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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction



I've spent the whole day of yesterday playing a videogame that kept me entertained and finished it. I felt ok and sharp of mind, and even after being tired of playing all day i could keep on going.
Now i have been procrastinating some important task that i have to do today browsing wizchan and watching porn, the brainfog returned, i felt tired and sleepy all day and my brain tormented me with bad thoughs.
The whole day flew away, the day went by fast. A blur.


what game?








More manbaby singleplayer games that get boring real quick.


Lately I have started games that I enjoyed playing and then just stop playing for no reason at all, despite some of them having like 20+ hours and I have not finished any of them: Digimon 1, Digimon 3, Digimon Adventure, Wonder Trek, Twilight Syndrome, Network Boukenki Bugiste, etc.
I hate this. My interest just disappear for no reason at all.


File: 1678799423544.jpg (153.35 KB, 1280x722, 640:361, 20230314_090926.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This succubus is speaking with food in her mouth


personally i think star wars day should not be may 4th, the silly pun wouldve been better as "may the fours be with you" and have it on april 4, at 4:44. either that or use may 25th, when it released in theaters


Why do we even have a star wars day if only the first Star War movie, later called Star Wars IV, was good?


Just wait, in a few years there may as well be a Disney day, a Pixar day, a Marvel day. Don't forget to get your cheap pizza today, as it's Pi day. I hate it


I mean its silly, but a perfect pun. I dont think most people would get your 4:44 thing.


Holy fuck I just wanna keep a job for longer than 2 months


At least you got a job. Decided to go to uni at 27yo, in Electrical Engineering. I'm 30 right now looking for an internship. I have been in 30+ interviews and so far no job. They probably just go for someone young or better at social skill or whatever. The only thing I'm good, which is related to EE, is not enough if you are not a social butterfly.


>At least you got a job
Well not now. And I'm talking about easy, minimal wage retail jobs, like the last 2 I've had.



ate nothing but plain potatoes (microwaved, salt+pepper, no oil) today and my stomach seems fine. usually at the end of the day my stomach is fighting a battle. it's like i swallowed nails i can consciously feel my bowel movements and all the gas produced is disgusting and i can feel air pockets inside me. but just potatoes? stomach finally feels normal. holy fuck it has been months of this gay stomach problem. i had completely forgotten what a totally normal stomach felt like until just now. i don't feel anything inside me. i previously tried plain white rice and plain toast before to calm my stomach, but nothing has done this like potatoes. based potatoes. my body knows what it needs


I'm so sick of all this cheap chinese made crap
>buy replacement power adapter for laptop
>contact is so weak I have to constantly hold it in for it to charge
>same thing with my phone
And it's unavoidable. For most kinds of products one can find in a store finding one that's not made in china is like finding a golden egg. All so things are a bit cheaper even if they need to be replaced far more often.


You could have gluten intolerance or if you live in walmartland the residual herbicide on wheat and other grains will fuck up your stomach. Whereas I don't think there's an herbicide that they can spray on potatoes.


Blame shit 1st world countries for making their factory in China. The last good keyboard I had was an American one that came with an Apple ][ when I bought it decades ago.


idk what the problem is, but i have something called dumping syndrome, where food exits stomach too quickly. this has never messed with my stomach though and caused pain, except when i first tried out soylent. i tried eating just rice before (which is gluten free) but the problem persisted, so i dont think its a gluten thing. will continue this for a week to see if potatoes are really working


wizzies, some time ago there was a thread about living moneyless and the wizzies there shared the story of two different people who gave up money yet they lived a comfy life, one was iirc a finish guy who had a website documenting his life and philosophy

do any of you have a source or know what I'm talking about? I didn't save the thread and now I don't remember them


dont remember that, but there is a famous guy who gave up money and lived in the grand canyon in caves, if you havent read about that it is worthwhile


this wizard, a constip8d wiard, I drank a bunch of caffeine and managed to kek out a rotter


How does one learn several different subjects concurrently? Say 5 or 6, mostly unrelated or at best only loosely related. I tend to be unable to focus on something when at the back of my head I know I havs other n subjects. I also can't reeally commit to a single one. It's like I have ADHD which I was never diagnosed but I may as well have.
One idea is to set up a schedule: mondays for physics, tuesday for programming, wednesday for greek, etc. I need to get organized, but I suck so bad at it.


might be low stomach acid or a lack of digestive enzymes. They make supplements for this. I think betaine hcl + pepsin is common. Might be something else entirely but you could give it a shot and see if it helps. Low stomach acid people usually get bloating but they also usually get acid reflux, heartburn stuff like that so if you don't have that it might not be the issue.


you need to be doing something with them all, ie applying those things to use. at least for me this is how i learn new things

im having to learn a lot of things like plumbing, electrical wiring, craming/construction, for home renovation and all the stuff i'm learning is sticking very well as i'm making us of it all. even when it is a very dry boring process consulting building codes and standards and looking up specifics


This is good advice. Problem is, all the interests I mentioned are purely academic. I've also been learning a few other skills without even thinking about it, simply by doing them, just like you.
But I still have an itch to learn theoretical stuff, one that actually gets in the way of the other stuff that constitutes my day-to-day.


>How does one learn several different subjects concurrently? Say 5 or 6,
If you went to school, even basic school, it's interesting to remember that you did learn more than 5 different subjects concurrently. Yeah, they were quite easy, but not when you were a kid and for many adults that never went to school, they are quite hard.


>im having to learn a lot of things like plumbing, electrical wiring, craming/construction, for home renovation
What are your resources for learning them, wiz?


no way you could do that without being some hyper-social normalfag.


youtube to learn the basics, and anytime specific numbers or sizes for something were mentioned or not explained (like spacing between two things, minimum height of something off the floor, etc) i would look through the IRC for building, UPC for plumbing, and my state's specific codes for electrical. each state is basically the same but they have slight differences, and they have ammendments to the IRC etc like for example the depth you must go into the ground to go past the frost line, whether air admittance valves are ok for plumbing, and so on all vary by state but the core is all mostly the same


I've come to find that low effort days are exactly the problem: you feel energized for longer but it is an illusion and you can't actually be productive after 12 hours of imageboards or gaming. So need to front-load some harder (for myself) activities like reading a book or something. I've found it helps with sleep as well



the guy lived pretty much alone, like some uncle ted


>low stomach acid or a lack of digestive enzymes
i think that is partially the problem, but only because i drink so much water with meals and after eating. for example i could feel my stomach emptying sometimes after a big meal and a drink

recently i've been eating simple foods (potatoes, rice, bread) and slowly reintroducing small arounts of other things like peanut butter, and setting an hour timer after eating before i can drink anything. not having any stomach pain anymore


I'm finding it really annoying that mind reading technology is coming into existence now thanks to AI. I really wish we could have just kept that particular technology as science fiction.


They've been warning of it and publishing the progress towards it for 50 years. You had your whole life to stop it. Now you'll have to wear the copper hat


updated firefox on laptop (i dont use the laptop often so figured why not). how is it that EVERY FUCKING time i update firefox i regret it

apparently 2 years ago a massive ui change. it looks like smartphone mobile garbage now, absolutely gigantic dumbed down UI that i cannot even begin to figure out how to revert back to what it was before


use palemoon it maintains vintage interface


File: 1679292275602.jpg (831.04 KB, 1240x1748, 310:437, 106131205_p0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

just found this image oti.. wanted to share it with you lads..


It's strange, I have the memory of being conscious all night last night but at the same time I remember having some dreams. So either I was dreaming while awake, which is what it seemed like, or I was actually asleep and only hallucinating being awake all night. I know I had to be awake for the vast majority of it though because I was getting up and going to the bathroom and looking at my phone and seeing the hours tick by.


what's the concept of those antikrawl thread?


Crawls are a hostile species, possibly alien in origin and Anti-Crawl threads were started as a measure for developing a way to defeat them, but so far not much is known about the species, and that's why, with time, discussions about them have turned so vague and offtopic.


There used to be a joke about how Wizchan went dead on the weekends because all the normies were out clubbing. and so it all started with a Simpsons clip


File: 1679352336564.jpg (192.55 KB, 1170x1127, 1170:1127, Fq58LRIWIAAJWBW.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Put a mix of prepowder in my wizmouth. took a swig from the coffee shop coffee cup to down it, but alas, I had grabbed last night's yesterday's pee cup.

I spat it out, loaded up more pre.

Then made the same mistake AGAIN



Starbucks has a years-long policy of elimintating electric outlets at their stores and also turning off the free wifi when the store closes. They also lock the bathrooms. What kind of scum were they enticing with their gay overpriced coffee that everybody knows came from bitter over-roasted left-over beans?

So what I found out is that the wifi only kicks you out after hours if you try to connect to it after hours. If you leave anything in range and connected during the day, it'll keep going all night long unless it gets disconnected from range or weather or whatever else. Piss on the building for me :D


i piss into an opaque thermos that i empty out and refill wiht fresh water throughout the day

ive developed a "sniff first" policy to control the accidents


File: 1679372079179.png (487.86 KB, 640x748, 160:187, 63.png) ImgOps iqdb


me on the top


reminder to all wiz to watch Haibane Renmei and read Himizu


The Wizard Who Forgot To Buy Chap Stick When He Walked To The Dollar Store That Day


After the last update FF installed without consulting me (it has been doing this since they removed the 'don't update button' on v.64) it broke itself. I don't know what happened. Not only it broke itself and can't connect to any websites, it also made the ublock icon vanish for some reason. It's right there at the bar but it's just blank where the icon should be. After half-assing at a search for a solution I just said fuck it and found a ff 62 installer and installed that. That's the last version that doesn't auto-update or asks you constantly to update, it still has the don't update button. I remember that is the version I stuck the longest after I decided to quit firefox but couldn't really find any decent alternatives to it. But yeah it works now.


I'm all alone for at least a few days, and I have no idea how to use the washing machine.


Here's an interesting read, btw


Same as using the oven


Your family is abusive for not teaching you such a basic skill when you were a child


Men must learn for themselves, from themselves. He knows of the enclosed instruction book, the WikiHow, the Indian Tech Youtuber… He has the know-how to be in the know-how. Give him time, he shall learn.


File: 1679423351578.png (1.2 MB, 1200x430, 120:43, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

when an architect is in charge or preserving a historical house


Most people lose the instruction book and sometimes you cant find results for the particular model. Further, obviously even the will to learn and capacity to learn 'for yourself, from yourself' must be learned from upbringing.


they call themselves architect, they like to destroy everything


well now everyone outside can see all the history inside


What history, anon? The walls are not the same, the stairs are not the same the roof is not the same, the foundation is not the same, the windows are not the same, nor its frames are the same, the portico is gone, they replaced the door and the chimney was already visible from the outside in the original house!


Got prescribed weed so I smoke weed and listen to music all day. Still want to die but can get lost in reverie easily. It sucks that weed has a tolerance.

Sad comfy


i wana make a vr setup for my robot vacuum so it can roam around without actually moving the box… now that i have willed this desire some youtuber must do this for me, remember this post when you see a roomba vr soyface youtube clickbait in 3 years


didnt know my keyboard has a sleep shortcut bound to fn+f1. thought i fucked my computer for a second. wow thats gay as hell


I've been mixing soap with oil and water and dumping it down the drain for years. I googled why this may be a problem and all I could find was claims that it'll clog the city's pipes because the oil will separate from the water eventually.

Not my house, not my problem.


I still don't know what this thread is all about.


basically oil will gunk up on stuff and for fats they will solidify and it just accumulates and gets worse and worse until you get shit like the fatberg


I've noticed that there is no antonym for suffering, such words as glad, felicitous, joyous, cheerful, elated, joyful, fortunate dont convey the same meaning the possible antonym for suffering could have, this word could be pleasure but pleasuring is not the same as suffering, maybe i am just missing something.
Also the antonym of pleasure is pain because pleasuring=paining, makes sense.


You're supposed to use lye, not soap. Through the cleverly-named soaponification reaction, lye reacts with oil / fat to create soap. The soap will then dissolve in water and ideally make its way out. Ideally, the lye will also hasten the decomposition of annoying things like hair.

This is one of the main principles behind things like draino or liquid plumr, but you can also just get pure lye crystals cheaper and run those through from time to time and hope it's never your problem. Candle makers sell it if you can't find it easily at a chemical supply or industrial supply or hardware supply or something like that. Avoid using on toilets because it can eventually eat away at the wax ring typically used to seal a toilet to the drain pipe and if that leaks it's tall ask to say that's not your problem.


I love you all. As retarded as you guys can be, you will always be better than 4turd and especially r9k. I'm high as fuck and I don't mean to be a faggot but I wish you all happiness


hey man you can love your bros without having to say no homo, this isnt 4turd, that stupid fear is why males are so damn isolated these days


Good point. I haven't had any close guy friends solely because of this


Bliss, happiness or euphoria? To me, they seem like sustained forms of pleasure, the same as suffering is a sustained form of pain.


Those are all temporary states


Any that aren't?


pain, suffering


those are temporary


>sit in server queue for 6 hours
>internet goes out not 5 minutes into playing
clearly gangstalkers attacking my videogames


what game


i would guess diablo 4 maybe, since that's the hot new thing right now


i remember when youtube annotations were exactly that, user-created annotation popups providing more info

now, all i see is youtube-inserted ads essentially. "for mroe garbage related to this: shit here"

i wonder why this horseshit isnt by default ablocked


Do any wizards know of mental conditions that make you hyper aware of your internal functions in a way that makes you uncomfortable? I've been experiencing this lately and it's driving me crazy.


I use edge and had it tailored to my preferences, it always tries to nudge me to change them to their recommended settings and one of the more recent updates put some horrible sidebar integration with a big fat ugly button by the url bar. My last experience with firefox was on mobile and it was unbearably awful so I use brave there. I might start using it on my pc as well, no browser is ideal, it seems like everything has become worse and pushes outside of the boundaries of what a web browser's function is. There's another thing I noticed with text fields trying to guess and generate sentences or complete words, I don't know if it's a windows feature or an edge feature but it drives me nuts.


Not sure if this is right, but sensorimotor OCD?


Really big into cooking cabbage wizzies. You can really use it to bulk out your food like you would rice.


That's it exactly, thank you.


File: 1679943146097.png (1.73 MB, 892x1200, 223:300, 6444.png) ImgOps iqdb


I like this Shrek better than the Shrek in the film


This Shrek is Drek


Is there something like a cookbook only for different kind of exercises one can do?


Was reading through https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8020774/ and it's kind of motivating me, I guess. Sage because I should've posted this with my other post.


Yes a lot. I think You are your own gym and Arnold's encyclopedia of bodybuilding is supposed to be what you want though I've never read either of those book. Just search "best x exercises" on youtube. There is also https://exrx.net/Lists/Directory


I bought the original Charles Atlas regime, you know the famous comic ad with the nerd at the beach


(This is a great website.)
I don't know the famous comic ad.

I'm searching around for different exercises I can do that:
- Can be done indoors (because NEET).
- Don't involve jumping (because otherwise people living underneath me complain).
- Don't involve any expensive equipment (because poor).
So far I've got:
- Push ups.
- Squats.
- A certain kind of leg raise (which has been really good at treating a hernia I got some time back, and has kept me from getting it again).
But it'd be nice if there was some form of cardio that fit my ridiculous conditions.


Anything can be cardio if you are out of breath, including push ups and squats if you do them fast enough and don't rest too long. Try those HIIT mobile app, shadowboxing or learn dancing. I am also a shut in and I just run back and forth in my house.


File: 1680059677081.png (222.5 KB, 611x344, 611:344, IRSData.png) ImgOps iqdb

[spoiler]For real though, this gives you a really in depth look into how rich people get their money, how much they pay in taxes (a lot more than I thought), and how most people go about tax avoidance.
Table 1.4 is really interesting and has a lot of good data.[/spoiler]


Hey that is exactly what Charles Atlas is for! Isometric exercies you don't need equipment for.

This is the book I 1st learned about him from-


> One day he watched a tiger stretching in the zoo and asked himself, "How does Mr. Tiger keep in physical condition? Did you ever see a tiger with a barbell?" He concluded that lions and tigers became strong by pitting muscle against muscle. Angelo abandoned his barbells and fell to staging tugs-of-war between hands, legs, fingers, and thighs. By means of such exercises, he doubled his weight and returned the beating to his Halloween tormentor.


Various facts from the report. Apologies if any of these are already known, but sometimes it's good to repeat stuff:
- The top 1% of income earners pay somewhere between 44 to 48% of all taxes (I don't understand the differences in accounting somewhat).
- The top 1% were almost all married and filed jointly. I'm guessing there's a lot of income splitting going on here.
- The top 1% made their money off of dividends and selling stock. Most of these were qualified dividends or right under capital gains tax limits, which is how most avoid taxes.
- The rich all itemize their deductions.
– The largest deduction by far is almost entirely 'business expenses.'
- Alimony is a middle-class issue.
- Property is a middle-class issue.
- IRA is a middle-class issue (but the rich still max theirs out).
- The 1% get the most royalties. (but it's small in comparison to their other sources of income)
- Farming is a middle-class issue.
- The 1% get the most inheritance. (but it's small in comparison to their other sources of income)
- The lower class get a lot from unemployment insurance. Not the most, but in comparison, it's a lot.
- Social security compensation, and being an expat is an upper-middle-class issue.
- The top 1% get the most from gambling. (but it's small in comparison to their other sources of income)
- Middle class and up put money into health savings accounts right up to the limit.


I own the Arnie book and it has a lot of obsolete or dangerous exercises. His program is 100% geared towards roiding as well


>listen to classical music at 60bpm
>meditate and do 4 second breathwork
>teacher gives a mental association every 8 seconds
Anybody try or know of someone who tried this? I've got a westernized book from the 70's that claims it's legit but currentyear ""experts"" hate it ofc.

book recommended music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah392lnFHxM

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