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There are about 70x as many posts on r9k than there are on Wizchan. Do people on r9k simply not know about Wizchan? Are they too built into the habit of using 4chan to make the switch?
And its not how old a board is, either. 7chan has existed since 2006 (I'm pretty sure), and it's /b/ board has only 815,000 posts, while 4chan's /s4s/ board, which has only existed since 2013, and has amassed 10,000,000 posts.
How has 4chan, the most poorly moderated, poorly designed imageboard (except maybe endchan) held onto that many users?


You think 4 is poorly moderated?


It's the original and biggest so it keeps drawing in new users. Smaller boards don't get any attention so how do these people even find them?

Popular doesn't mean good, it means good enough.


I'm assuming this is a joke? Jannies are supposed to leave the good threads up, and take the bad threads down. On 4chan, they do the opposite.
>Smaller boards don't get any attention so how do these people even find them?
I see them mentioned on 4chan a lot, even though 4chan bans people for mentioning altchans.


Are you seriously comparing /r9k/ with wizchan??? And worse: invinting those crabs here?


>invinting those crabs here?
I haven't invited any robots onto Wizchan.


Because 80% of the time, the only reason people even bother to create a new imageboard variant is to post cunnyshit. 7chan had a literal CP board hidden for years. Even the national imageboards like Kohlchan are infested with pedos. wizchan is sorta the exception in that.

>How has 4chan, the most poorly moderated, poorly designed imageboard (except maybe endchan) held onto that many users?

4chan has excellent moderation.


4chan bans proxies altogether. you either give your identity out or pay with bitcoin for posting. ridiculous.


>4chan has excellent moderation.
Bot or shill


4chan moderation is completely wild. The rules change from board to board and even thread to thread with no way to know them. Say the wrong thing in a mod's pet thread and it's a 3 day ban you can't question. Say nigger on another SFW board and no one cares. It's totally inconsistent.

This is why I don't use altchans any more. Every one invites in pedophiles and actively protects them. Pedos gaslight others into thinking spamming lolicon is how you express free speech on a platform. But they just want to spam lolicon and talk to other pedophiles/convert anons into pedophiles like them. If you tell them to fuck off they spam "this is an anime image board!" and more and more lolicon.

I'm not sure if it's feds running the annoyance play book or actual pedos but it's irrelevant really. Either group I don't want to associate with so I don't.


>Say nigger on another SFW board and no one cares

?? Why should they? It's a word, not a photo of some guy's anus hole


You can be banned for “racism outside of /b/“


Saying Nigger, calling someone a Nigger, or admitting to being a Nigger isn't racism. Celebrating the anguish of any given race IS racism. No website's staff should have to keep up with every word that may have negative connotations against a race, so all words are allowed while the context in which those words are used determines if it should be removed.

t. janny


Well, calling someone nigger can be racist, but yeah.


File: 1671386174795.jpg (1.32 MB, 1919x5664, 1919:5664, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Do people on r9k simply not know about Wizchan?
you really want these fucking dipsticks hanging out here?????????


I hardly if ever post on 4, but the only board that has retarded moderation is /k/ because of the NAFO shills spamming the report button.


>Say nigger on board 1 and nothing happens
>Say nigger on board 2 get a 3 day ban
>Say nigger on board 3 in thread 1 and nothing happens
>Say nigger on board 3 in thread 2 get a 3 day ban
>Say nigger at 3am on board 4 get a 3 day ban
>Say nigger at 2pm on board 4 and nothing happens

Now do you see the issue? Moderation is totally random and with no oversight at all. There's no way to argue against a ban because it's always upheld and there's no way to discuss the rules because the QnA board is locked from posting and any discussion outside of it is a ban offense.

4chan's moderation is literally worse than Reddit. At least on Reddit you can see who's in charge and what they're doing. On 4chan it's a blackbox of random bans.

Only use for 4chan is using boards for immediate interaction like online trading of pokemon. Everything else is worthless.


I'm more than certain 4chan is half bots to give the illusion that there are more users than there actually are. /r9k/ has over 100 threads with less than 10-15 posts each and yet more threads are continually being posted. Nobody seems to talk to each other like they used to except on the handful of boards that still have an active userbase.


/lit/ literally had a text bot spamming replies last I checked


For the love of God keep the robots on their retard containment board, thank


4chan doesn't block all VPNs
For a while it didn't block NordVPN's Vancouver or Hungary servers
They do now, but they don't ban Mysterium VPN, and maybe a few others


I don't understand why 4chan's /b/ board is the way it is now. It's become a porn board and some sort of testing ground for bots or something.

Why did jmoot let one of 4chan's most famous boards lapse into utter garbage? It's always been "shit" but now it's nonsensical crap and porn.


It's really sad. That was probably my all-time favorite forum on any website.


>do people on r9k simply not know about Wizchan
r9k is for zoomers. The idea behind r9k was very good. It turned to shit quite fast, though. Now it is about succubi farming attention, gay/tranny/interracial porn. I wonder why there is no place on the internet for wizards a little bit more popular, though. We are living in the age of wizardly yet everything is just for normies.


that kind of moderation is good. it forces you to lurk and learn the how to behave on each board. if you dont take the time to observe and lurk you will just make dumb and annoying posts anwyay


influx of normal people as more people got online in the second half of 00s > initial nerdy culture got lost
more and more boards keep being created > decrease in randomness
'general threads' or regularly occuring, threads that get remade everytime they go over post limit > decrease in randomness
raiding and doxing became more and more infrequent > guaranteed source of fun was lost, less and less fun offsite coordination and teamwork
smartphones > pictures, social things, chatting, etc became more common
reddit war lost > reddit style content became part of the site

porn was always present i dont think that was ever an issue. but with smartphones porn became more and more about amateur porn, people making their own. youd get people asking who this succubus taking selfies was, as the entire thread. really lame shit that now defines the board


Well yeah, it's not like there was no porn, but now it's pretty much all porn. I loved just being retarded with everyone. Far less humorless faggots whining about their unwarranted opinions.


I remember my old neighbor had a junkie friend in his mid thirties that was going on about le Anonymous and Epic hacking raids, this was in 2015-16, just to give some perspective. This guy was on the glass barbeque hard and frying all his eggs every night. The bewildering shit quality and bizarre posting of those parts of 4chan can be explained by the fact that its userbase consists of cooked cunts. That explains all the porn too, because apparently those junkies will just tug their dicks for two days straight.

I think people underestimate how many junkies are on 4chan.


yeah and my post basically just said all the fun and unique aspects of it are gone now, only lame porn remains. i was a teen and i suspect most others were teens on it, growing up might also actually be a big part of it changing


If/when I own 4chan, I'm going to create /hqb/, the same rules as /bant/ (including no porn dumping), and every high-quality offtopic thread will be moved there, with no ban given.
That's interesting. I've always wondered why 4chan never has a drug board, just a drugfeel thread on r9k. I guess moot didn't want added negative attention to the site.


>growing up might also actually be a big part of it changing

More like what >>296505 said, and what those End of Wizard threads were about: There are no more nerds, there are no more geeks, there are no more otaku, there are no more anoraks, etc.

What you have are copies of copies of copies, people who imitating their *idea* of what 4chan was like from 3rd-hand accounts.


i have mullvad and name a single fucking reason why I should try buying every single vpn out there to drop a shitpost of 4shit?


I said they don't ban mysteriumVPN.


This reminds me of the picture that was often posted in 2014/r9k/ about how a community made by nerds eventually attracts normals and dies.

Sadly, i no longer have the picture. And the mods forbid image posting with VPN anyway.


what the fuck is it? i open their shitsite and it's javascipt mobile design fucking retarded crap, then i go to vpn comparison table and it is not even there, then
>download NOW
ok ok, be patient, me.

scroll, scroll, hate, scroll, where do i fucking sign up?
>self reviews
fucking retards.
back to signing up, how to do it? i can't sign up without downloading their shitapp, fucking idiots. at least it's open source. not even going to bother further.
>discord, youtube, twitter, facebook
yeah so trustworthy, stupid fags.
also, let's see their policy:
>We will not collect any information or store any logs about your browsing activity, queries, data destinations, IP addresses or timestamps. We are based in a jurisdiction (Panama) which laws do not require us to retain any of such data. We may collect some your personal information, such as your email address and payment information. We only collect information that are necessary for the proper delivery of the Services.
>For the information how we process your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy.
i click the link they say to click and see
>‍We may also collect information on how the Service is accessed and used (“Usage Data”). Usage Data may include information such as your computer’s Internet Protocol address (e.g. IP address), browser type, browser version, the pages of our Service that you visit, time and date of your visit, time spent on those pages, unique device identifiers and other diagnostic data.
so go fuck yourself with your bullshit retarded fucking mysteriumSUCKPN


I think I know what image you're talking about but I've always found it somewhat inaccurate.

But we're beyond that point, 4chan (and geekdom at large) will never recuperate because there's no one to replace them. I have absolutely no idea what the outcasts of Gen Z do or where they reside but they probably aren't geeks or nerds.


File: 1671587556266.png (43.63 KB, 507x205, 507:205, wiz4.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm sorry you don't like it


Even 4chan's /pol/ board seems to be losing steam. It's like everything is being funnelled through a handful of social media sites.


dude it's not about like or diskile, they are treacherous liar dataminers, you should not use their services for the sake of yourself.


Most anons on /pol/ don't read any posts in a thread before typing up an unimaginative response. The humour threads are the only reason I visit /pol/.
What data of mine do they mine?


>What data of mine do they mine?
the "other diagnostic data" + IP and your activity, your unique identifier. That's not about privacy. Mullvad explicitly state what they collect and what they don't collect, with a huge page dedicated to it and easily found on main page, while these retard just go off with some vague phrases. So with mullvad I'm sure nothing sensitive is ever stored, with misterium I've no clue at all


ps it's their *website* policy i fucked up a bit

anyway, they don't allow to sign up from web, they don't allow to get configs for openvpn or wireguard and enforce their app on me, their main page contains no useful information at all, their privacy policy is hidden at the bottom as 8pt text and is unclear and shallow, they use a whole ton of cookies and trackers which are objectively spyware and violate everything that is inherent to privacy, they don't provide a way to see how many servers they have and where they are located, instead they give a non intuitive bullshit site with zero explanations on how i should make any sense of that. looks like a scum no matter how i look.


Wow, thank you for writing up all of this. Is there any residential VPN that doesn't steal all of your information?


no way to tell and you should assume that they are stealing your information because information is valuable


i am using mullvad vpn.
apprently, it's privacy friendly but i am no expert on the topic.


A better privacy oriented solution is roll your own with a VPS and a
Wireguard or similar.


care to share any documentation on how to set this up ?


i use mullvad. you would be hard pressed to find a vpn service more focused on respecting the rights and privacy of the user while also offering an incredibly efficient and capable service. they offer proof that they respect your privacy. they have audits of their privacy practices and not just audits of their security systems, as well as having opensource apps. the big companies like expressvpn use closed source software and only audit their security practices without auditing their privacy practices. the only other vpn i respect is ivpn, which is comparable to mullvad.

this is a less reasonable solution for most people though, since it takes expertise to do, whereas using vpn is accessible to anyone.

i'd also like to know this myself actually so, >>296571 if you know about any guides to do this, that would be pretty cool.


Then you only have one static IP and it gets mapped to you across all the dozens of sites you use. The VPS provider is probably even less trustworthy than your ISP, too. So there is not much point as a daily browsing solution. The point of a VPN provider is that other people are using the same IP addresses and that you can easily switch it and change it often


There's other reasons for using a vpn. I think the biggest is to simply bypass geo ip locked content, to watch stuff from other countries on netflix and so on.


Nonsense, my VPS makes changing IP easy, most do



And the idea that having other people colocated with your IP makes you safer is also nonsense


4chan is consistently a pretty shit site. I have tried to find something good on the site numerous times, and I can't find it.


Normalfags/breedgroids/tradcucks took over /pol


You coulda just said christcucks.


4chan still has a few nice boards. The main problem for me is being ranged banned by /v/ mods continually. It's supposed to be for a few boards, but instead I always get banned from all boards. I really like boards with very specific and niche topics, such as the wallpaper boards or /i/. Those boards are always to the point, and have higher quality posts. I can also stand slow boards, you just have to ignore the low quality normalfag posts. Many of 4chan's slower boards are better than similar boards on other imageboards. Also, 4chan is by no means even close to being the worst designed. Sure 4chan lacks multiple image posting, and limits file size to 4mb, but it's overall functionality is better than 2/3s of imageboards that I've used


A lot of
>the problem with 4chan is that I didn't follow its rules
in this thread.
Wizchan isn't a refuge, if you're banned from 4channel go to the 8chan spinoff


Well serious question, and I'm not saying I'm necessarily going to do this, but say I was thinking of founding a new imageboard and making it the best imageboard with the most meaningful, functional communication and so on possible, with minimal trolling and shitposting, while keeping it also as actively and lively as possible… how many here would contribute in any way? Would any of you even put in a single dollar?

I think this is a major problem…laziness and entitlement of those who expect high quality forums but expect it to be be freely available to them, and the site culture pre-existing for them etc.

But tell me if I'm wrong.


>But tell me if I'm wrong.

You're wrong. Either you're a zoomer or you're incredibly optimistic. Look at SA, 4chan or any of the altchans.


>say I was thinking of founding a new imageboard and making it the best imageboard with the most meaningful, functional communication and so on possible
>with minimal trolling and shitposting
Like you're completely missing the point. Periodic shitposting and being able to let loose with some edgy shit every now and then is by now chans entire point of existing since it is banned in every other medium.


If 4chan implemented a 4chan version of reddit on the side, the website would explode.

Like, it would probably overtake reddit at that point because Reddit is highly censored and people are sick of it.


It's terrible. It varies a bit from board to board though. Some are better than others. The moderation on this site is immaculate. All websites should be moderated by neets.

Frankly I'm glad those cretins stay over there. The userbase are people who are seriously fucked in the head and coping poorly. Sure there are some people like that here too but overall people here are more rational and less caught up in weak copes.


Our /b/ ? Nothing's surprising the only shock is that this shitheap is still alive


I was wondering where my post went but whatever.


wizchan is highly censored


Having written posting guidelines isn't "censorship"


It's literally banned just to criticise the site in general unless you use a residential IP that admins can track. That's the most authoritarian censorship shit imaginable. Even this comment will probably be removed


>It's literally banned just to criticise the site in general
But there's a whole board for that…


Cant use it with VPN or proxy. And it was removed from /all/ so nobody ever looks at it. It completely suppressing all discussion of the site itself that mods dont like


>Cant use it with VPN or proxy
Just don't be a normalfag who used one of the cheap ones that is listed in public proxy databses
>nobody ever looks at it
It has many posts though
>It completely suppressing all discussion of the site itself that mods dont like
You're saying having a board where we can call mods faggots is somehow a suppression of our right to call mods faggots?


>You're saying having a board where we can call mods faggots is somehow a suppression of our right to call mods faggots?
It's about the implementation. Moving all critical comments (even very mild ones in my experience) to a separate board, which has completely unnecessary restrictions and requires paying money for obscure VPNs… is completely inappropriate and ridiculous. Discussions about the site will always regularly occur naturally within other threads. Mods literally use it as a troll by deleting innocuous comments that criticise them at all

>Just don't be a normalfag who used one of the cheap ones that is listed in public proxy databses

Bigger VPNs have better anonymity sets


>It has many posts though
takes one second to see that this is a blatant lie


Have you not thought that maybe /meta/ exists and threads are moved there so that users may have their own threads about a subject they wish to discuss without a risk of it being derailed by complaints about the mods? Like what you're doing to OP's 4chan thread?
>63k posts is 0 posts
Maybe your threads about the admin's Bad Dragon collection are just so boring that nobody cares to entertain your sexual conspiracies.

Every imageboard that isn't a shitpost ocean is going to remove posts which are off-topic and derail a thread. Not every imageboard has a dedicated place for users to post those kind of things though. The previous admins who made /meta/ a staple of Wizchan did you and all of the other whiny "free speech on your private site NOW" radicals a favor. Take it, or leave.


mods move threads to meta to kill them and just mock users who post while doing fuckall.




t. discorder who sucks andrews dick
I'm writing a report to the authorities since Andrew is a castrated pedophile.


they really don't do shit and the only time i ever saw site staff reply to a thread was when the admin replied in that one pol board suggestion thread this week. they might be playing a game on us since we are used to this site and maybe we are nothing but a lolcow freakshow to them. wizchan is shit now anyway and the only reason were still here is because we are like retards who have nowhere else to go and we are used to being here but. if were honest the site is really low quality most of the time and just a display of mental illness


>lolcow freakshow

I don't understand why though. This place has such low traffic that they're wasting their own time.

>Like what you're doing to OP's 4chan thread?
People were comparing the mods of 4chan and wizchan and those posts got deleted.


There are no decent imageboards anymore, yet wizchan is still the lest shit one.


>Have you not thought that maybe /meta/ exists and threads are moved there so that users may have their own threads about a subject they wish to discuss without a risk of it being derailed by complaints about the mods? Like what you're doing to OP's 4chan thread?
I literally CANT post in /meta/ because of the IP address requirements, so this is what you get


File: 1671936835354.jpg (233.09 KB, 920x920, 1:1, eeer.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I literally CANT
No, you can. Then while in this state of can, you purposely open up a special paid software and browser that makes it so you can't. Whatever foolish thing you believe about web 3.0 and the NSA using FBI drones to read your e621 browsing history is no skin off anyone's backs. This site is a normal one like any other; it's YOU who makes the decision to not make the posting requirements. It's paranoids like you who insist on having a unique IP that have flushed the quality of boards like 4chan down the tubes.

You are like a fat mobility scooter American demanding the doors in the European town he's vacationing in be widened to accommodate his huge juicy ass. This site is normal. 4chan is normal. You decide to be abnormal. Fatass.



You do understand wizchan may be considered a crab site subject to monitoring right? Or that it could be? Or that years down the road from now the ip/post history on here might be considered a problem?


When I buy 4chan I'll do that, and I'll call the site Green.it


4chan is a fed honeypot. Attracts retarded zommer normies and is just as botted and astroturfed as reddit is.


>retarded fed zoomer normies astroturfed reddit honeypot
You are a bot.


Sorry to offend your beloved cuckchan.


That proves that you are either 19 or being satirical.
There are a million reasons to hate on 4Chan and Reddit but when you use language that is only popular on either one, it speaks volumes of your two-facedness and lack of self-awareness.


>it speaks volumes
anyone who uses this term unironically belongs on Reddit or FaceBook, not an imagebaord


That phrase has no connections or implications of the sort. Holy cannoli you are grasping at straws. Would you have preferred I said "This says a lot about" or "This cements the fact that" or another phrase implicating that you're an outsider who's only here because he got banned from 4chan for calling people JewTrannyCuckNiggers in /3/ after forgetting to switch boards on his iPhone's mobile UI?


>angry at using common phrases


Go back and never return, retard.


Used at reddit and facebook.


Any words used to prove that you're an idiot are not automatically "Redditbook-exclusive phrases". You are on mental illness levels of argumentive logic now.


File: 1672193590687.png (399.39 KB, 760x540, 38:27, R-11.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Any words used to prove that you're an idiot are not automatically "Redditbook-exclusive phrases".


Because 4chan is still the only place where you can be edgy and vent off your frustrations without having to worry about getting banned. I discovered 4chan in 2006 and It has always been a shithole, but at least back in the day you would find genuinely interesting threads from time to time. Now it's just /pol/fags spamming "nigger" like retards and Qanon boomers arguing with bots.


This, it's a containment board for edgy conservative kids/mildly retarded young adults nowadays, which blows.


It's a politically incorrect speakeasy.


>r9k is for zoomers
I feel like the entire site is for zoomers now. It's not worth getting upset about because it was bound to happen but i can't even find their brand of low effort shit posting fun. It's just catty twitter-tier responses to everything.


>I discovered 4chan in 2006 and It has always been a shithole
/b/ has "always" been shit. The blue hobby boards were real good before the whole place went downhill.

And even /b/ was interesting enough to have "happenings" and decent threads.


What did you think would happen? A whole generation would grow up and just abstain from the internet? If anything it’s our fault for not moving on.

The only thing I can say for certain is that I used to be able to find threads and discussions that interest me far easier even just six years ago compared to now. But now people post about anime I haven’t seen, games I don’t play, shows I don’t watch, and memes I don’t find funny so it’s really no surprise. I think we all just grew up. The kids of today will have nostalgia for their trannyjaks and Fortnite in ten years and by then the new generation will be infesting 4-tok and spreading their own cancerous memes they think are hilarious and we will find lame and stupid.


How does anyone not realize pol is a massive honeypot and chanspeak is an entrapment tool


Everyone claims everything is a honeypot. What purpose does /pol/ serve the gov? How do they use chanspeak to entrap?


Do you really think /k/ routinely hosts information on how to make improvised "items" and /pol/ is a hotbed of infamously controlledop neonnotses just out of chance? Do you know how many shills run the front page traffic on those fucking boards?


There is actual evidence intelligence agencies lurk /pol/ and post too. What they gain is easy targets.


>Do you really think /pol/ is a hotbed of infamously controlledop neonnotses just out of chance?
No, its a free speech politics discussion site filled with high intelligence people: ofcourse they are going to eventually come to a pro-Hitler anti-nigger anti-jew consensus.
I know that the CIA, MOSSAD, and JIDF all post on /pol/, calling people shills and creating dissent. But I still believe /pol/ is run by that Jap who bought 4chan from moot. If the government had control of it, they would probably just shut it down.


on this topic antisemitism is likely spread by intel agencies to create haete crimes needed to justify an increased budget and police state. Israel in particular loves promoting it because it raises support for AIPAC etc. Roger Scruton has talked about this


The government doesn't control it nor does it need to. They can send gag orders to keep anything they don't like mostly off the board, and the rest the users will do for them.


>da consensus came naturally
reports on RWE concluded that you can't effectively destroy these kinds of spaces since they'll just go somewhere else, so the investment is in controlling the opposition. I think most traffic is legit but the name players are 100% comped if they do anything politically relevant. If you don't think the glowers actively cultivate these spaces constantly you're just being dumb


>They can send gag orders to keep anything they don't like mostly off the board
So they like infographs that show who runs the government and major corporations?
They like cutting humour that recruits more people against the government?
>If you don't think the glowers actively cultivate these spaces constantly you're just being dumb
I still don't understand why they would want to do such a thing, so I guess I'm just dumb


Because it keeps it right where they can see it. Anyone can go on 4chan. They can see just like anyone what “facts” have been leaked, what arguments and statistics are posted, what the narrative is about whatever. Once they know it they can nudge it, spin it, fabricate evidence, whatever they want. Those Infographs that “expose” the government don’t hurt them, at all. They know /pol/ can’t organize, they know 90% of people will discredit everything on that board by virtue of being on 4chan. /pol/ poses no threat to the government, but the government poses a threat to /pol/.


I'm inclined to think pol fell off in influence after it fell under scrutiny because of 2016. Like all right wing political social media spaces a containment strategy was hatched to keep it docile


It might be a good time to mention that solid evidence proves the Russian government uses the website as a platform to distribute propaganda. They have a vested interest in seeing the site thrive because it is the perfect format to radicalize stupid people.


Here's the thing, if it was a generational thing where you don't understand anything because it's "the new thing", fine it is what it is.

The problem is a lack of quality, there's less long-form posting, there's less staying on topic, there's hundreds of threads being constantly created with no posts, bot posting, shilling, etc

Most of the new "memes" are the same shit over and over, just adapted to fit increasingly shorter attentions spans.

>The immediate temptation here is to fit what I’m

>saying into a wearily familiar narrative: it is a matter of the old failing to
>come to terms with the new, saying it was better in their day. Yet it is
>just this picture - with its assumption that the young are automatically
>at the leading edge of cultural change - that is now out of date.

>Rather than the old recoiling from the ‘new’ in fear and

>incomprehension, those whose expectations were formed in an earlier
>era are more likely to be startled by the sheer persistence of recognisable

Everything feels, sounds and looks the same but worse.


>I'm inclined to think pol fell off in influence after it fell under scrutiny because of 2016.
Kekistan was the last great thing to come out of /pol/, and that was in 2017.
>radicalize stupid people
>stupid people
Stupidity is relative, anon. The ratio of highly intelligent and highly creative people to normal or stupid people is highest on /pol/ out of any discussion site with over ~10,000 users.


That idiot is repeating lib talking points. The kind of fucktard that thinks Trump got elected because of internet memes.


>That idiot whome?


The moron who said there's "solid" evidence that russia uses /pol/ to "radicalize" people.


he does it just to get a rise, very little of it is legitimate besides the meme soycialism he listens to (hassan piker and cumtown, here's your npc education br0).

Also I crawl pol 4plebs erryday and regularly come across scientists, doctors, dentists, lawyers and other high-status working professionals posting. This does not happen on the other boards. Pol is unironically very very smart but you can only find it once you sift through the slide traffic


Woah, woah, woah, I didn't say /pol/ was intelligent. I said that poster was a fucking libtard.


Man, you must be a literal faggot.


your reading comprehension is that bad? Are you speedskimming posts?


Can you fags stop arguing like you're in /pol/?

Can we get back to the slow death of imageboards?


ntayrt but are you seriously reading, re-reading and deliberating over anon ib posts? I thought we all skimmed here?


>I thought we all skimmed here?
I genuinely hate skimmers so much.
They should be banned from imageboards.
Its understandable to not want to read entire threads, but atleast learn how to use response chains.


I've talked to a few people online who use 4chan, and they were all normies. Very eye-opening experience.


I always get banned from 4chan for nothing fuck this imageboard


>just pay a monthly subscription to freely shitpost instead of abiding by the rules


I'm not able to do this for some reasons despite using PIA. People were saying Nordvpn is good for 4chan? Don't really want to have to resort to phoneposting

if you don't use a vpn in 2023 you're not ready for posting privileges


Yes, comrade, trusting big brother and the NSA with my futanari forum traffic is so NOT current year! Fight the system!! Buy CapitalismVPN!


What are you even on about? No one is making YOU care about YOUR rights to privacy, retard and its affordable if you do. Might even learn something about tech


leftyfag exposed as a clueless tool on privacy rights once again. What happens if you ever do anything politically significant in public? They profile you on every site you've accessed and often the individual posts. But of course this doesn't happen, not like every leftyfag movement in history has had this literally happen to them but bluepill currentyear fags think the fbi is their best friend for life ever


>People were saying Nordvpn
I mentioned it already ITT, but Nordvpn used to work if you used Alberta or Hungary servers, but not anymore
A "Residential VPN" are apparently the only ones that work. I use MysteriumVPN, which is a residential VPN and it words fine to let me post on 4chan.
Ignore him, he's just dedicated to decreasing the quality of this site, and attempting to push propaganda to a group who are heavily propaganda resistant.


nordvpn sponsored some extremely risky podcasts and I basically think they're a honey'd pot at this point because of it. Does mysterium have tons of IP's or am I going to run out if I ban evade like a motherfucker?


>a group who are heavily propaganda resistant


File: 1672872719680.jpg (74.64 KB, 750x728, 375:364, 1511900967103.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

And what propoganda is being pushed when someone says "Ban systems being rendered ineffective are a contribution to the decline of quality on forums. It allows rule-breakers to repeat their offenses."? Because that's a fact, and it's why large boards are so awful these days.

>Privacy! It's my right!

In your own home, but when you go in to the digital town squares through the services and landlines owned by the government, then the government has every right to make sure you're not putting child porn or drug sales in the light for everyone to see. No website small or large deserves to let ban-dodging nonces tear the community down. All VPN IPs should be listed and every website wityh any self-respect should ban them from being posted through.

Like anon above implied, you VPN-backers are the most susceptible to propaganda and advertising out of everyone. You're actually scared of some non-existent threat to your security so much that you're paying to have your traffic routed through a - what is it? - a federally monitored hub that actively decrypts and scans everything sent through it. VPNs are the real honeypots, and you gave them your credit card info and residential address to attach all of your traffic to. Retard alert!



Oooh tough luck pal, [-]'s are stored in a cookie, which you don't save. See you back on the next page load.


>and it's why large boards are so awful these days.

I mean, they're awful because the type of people that used to populate practically don't exist anymore.


I don't know how to do it


I posted a link earlier


There's a dilemma when it comes to owning a forum or imageboard. If yoi invite more people / keep registration open, and you risk losing the quality of the board. If you remove newcomers or close registration, you limit the amount of people on the website. I only started using 4chan (or any discussion website) a few years ago, but I think they should have closed it to outsiders in 2008.


>closed it to outsiders in 2008
That's how Luelinks stopped being relevant.


That depends on what kind of forum (if they still exist in the way they used to) you're talking about but like you said that moment has passed.

The problem is that there no more anons of the old kind to replace the ones that have left. Not only is there fewer anons there, they're also cut from a different cloth.


4chan is a shitty forum with a shitty capchat that can't be solved. Besides r9k is full of sick fetishists, sodomites, transsexuals, and a lot of shit like that. It's not to judge anyone, but they make a really unpleasant post, and in very bad taste. Adv is a more "healthy" board, but it has shit like "how do I get a girlfriend ;_;", or things like that that clutter the place.


>Equaling cunnyposts with pedophilia
Spotted the /pol/tard


>"Waaaaah! Anime drawings are CP!"
Go back to /pol/, retard


File: 1673067700761.jpg (34.26 KB, 500x500, 1:1, cb560a2937daca372754d3ed8f….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nobody on /pol/ believes drawings are CP, and those who claim to are quickly called out for being Jewish. If any /pol/ users have a gripe with child exploitation, there are entire booming industries taking advantage of real children that the users can talk about, so even those who think shota may be CP aren't going to waste their time with that belief when there's a war being waged against real children. But go ahead and keep calling everyone who disagrees with you "poltard".


regulars from wiz browse r9k. I know this for a fact




Yeah, I mean, most people on this site still use 4chan and even some of us use Reddit.
There are some idiots & normies on /pol/ that definitely believe that. /pol/ Users are far smarter than the average person, and less likely to believe that kind of thing.



got banned one month on 4chan for "pedo bullshit"m (their words), Im seething hard, 4chan is becoming pozzed, especially the blue boards


>4chan is becoming pozzed
4chan literally has /lgbt/ as a board


hmmmm yeah, you're right, it was pozzed since the beggining


Considering what you do here I have zero sympathy, You're probably the faggot who was uploading animay seggs pics to /his/


no Im not,I come here when I get banned on 4channel.pozzed


Every other imageboard I tried was dead, it's really the only one, but even this is a problem in itself, because the site worth shit now


r9k/ is great because it's all thinly veiled fetish threads.


Mysterium is a bitcoin miner


File: 1673658248066.webm (3.65 MB, 568x320, 71:40, Collateral - Nobody notic….webm) ImgOps iqdb

It's unreal how much of 4chan feels automated. Nobody seems to talk to each other, they just post. There's only a handful threads across entire boards that are genuine conversations being held.


I find the general trends of the website and how they change interesting. 4chan becoming militantly 'normie' now is kind of funny considering the 2010's was everyone pretending they weren't a 'disgusting normie'. Can't tell if the userbase changed or people just go along with everyone else.


best be joking newfag


>militantly 'normie'
Quite an apt description.

>Can't tell if the userbase changed

The userbase has changed and seems to have only surface-level memories gleaned from other sources. So you get this bizarre "recollection" that everything in 4chan was "ironic":
>everyone was pretending to be an outcast loser


Part of it might just be increased awareness. I mean i used to think most posters on wizchan were actually virgins. Pre-2009 my high school was full of normals who used 4chan, the time of it being for outcasts must have been short if it ever existed at all


>Pre-2009 my high school was full of normals who used 4chan,
That's some weird ass school you went to, I was literally the only person who knew about internet stuff along the lines of Maddox, SA, PoE, newgrounds, 4chan, internet drama, etc literally in 2015 I had co-workers talking about 4chan as if it was a secret hacker site.

>the time of it being for outcasts must have been short if it ever existed at all

4chan never having archives and users being anon means the past can be rewritten at will, but at SA I know a lot of the users were losers/nerds/outcasts because of post history.


I had the same experience as that wiz, all the nerdy kids in my highschool used 4chan, I'd overhear them talking about it all the time, people think it's a secret club but it's been mainstream for a really long time and was/is largely populated with children pretending to be adults


>lucky fags
I had the lone nerd experience like the other wizard. I guess on the "bright" side I got my ass kicked for being the odd one out as opposed to being a nerd at school.


Why do you guys say that? What do you even want from a discussion site?
>Nobody seems to talk to each other, they just post.
I agree; there should be atleast a five minute cooldown on posts.


I had this as well. It wasn't the nerdy kids at my school, it was the druggies and low functioning computer addicts that would use it. All the kids that started failing school basically.


I agree. The 'normie' boards there have somewhat healthier people.

r9k and some of the more niche boards are full of the most mentally ill people on the planet.

As in the kind who will probably knife someone or shoot up a mall.
They also do things nobody would do on wizchan like posting selfies of their fat selves with their bright dyed hair


>They also do things nobody would do on wizchan


>As in the kind who will probably knife someone or shoot up a mall.
Is this version of /r9k/ in your head? /r9k/ is a relatively normalfag board even compared to the blue boards.

>nobody would do on wizchan

wizchan is "good" because everything else is dead or broken. wizchan isn't actually good.


Ur right wizchan only really seems good because the alternatives are shit but in all actuality wizchan also begins to suck ass, especially last year it got obvious how the low user count makes this site prone to getting overwhelmed by retarded faggots.


4chan is not poorly moderated at all, it has never been poorly moderated and its even more professional now even though it lost its soul a long time ago. You can't even post with a VPN unless you have a subscription, the 4chan gold account meme literally became reality.

Even though there's still a lot of edgy things on there and fringe stuff it is a rather normal website at this point, the only thing that still stands out is the /pol/ board because the rest of the internet censors the topics discussed on there to shit but other than that there's really nothing on 4chan that you wouldn't find anywhere else, even the degenracy is something you find anywhere on the internet now because normies are fucking retarded.


Moefags can never have enough hugboxes


>Nobody seems to talk to each other like they used to
It's discord. If you're 18 right now you had just entered puberty when it became popular. An increasing amount of 4chan users have had their internet education happen on discord and they can't grow out of the vacuous posting style they picked up there.


4chan is the one that gets the most attention from mainstream media, this inevitably attracts normalfags, which means more users and less quality content.


>even the degeneracy is something you find anywhere on the internet now because normies are fucking retarded.
As a porn addict I should be happy that there's so much porn available and so many niches fulfilled. But instead it disturbs me for reasons I can't quite grasp.


>You can't even post with a VPN unless you have a subscription
If you have MysteriumVPN you can post without a pass
That makes sense. I had my "internet education" on YouTube and 4chan.


No one likes posting on dead boards.
There's a positive feedback loop in an active board where you can browse it constantly because there's no content being constantly posted, which leads to people making more posts which leads to more content which leads to more browsing.
Meanwhile on slower chans and boards you can go through the whole thing in an hour, and then you leave and maybe check back in in a week. Less content, less posts, less reason to browse. Negative feedback loop.


To me, slow small boards are far better than NPC dumpsters


On wizchan you can go through everything in 10 minutes and then come back a day later and it's almost the same shit.


s/On wizchan/In life/


>The userbase are people who are seriously fucked in the head and coping poorly. Sure there are some people like that here too but overall people here are more rational and less caught up in weak copes.

Wizarchan is recommended for people that are too fucked up for 4chan (r9k). For extreme crabs and virgins. That is what they say on 4chan (r9k), at least that is how I came here with a guy posting something like that.


That's literally every board on 4chan, too. Seldom do you find something new and worthwhile. At this point, the odds are that you will find such a thing much faster on slow bulletins.


>How has 4chan, the most poorly moderated, poorly designed imageboard (except maybe endchan) held onto that many users?
I think 4chan's popularity comes BECAUSE it's poorly moderated and poorly designed. You go there because you're sick of all the moderation everywhere else.


>except maybe endchan
Hilarious, that site blows virile black men.
>I think 4chan's popularity comes BECAUSE it's poorly moderated and poorly designed
Just wrong, at least now. It always attracted outsiders with ez bait. It's essentially a boogeyman now. Very, very, VERY sadly, it will probably still attract normalniggers.


4chan is full of normie faggots, I remember when people would get raided the fuck out off them if they talked too much about /b/ outside of 4chan and over the last years we had all kinds of youtubers exploiting it without any consequences, even showing whole threads which would have been a big problem back in the days.

I remember a time when /b/ was able to shut down 9gag temporarily for exploiting the memes and when the whole board would organize raids against all these normie fags wjo tried to exploit the culture. The real 4chan experience ended rapidly after 2012 when the whole normie horde fucked the internet up completely. It's just an edgy place for normies now and porn addicts, like anything else on the internet. If we get the full internet censorship treatment it will still get shut down completely at some point.


I knew at least one person offline who posts frequently on pol, and he was one of the most annoying humans I've met, always the loudest and rudest one in the room


>Seldom do you find something new and worthwhile.
What do you want from a discussion site?
Its a site for discussion, and discussion is always discussion.


you are damm right


I don't expect anything better. I expect the same poor discussion and same poor moderation, but if you follow the conversation then you might understand my point.


Entrapment happens in extreme cases, but most of the harm they do is in poisoning the well of ideas. 4chan isn't just a simple imageboard anymore: it's mass media. If you can find enough eyes in one place, you can bet it's going to be an attractive target for government and big business and who knows what else to do whatever they want with your head.


Pol is full of tradcucks/people with families


I think that’s good. Kicking the habit of online socialisation or spending all day reading others words is probably beneficial.


The local country general thread is filled to the brim with people aged 40-55 who run small businesses and have a wife and kids. That's like the average poster there.


yes and?


Part 2 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xc-PAFXIQmM

Part 3 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rku-sWI0i_o

Theres this scene from the Inuyashiki manga/anime, where a character that was being bullied by 2chan starts to kill the sites users through the display.

I wish this would happen to all 4chan users.


It's so fucking bizarre that 4chan is SO tranny friendly and yet incredibly racist and misogynistic.


it makes sense when you understand trooning out is the result of porn addiction and escalation. they still keep their beliefs.


Trap porn was on 4chan from the start, linetrap got spammed a lot later. Traps were such a part of 4chan culture people started writing blog posts asking if trans people being accepted on 4chan, but in a largely sexual context, was beneficial as one of the few places they were accepted or negative. Different vibes, it was funny when traps would show their dick at the end of the thread - not anger.
4chan was never meant to be serious, modern “real world” style political hate has to compete with the other boards that hold an older culture.


What do you mean by friendly? Cause you can’t go two posts without some YWNBAW spam. They’re just self hating, like all those homos on /pol/ that quote STD rates while they hook up on grinder.


I always thought those traps threads are more like ironic troll threads.


>joke posts
They were, like there were threads with shemale pictures with the bottoms cut-off and trick you into jerking to them. The "Everyone is gay for Bridget" was also a joke since he's literally drawn like a succubus. Futa was as "gay" as it got before you got to yaoi.

>rewriting history
They were nothing more than porn niches and curiosities, they occupied their space and didn't overflow into everything like they did since like 2013/4, where people started actively promoting that shit. A bunch of anons tranny porn careers were launched around that time.

One hand, I have a lot more high quality trap porn both real and drawn because of this. Trap doujin (or however you spell it) was pretty fucking rare in the 00s and most of the tranny porn was brazilian shemales or thai ladyboys. Now I have trap hentai galore and trap AND shemale porn being made by porn-addicted coomers who make so much niche porn.

One the other hand, they're literally taking dudes with low-self esteem and twisting it for their own degenerate ends.


/r9k/ is in a dire state.



Its "tranny friendly" because 4chan is full of porn and the tranny stuff is just part of that and its not about some gay-rights type stuff. Most coomers who fap to blown out whores because they are horny wouldn't want to marry one or defend these sluts either (which would be described as "misogyny") and its the same thing with guys who got memed into liking trannys with all the 4chan trap stuff. Most of these guys are not even gay but just massive coomers who go over the edge with their porn addiction as >>298323 already suggested, even the trannys themselves often directly capitalize on this straight coomer relationship. If they would detox their brains from porn then they wouldn't even wanna fap to trannys anymore and get a hardon from just looking at a succubi tits or some dumb bitch in yoga pants. They are fapping to this stuff because they are addicted to porn and not because they have LGBT rainbow feminist beliefs.

4chan is a big reason why a lot of straight millennial imageboard autists got into this weird relationship with tranny porn in the first place. For young people its just so common to be addicted to porn now that the whole internet is full of tranny and femboy stuff but now its also often linked to rainbow progressive faggotry and not just being a horny retard.


It is not. I'm friendly to trannies but racist / misogynistic, and I think it would be cool if 4chan users were too.


Because it's popular and boards like wizchn move very slowly and there's also discord these days


i like kohlchan. it feels like home to me.


The major thing is r9k is for people who wanna get a gf which is more common, wizchan is for people who will never get a gf, don't want a gf or at least don't admit to wanting one, which is a rarer group, and 4chan is already pretty established and has tons of boards, there isn't much different or new about wizchan besides maybe some small things. We're just niche. Also its not like we're advertised or anything, I think we were biggest back in the gamergate thing when we got mentioned to normies


yeah wizchan had twice as much traffic during gamergate. just realized that that was close to a decade ago and it hurt a bit for second.


4chan is a normie hangout now. It is the entrance to the internet for edgelords, kinda like how newgrounds was back in the early 2000s but without any of the creativity.


I remember like 14 years ago when 4chan's /b/ board would take shit serious and get on peoples asses outside of 4chan for breaking rule 1&2 (don't talk about /b/) and now we have all kinds of youtuber faggots who show whole threads to millions of people.

I had some of the best times of my life on the 4chan /b/ board back then, so many good threads and crazy shit that happened, sometimes I stayed up whole nights because so much stuff went down all the time.

One of the first times the change of the internet started showing was when 9gag started to steal content around 2012/13 and even though we managed to shut the site down for some time it was still obvious that /b/tards couldn't fight the normie hordes, then the whole internet world just changed rapidly as a whole and 4chan became another normie cesspool. /b/ is such a piece of shit now, the good times are gone forever.

This made me a bit nostalgic and sad tbh, so many good times were had, I was on 4chan all the time and if i wasnt there i was on some shitty secret facebook groups that we organized or tinychat with other retards from /b/ lolol, just remembered some of their faces and wonder where they are now.

I weep, i weep for the old internet that we will never experience again.


I found out about wizchan from 4chan, and 4chan from "Whang!", a YouTuber who makes videos about the internet and its past happenings.


File: 1676833564502.jpg (7.76 KB, 86x255, 86:255, 1671386174795.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Filled with high intelligence people
Go to 4chan right now and rethink that


nice microfiche slide


I can't read, what is this?


It's the vastness of the intelligence required to criticize 4chan, obviously.



idk someone copied and pasted the thumbnail of it



The media would have you believe that "crab culture" is a massive phenomenon. This site has 300 regulars, which totally goes against that faulty notion.


Feels good to be completely done with 4shit.


I feel like a lot of wizards in this thread are kinda misusing the normalfaggot label, the are multiple "levels" of normalfaggotry and its not just as simple as saying "theyre all normalfaggots"

However 4chan has become absolute fucking dogshit filled by zoomers and braindead people since 2015( i think). I only use /a/ out of habit and speed, but nowadays its just FOTM and shounen garbage


One person's label1 is another's label2.
Having been a regular on 4 since 2006 on one board or another, I find that the age discrepancy between you and that of the average thread initiater and poster is the greatest reason for leaving either a board or the site. b will always have 12–14-year-olds, they'll mature, go to tv, a, co; then again, and find the hobby boards, then again, and leave.

Other than hob, I have little in common with people here. Sharing a culture (being of the same 'generation', however defined) or a 'community' allows for some overlap.

The less explicit reasons to be a poster or an OP, the less time you'll expend on that board or imageboard. Simple as. There's also the past 10–15 years' usage over time graphs (which you can conjure from anecdote alone) of smartphone ownership, smartphone usage, smartphone-over-computer usage; assume an internet connection with both.


I kinda get what you mean, but still it feels weird saying is "normal" when things like facebook exist (maybe just nostalgia speaking)

Older generations being pushed out is something that I can relate to. Despite that it feels like the general population of imageboards is declining even on 4

>less reasons to be a poster, less time

For me it used to be the opposite, because I'd have an extreme anxiety to post


Since the Cambridge Analytica incident and the fallout therefrom in late 2010s, Facebook has seen major decline in both registration and usage from existing accounts. But for some reason, people currently aged ~40–65 who had upgraded their phones, got to using social media, be it back-water regional or single country only ones like, failing ones, or what was most popular 15 years ago: facebook, appleshit like facetime.

Another statistic relevant to the conversation: back in the 90s and early 00s, there were a lost more websites registered. And over 80% of all traffic didn't flow to and from 5–6 companies. Was non-uniformly distributed but communities and sub-cultures exists, there were neighborhoods isolated and distinct from each other, now there's 5 relatively homogenous almost indistinguishable blobs collecting your data. With a lot of them playing with chink government.

Too much has changed since Jason Scott's (of textfiles.com) days. It won't, it can't go back; whatever's in store won't be the opposite of the current. A new dimension with be added, explored, I don't know. VR I can't see taking off, maybe 5-year-olds will really like that shit, but from the meetings I've seen in meta, I don't see anything appealing.

Best you can do is lead by example, try to talk to peopl about what you care about, show your passion and maybe somebody sharing in it will join you to talk.


4chan is dunning kruger central


My former home board (I know - I can't explain why). Not only terrible nowadays, also extremely slow.



4chan is for normalfags now, there's no need to go there


4chan is no better than reddit at this point. It's just another flavor of awful. I know someone is going to say something about free speech, as if the ability to say "Nigger" is the cornerstone of interesting discussion.

Yeah, you can say Nigger, but can you discuss a topic without a schizo losing his shit, or the replies being bots, or every board being porn, politics, or spam? Who cares at that point.


File: 1684879735681.jpg (267.27 KB, 1300x780, 5:3, 4000.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I know someone is going to say something about free speech, as if the ability to say "Nigger" is the cornerstone of interesting discussion.
No one was going to bring that up zoomer.

Regardless, I point to this post >>297256
It's the prime reason that 4chan or forums in general will never return to their former glory. There's nobody left.


I can tell you were irritated when I compared 4chan to reddit. 4channers get a lot of smugness out of feeling superior to reddit despite nothing backing up this sense of superiority.


File: 1684891915987.jpeg (27.44 KB, 600x315, 40:21, mirror.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

4chan made me realize my problem.

I feel annoyed by how the majority of posts are shitposts and barely anyone knows anything. But that's because there is no barrier to posting and despite the "lurk moar newfag gtfo" culture there is no actual gatekeeping going on shaming people for asking stupid questions. With people wanting instant gratification the site just gets flooded with provocative images and questions that are sure to generate a response without requiring effort. So everyone just posts 1 liners and no thoughtful discussion is going on. Challenge someone and they just dip because it's easier.

It reminded me that anything worthwhile takes effort. You can't just expect an anonymous messageboard to be flooded with constant good posts. You can't expect a lot of information from a few lines of text. 4chan is what I deserve if I want to keep F5-ing in hopes of neverending novelty.

I need to stop whining about how bad imageboards are and pick up some books.


How do you gatekeep a public forum?


Make the environment unpleasant for noobs. I've lurked some public forums and didn't dare to post because the post quality looked so high with everyone making long academic sounding posts even featuring sources that I didn't want to embarrass myself.

If someone posts stupid shit everyone could just not take the bait or tell them to fuck off.


LOL nigger, 4chan is the same as reddit. I didn't say otherwise, seems like you have the false sense of superiority. You even ignorned my main point: There's nobody left.


>LOL nigger, 4chan is the same as reddit.
hi 4chan


people are sketched out by smaller websites these days. also it’s probably better if /r9k/ doesn’t know about this place.


>also it’s probably better if /r9k/ doesn’t know about this place.
I hate to tell you but wizchan has been around for over a decade and people from r9k have been aware of it for just as long. Wizchan also has been a lot more alive a couple years ago and it wasn't as slow and chaotic as it is now.


>also it’s probably better if /r9k/ doesn’t know about this place.
Am I the only actual wizard here? Like why all the LARPing newfags have the memory of a gold fish?


Maybe the real LARPing coping newfags are the friends we made along the way


We're in 2023, most oldfags left and newfag larpers claim they have been here for thousands of years. The most vocal posters on wizchan are newfags as well.


have you seen modern r9k retards? it’s all underage discord normies. none of the people on that board today even know what a wizard is.


You're a funny guy :D
I've only spent ~100 hours on r9k and I've seen wizchan mentioned multiple times


The whole internet is full of zoomers who would be considered 'normies' by the standards of most people who grew up with imageboards. Even wizchan has its fair share of zoomers who can hardly be distinguished from normies and various threads have shown that there's a lot of young people here who have friends and do social stuff irl and they also share normie consumer patterns.

This place here is pretty much an illusion as many others already realized. Rules prohibit certain posts so you will hardly see posts about irl social activities etc. but that doesn't mean the people don't do these things.


it’s so depressing. i just want a place to talk to other hikki autists. i can’t even browse 4chan anymore it’s too bad.


What's the best alternative? I like being able to read and discuss various topics on one site but the post quality has really become unbearably bad.


I see there are a number of people who miss when /b/ was /b/ ITT.This is just my personal opinion but I think Heyuri has re-filled that niche. They hate smartphone bullshit, gay/tranny interracial shit, and r9k faggotry. It's /b/ is truly random.


their /lounge/ is also good. They discuss everything from the fall of disco to accessing 1980s online newsgroups.


>i just want a place to talk to other hikki autists.
I want a place to talk to other hikki autists about become not a hikki. Most "self-improvement" sites are Jew'd and Normie'd to the max.

I've never understood why people want to discuss their hobbies. The only sites I use frequently are wizchan's lounge and lainchan's random.


I occasionally tell people to commit suicide on the internet, and I rarely mean it. I do want you to kill yourself, though. Heyuri is a retarded site, and I like spamming it with scat porn.


I haven't been here for a very long time, what is the integrity of this community like compared to what has happened to r9k? I know r9k was always pretty bad but whenever I visit it now it's polluted with zoomers, tiktokers, egirls, and porn.


If you let them make all the content, they win.


The network effect is powerful. Those who cannot go against that grain are on some level still normalfags.


File: 1687982992942.png (28.31 KB, 330x393, 110:131, 12348759bf23b8b4b9db18fefd….png) ImgOps iqdb

It's because it's been shilled on reddit and reddit is keeping that shitheap alive. Also that 8chan, the second most popular alternative to 4chan was thoroughly jewed by Cripplekike (who blew all the donation money on hookers and blow), Jim, and the courts


Also to add, I read somewhere that reddit users typically login to reddit directly before posting on 4chan. Can't remember exactly where but apparently there was some study on it. Either way,
>go back to reddit
is filtered there
By not censoring users to fuck off back to where they came from


>reddit 4chan dichotomy
Who actually believes 4chan and reddit hasn't shared the same userbase for some time now?


Yeah, because of election tourists and people who came after project chanology who have no place on imageboards. A lot of them don't even know how to use an imageboard properly or how quoting works, because they are redditors


That'd be strange because reddit is associated with lefty politically correct types echoing the mandated narrative, while 4chan is associated with the alt-right, loud and obnoxious types echoing some assortment of trash opinions about race.


>I read somewhere that reddit users typically login to reddit directly before posting on 4chan.
I can't tell if this is a joke or not…

4ch's /pol/ is filled with 'tards, but discussion of politics on 4ch, outside of /pol/, such as on /g/ or /tv/, seems like common sense breath of fresh air.


File: 1691909624102.jpg (129.86 KB, 549x479, 549:479, Sneed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

4chan and 4chan culture disgusts me. As a teen I thought it was funny, and references to pepe the frog and to 4chan words and culture were endearing. Now I find them disgusting. I still admire Hitler, Chris-Chan, Terry A. Davis, and other pinnacles of 4chan culture, but I'm completely done with the rest of it.


File: 1691912983811.jpg (379.67 KB, 1410x1438, 705:719, laughing leopard seal.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> I still admire Hitler, Chris-Chan, Terry A. Davis, and other pinnacles of 4chan culture


File: 1691913109983.png (1.77 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

> I still admire Hitler, Chris-Chan, Terry A. Davis, and other pinnacles of 4chan culture


I'd say politics has taken over the site, not leftism. For the first ten years, 4chan's reputation is what kept it safe. A ton of normies were kept at bay from the infamous 4chan, due to the lolicon, jailbait, and raiding. But after ~10 year mark, its reputation began to do the opposite, as the media branded it 'le right wing discussion site'. Many low intelligence right wingers came from Twitter and Reddit.


Rumor has it that 4chan is fag and nigger friendly these days.


You can't say "nigger" on any board besides /b/. You can get banned on /pol/ for insulting people and being racist. Or the mod/janny will just ban you for a made up reason like spamming/flooding or violating US law.


The Zimmerman trial brought the first wave of normalfags and it died for good in 2016


There are 4,660 posts with the word "nigger" across multiple boards of 4chan outside of /b/ in this 24-hour period.


>The Zimmerman trial brought the first wave of normalfags and it died for good in 2016

I thought it was on May 29 2006 with the NGfags when the 4chan city flash was uploaded to Newgrounds

Or was it on July 12 2006 with the Habbofags

Or was it on October 18 2006 with the CNNfags because of Jake Brahm or whatever

Or was it on January 16 2008 with the scifags because of Project Chanology


I came in 2009 with the Jessi Slaughter fiasco, there was even the GMA theme playing to welcome all us normie boomers


sorry 2010


I stand by it being the Zimmerman trial and the rise of /pol/ as a more active board


it stands out to me as well. when they hacked treyvon's martin's phone to influence the case, that sealed the deal they weren't Eric Cartman comedians who just love to shout Nigger because its funny, but have sincere beliefs and are sincerely, passionately, seriously working to change politics and build the world they want


also i was going through the archives and they were all in for Mitt Romney in Nov 2012, so they were both Nazis but also pragmatic enough to support the pro-biz Fox News boomers for now.


>reddit is associaed with
The single largest political center of gravitation that Reddit ever had was r/the_donald, a sub which represented the reddit community at large and as a whole but which was antagonistic towards reddit administrata and the whole apparatus of reddit internal governance. This was neither the first nor last time the site community would show values antagonistic to the maintenance and sponsor-backed profitability of reddit, as a recent blackout nominally undertaken for the sake of third party software beneficial to the blind shows.
The other reddit-born political movements and groups of note are their numerous red pill and transgender activism subs, which are and always have been viciously opposed to each other. Reddit is not particularly noteworthy in terms of support or decrial of homosexuality, which has always been more or less on par with the practical treatment of homosexuality on 4chan (though reddit was initially significantly more homophobic than 4chan, several factors including the mass banning and perpetual liquidation of 4chan's toxic and bizarre "trap" culture of the '08 era and histrionically retarded outspoken queers on blue boards were notable steps in the right direction on that front).
Less notable but more influential in the long run have been r/coontown, r/HBD and a host of other now-banned explicitly racist subs running the gamut from "humor" that consisted exclusively of saying "nigger" to creating infographics that are reposted on 4chan to this day. On the whole, 4chan has been the recipient and mindless repeater of more reddit memes than the other way around given the explosive growth 4chan's /pol/ experienced after reddit decided, slowly, eventually, to remove places like coontown from its servers.


File: 1692135745660.webm (941.62 KB, 624x336, 13:7, paedophilia.webm) ImgOps iqdb

She's 11? Man I am such a fucking pedo


File: 1692189848632.jpeg (214.98 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, seething.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

4chan makes me so angry. But I think it's more frustration at myself for having wasted years being terminally online.

I wrote a medium long, not an essay and not some schizotalk post where I offered a perspective not yet talked about in the thread with an open question inviting discussion and all I got was a mocking 3 word reply.

I realized that everyone there is a normie with friends phoneposting so they don't have the desire to write long posts because its a pain in the ass on phones and because they get actual social interaction so they have no hunger for a quality internet discussion.

Then when I get drunk and shitpost for a change people have the nerve to tell me I am ruining the board when it's all clickbait threads with 1 line replies.

The internet is fucking dead. You can't get any virtual replacement for social interaction anymore.


how do you guys even solve the captchas on 4chan?

maybe its to keep out the low iq untermenschen, because i cant do em


Seriously? 4chan is a strict double digit iq site


8% of men got mommy kink


it is easy if you get used to it.


As of the chitwood debacle we've officially entered the age of "anon" getting literally arrested for posting.
I'm surprised the schizos still post on 4chan knowing that if LOCAL police ( not even fucking fed glowies) really want to push an anons shit in, they can.


Reddit is where you because every website of value has been scrubbed in favour of just garbage clickbait sites that never have the information you require and google search has become absolute shit.


You fucking retard.


File: 1692485258029.png (268.24 KB, 566x392, 283:196, ddn8lzb-968a0a71-ceb0-4708….png) ImgOps iqdb

>Reddit is where you because


File: 1693130117347.gif (40.85 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Get_Away.gif) ImgOps iqdb

The best three imageboard sites:

The worst three imageboard sites:


Heyuri is good. Fuck frenschan


Hello, kaguya. Are you done masturbating to gay scat, or are you going to go back to doing that?


This thread was created (by me) nine months ago…that's nuts…so many replies, too


>even though 4chan bans people for mentioning altchans.

I have mentioned Wizardchan many times and I haven't been banned. Apparently if you just name them but you don't post the link you don't get into trouble.


I've always liked "Secret Area of VIP Quality". It's a textboard, not an imageboard. Always seems really comfy around there when I remember it exists.


Are you talking about the /VIP/ board? Used to be unlisted but now it's listed and it's not a textboard so IDK if it's what you're talking about. It is just as shit as the rest of the site.


That's not what I mean, no. Just google it sometime and you should see it. I find it strangely charming.


>Just google it
We use Duckduckgo here, sir.


File: 1696250456430.webm (1.65 MB, 320x240, 4:3, It's over 9000.webm) ImgOps iqdb

4chan's 20th and everyone's just lamenting how fun 4chan used to be and the internet in general back in the 00s.


A 4chan mod must have a seething hatred for me, because while I was posting in a heated thread, I copped a ban for shitposts I made a week ago in a long dead thread.

I do suspect they post on the site and ban people if they feel threatened or are losing arguments, or whatever. Still, getting bans from long dead threads shows how thin skinned they are.


Yeah. /g/ is the only board with ok mods, and even then, they're not great.


what do you even post on 4chan to get banned? I've never been banned so far and I'm using the site for 10 years


furries on /v/.


File: 1699734615505.jpg (52.99 KB, 500x374, 250:187, Mario_Gem.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I often open 4chan, then immediately close the tab and go to wizchan or lainchan.

You are almost certainly lying. Or you have never created a thread.


You boys want a small forum I certainly have one for you: https://forum.marianabay.com

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