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There are about 70x as many posts on r9k than there are on Wizchan. Do people on r9k simply not know about Wizchan? Are they too built into the habit of using 4chan to make the switch?
And its not how old a board is, either. 7chan has existed since 2006 (I'm pretty sure), and it's /b/ board has only 815,000 posts, while 4chan's /s4s/ board, which has only existed since 2013, and has amassed 10,000,000 posts.
How has 4chan, the most poorly moderated, poorly designed imageboard (except maybe endchan) held onto that many users?
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I haven't been here for a very long time, what is the integrity of this community like compared to what has happened to r9k? I know r9k was always pretty bad but whenever I visit it now it's polluted with zoomers, tiktokers, egirls, and porn.


If you let them make all the content, they win.


The network effect is powerful. Those who cannot go against that grain are on some level still normalfags.


File: 1687982992942.png (28.31 KB, 330x393, 110:131, 12348759bf23b8b4b9db18fefd….png) ImgOps iqdb

It's because it's been shilled on reddit and reddit is keeping that shitheap alive. Also that 8chan, the second most popular alternative to 4chan was thoroughly jewed by Cripplekike (who blew all the donation money on hookers and blow), Jim, and the courts


Also to add, I read somewhere that reddit users typically login to reddit directly before posting on 4chan. Can't remember exactly where but apparently there was some study on it. Either way,
>go back to reddit
is filtered there
By not censoring users to fuck off back to where they came from


>reddit 4chan dichotomy
Who actually believes 4chan and reddit hasn't shared the same userbase for some time now?


Yeah, because of election tourists and people who came after project chanology who have no place on imageboards. A lot of them don't even know how to use an imageboard properly or how quoting works, because they are redditors


That'd be strange because reddit is associated with lefty politically correct types echoing the mandated narrative, while 4chan is associated with the alt-right, loud and obnoxious types echoing some assortment of trash opinions about race.


>I read somewhere that reddit users typically login to reddit directly before posting on 4chan.
I can't tell if this is a joke or not…

4ch's /pol/ is filled with 'tards, but discussion of politics on 4ch, outside of /pol/, such as on /g/ or /tv/, seems like common sense breath of fresh air.


File: 1691909624102.jpg (129.86 KB, 549x479, 549:479, Sneed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

4chan and 4chan culture disgusts me. As a teen I thought it was funny, and references to pepe the frog and to 4chan words and culture were endearing. Now I find them disgusting. I still admire Hitler, Chris-Chan, Terry A. Davis, and other pinnacles of 4chan culture, but I'm completely done with the rest of it.


File: 1691912983811.jpg (379.67 KB, 1410x1438, 705:719, laughing leopard seal.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> I still admire Hitler, Chris-Chan, Terry A. Davis, and other pinnacles of 4chan culture


File: 1691913109983.png (1.77 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

> I still admire Hitler, Chris-Chan, Terry A. Davis, and other pinnacles of 4chan culture


I'd say politics has taken over the site, not leftism. For the first ten years, 4chan's reputation is what kept it safe. A ton of normies were kept at bay from the infamous 4chan, due to the lolicon, jailbait, and raiding. But after ~10 year mark, its reputation began to do the opposite, as the media branded it 'le right wing discussion site'. Many low intelligence right wingers came from Twitter and Reddit.


Rumor has it that 4chan is fag and nigger friendly these days.


You can't say "nigger" on any board besides /b/. You can get banned on /pol/ for insulting people and being racist. Or the mod/janny will just ban you for a made up reason like spamming/flooding or violating US law.


The Zimmerman trial brought the first wave of normalfags and it died for good in 2016


There are 4,660 posts with the word "nigger" across multiple boards of 4chan outside of /b/ in this 24-hour period.


>The Zimmerman trial brought the first wave of normalfags and it died for good in 2016

I thought it was on May 29 2006 with the NGfags when the 4chan city flash was uploaded to Newgrounds

Or was it on July 12 2006 with the Habbofags

Or was it on October 18 2006 with the CNNfags because of Jake Brahm or whatever

Or was it on January 16 2008 with the scifags because of Project Chanology


I came in 2009 with the Jessi Slaughter fiasco, there was even the GMA theme playing to welcome all us normie boomers


sorry 2010


I stand by it being the Zimmerman trial and the rise of /pol/ as a more active board


it stands out to me as well. when they hacked treyvon's martin's phone to influence the case, that sealed the deal they weren't Eric Cartman comedians who just love to shout Nigger because its funny, but have sincere beliefs and are sincerely, passionately, seriously working to change politics and build the world they want


also i was going through the archives and they were all in for Mitt Romney in Nov 2012, so they were both Nazis but also pragmatic enough to support the pro-biz Fox News boomers for now.


>reddit is associaed with
The single largest political center of gravitation that Reddit ever had was r/the_donald, a sub which represented the reddit community at large and as a whole but which was antagonistic towards reddit administrata and the whole apparatus of reddit internal governance. This was neither the first nor last time the site community would show values antagonistic to the maintenance and sponsor-backed profitability of reddit, as a recent blackout nominally undertaken for the sake of third party software beneficial to the blind shows.
The other reddit-born political movements and groups of note are their numerous red pill and transgender activism subs, which are and always have been viciously opposed to each other. Reddit is not particularly noteworthy in terms of support or decrial of homosexuality, which has always been more or less on par with the practical treatment of homosexuality on 4chan (though reddit was initially significantly more homophobic than 4chan, several factors including the mass banning and perpetual liquidation of 4chan's toxic and bizarre "trap" culture of the '08 era and histrionically retarded outspoken queers on blue boards were notable steps in the right direction on that front).
Less notable but more influential in the long run have been r/coontown, r/HBD and a host of other now-banned explicitly racist subs running the gamut from "humor" that consisted exclusively of saying "nigger" to creating infographics that are reposted on 4chan to this day. On the whole, 4chan has been the recipient and mindless repeater of more reddit memes than the other way around given the explosive growth 4chan's /pol/ experienced after reddit decided, slowly, eventually, to remove places like coontown from its servers.


File: 1692135745660.webm (941.62 KB, 624x336, 13:7, paedophilia.webm) ImgOps iqdb

She's 11? Man I am such a fucking pedo


File: 1692189848632.jpeg (214.98 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, seething.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

4chan makes me so angry. But I think it's more frustration at myself for having wasted years being terminally online.

I wrote a medium long, not an essay and not some schizotalk post where I offered a perspective not yet talked about in the thread with an open question inviting discussion and all I got was a mocking 3 word reply.

I realized that everyone there is a normie with friends phoneposting so they don't have the desire to write long posts because its a pain in the ass on phones and because they get actual social interaction so they have no hunger for a quality internet discussion.

Then when I get drunk and shitpost for a change people have the nerve to tell me I am ruining the board when it's all clickbait threads with 1 line replies.

The internet is fucking dead. You can't get any virtual replacement for social interaction anymore.


how do you guys even solve the captchas on 4chan?

maybe its to keep out the low iq untermenschen, because i cant do em


Seriously? 4chan is a strict double digit iq site


8% of men got mommy kink


it is easy if you get used to it.


As of the chitwood debacle we've officially entered the age of "anon" getting literally arrested for posting.
I'm surprised the schizos still post on 4chan knowing that if LOCAL police ( not even fucking fed glowies) really want to push an anons shit in, they can.


Reddit is where you because every website of value has been scrubbed in favour of just garbage clickbait sites that never have the information you require and google search has become absolute shit.


You fucking retard.


File: 1692485258029.png (268.24 KB, 566x392, 283:196, ddn8lzb-968a0a71-ceb0-4708….png) ImgOps iqdb

>Reddit is where you because


File: 1693130117347.gif (40.85 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Get_Away.gif) ImgOps iqdb

The best three imageboard sites:

The worst three imageboard sites:


Why do you hate heyuri so much?


Heyuri is good. Fuck frenschan


Hello, kaguya. Are you done masturbating to gay scat, or are you going to go back to doing that?


This thread was created (by me) nine months ago…that's nuts…so many replies, too


>even though 4chan bans people for mentioning altchans.

I have mentioned Wizardchan many times and I haven't been banned. Apparently if you just name them but you don't post the link you don't get into trouble.


I've always liked "Secret Area of VIP Quality". It's a textboard, not an imageboard. Always seems really comfy around there when I remember it exists.


Are you talking about the /VIP/ board? Used to be unlisted but now it's listed and it's not a textboard so IDK if it's what you're talking about. It is just as shit as the rest of the site.


That's not what I mean, no. Just google it sometime and you should see it. I find it strangely charming.


>Just google it
We use Duckduckgo here, sir.


File: 1696250456430.webm (1.65 MB, 320x240, 4:3, It's over 9000.webm) ImgOps iqdb

4chan's 20th and everyone's just lamenting how fun 4chan used to be and the internet in general back in the 00s.


A 4chan mod must have a seething hatred for me, because while I was posting in a heated thread, I copped a ban for shitposts I made a week ago in a long dead thread.

I do suspect they post on the site and ban people if they feel threatened or are losing arguments, or whatever. Still, getting bans from long dead threads shows how thin skinned they are.


Yeah. /g/ is the only board with ok mods, and even then, they're not great.


what do you even post on 4chan to get banned? I've never been banned so far and I'm using the site for 10 years


furries on /v/.


File: 1699734615505.jpg (52.99 KB, 500x374, 250:187, Mario_Gem.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I often open 4chan, then immediately close the tab and go to wizchan or lainchan.

You are almost certainly lying. Or you have never created a thread.


You boys want a small forum I certainly have one for you: https://forum.marianabay.com

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