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why are we virgin?

it appears to be such a unique thing to be in life. I have never met such person in my life except on the internet. what causes this? psychological problems? extremely repelling physical appearance? no one is without any personality issues but never really anyone without any sexual experience, especially after a certain age. you come across actual schizophrenics, unemployed, homeless, crippled but I never met anyone who's virgin. of course it's not something you can just ask to anyone and get answers but anyone I've met and got close in time always at one point or another at least hinted at the act of doing. and of course there are always people who pay for sex too. so what is the deal with us? not only I don't exist for the opposite sex, despite having natural reproductive urges, very potent at times I somehow ended up where I'm at life with absolute zero sexual experience and I feel like that's the case for a lot of other people. how come?


It just never happened.


i just think sex is gross and relationships seems mroe trouble then they are worth


I can barely financially provide for myself, how am I supposed to financially provide for a succubi too?

I'd have to find a sugar momma.


I'm gay and was never interested in succubi, by the time I figured out my sexuality I had already become an agoraphobic shutin, if I was heterosexual I think I would have had a higher chance of being normal but there's no way to know for sure


Fag, kill yourself


A combination of being ugly, low self-steem due to years of bullying and having strict parents who sheltered me way too much and didn't let me develop as a person.


it is just tolerating nasty smells and secretions for no significant benefit


Mother was a hoarder so I was embarrassed to bring over any succubus that liked me at school.

I also didn't have a car or driver's license, which also prevented me from maintaining a relationship with a cute succubus.

Eye sight also got bad, which forced me to wear glasses, which lowers your attractiveness to a lot of succubi.

Some really pretty succubi liked me and I still fantasize about them.


>why are we virgin?
I was born a virgin, unlike all you posers who only became a virgin after it was considered cool.


Are you some sort of collective or something?
You aren't royalty so it's not the Queen's we you are using.
So you using we is fucking weird and dumb. Knock that shit off dude.


File: 1677146135042.jpg (55.37 KB, 848x480, 53:30, this-shit-again.1646014980….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


don't sweat too much over it.

in my case, i've always been friendless and not very talkative.
people find my absolute lack of social life and abysmal social skills weird, so they don't want to associate or be seen with me.

i believe this stems for my subpar looks, after all we are attracted to the beautiful.


>not very talkative
Me too. I never have anything to say most of the time. I don't know how to talk to people even though I seemed to have a pretty normal life early on like I played a lot with neighbours kids. And when I force myself to say something it's usually pretty dumb. I have a lot of shame because of saying stupid stuff in the past.


Because I don't have sex.


sorry, I can not go back and edit my OP but please feel free to treat this thread as I forwarded this question everyone on this board except you.

it appears that the question has not been answered.


>extremely repelling physical appearance?
for at least 95% of the ppl here this is guaranteed to be the reason, but people like you still naively believe that physically attractive people aren't treated like gods not just in sex but all other facets of life and play life on easy mode


A perfect storm of about a million things snowballing into a mountain. Too old to care now.


Basically I avoid things that make me nervous and talking to people and dating and all that makes me nervous.


TBH, I never tried that much. I knew I wasn't getting any before adulthood, and reputation in school will follow you for the rest of your life. You're always going to be made to account for your past, and if you're sped, you're dead. There is no way around it and you will always be at the very bottom of society. It's worse than being a slave. It's just a matter of time before the other losers realize that they were never going to be allowed in society.

If I really tried and could force myself to accept anything, I'd find a way. It would be disgusting, it would be a lie, and it wouldn't last nor be anything worth doing, but there are succubi out there. If nothing else, I could accept being with the really desperate retarded succubi. If they could find someone who will simply treat them well, it's like a whole different world, and other failed men aren't always suitable. I couldn't do that to her though, knowing what happens if they are even seen with a man. They're put under pressure to stay alone and definitely can't have kids, which begs the question - what would I even accomplish?

Mostly though, I can't say I ever liked sex that much in the first place. My first impression was that it just made people very unhappy and no one could really give me a reason why this was so good. In hindsight, it seemed like certain people just loved the politics and backstabbing of it all, and liked seeing the losers suffer. I didn't find many men who liked sex for its own sake, but a lot of men who liked to be douchebags about it. The men who were truly successful were the most laid back about it, and often they were understanding enough of why I was doomed to be single. It's the graspers who really get into the nasty side of sexual politics, the people who are afraid of the lie ending. Normal people usually come away saying its a bunch of shit and that I'm better off not bothering. It wasn't until my 30s that I felt I knew what I would have wanted, but it's way too late to start. No succubus is going to teach me at that age, and the body was already fucked up and starting to fail anyway. I wouldn't be able to do much, and anything I did would be a pale shadow of what it would have been when I was healthy.

Sad truth is, you're selected for the easy life during your teens. You were obligated to take part in the orgy and sex parties, and if you were marked as a failure, you were out for good. Doing it that way ensures that there's a demand for prostitutes, porn, and all the traps that are designed to ensnare failed men, so there's a lockstep enforcement of the club where sex is easy and free. Losers always have to pay, whether they pay a whore or become paypigs in marriage. It really is a lie for most men, and it's no longer deniable. The succubi will just go to the place where the real sex happens anyway. Anything you're going to get is just a lie and a joke, and there's a huge interest in keeping up the charade, until they can just force people to accept artsem and breeding slaves in the tanks. That will come sooner than you think. If 60-70% of men have nothing and most of the remainder only have lies and broken hopes, what is there? None of the succubi are going to appreciate a man who isn't in the club, because there is no incentive to and a lot of pressure to join the club. The succubi who dodge it are claimed at the church in arranged marriages, and then just join the club anyway because none of that shit is real.

If you go out in the world, you will find a lot more virgins than you think. You can find a few female virgins who, for whatever reason, are unsuitable for the club and realize that there is no reason they should join any of this unless they're doing it for pay. Male virgins and failures are everywhere. Increasingly I've found that it's just sort of the thing these days. I've had conversations where someone just assumes I am a virgin (pretty obvious given my social status) and it's not seen as a big deal. What else would I be? It's not like most men have much to write home about. They have their video games and spend more time watching streamers or doing hobby shit than chasing after the lie. It's not even that they go for porn - not every man is a porn hound and normal men know it's a trap and grow sick of the rot. They've seen what happens to addicts and that shit really fucks with your brain. They're just done and came to accept that they are herbivores. This is more in the open in Japan where it's a whole lifestyle and nerds are super fucked up by the culture there. The old way a failed man coped was his weekly jerk off session, and they have the good sense to never go down the fetish stimulus hole. They really just want a pretty face and nice tits, and since they're not going to get the easy life, they make do with whatever is available, then forget about it when their weekly ritual is over. It's all rather disgusting, and I'd rather go back to things I actually like, which would be basically anything else.

Soon enough, I'll be gone and all of this will no longer be my problem. For a long time I've had an escape hatch if I have to take matters into my own hands early, and if you're not particularly attached to life in this society, you will have very different priorities. I think more about how I'm going to die then whether I'll be remembered afterward. This society is a bunch of shit, and the world is enclosed so there won't be places to go for long. I no longer hold on to the lie that I can be redeemed, or that humanity can be redeemed to me. What I still care about is the world and the people who get that this is wrong, even if I'm pissing into the wind by acting against the current trend. There are fewer of us who really get it, but a lot of normies who at least hesitate to make it worse. The world is shit up by a minority that has been enabled. The best thing I can do for the part of society I care about is damage control. It won't stop eugenics but it will suck less for those who are making the passage to a different world. It sucks that we have to leave this world, because there isn't really another, but I already made my plans for the world outside of that which we normally live. I've come to accept that death truly is an eternal sleep, and all this stuff about eternal recurrence is a bunch of malarkey. The world is kind enough to disallow human conceits from making the world into what humans want it to be. Humans could have chosen to make the world better, and dumb naive me thought there were more people who thought the way I did. It didn't occur to me that most people never think like that for a second, and the idea is very bizarre and totally inadmissible in this Satanic country.


>it appears that the question has not been answered.
you wouldn't know if it has or hasn't, newfag


i think social isolation
the real question is why we are all socially isolated
which has pretty varied answers id imagine


>i think social isolation
True Wizards are socially competent and have no interest in sex


This coupled with lack of interest at a certain point. Also, I'm into so weird fetishes, which just makes things worse.


Shit like this is why I refuse to ever have sex.


Based dont let others get you down


gay are normalfag because they have the brain of females



Fags are basically succubi. They shouldn't even be allowed here.


doesnt it makes em more volcel since they could more easily get sex than hetcrabs?


masculine gays do not have the brains of females

i would say they are better than effeminate straight men in terms of having less of a succubus brain


yet they are immune to succubi and are therefore not allies to heterosexual men, who have to deal with immutable biological urges to fuck succubi, whether they think it's something they should act on or not. too easy for them to defect in collaborating with straight men for this reason.


You're not volcel because a bunch of other gay freaks with stds who would even fuck post op trannies will also not mind having sex with you.
gays are mentally ill no wonder they're so delusional they think they're volcels. Just look at the wizchan mod andrew who wants to fuck his online friends.


You're not volcel because a bunch of other gay freaks with stds who would even fuck post op trannies will also not mind having sex with you.
gays are mentally ill no wonder they're so delusional they think they're volcels because another mentally ill person of the same sex wants to be a degenerate animal with them. Just look at the wizchan mod andrew who wants to fuck his online friends.



Andrew offered to give me ketamine and fuck me in the ass on Discord.


there is actually a gay male equicalent of terf that doesnt like ftm gurls invading their gayman only spaces


Because I'm a oddball with mental issues.


I used to consider myself an 'crab' (almost ten years ago) but it was not really serious. I wasn't bitter or angry about it, I just felt really depressed that I was undesirable, unlovable, ugly, etc. I felt like if I was loved, it would make my heart stop hurting. That was until I was forced out of neetdom and encountered opportunities for relationships and sex (when a few succubi and a man asked me out or gave me their numbers in various ways). I realized that I didn't really want to have a relationship and certainly not sex, because the feeling of intimacy is excruciating.
This might be a rule violation, it depends on how mods interpret it. I have never had a consensual romantic or sexual experience nor have I ever wanted to have either one, but I can feel my heart burning for some kind of close intimacy. As I should say, there is a distinction between the desire to have something and the feeling in the body; my heart aches a lot, but when I have the ability to acquire what it is aching for, I reject it because I do not actually want it.


Maybe, but remember that this thirst is not to be satiated the neurotypical way, it's just a twistedness for the unconscious.

We need inner regulations. Weird stuff


Say what you will about the straight crabs but they don't make dozens of threads sexually harassing wizards and generally being disruptively disgusting on /b/ every time they get horny, which is nearly every day.
I don't come here to erp or be sexually harassed. Only the obnoxious fags do that shit and it's part of the reason I don't like them and don't think they belong on this site. If it was just posting in the fap thread or occasionally horny posting some pictures in a contained thread in b like the straights do then it wouldn't be a problem. But the fags have spread their faggotry like aids while being as obnoxious as humanly possible.
I honestly doubt they are actually virgins being that sex obsessed and do honest hope they catch a std that rots their dick off.


>they don't make dozens of threads sexually harassing wizards
they make dozens of threads discussing child pussy and their new favorite kpop idol instead


that's nama3 whose only hobbie is watching child porn


but he is one of the mods


I had chances but autism cucked me getting that close to someone feels too much but I crave it


Because succubi want attention and someone they can presume about.

When I stopped being depressed about it I became rejective against them, and even if my disgust has not faded wholly I still sense apathy and disappointment towards da opposite sex.


Short and ugly
Mentally and physically disabled
Never had the social ability other have, extremely shy and awkward
Nobody to teach me the actual ways of the world, not the naive nonsense teachers and media tell you. Often had to find out things the hard way, increasing my anxiety
The above and more just made me a coward, sinking further and further into depression and seclusion until I eventually became a wizard.


Same, I'm an ugly in.cel but I was never interested in succubi at all as a kid or a teenager and I'm gay. I was perfectly happy being left alone and if the world wasn't so unaccepting of deviant freaks such as myself I would probably be a lot less miserable. I was naturally gay as a kid, it was society that corrected me and made me act to fit their norms, normalfag society forced me to larp as straight and it still wasn't enough. I was made fun of and bullied for being a suspected homosexual as a kid and teenager which gave me a lifelong complex. Nobody knows irl and I'm accustomed to being a closeted homosexual.


>TBH, I never tried that much
I'm so fucking sick of you retards claiming that the reason you are virgin is 'muh I never tried'. It's fucking retarded. Like, what does that even mean? How do you fucking try to have sex? What you just run around naked and try to have sex with someone? You tigh someone to the chair?

You can't try to have sex. You live your life; things happen naturally and you have sex. If that didn't happen to you then that's it; it didn't happen. There is no trying.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that every person on this planet who had sex at some point in ther life didn't 'try to have sex'. It happened to them naturally. That'sit. Simple as that. There is no 'trying to have sex'.

Stop fucking using that retarded phrase please; it's so stupid.


>How do you fucking try to have sex?
Reading and implement PUA advice for how to relate to succubi.

>I can tell you with 100% certainty that every person on this planet who had sex at some point in ther life didn't 'try to have sex'

What? That's false, maybe if you're a succubi, you don't try, but men as the initatiors and females as the selectors, all men have to try, except the ones so desirable that succubi initiate (rare, top 1%).

Just because you were keen enough to be volcel forever doesn't mean many wizards aren't excrabs


>Reading and implement PUA advice for how to relate to succubi.
I have yet to see one person having success with PUA approach; never ever have I seen that.

>What? That's false, maybe if you're a succubi, you don't try, but men as the initatiors and females as the selectors, all men have to try, except the ones so desirable that succubi initiate (rare, top 1%).

1%? Nonsense; all the ppl I know who are either married or in LRT had succubi make the first move or even approach.

But again that was not my point; my point was that to normans sex comes naturally; it something like eating food or beathing air, you don't rly consciously think about it that much; it happens as a part of life.

There is no 'trying to have sex'.


100 cap, you know a bunch of people that the succubi initiated? I dont believe in the slightest, and my experiences socializing with other men dont reflect it


we have to agree to disagree then. i didn't say I know a bunch of people because I'm not that social but I know some and I've seen in through work/hobbies.

When I say succubi initiated I don't mean succubi going on their knees and asking me to marriage or something like that but I mean giving clear signs that even the biggest giga autists would get or even messaging first on dating apps etc.

In clubs/bars I saw succubi approach many times.

Believe what you want; I don't give a fuck honestly but I just said that concpet of 'trying to have sex' is retarded or guys saying the only reason they are virgins is because they didn't even try - what is there to try?


asking them*


>I mean giving clear signs
I learned what these were via PUA

I've never been in a club, and I've never seen a succubi initiate in a bar, unless you mean something retarded like she made eye contact, thats not imitation.

Try? Have you ever met a succubi? Theyre insufferable and require a lot of hard work otherwise like children and psychopaths.


Virgin is the default state of being.
If anything you should be asking normals why they are not a virgin.


>I learned what these were via PUA
I doubt guys which whom I've seen that happening even know what PUA is; those were just regular guys; no PUA tactics involved.

>I've never been in a club, and I've never seen a succubi initiate in a bar, unless you mean something retarded like she made eye contact, thats not imitation.

I don't mean eye contact. I litreally mean that they approached guys; like walking straight to them. Succubi are crazy when they find you attractive.

>Try? Have you ever met a succubi? Theyre insufferable and require a lot of hard work otherwise like children and psychopaths.

I didn't mean for LTRs with succubi I meant just sex. You don't try to have sex. You are in marriage/LTR and you have sex or if you are single then via ONS. There is no trying.

That would be like saying I died from lack of oxygen beacuse 'I never tried to breathe'. You can't 'try to breathe'; it's natural.


top 1% has succubi walking up to them


We live in a different universe then. I see that happening every time I go out to multiple guys.


you could just be in an exceptional enclave, the world is very heterogeneous. for one example of a type of enclave, is a rich city in a poor area, will have succubi coming up. most men do not experience anything like that, 99/1


it's a really sound argument.



This is like some 25D crab coping going on here.

Depending on your personality you absolutely do have to try to have sex. succubi aren't just going to hop onto your dick.


File: 1678876053085.jpg (1.74 MB, 1500x1200, 5:4, 1663419131015592.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You have to be a manipulative piece of shit to pull off a succubus.
I can't be arsed, learning how someone works and how to exploit them is not my thing, even if bitches get off to that. I have a really busy life to be distracting myself with that


Or you can just be the top 1% of men as previous poster
is apparently seeing men pull ladies just by existing. (He's a liar)


File: 1678880453707.jpg (51.05 KB, 512x950, 256:475, 1664691575398594.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You don't have to
You just gotta be a real bullshitter, that's all there is to it.
Even so called "top men" get taken advantage of


I don't think you read my post.


That picture is so dumb and was definitely made by someone who doesn't know anything about Christianity. Reddit tier smartass stuff.

No one denies that human beings have temptations and passions but its all about battling and struggling against them so to even ask something like that has no purpose at all. There's even a lot of saints who had struggles with lust but that doesn't mean that they gave into their temptations unlike the idiot who asked that question who is most likely behaving like complete reddit atheist type degenerate. To ask a question like that is indeed disrespectful since the sole purpose of it is to lash at Christians but its also a completely pointless question as well, it's like asking a color blind guy what his favorite color is.


as christian volcels we need to arm ourselves in the war of temptations, by knowing what was more powerful at tempting our Savior. then we can shield ourselves against demoness succubi

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