online socialisation or spending all day reading others words is probably beneficial.


The local country general thread is filled to the brim with people aged 40-55 who run small businesses and have a wife and kids. That's like the average poster there.


yes and?


Part 2 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xc-PAFXIQmM

Part 3 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rku-sWI0i_o

Theres this scene from the Inuyashiki manga/anime, where a character that was being bullied by 2chan starts to kill the sites users through the display.

I wish this would happen to all 4chan users.


It's so fucking bizarre that 4chan is SO tranny friendly and yet incredibly racist and misogynistic.


it makes sense when you understand trooning out is the result of porn addiction and escalation. they still keep their beliefs.


Trap porn was on 4chan from the start, linetrap got spammed a lot later. Traps were such a part of 4chan culture people started writing blog posts asking if trans people being accepted on 4chan, but in a largely sexual context, was beneficial as one of the few places they were accepted or negative. Different vibes, it was funny when traps would show their dick at the end of the thread - not anger.
4chan was never meant to be serious, modern “real world” style political hate has to compete with the other boards that hold an older culture.


What do you mean by friendly? Cause you can’t go two posts without some YWNBAW spam. They’re just self hating, like all those homos on /pol/ that quote STD rates while they hook up on grinder.

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