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I hate the middle east and Muslims Islam etc, that being said most black people as in African are OK


Are you O.K. with Indonesian Muslims?


To some degree, I'm more tolerant of Indonesian people, but I dislike Islam or Christianity.

Nobody dares to speak against Muslims, because some of those delusional fuckers will cut your head off. Its not even race per se it's just the culture of religion.


Middle easterners are great people, it's the religion that sucks ass.


Cool, they can be great people in their shitty desert area of the world. Stay home, Mohammad.


And you made a thread because?

Did you really need to let everyone know you are a ignorant bigot?
Or are you seeking validation?
Whatever this thread is dumb and so is OP.


OP is a Jew


zionism will die


I hate White people. Not all of them just the Jewish ones


kike devils are NOT White




I just want it to let the world know


I really despise the belief in an eternal hell, it is obscene and sadistic. I will not tolerate the belief


Its for moral righteous people to make sense of the world, it's just like karma, it's a fantasy.


where do you think you are right now, smart guy?

hell is real and immanent


If you mean figurative hell as of right now I agree


I think some people just have incredibly shit lives, to the point where they just need a fantasy like hell and heaven to keep going.
They're probably past suicide ideation. They attempted suicide, or had a near death scenario. That shit seems to really ramp up the fantasy juice. The cells in your body convince your chimp brain of meaning in life, just so that their host keeps living.

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