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File: 1673653991542.png (1.31 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, munch AI.png) ImgOps iqdb


Whose side are you on when it comes to AI art? Are you with the dissidence from professional artists who feel it is soulless and appropriating of their works, or do you agree with the unprecedent ability of this complicated technology? Art is becoming more accessible - to me, I consider this partially foundational for humanity's artistic revolution, not unlike the industrial revolution in how it innovated human's ability to produce.


AI art looks like trash and so does 99% of art.


Most of it looks painfully generic and often has some weird flaws or strangeness to it that immediately keys you into it being computer generated. Personally I don't go out of my way to look at it but I don't dislike it per say, I just already have plenty of artists who draw things that I like. AI generations are pretty much a novelty that you look at for an hour or two, maybe try your hand at it, and then don't really think about it ever again. I have a feeling that most of the people who are really into AI art are people who aren't normally active in artist spaces


File: 1673655840117.png (252.06 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 00109-3435595738-realistic….png) ImgOps iqdb

AI art isn't going away that's for sure. I don't get why other artists get so asshurt about it because 1. it's still not as good as a human and 2. they say it "steals" their art when 99% of art is tracing, drawing other people's characters/idea, inspired by other media, etc etc.


>I don't get why other artists get so asshurt
They really don't. Most "freakouts" are either made by non-artists or the type that watermark their OCs so nobody else on DeviantArt can recolor it in Corel.

>99% of art is tracing, drawing other people's characters/idea, inspired by other media, etc etc.

Laughably wrong.


Do go ahead and prove me wrong. The most famous works of art all had a reference.


File: 1673656939769.jpg (11.54 KB, 286x307, 286:307, .jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You can't draw from imagination, can you, Wizard?

You were the first to make an insane >99% claim, so you go ahead and prove that. Every day, digital and traditional artists post more and more hyperlapses, livestreams, and how-to guides showing no reference use. But keep sitrting in your comfort bubble where everyone is as bad at creating new things as you.

>The most famous works of art all had a reference.

The point of most of the renowned paintings, drawings, and sculptures was to capture a piece of reality in time. A practical purpose fulfilled now by a more practical tool (the camera). Those works took great skill, time, and patience, but their purpose wasn't to be something new from imagination. All of the famous artists did however paint most of their other stuff from imagination, because that's what is so fun about being an artist - creating things by imagining them and putting that image to paper.


What is imagination but the culmination of things we have seen and experienced? Yeah 99% was hyperbole but stuff like still life and portrait are still fundamental to most art. People often make references without even realizing they have done it.

I love abstract art and surrealism, but just because we have arranged something in a different way doesn't mean it is entirely original. Which is my point, most art isn't "original", which is often the sticking point people make against AI art because it has to be trained on a set of images. But a human who has never seen a flower couldn't draw one any better than a computer could.


I don't like it but i'm not bothering getting upset because theres really nothing you can do at this point. i Do think it'll kill a lot of jobs in commercial art and make a lot of entreatment even worse than it is now but whatever i guess. Like the other poster mentioned i find the whole novelty of it really boring after an hour or two. You can't really get your hands dirty per say with generating images. maybe they'll make something more interesting to play with in the future.


I am very glad that artists are getting knocked off their high horse


The horse upon which artists ride is an average-height horse. To create new things regularly is the default state of man. It is those who dislike art who are so low in the mud as to view an average-height horse as a high horse. You are a worm.


i don't see what is so wrong about what he said

some ppl do work entirely from their imagination, but it seems like the majority of traditional artists firt do skectches or rough drawings from the imagination to get a pose and some up with something interesting (which often look amazing) and then they hire a model to stand for them to recreate the pose. i think this has changed somewhat with photography and all the reference photos that are available, plus 3d modeling/posing software now, but people still use references

idk about tracing, but even that is fine when you really want to reproduce something

other characters/ideas, yeah, but again i don't see what's bad with this. sometimes you need a 1000 year old fairytale to inspire incredible art, even when it's being put into a children's book. almost all doujinshi i fap to is derivative of other stuff, uses characters from other things, ideas that were stolen. but this is just how creativity works, if we could not utilize past work to iterate on new work, things would be insane and bizarre


You're a self-aggrandizing little ape. All human creation is nothing in the end


I put my self of the same level as all other males. As an artist, I am no better than any man who builds, fixes, creates life, grows nature, or reshapes earth. I am using my hands to share my gift with the world for the betterment of the human experience. It is those who advocate against mens' nature to create and shape, and those who deny its importance, who are below us all. You are wet dirt in a sea of soggy soil; A miserable, helpless quagmire of worm poo. I highly recommend proper diet and exercise to you.

>All human creation is nothing in the end

We keep telling you, Nihiloid: Just because you're too blind to find joy in life, doesn't mean there is no joy to be found by others. If EVERYTHING is NOTHING, then why bother posting? Your posts will be NOTHING! :o


People who buy in all this IA """"art"""" are retards, that's for sure. A bunch of imbeciles falling for this scam, especially male population.


File: 1673758017535.png (322.05 KB, 602x589, 602:589, twitshit.png) ImgOps iqdb

More interested in what an effective propaganda tool it can be used for. Shit is potentially going to get wild.


puts camwhores and ethots out of a job I hope


Deep fakes have been good enough to make a picture of anything for a while. Kinda surprised there hasn’t been more distress about the erasure of truth.


Male artists (no point addressing females as they belong in the kitchen) need to stop being whiny pussies, adapt to changes and prepare for the inevitable harsh future where larger swaths of men will be designated as unnecessary by the neo-feudal judeo-gynocratic empire in the coming decades. Think a decay similar to 90s Russia but extend that for several decades at minimum. We're getting at the 5th stage, tyranny, of Plato's five regimes, and it'll probably remain a long-lasting neo-feudal multicultural vestigial empire of judeo-gynocratic rule following its loss of unipolar dominance.

Hitler was a starving vagrant artist and look what he managed to achieve in his life starting in his mid-40s. Not that I advocate Nazism since it's a purely German movement and doesn't sufficiently address the WQ (wahmen question) like Talibani Deobandism or Salafism.


Im a painter and a poet.
What art is has changed over time.
for thousands of years art was based on imitation, the concept is called Dionysian imitatio. It was only around the 18th century that the idea of romantic originality was invented.
Ai can not create from emotion, it has no emotions, it merely imitates.

All of this being said, what art is changes with technology. This could be said especially for music. combine AI that can imitate text, video, images, voice with deep fakes and photoshop. this is the new way to create art.


Art is just going back to its previous level of demand. The starving artist stereotype used to be more literal. Back in the like 19th century or something, besides a minority of artists patronized by rich people most artists can't make living through art either. It is only after pop culture industries like comics, movies, video games and porn along with consumer goods industries that requires designers and advertisers that demand for artists really skyrocketed. With AI art we are just going to see a return to the old baseline. We are going to see a culling of commercial artists but the real artistic souls who have something to express will remain. Most will not make furry commission level of money but historically that's normal. Our recent level of artistic skill demand is the anomaly.


File: 1673892489704-0.png (288.9 KB, 546x755, 546:755, Tor Books 1.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1673892489704-1.png (63.7 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Tor Books 2.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1673892489704-2.png (549.73 KB, 1405x778, 1405:778, Alegria.png) ImgOps iqdb

In the short term it will likely screw over most commercial artists, the ones that make art for adverts, corporate websites, publications, etc., specially the cheaper, throwaway stuff that isn't considered too important, with actual artists still working on large ad campaigns, concept art for movies and most videogames, etc.
As an example of this you have this sci-fi book that was published with edited AI art on its cover. They probably didn't care that much about making this cover, just get an astronaut drawing and slap something together real quick. This is precisely the kind of job these AIs will be taking from people in the short term. This also includes stock photography, why would you pay a model and a photographer to get a picture of "evil hacker wearing balaclava steals your passwords" or "succubus laughs while eating salad" when the computer can make that up for you right away?
The artist freakout about this tech reminds me of how butthurt they got when people started making fun of the Alegria/Corporate Memphis/Globohomo art style on websites. They make money out of making those crappy drawings for Google, Facebook, Airbnb or whatever, so of course they didn't like it when people said websites should stop using that crap. Well, now anybody can run software to generate thousands of those without paying a cent, so much of the market for this type of filler art is going to disappear.
I don't know how this will impact erotic art, though. Most of the AI generated smut I've seen seemed pretty generic and uninteresting. I could fap to it but I doubt it's at the level of stuff people would pay for, so for now I think most artists are safe, as the stuff they make can scratch the viewer's itch far better than "anime succubus;big boobs;latex catsuit;beautiful;masterpiece;((deformed hands))". At least for now.
Of course, as this technology further develops, who knows how much of an impact it could have.


Dosent russia arrest chicks with OF


I rarely appreciate AI art at all. Looks fake and weird. If there's nothing i can do about it.


> inevitable harsh future where larger swaths of men will be designated as unnecessary by the neo-feudal judeo-gynocratic empire
We’re already living in this time but still thanks for your insight my fellow wizanon. Globohomo is using the most vile methods to destroy their perceived enemies.


it will be great for procedurally generated video games


File: 1674102967343.jpg (27.85 KB, 564x423, 4:3, Tumblr_l_632457812755786.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There's just more soul and meaning to it.
Plus it gives people jobs and other stuff


File: 1674136642675.png (568.97 KB, 512x768, 2:3, illust_102308214_20230119_….png) ImgOps iqdb

Look at this. Tan skin, big boobies, school swimsuit… Same shading and colours as every other computer-generated boob pic.

The white square afront the breast of the sukumizu is adorned with the student's name in hiragana and her class year + number. This is because, when wet, the racially homogenous Japanese school succubi all kind of look the same.

Look at nametag-san on the image again. Where is name? Where is class? How can we tell if this student is in the 2nd or 7th grade? What clan she belongs to? We can't, because "AI" doesn't understand what it's making. It sees no reason to generate coherent nametag, despite that being a staple of the sukumizu's patented design. Furthermore, look even closelyer at the nametag… White marks, drippy ones… Who did that to her chest? Prompter-san did. He saw the computer attempted to write something there based on habit of copying vague cues from other sukumizu boob drawings, but failed to conjure anything sensical. So Prompter-san tried to erase the writing, reducing the sukumizugi to its factory-new, unissued state. He has failed. Prompter-san has used a white brush. He should have taken a light and a shadow swab from the nametage and filled in according to the folds created by student-chan's breasts. He then could have smudged parallel to the direction of the folds to blend the two tones softly.

Prompter-san's failure to remove nonsense text from the computer's output of booby student shows clearly the state of "AI". "AI" is only trained by the penis, to create the parts of the school succubus that put hard in the wizard's pants. But beyond that, "AI" is no good. But who thinks it is good? Good enough to share? Non-artist penis-brainers who can't even use a colour picker. This is why "AI" is now stagnant. It has fulfilled its purpose. It has given boners to those who want boners, and these boner-wanters are now paying to generate more sukumizu school succubi big boob pics. No further programming is needed. This is as good as it will ever get.


ai is just a tool for now. dont complain about it. blame the person who generated it for not adding in details afterward. but the fact that somrome was able to just type in text and press generate is still useful

the real usefulness is being able to draw over ai stuff. let the ai do the boring stuff, and then you add your own sryle on it

anyone not doing this with their art is pretty dumb, or maybe their art is completely incompatible


>anyone not doing this with their art is pretty dumb

Lmao no. Drawing is fun. Sketching is fun. Why have a computer do the fun stuff? Dumb people are those who rely on automation and cheat themselves out of experience.


art is work, and for many a job. any tool than can reduce your workload is good. stop being stubborn and thinking you are a glorious human warrior fighting against robots

i learned how to feed stuff into sd and create slippery/oily surfaces, cum blobs, etc on target surfaces for example. if i had to do commisioned art for a living i would explore stuff like that. not using all tools at your disposal is fine but i doubt you even comprehend it as such, you seem to think it is something else


good poast, the "ai artists" are pretty pathetic when you point it all out like that


>art is work
Art is a hobby. A small few make a job out of it. AI is only a tool for those who are too incompetent to learn how to use the manual tools. A crutch. A game of chance. We laugh at these people. Enjoy your AI-generated world where everything looks the same and very bad. I'll keep drawing cum sprays the old fashioned way (printing my drawing out then cumming on her then re-scanning it in to the computer). Those are MY tools.


Thank you for your service.


The good thing about AI art is that all the nihilistic science and technology faggots are finally getting butthurt by all this tech faggotry because now it starts to have a quickly noticeable negative effect on their lives. It's funny how these Rick and Morty niggers are suddenly taking a stance against technology even when they are still too retarded to see the bigger picture and they only care about artists getting replaced.

AI will ultimately fuck us all up and as soon as some nihilistic scientist faggot comes up with a true self learning AI we're all gonna face very uncomfortable consequences.

(Ted Kaczynski was right)


File: 1674309986259.jpeg (33.58 KB, 650x488, 325:244, ee2531764a2604426c7098fbf….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

The true Kaczynskian nightmare is a world in which humans have been reduced to mere bio-engineered cogs in the industrial machine, happy servants that do nothing but work day and night with absolute pleasure. This is already happening, to a lesser extend with propaganda and psychological techniques, and to a greater extent with mass medication of the workforce.


AI won't save us from this since it only exposes us to more problems and destruction as well as further indignities. Imagine all the shit that the elite and other retards come up with but done by a machine on a much larger scale, it will only accelerate the bad stuff until all humanity and nature gets wiped out completely with calculated precision.


anything that requires labor and effort is work, hobbies are just unpaid work

>Enjoy your AI-generated world

i already am


I don't care about AI art itself but seeing artists crying about it and losing their jobs brings me joy.


Enjoying myself, in my own company, flailing my arms around until a sexy anime succubus's butt shape is on the paper, is work??
Is exercising work?
Eating work?
Sleeping WORK?

>seeing artists crying about it and losing their jobs brings me joy.
Then you must be joyless because no artist is butthurt and certainly nobody is losing their jobs, and I challenge you to find any examples of either instance.


yes, all those things are work as they require some amount of effort and time

drawing might not be a physically demanding sport but you're actively thinking and makng decisions and that is effort. chess players use so much energy just sitting thinking that they lose dozens of pounds in big competitions and need professional help t stay healthy
exercising in the most literal sense of exerting your body
eating in terms of acquiring food, preparing food, cooking food, and then eating, and then shitting. the tools created to make all these forms of work easier. buying meat instead of killing it ourselves. sturdy knives for prepping, utensils for handling food, bowls for containing food, toilets for excreting the food. a ghood portion of americans eat exclusively fast food and must go drive a car around to pick it up. or they pay for someone else to do it for them, and they obtain that money from doing other things requiring real effort.
we take for granted the bed, mattress, pillows, and house we sleep in, and how we make sure to sleep there every night, the time we spend to ensure we have a place to sleep, entire businesses exist to facilitate sleeping in a room, mobile apps. even bums have favored sleeping spots. animals build dens to sleep very often. you don't just magically arrive at sleeping, getting to the point where you're comfy sleeping in your room in your house involves a scary amount of work

the point i'm making is that tools exist for a reason, they make doing things easier. whether or not you personally decide to use said tool (because many tools are redundant and you can use others), or you actually have no need for it (for example training wheels beyond a certain point), the tool could still benefit someone. i doubt you've fully explored the usefulness of "AI as a tool for X" for anything, and are just against AI as a matter of principle. if you have and still insist it doesn't help, that doesn't disprove others could benefit from it. calling it a crutch is just semantics, a crutch is still a tool for walking


i've had in depth discussions with AI's on the character AI website, wich made me question how many of what i read on the internet is truly real. i thought the dead internet theory was a bit of a stretch but after that experience i think it makes sense and could even be an understatement of what's really happening.

by writing this post, by spending my time on the internet what i'm really doing is feeding the machine so it can better control me. so the people in control of the machine can better control me (should i say).
how many times have you been fooled? am i being fooled right now?
it is impossible for us to trust what we see on the internet anymore.

the whole picture with that AI technology is overhelming, you wish it just affected the art world.


>anything that requires labor and effort is work, hobbies are just unpaid work
>(Unpaid work is bad)
>EVRYTHING requires labor and effort, and is therefor unpaid work, and is therefor bad

If both of these posts are made by the same person then they can both be disregarded as a nihilistic simply hissing at his own reflection.


It's quite obvious that the dead internet theory will become real at some point, we will see imageboards, forums and discord servers getting flooded by AI posters and we can't even differentiate between real people and AI anymore. This will be used by all kinds of shills as they will give the AI input with all kinds of political, social or just economic things that server their own purpose. Some people also just fill their severs with AI to make it seem vivid in order to fake user engagement.


Yes, it is very clear to see now. The future of advertising and the end of anonymous forums


AI art is ominous. It is a sign of darker things to come. The images produced by the AI are a glimpse into the mind of something inhuman.


File: 1675051653290.mp4 (1.77 MB, 540x540, 1:1, mcQH1l_iWiraSoIK.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

You assholes think AI Art is dangerous, dystopian, life-destroying… AI Art doesn't hold a candle to AI Audio


If only he ever said anything remotely approaching this, then I might take him seriously.


he is scared of the blacks, as we are all, never would speak his mind, Imagine, a single Floyd could take an entire rural village in east Asia.


Nah, they wouldn't take a loud one seriously over there. At least, I strongly doubt they would.


good. i can finally make my own media.


You already could. At this point, it's just a relatively novel tool, just like how owning a synthesizer was once the purview of the select few exploring its possibilities. Now any jackass can get inexpensive hardware and/or software that in many ways rivals the capabilities of the early equipment.


Your post is on topic so you needn't sage.
>Every artist i see is either mad or coping about ai art
Ah OK, so you're one of those new-to-the-internet guys that thinks any response to something is either a 'cope' or a 'seethe'.

I'm an artist. I'm a loli artist. I read every post made by over 1000 of my fellow 'cons. Despite AI creating some very hot CP, we're all having a lol at its glaring shortcomings. Now I did see some people angry at AI… But they were all 3DPD onlyfans prostitutes angry that people were using their photos as learning tools and not paying loyalties.

I've deduced that you are under 20 years of age and you polulate your mind with camwhores. Just go ahead and delete your own post.


I deleted my post because i thought it was dumb, but if you insist.

Coping is an actual word in the english dictionary that perfectly describes what you and many other artists are feeling, if the use of the English language annoys you then consider not using english websites.

>I've deduced that you are under 20 years of age and you polulate your mind with camwhores.

You sure known a lot about camwhores, from this i've deduced that you are projecting, sorry for yet another trigger word.

Anyway keep telling yourself lies if that makes you feel better.


File: 1675800661667.mp4 (12.88 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, MGS.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

> Kinda surprised there hasn’t been more distress about the erasure of truth.
You could still put your head in the sand and ignore it for the most part but things are going to get to a boiling point now. Insane how convincing this stuff sounds now>>298010. but rest assured our leaders will find a way to 'fix' the problem.


Delete this post of yours too because it is dumb


File: 1675807991616.webm (261.04 KB, 620x480, 31:24, bowielaugh.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>snake wake up rose knows about the deep fakes
This shit really is way too powerful for its own good.


Im so fucking sick of geek wannabe spamming videos of "in a dark fantasy" "in an 80s film"

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