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Hey fellow Wizchads, sorry If I posted this in the wrong thread I'm a lurker and this is my 1st post.

I am greatly in need of some advice for an Upcoming SSI CDR Review. I have Been on SSI since 2006 (Got put on AutismBux as a kid) but this is my first time doing a review by myself. I am nervous & worried for the worst outcome. I was curious if anybody has had experience with SSI reviews and is willing to share their advice.

To try to make it short I suffer from Anxiety, as well as PTSD, Depression, Anger Issues and a Neuron Imbalance (similar to ADHD) all due to Physical & mental Abuse I suffered From My Parents as an Infant. (They'd do f*kd up shit like pour bleach on my head or burn me with a Clothing iron because I cried. Was Taken in by my Grandmother around 2-3)

My medical history is pretty well documented. But I haven't been in the medical system for about 1-2ish years due to covid so I am calling my clinic Today to get an appointment to get back on Prozac and Vyvanse. And am contemplating seeing a psychiatrist for a Schizoid/Schizophrenia Diagnosis. Any advice to pass the review Would Greatly Be Appreciated.

Like most Wizards I have NO family or Friends to turn to for help, NO source of income besides Skitzobucks, I don't even Have a License because I don't know how to drive.

Thanks Bros


Does anyone have the Uncle Remus copypasta we can give this fine wizard?


I thought it said uncle ruckus for a moment, which is fitting as 4chan is the uncle ruckus of neets. always ranting how there is too much welfare, while being neets themselves. then they drink their own propaganda and say he that looks pretty good i want some neetbux. but it aint as easy as remus says it is.


If you google Uncle Remus Autismmaxxing it comes up


If you have the original (not the main cropped version) he says that he had diagnoses and other stuff in his child hood so he had an easier chance of getting it. You cant do what he did and just get it i think.

If im wrong has anyone used his strategy to win?


It honestly varies wildly depending on where you live and who is dealing with you, no two cases goes exactly the same way.

I personally was very lucky, I was diagnosed with autism at the age of 28 and successfully claimed bux a few months later. I didn't even need to do an interview or talk to anyone because I am an agoraphobic shut in, I just filled in the forms.


Just did my first review the other day. It's like >>300824 said, no two cases are the same. Be honest about your condition, meds you take, and how it makes life hard for you. Don't exaggerate too much. Keep it short and simple


Thanks Bros, I greatly appreciate it.

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