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aka the inability to feel pleasure from ejaculation/orgasm. I'm curious if anyone else here has this. Generally it's caused by anti-depressants but I've had it my entire life.


Maybe you're just fapping to the wrong stuff


Yes. I typically associate it with the rest somatizations I do suffer.


File: 1678097186031.jpg (434.06 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, circumcision sensitivity.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Are you circumcised?


I started having this recently actually. Sometimes I cum and there is no orgasm. I am kind of freaked out by it tbh. Maybe it's just from the absurd amounts of weed I've been vaping lately.


thats actually called a retrograde ejaculation. you should talk to a doctor or medical professional because it can be a symptom of prostate failure/cancer, one of the most prevalent and preventable cancers for men.



Ejaculating for me was never good. It feels good for like 3 seconds, its ridiculous how ephemeral it is. Ejaculating just sucks.

I don't fap anymore, but when i used to fap i always edged for hours, because i hated ejaculating, so i delayed as much as possible. Now i discovered semen retention and its even better than edging.


I've tried nofap.

It's just unrealistic for me. After 4 days, pre-cum would just constantly come out of my penis, making my underwear and pants wet.

During that period, I would also constantly fantasize about sex and dirty things.


I experience this if I try to masturbate with just mental images instead of actually having something pulled up.


That's forcing it. The point is to regulate the energies of the body by using the no-fap TRICKS. It's not just abstinence, the tendency needs regulation


Nofap is placebo, do whatever you feel your body demands.


My first problem is impotence. I feel it's rarer and rarer that I can even get it up.

My second problem is that even if I can get it up, is it worth the trouble to go all the way?

My third problem is even if I can get it up, and I can go all the way, it's barely even noticeable.

I don't understand nofap because I've been able to go a month between faps without even trying before.


Dumb retard. My body demands heroin. Should I chase it?


Only if you pair it with crack


I'm starting to experience it. I think that fapping every single day 2-4 times for 23 years straight might have not been the best thing to do.


>>297658 (me)
also I have a normal libido and no problems sustaining an erection, normal testosterone, etc

given how I feel no pleasure from masturbation and that it's life-long I don't think this applies


Since I've been drugged with antipsychotics I have lack of orgasm and no semen


How often you jerk it off op? Maybe you need to slow down and do it only once in a while when you really want it.
I'm 26 and my sex drive is the same as always. I can enjoy the same old porn I always liked. I can fap once every day without any problem. I think depression and low self esteem can fuck up your libido pretty much, you can even go impotent because of it.

Oh yeah because fapping and doing hardcore drugs is totally the same!


yes it is great.


File: 1679033107031.jpg (2.5 MB, 1067x3840, 1067:3840, Infographic_PornVsCocaine2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It is. The choice is to stop jerking off and enjoy life more, have more energy, become more creative, or consume degenerative content forever and be sad little wizzie.


Nice propaganda there. I can't even imagine why it bothers some people that others jerk off? Do you get paid for pushing this shit?


it's a trad larper, they're quite common nowadays, sadly


I like to reveal the ugly to coomers like you. The fact, that half their suffering are rooted in the false idea that you can jerk off without paying a heavy toll for transient bodily pleasure. Sadly, you are but a lost cause. Keep jerking off, keep consuming porn and suffer eternally, that is what you do best it seems
I don't give a crap about any ideology, I say shit that is based on my personal experience. I've been a coomer for 15 years, but I got out and have no regrets in doing so.


When was the last time you jerked off?
And more importantly, who said anything about suffering? I don't suffer in any grand way and if sometimes I do it's certainly not because I touch my dick every now and then or because I watch adult movies.

I think it has to do with wanting to be contrarian and special snowflake at all cost. Fucking /pol/ screwed up generations of young males into believing retarded shit.


>given how I feel no pleasure from masturbation and that it's life-long I don't think this applies

Why continue masturbating? In your situation it only seems like a waste of your time and energy.

This is true, everything has consequences(good/bad). Masturbating to porn has no benefits/advantages and the consequences are there realized or not. If they still see value in it, they continue using. It's their choice.


OP I have this and have always had it also.
I never knew I had it until some men said what it is meant to feel like.


>Masturbating to porn has no benefits/advantages
??? Feeling heavenly pleasure without leaving your room is nothing? Normalfags are all desperate to get laid and put insane effort into this. While I put on a porn movie and just lay back and relax.


>Heavenly pleasure
>Peepee feels tickle
You drastically overrate the pleasure of porn and fapping. It feels so pleasurable because nothing else is for you. It hijacks everything else, making itself the only way you can feel at least something. You could have a whole day walking in the sun, enjoying fresh air, feeling alive. You could taste food and it would be better than ever, because your dopamine receptors would be normal again allowing appreciation for something like a fresh juicy tomato or nice tea. Even fucking videogames are a better alternative and more fun when you don't waste your bodily energy on what basically is a fools gold. No downsides, no hangovers, no anhedonia. Not to mention you would be a true wizard, one who has control over the lusts that binds normalfags to this material realm of delusion and deceit. But you don't want it. Wizord want peepee feel good, wizord smarter than dumb peepee not touchers, wizord feel good


? Why do you suppose that if someone masturbates then he can't enjoy anything else in life? How are these things mutually exclusive?

I take joy from all of the things you listed pretty much plus from masturbation too.

>true wizard, one who has control over the lusts

I have control? Sounds like you are the one projecting his wild and undisciplined personality onto others. You are so addicted to masturbation and its pleasures that you must avoid it all together. You know that you resemble an ex-alcoholic who is afraid to drink even a drop because he can't stop himself from getting shitfaced drunk? Not everyone is like you. There are people who know basic restraint and can enjoy pleasures without going full ascetic.
>this material realm of delusion and deceit
Seems pretty real to me and obviously to you too, otherwise you wouldn't get worked up over worldly things.


>Why continue masturbating? In your situation it only seems like a waste of your time and energy.
It takes only 5 minutes a day and makes it so that I'm not attracted to 3d females. A decent trade I'd say.

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