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You wake up tomorrow and find that you are omnipotent. You can do anything you want to. How would you use that power? Would you use it responsibly, for the sake of others? Or selfishly, for yourself? Would you create a new world? Would you erase all existence? Would you be the tyrant of the universe?

To be honest I'd probably go around killing and torturing people in various ways, from house to house all over the Earth. Yeah, I'm an edgelord, whatever.


>You can do anything you want to
Already can, already do

>I'd probably go around killing and torturing people in various ways

You can go and do that now. Why don't you?


>Would you use it responsibly, for the sake of others?


i would make me to be able to sleep and enjoy sleeping for as long as i want and then i would just lapse into an eternal sleep because fuck this world not gonna spend a bit of power bothering about it


i'd be in a good mood and nobody could bully me for it.

i'd make that everyone who bans another person on the internet would have to pay with a body part, nothing smaller then a finger for every ban.

go ahead keep banning people for nothing but there would be a price to pay.


>i'd be in a good mood and nobody could bully me for it.
that's a nice power tbh


I would make a bizarre tortureworld for normies. Reee.


>You can go and do that now. Why don't you?
Because I don't want to spend the rest of my life in jail.


I'd troll religious people for a bit then kill myself out of boredom


i'd destroy the world so nobody has to suffer ever again and people can't torture animals anymore. all across the world there's people keeping mammals fenced in outdoors with no shelter and not even any trees to stop the snow or provide shade when it gets over 100 degrees outside. it's legal to give animals no shelter even in the USA.
i wouldn't even want to torture these people, i'd just destroy the world. it has to end as soon as possible.

assuming i can't destroy the world for some reason:
i'd torture farmers and i'd never grow bored of it for even one second. i'd do some "i have no mouth and i must scream" eternity of torture for white cattle ranchers and dairy farm CEO's.


most mentally stable veganoid


alien life should be destroyed as well, we need eugenics to build an advanced civilization capable of doing that


if there's any aliens it's confirmed that we'll never ever have the fuels to leave this galaxy, and neither will they because the laws of physics stay the same throughout the universe.
i'd like to kill them all too because life requiring suffering of the self and requiring the suffering of others (food) to be sustained isn't a life at all.


If you can do anything, then there's no point ending life when there's alternatives. I mean, it's not like there's a reason not to either.


I'd get rid of the income tax, give every rich asshole who attended Davos a terminal illness, break up Google and give Youtube to IBM or whoever owns Odysee, make Ted (from Ted movie) real, make anime real, and end all droughts globally.

Then I'd restrengthen the Constitution and give every country in the world the option to ratify a Constitution exactly like America's, make it cloudy or rainy when I'm sick of the sun and its ilk, and make a device that turns whichever building I'm in into a Halo, CS, or CoD map and have a deathmatch/slayer game.


Why you guys so uncreative? You can do literally anything and you choose all this lame worldly stuff.


>it's confirmed that we'll never ever have the fuels to leave this galaxy


I'd do cool nature things like give myself power to fly and chill out with the birds then give myself breathe underwater power and chill with underwater bros. And I'd use my powers to make the world more Natural and less urban


Why not just switch the positions? If someone treats his pets badly then he should be kept by his own pets and he should be abused by them like he did it with them.

Watching footage of the Ukrainian-Russian War and it's all just shitty commie cement blockbuildings all around. So ugly. So boring. Urbanization makes this world so repulsive.

Your ideas please?


>for the sake of others
Why would I? That would end badly.
I would go full isolation mode. Steal myself one of those uninhabited tropical islands and build a little paradise there. It would be sealed off from the rest of the world by magic barriers. Perhaps I would summon my waifu to keep me company. Nothing would change that much, I wouldn't want to bother with ruling this physical reality, it is too tiresome.


I'd go to my own realm, where I create things as if I was lucidly dreaming, or writing.
But I'd also abduct wizzies and witchies from earth who had it bad, and place them either on my realm or a different one.
I'd also create some internet sites that governments on earth can't block, with unworldly content, like super advanced chat AI. Or I'd release infinite content, super immersive MMORPGs
But I'd try not to mess with earth too much. Maybe only take people who have no family that would miss them, have the game be non addictive, etc


i would just delete it all. i dont see what is valuable about anything. we just create attachments to stuff ultimately to be let down.
>If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.


city air makes you free. it's thanks to the city that we escaped serfdom and lifted ourselves into a modern world with computers you are typing on right now


>city air makes you free

City air literally makes you retarded and increases risks of physical problems as well as mental ones such as schizophrenia.


Spend time in my own private universe, where I act out all my fantasies, like living in various fictional settings or dreaming for a thousand years straight.
I'd then present everyone in this universe a choice of being zapped into nonexistence or joining me in my comfy universe of joy for eternity, upon their death in this world.
Being omnipotent, I'm also able to think and act beyond the constraints of time, so it would be as though I had always been God in this scenario, and I could even live vicariously through any and all living beings that have ever existed and experience what they experience, if I so wished.
Reading and rewriting the entire literary canon of mankind mite b fun too, like pure intellect Cave Johnson.


Ill use it to spy on succubi


File: 1680379525071-0.jpeg (380.1 KB, 1600x1063, 1600:1063, camel polo.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1680379525071-1.jpeg (95.26 KB, 650x650, 1:1, Old-military-book-650x650.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I just become a Raw Primal diet-er who plays camel polo all day and does folk wrestling also


I'd make a god that's sole purpose is to make sure no one can go to hell because know one deserves eternity of endless pain and suffering, I'd gift my abilitys to everyone except my god can countermand them if it feel necessary, they must also allow it to spread into any new dimensions or universes that are made.I would rewire my brain so I was happy and confident then I would start my own dimension and turn it in to a star wars themed univers and be a sith. When I get bored of that I would recreate the star Trek univers and join the federation (not sure what role I would pick). I'd spend some time in a 40k universe. I'd also create my own dimension with nothing but me and my god to chill in, I'm thinking beautiful beaches, warm seas with no predators, big open woodland, mountains to clime and beautiful countryside to meander through on a boat. I'd find / create people to play wow with and start from the very first release and work through all the raids. Some of you might not like this but I would create my perfect loving wife who would be all mine to do whatever I want with her.


I'd clean up my place.


♫I would still be one of us
♫ Just a stranger on a bus.

(Or I'd live somewhere in the depths of the Pacific ocean. I'd have a millennium or two to move out before mankind's tech advances enough to get all up in my face).


Holy shit, so you're telling me I can just cure myself of my physical and mental illnesses, buy (or create) a house, and then just fuck off and be a NEET phreak? Guess life doesn't have to be so bad after all.

I'm old now you youngfag.


File: 1681051434826.jpg (15.08 KB, 500x526, 250:263, 1397826936942.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I dream about this daily and have built up quite a detailed plan.

Step one is to take over a few low density countries such as Australia via being all the people born and taking over bodies from suicides/accidents/deaths, like sort of a hive mind where all individual people are being controlled by me. I also do the same in other countries, be part of the population, but don't take it over. I never become more than 1% of the total human population, since the current population is just over 8 billion, that means I can have 80 million bodies under my control.

Step two is to use this population to build up power, I do this by having my individual bodies win lotteries, invent useful things, become landowners and business owners, etc. I have 80 million "individuals" forming quite a strong community, helping each other, lending money, working long hours without complaint, because it is all for my greater goal.

Step three is to build a massive mega city in the empty country, capable of housing three billion people! I invent/advance several technologies required to make this city workable, including androids, AI, real VR, thorium power, water cleaning and recycling technology, aquaponics, etc. The AI, androids and the real VR are the key technologies, the robots do all the work and the VR allows people to live their wildest dreams while being under absolute control. There is no democracy in the city, it is completely ruled by the AI and the laws laid down are absolute, peace and order are paramount, inflation is strictly controlled, etc.

Step four is driving people to my city, which shouldn't be too hard considering how shit life is in most other countries. One part of this plan is to use 40 million of my bodies to leave the host countries and cause economic trouble in those countries, further encouraging ordinary people to move to my city. The city is designed to give people a free small home, small amount of UBI for food and necessities, certain amount of free utilities, free medical, and a free android. Public transport is also free, but has some conditions to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle. The city is also designed to allow people earn money for an upgraded lifestyle, eg a larger apartment, a garden, a car license, a child license, money for hobbies or sports/music events, etc. But the majority of people shall live in the VR apartments, they spend 13 out of every 14 real world days in deep dive VR. The VR is designed to manipulate time to make it seem longer if they so wish, eg, one year in the real world is 12 years in the VR world. They can do whatever they want in the VR world, there's no holds barred and they can live in complete pleasure for the rest of their lives.

I do this not out of kindness of my heart, but because I am sick of the chaos and stupidity of people. I hate waste, I hate disorder, I hate urban sprawl, I hate corruption, I hate pollution, I hate politics, etc and with this mega city I aim to eliminate much of it as possible.

Being a god, I will likely get bored of this and the continued stupidity of people so after several hundred years, who knows, I might go explore other worlds or something and leave humans to their own destiny. They certainly can't say I didn't try.


punish everyone and everything for existing. make them feel the same pain they made me feel.


you guys ever play smt nocturne? It had choices like this. I picked the "turn everyone into an unthinking Buddhist vegetable" for some reason, pretty stupid considering the god-in-each-subdomain was objectively the best option


>Your ideas please?
Well, for a start, i'd create a new qualitative concept of good which is superior to pleasure, and has infinite value.
The me now cannot comprehend such a thing, because I am limited by what exists, but an omnipotent being should be all-powerful, and therefore capable of creating superior goods which are beyond our current comprehensions, or even goods which are infinitely so.

That's just an example.


i killed these two annoying brats and defeated the demiurge and lucifer or something.


There are tons of scenarios I would live out. I would do lots of reincarnation (backwards and forwards through time) where either at some point in an incarnation or at death I would "wake up" and remember my full existence.

A couple scenarios of top of my head:
1. Go back in time as a succubus and obsessively service my male self
2. Start over life and be some kind of hulking creature beyond human. Swim, climb, sleep on bare ground.
3. Shepherd


File: 1681172861818.png (1.28 MB, 1200x798, 200:133, 789789.png) ImgOps iqdb

Probably cure cancer or some shit so that my karmic debt or whatever is repaid, then I'd probably wish for some kind of guide entity that could help me fix myself, just what my next step should be.

At some point I would probably wish to forget I was omnipotent until X condition is fulfilled because knowing I could have anything at any time would make everything kind of pointless.

Probably even give up the omnipotence completely at some point. If there's no God or Satan then I'd probably create them or something like that to give everyone's life more meaning and purpose.


>karmic debt
what kind of bs is this


you can't escape the consequences of your actions.


you make it sound like some morality meter in a video game


File: 1681256537640.jpg (21.53 KB, 683x538, 683:538, 70d6901d63c652867ed01963c5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i'd make it so that value could not be stored. it would expire after 12 months. all money in all banks would just vanish after a year.


>then I'd probably wish for some kind of guide entity that could help me fix myself, just what my next step should be.

i'll give you a next step if you want it: get healthy. fix yourself, repair yourself, regenerate. it's much nicer to be bored in a healthy body then in a sick ugly body that needs increasingly complicated medical science to keep you alive.


You are right. This is the "healthiest" I've been physically in more than half a decade, I think.
It's still not enough. But if I am being completely honest with myself there are still some more things I can force myself to do.
Though I feel like it won't be enough.

Do I have to go full jocko willink huberman green juice wake up at 4 am, eat raw onions and eggs, cold showers, ice baths, sauna, kettlebell, meme herb, wim hoff huffing and puffing, FIR balls, raw liver and heart, nocoom, sunlight in eyes 1 minute after waking up, power pose, 0 screens 8 hours before bed, standing desk walking all day, meditation, TM, IF, just to be a baseline human?

Maybe. It is what it is


>How would you use that power?
I would probably do jack shit, nerf myself for a few things like videogames because otherwise it would be too boring, just do stuff to be comfortable, not having to work and shit.
>Would you use it responsibly, for the sake of others?
Probably, but I won't just go around solving everyone's problems because some people don't deserve it.
>Or selfishly, for yourself?
A bit, yeah
>Would you create a new world? Would you erase all existence?
Not all of it
>Would you be the tyrant of the universe?
No, no one would know about me and I would only intervine in fucked up cases


I took one look at Jocko's podcast and was like, this guy's a fucking moron why would I waste my time listening to a jarhead. I know this is a joke and Huberman doesn't know how to do tl;dr either but some of it is good advice


>wim hoff huffing and puffing

i've done it regularly for a while.

now i am low energy in comparison, scratch my head and wonder why i don't do the wim hof breathing anymore. my breathing is bad atm.


Government are already way ahead of you with their digital money.

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