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There are about 70x as many posts on r9k than there are on Wizchan. Do people on r9k simply not know about Wizchan? Are they too built into the habit of using 4chan to make the switch?
And its not how old a board is, either. 7chan has existed since 2006 (I'm pretty sure), and it's /b/ board has only 815,000 posts, while 4chan's /s4s/ board, which has only existed since 2013, and has amassed 10,000,000 posts.
How has 4chan, the most poorly moderated, poorly designed imageboard (except maybe endchan) held onto that many users?
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The local country general thread is filled to the brim with people aged 40-55 who run small businesses and have a wife and kids. That's like the average poster there.


yes and?


Part 2 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xc-PAFXIQmM

Part 3 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rku-sWI0i_o

Theres this scene from the Inuyashiki manga/anime, where a character that was being bullied by 2chan starts to kill the sites users through the display.

I wish this would happen to all 4chan users.


It's so fucking bizarre that 4chan is SO tranny friendly and yet incredibly racist and misogynistic.


it makes sense when you understand trooning out is the result of porn addiction and escalation. they still keep their beliefs.


Trap porn was on 4chan from the start, linetrap got spammed a lot later. Traps were such a part of 4chan culture people started writing blog posts asking if trans people being accepted on 4chan, but in a largely sexual context, was beneficial as one of the few places they were accepted or negative. Different vibes, it was funny when traps would show their dick at the end of the thread - not anger.
4chan was never meant to be serious, modern “real world” style political hate has to compete with the other boards that hold an older culture.


What do you mean by friendly? Cause you can’t go two posts without some YWNBAW spam. They’re just self hating, like all those homos on /pol/ that quote STD rates while they hook up on grinder.


I always thought those traps threads are more like ironic troll threads.


>joke posts
They were, like there were threads with shemale pictures with the bottoms cut-off and trick you into jerking to them. The "Everyone is gay for Bridget" was also a joke since he's literally drawn like a succubus. Futa was as "gay" as it got before you got to yaoi.

>rewriting history
They were nothing more than porn niches and curiosities, they occupied their space and didn't overflow into everything like they did since like 2013/4, where people started actively promoting that shit. A bunch of anons tranny porn careers were launched around that time.

One hand, I have a lot more high quality trap porn both real and drawn because of this. Trap doujin (or however you spell it) was pretty fucking rare in the 00s and most of the tranny porn was brazilian shemales or thai ladyboys. Now I have trap hentai galore and trap AND shemale porn being made by porn-addicted coomers who make so much niche porn.

One the other hand, they're literally taking dudes with low-self esteem and twisting it for their own degenerate ends.


/r9k/ is in a dire state.



Its "tranny friendly" because 4chan is full of porn and the tranny stuff is just part of that and its not about some gay-rights type stuff. Most coomers who fap to blown out whores because they are horny wouldn't want to marry one or defend these sluts either (which would be described as "misogyny") and its the same thing with guys who got memed into liking trannys with all the 4chan trap stuff. Most of these guys are not even gay but just massive coomers who go over the edge with their porn addiction as >>298323 already suggested, even the trannys themselves often directly capitalize on this straight coomer relationship. If they would detox their brains from porn then they wouldn't even wanna fap to trannys anymore and get a hardon from just looking at a succubi tits or some dumb bitch in yoga pants. They are fapping to this stuff because they are addicted to porn and not because they have LGBT rainbow feminist beliefs.

4chan is a big reason why a lot of straight millennial imageboard autists got into this weird relationship with tranny porn in the first place. For young people its just so common to be addicted to porn now that the whole internet is full of tranny and femboy stuff but now its also often linked to rainbow progressive faggotry and not just being a horny retard.


It is not. I'm friendly to trannies but racist / misogynistic, and I think it would be cool if 4chan users were too.


Because it's popular and boards like wizchn move very slowly and there's also discord these days


i like kohlchan. it feels like home to me.


The major thing is r9k is for people who wanna get a gf which is more common, wizchan is for people who will never get a gf, don't want a gf or at least don't admit to wanting one, which is a rarer group, and 4chan is already pretty established and has tons of boards, there isn't much different or new about wizchan besides maybe some small things. We're just niche. Also its not like we're advertised or anything, I think we were biggest back in the gamergate thing when we got mentioned to normies


yeah wizchan had twice as much traffic during gamergate. just realized that that was close to a decade ago and it hurt a bit for second.


4chan is a normie hangout now. It is the entrance to the internet for edgelords, kinda like how newgrounds was back in the early 2000s but without any of the creativity.


I remember like 14 years ago when 4chan's /b/ board would take shit serious and get on peoples asses outside of 4chan for breaking rule 1&2 (don't talk about /b/) and now we have all kinds of youtuber faggots who show whole threads to millions of people.

I had some of the best times of my life on the 4chan /b/ board back then, so many good threads and crazy shit that happened, sometimes I stayed up whole nights because so much stuff went down all the time.

One of the first times the change of the internet started showing was when 9gag started to steal content around 2012/13 and even though we managed to shut the site down for some time it was still obvious that /b/tards couldn't fight the normie hordes, then the whole internet world just changed rapidly as a whole and 4chan became another normie cesspool. /b/ is such a piece of shit now, the good times are gone forever.

This made me a bit nostalgic and sad tbh, so many good times were had, I was on 4chan all the time and if i wasnt there i was on some shitty secret facebook groups that we organized or tinychat with other retards from /b/ lolol, just remembered some of their faces and wonder where they are now.

I weep, i weep for the old internet that we will never experience again.


I found out about wizchan from 4chan, and 4chan from "Whang!", a YouTuber who makes videos about the internet and its past happenings.


File: 1676833564502.jpg (7.76 KB, 86x255, 86:255, 1671386174795.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Filled with high intelligence people
Go to 4chan right now and rethink that


nice microfiche slide


I can't read, what is this?


It's the vastness of the intelligence required to criticize 4chan, obviously.



idk someone copied and pasted the thumbnail of it



The media would have you believe that "crab culture" is a massive phenomenon. This site has 300 regulars, which totally goes against that faulty notion.


Feels good to be completely done with 4shit.


I feel like a lot of wizards in this thread are kinda misusing the normalfaggot label, the are multiple "levels" of normalfaggotry and its not just as simple as saying "theyre all normalfaggots"

However 4chan has become absolute fucking dogshit filled by zoomers and braindead people since 2015( i think). I only use /a/ out of habit and speed, but nowadays its just FOTM and shounen garbage


One person's label1 is another's label2.
Having been a regular on 4 since 2006 on one board or another, I find that the age discrepancy between you and that of the average thread initiater and poster is the greatest reason for leaving either a board or the site. b will always have 12–14-year-olds, they'll mature, go to tv, a, co; then again, and find the hobby boards, then again, and leave.

Other than hob, I have little in common with people here. Sharing a culture (being of the same 'generation', however defined) or a 'community' allows for some overlap.

The less explicit reasons to be a poster or an OP, the less time you'll expend on that board or imageboard. Simple as. There's also the past 10–15 years' usage over time graphs (which you can conjure from anecdote alone) of smartphone ownership, smartphone usage, smartphone-over-computer usage; assume an internet connection with both.


I kinda get what you mean, but still it feels weird saying is "normal" when things like facebook exist (maybe just nostalgia speaking)

Older generations being pushed out is something that I can relate to. Despite that it feels like the general population of imageboards is declining even on 4

>less reasons to be a poster, less time

For me it used to be the opposite, because I'd have an extreme anxiety to post


Since the Cambridge Analytica incident and the fallout therefrom in late 2010s, Facebook has seen major decline in both registration and usage from existing accounts. But for some reason, people currently aged ~40–65 who had upgraded their phones, got to using social media, be it back-water regional or single country only ones like, failing ones, or what was most popular 15 years ago: facebook, appleshit like facetime.

Another statistic relevant to the conversation: back in the 90s and early 00s, there were a lost more websites registered. And over 80% of all traffic didn't flow to and from 5–6 companies. Was non-uniformly distributed but communities and sub-cultures exists, there were neighborhoods isolated and distinct from each other, now there's 5 relatively homogenous almost indistinguishable blobs collecting your data. With a lot of them playing with chink government.

Too much has changed since Jason Scott's (of textfiles.com) days. It won't, it can't go back; whatever's in store won't be the opposite of the current. A new dimension with be added, explored, I don't know. VR I can't see taking off, maybe 5-year-olds will really like that shit, but from the meetings I've seen in meta, I don't see anything appealing.

Best you can do is lead by example, try to talk to peopl about what you care about, show your passion and maybe somebody sharing in it will join you to talk.


4chan is dunning kruger central


My former home board (I know - I can't explain why). Not only terrible nowadays, also extremely slow.



4chan is for normalfags now, there's no need to go there


4chan is no better than reddit at this point. It's just another flavor of awful. I know someone is going to say something about free speech, as if the ability to say "Nigger" is the cornerstone of interesting discussion.

Yeah, you can say Nigger, but can you discuss a topic without a schizo losing his shit, or the replies being bots, or every board being porn, politics, or spam? Who cares at that point.


File: 1684879735681.jpg (267.27 KB, 1300x780, 5:3, 4000.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I know someone is going to say something about free speech, as if the ability to say "Nigger" is the cornerstone of interesting discussion.
No one was going to bring that up zoomer.

Regardless, I point to this post >>297256
It's the prime reason that 4chan or forums in general will never return to their former glory. There's nobody left.


I can tell you were irritated when I compared 4chan to reddit. 4channers get a lot of smugness out of feeling superior to reddit despite nothing backing up this sense of superiority.


File: 1684891915987.jpeg (27.44 KB, 600x315, 40:21, mirror.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

4chan made me realize my problem.

I feel annoyed by how the majority of posts are shitposts and barely anyone knows anything. But that's because there is no barrier to posting and despite the "lurk moar newfag gtfo" culture there is no actual gatekeeping going on shaming people for asking stupid questions. With people wanting instant gratification the site just gets flooded with provocative images and questions that are sure to generate a response without requiring effort. So everyone just posts 1 liners and no thoughtful discussion is going on. Challenge someone and they just dip because it's easier.

It reminded me that anything worthwhile takes effort. You can't just expect an anonymous messageboard to be flooded with constant good posts. You can't expect a lot of information from a few lines of text. 4chan is what I deserve if I want to keep F5-ing in hopes of neverending novelty.

I need to stop whining about how bad imageboards are and pick up some books.


How do you gatekeep a public forum?


Make the environment unpleasant for noobs. I've lurked some public forums and didn't dare to post because the post quality looked so high with everyone making long academic sounding posts even featuring sources that I didn't want to embarrass myself.

If someone posts stupid shit everyone could just not take the bait or tell them to fuck off.


LOL nigger, 4chan is the same as reddit. I didn't say otherwise, seems like you have the false sense of superiority. You even ignorned my main point: There's nobody left.


>LOL nigger, 4chan is the same as reddit.
hi 4chan


people are sketched out by smaller websites these days. also it’s probably better if /r9k/ doesn’t know about this place.


>also it’s probably better if /r9k/ doesn’t know about this place.
I hate to tell you but wizchan has been around for over a decade and people from r9k have been aware of it for just as long. Wizchan also has been a lot more alive a couple years ago and it wasn't as slow and chaotic as it is now.


>also it’s probably better if /r9k/ doesn’t know about this place.
Am I the only actual wizard here? Like why all the LARPing newfags have the memory of a gold fish?


Maybe the real LARPing coping newfags are the friends we made along the way


We're in 2023, most oldfags left and newfag larpers claim they have been here for thousands of years. The most vocal posters on wizchan are newfags as well.


have you seen modern r9k retards? it’s all underage discord normies. none of the people on that board today even know what a wizard is.


You're a funny guy :D
I've only spent ~100 hours on r9k and I've seen wizchan mentioned multiple times


The whole internet is full of zoomers who would be considered 'normies' by the standards of most people who grew up with imageboards. Even wizchan has its fair share of zoomers who can hardly be distinguished from normies and various threads have shown that there's a lot of young people here who have friends and do social stuff irl and they also share normie consumer patterns.

This place here is pretty much an illusion as many others already realized. Rules prohibit certain posts so you will hardly see posts about irl social activities etc. but that doesn't mean the people don't do these things.

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