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Has any wizard here shaved their heads irl? I just shaved mine for the first time, I look worse of course but not nearly as bad as I thought I would, it feels good except for some of the razor burn


yea I did a couple times, I looked like a retard so I just wore a hat until it grew back a bit


only hairstyle i can maintain with my complete absence of showering. when i have hair, i get dandruff and it becomes itchy


I shave mine down to a buzzcut once a week. Sleep much better and dandruff easier to maintain.


Dandruff is a side-effect of shampoo and cinditioner use. The wizard body hates slimy fake fruit jelly on its skin so will molt to dispell it.


>i get dandruff

dandruff comes and goes depending on what you eat and whether you exercise and sweat or not.

if you eat garbage and don't exercise then your metabolic waste gets expelled through the head. if you lived healthy for long enough, the dandruff would stop.

>dandruff easier to maintain.

just don't eat like real life was fallout 3. take advantage of the supply chain while it lasts and get some fresh fruits and vegetables and eat them raw.

>Dandruff is a side-effect of shampoo and cinditioner use.



No, i love my long hair


Also, it looks silly, but having a long hair taught me to have discipline and hygiene. Since my hair got long enough i NEED to maintain a good level of hygiene(i even take care of what i eat), and discipline to take care of it. Its very rewarding


I've shaved mine for the last 16 years, but only the use of an electric hair clipper without a clip on. I believe it's what a barber would call a "number 0" length. Awful lot easier than going for a true bald.


I think you may be correct, back when I had long hair I had a pretty bad diet and totally sedentary lifestyle, had lots of dandruff despite having a good hygiene.

My hair used to go all the way down to my shoulders, I like that look but it is pretty hellish during the summer.

Yeah, agreed. Going true bald can even be quite expensive since it wears down razor blades pretty fast and you have to change them frequently.


it's not actually dandruff. it's dermatitis. shaving/buzzing the hair doesn't affect dandruff. it helps with dermatitis though


Let me explain dandruff to you. On everyone's skin there are certain types of fungus that live on us. They feed on skin oils (sebum) that are produced. A byproduct of their feeding is oleic acid. If there is too much oil being produced by your skin, the fungus will multiply and lots of oleic acid will be produced which damages the skin and causes it to shed at increased rates which causes flakes that are big enough to see form.

Now why would your scalp be producing too much oil? It could be for a number of reasons, but one is because all the oil produced by your scalp naturally has been stripped away by an abrasive chemical cleaning agent. So the guy who said it is related to using shampoo is not wrong. If it removes too much of your natural oils it can cause your skin to overcompensate which causes dandruff. The trick to avoiding dandruff and maintaining good hair health in general is to manage the amount of natural oils on your scalp and hair so that you always have some but not too much. You want to avoid overly stripping the hair of its oils and also avoid build up of too much oil. Btw another reason your scalp may be producing too much oil is because of a shit diet so that is part of it too.


I had long hair past my shoulders for 10 years or so. Then I shaved it. I regret having long hair. The effort literally means spending your life. Huge waste of time and effort. So much more comfy and convenient having a shaved head. Going to barber/hairdresser was also such a ridiculous trauma that i could have avoided all that time.


File: 1673653477225.jpg (23.32 KB, 622x562, 311:281, 1512152364088.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>The effort literally means spending your life. Huge waste of time and effort.
What effort is needed exactly? When it covers your eyes, ring your fingers through and tuck your bangs between your ears. Rinse and comb for 3 minutes in the shower if you were working with dusty and dirt in your neetcave. Tie the back with an elastic when working with machines like 3d printers or thestovetop.

>Going to barber/hairdresser was also such a ridiculous trauma

Why were you going at all?!?!?

Makes me wonder if some men here take advice from American teen succubi magazines. "hair care routines" were designed to give succubi something to do with their hands to keep them from using those hands to destroy something men have created. If you're putting anymore than 3 minutes daily in to your hair while waiting for your tea to steep, you've been psychologically operated to waste time. Men of the past from all cultures had long hair, no shampoo, and showered 4 times a month. They endured just fine.


>When it covers your eyes, ring your fingers through and tuck your bangs between your ears.
>Rinse and comb for 3 minutes
>Tie the back with an elastic when working

no offense id rather just spend 5 minutes every 2 months buzzing it all off. also don't care what men in the past did, they also had sex, worked hard, and lived rough lives. not interested


>Why were you going at all?!?!?
You expect me to go 10 years without cutting it?

>What effort is needed exactly?

It takes forever to dry when it gets wet, e.g. sauna or swimming or shower. It generally gets in the way all the time and is hot and heavy. Hair ties are uncomfortable over long periods and can come loose. Showering took a lot of shampoo and conditioner.

Just to be comfortable it took me a lot more than 3 min per day. You must look like utter shit and just not realise how uncomfortable you are.

With a shaved head i can shower so fast, not need to worry about drying at all or shampoo. It feels so much lighter and more free to do physical activity. I didnt realise at all how annoying the hair was until it was gone.


My hair started graying at 29. Looks good shaved, but usually I'm too lazy to do that more than once every 2 months. In 2020 I bought my own cordless pro hair trimmer and become much faster at it, but still there will be some bleeding and random spots I miss even when double-mirror checking. Aside from one time when my hand was inured, haven't been to a barber in over 3 years.


>Men of the past from all cultures had long hair
he's full of shit


Where is the lie? most medieval paintings, fuedal woodblocks, and carvings showed men with long hair. Short hair was only prominant in male subjects of mediteraenian art when depicted as youthful, because only boys had short hair.


>from all cultures


It's highly dependent on the culture. Egyptian paintings show bald heads. Egyptian culture had people balming their shaved balm heads with fragrant ointments because it was fashionable.

Romans had a huge thing for short fringe haircuts (think Caesar). Greek statues almost universally depict men with short hair. There are some exceptions like Achilles who is depicetd with neck length curly hair.

Long or short hair have never been a standard anywhere on Earth. Hair length has always been highly culturally dependent.


The Native Amerindians had long hair in the Iriquois confederated nations, and even further down the east coast.


Find one that didn't have long hair as a normal


I try to avoid looking at myself in the mirror so I don't really give a fuck about hair. However I am balding rapidly so I do like to buzz my hair every month as it is easy, requires less shampoo, and doesn't leave shed hair everywherw


i used to play with my hair a lot when i was bored and shaving it was good because its a pretty gay habit


I do this when high and I like the feeling of a shaved head better


File: 1674923016493.jpeg (10.48 KB, 299x168, 299:168, BakshiGandalf.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I have long hair mainly because…god this is stupid now that I'm vocalizing it…I want to have long hair so I look like Gandalf. My hair is just starting to gray, but I'm also starting to lose it. I've been contemplating a finasteride because:
1 - I don't want to lose it.
2 - The only side effect I can see is impotency in 1%, but I don't have sex since I'm a wizard so I don't see the issue in that.
I've been thinking about seeing a doctor soon to try to get a prescription for it, but I still have a lot of hair left, so I dunno how to approach it.


succubus personality.


looking like gandalf would be great. if you're losing your hair you can go ancient chinese sage mode instead

how would you know? got personal with many succubi recently? maybe touched their butts?


File: 1674960841820.png (95.87 KB, 1050x1000, 21:20, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Go for it, I think you need to start using that medication ASAP for it to be truly effective.

Are you Norwood tier II?


>looking like gandalf would be great.
Thanks. I've had this hair all my life as well, so that's another aspect.
>how would you know? got personal with many succubi recently? maybe touched their butts?
I'm guessing he's mad because this thread is just for appreciating bald so it's like people with hair are kind of invading in on their space maybe? I don't know re-reading the OP.
See, this is what gets me. I'm probably just Norwood I, and it's just whether I get paranoid that I think I'm Norwood II or not. But I see a lot of hair in the shower recently, and well as I can see in comparison to past pictures it's a lot flatter and thinner overall, and it's been bugging me. And because I still have a lot of hair left, I think, "I shouldn't be asking for this stuff," and there's a bunch of general anxiety over trying to get a prescription for it that I don't know how to deal with either.
Thanks for responding, though, fwiw.


Gets so fucking hot in Australia with long hair. I had to shave it.


If it's already starting you might as well go ahead and try to do something about it. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. I'm used to having a big raging bald spot now that I'm old enough for it to be normal and that I've lived with it for long enough, but it can be surprisingly emasculating to start losing your hair way earlier than you were expecting and it seems like everybody else is still a shaggy teenager.

Fortunately, I found this really oldschool barber who like got stuck in the 1940s or something, and I didn't even need to say anything. He knew exactly what to do to make me look natural. Very useful when covid came around because all I had to do was follow his routine without even looking in a mirror and it comes out completely presentable even if not quite squeaky clean professional.


I've been going bald since I was 16. At 23 I started shaving my head bald and I haven't looked back ever since. I don't look good being bald because I have a weird shaped head, but it's not like I have a choice.

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