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which board here gets the most traffic would you say? i want to post a 40 year olds+ thread but dont know where to post it.

>in order to upload files you must disable your proxy



and furthermore, i wouldnt even know where to post it anyway.

i mean what the hell is the difference between the lounge, dep, and wiz? they all look the same.


newfag lol

everyone browses /all/ so post it anywhere. most high traffic board is the hidden one >>>/b/

also, proxies are banned from posting images because of an incident

uhhhhh yeah it's all the same shit basically but there's a subtle difference in quality. /wiz/ is supposed to le serious board for high quality discussion, /lounge/ is more relaxed and /dep/ is for shitty blogposts about your life.


newfag here yea, but i as posting dial soap threads on 4shit like 15 years ago.

also of course there was an "incident" why would we ever be allowed to use fucking proxies online these days??


yeah, it sucks. some of us just want privacy, but rule breaking spammers always ruin it for everyone. i got used to posting without images long ago.


the net is cooked i keep chasing the dragon now into my 40s trying to find what i had.

fucks sake its cooked.

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