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File: 1674502364376.png (130.17 KB, 797x224, 797:224, re.png) ImgOps iqdb


Is this the only recorded event of a man becoming a full blown wizard in real time?


File: 1674512403323.jpg (14.63 KB, 472x366, 236:183, tems34.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

mmmmmhh…. aauuh…..


based and wizardpilled.
>degenerate furry reaction pic
Leave or kys tranny.


Black wizards don't exis-


happy wizday bro


black wizards are more powerful than other races


File: 1674539594895.png (101.64 KB, 220x295, 44:59, LO-race-Altmer.png) ImgOps iqdb

You're thinking of the altmer.


niggers are animalistic normalfags by nature therefore cannot become fully fledged wizards


File: 1674567955633.jpg (59.24 KB, 1264x945, 1264:945, There's no one here.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's weird seeing what people online have become wizards and 30+ virgins these days. Just looking at the thumbnail I wouldn't have guessed he was a wizard. Good teeth, fashionable age appropriate haircut, ear ring, /fit/, etc. I remember the average wizards and 30+ virgins from the 00s, not quite the bill of health.


The wh*toid fears the black wizard.


Most of the virgins I see are average looking too, dating has just gotten to the point where if you're not willing to relentlessly pursue succubi or settle for trash you can easily make it to mage specialization. Its not even a special or notable achievement anymore, just don't do anything and succubi will leave you alone.


niggers can't be wizards, they are too cool


It's really not that special anymore, there's a lot of seemingly normal dudes who complain on reddit about still being virgins at 22 and stuff, there's also the sigma male type memery going on which and all these other things. I think it's gonna be quite normal to have no girlfriend or not even sexual experiences in the future if it's not quite normal already.


what is left on god's earth that's not defiled by god damn normies, you cannot even be a wizard in peace anymore.


The amount of normies that will reluctantly transform into wizards will skyrocket the more steep dating standards become for men.

Even now the potential for a huge traffic increase for places like wizchan is in place. Many men are still in denial about being either wizards or apprentices.


What accelerates this even more is the constant bullying of normie men who criticize these things since they always get called "crabs" or "small dick" and so forth which will further cast them out of normie society. I can't wait to see the result of this hypersexual normie faggotry, all the promiscuous succubi will hit the wall hard while the guys go full gymcel and sigma male, I wonder what it will lead to in a decade, hopefully something funny.


Probably heavier taxation, the virgin tax, the manlet tax and the dicklet tax, will be used for sterilization and mass underage tranny procedures (non blacks only).


((non-jewish only))


Whats funny is how feminists already get massively butthurt when normie dudes go for younger succubi instead of 35+ yr olds, they are already trying to shame normie men into going for succubi who hit the wall because its not going their way.


That's a really bold claim. Can you back it up with non-crab sources?


this was discussed a month or so ago with relevant links to scientific studies, so fuck off, i beg you


This is really not a crab topic, I hear normies talk about this all the time on the internet and irl. Most guys don't have a real chance to get close to a succubus irl over dating apps, most of them either don't get an answer or they just get milked for validation and attention until they become boring to the succubus. There are also a lot of guys who manage to arrange dates and then the succubus doesn't even show up without even cancelling plans. It's just the reality of online dating.

Also look at all the grifters who provide bullshit 'dating advice' to all the normies who think they have a better chance if they get better at flirting but this also only leads to the things above.


File: 1674717553143.jpg (28.22 KB, 745x483, 745:483, keyed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>Also look at all the grifters who provide bullshit 'dating advice' to all the normies

Like Mystery and the other PUA guys? I thought they were aimed at nerdy dudes.


mystery is a has been PUA


PUA has been dead for almost 10 years and only brought up as a boogie man.
It was completely replaced by dating and relationship coaches and self help gurus.
I think the current boogie man is that Andrew Tate fellow.


Andrew Tate is mainly aimed at sandniggers and white kids who think they are sandniggers


Jordan Peterson and Andrew Tate are like saints to zoomer men


Wow, I've been out of the loop a long time. I remember dudes like Mystery being specifically aimed at nerds.


How many wizard youtubers are out there? On the other hand, I guess most "e-celeb" would see "coming out from the wizard closet" as career suicide.


PUA era was back before dating apps had the effect on succubi that they've had, i remember it was big prior to say 2015 at the latest. succubi selecting being exposed to huge pools of men when they're already the more more selective/passive sex by nature just resulted in a lot of guys realizing they have no chance. a nerdy, not traditionally handsome guy in 2005 might think his personality could land him an attractive succubus, such a guy nowadays would be seen as naive beyond belief.

guys like tate emphasize getting rich and roided more than learning game, it's more cynical now.


How many active YouTubers are over 30?
And of those how many talk about their lack of a sex life.

For example there is themysteriousmrenter, who only rarely talks about his personal life and mostly talks about cartoons. But during his harassment by a stalker he mentioned that he is totally asexual and "is so pure he could run a unicorn farm" in regards to his non-existent sex life.
But it isn't what his channel is about and it's not something that a casual viewer would know about him.
Not sure if he is over 30 yet though.

Most people who make videos directly about their advanced virginity tend to be ultra boring vloggers who don't have anything interesting to say.
The ones who don't talk about it tend to be autistic and instead make content related to their special interest, and thus not bring up their personal life except rare exceptional situations.


That makes a lot of sense. I mean, if I have a YouTube channel, I would talk about things that interest me or my personal projects and keep my private life secret. I bet most people would do the same.

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