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Why does this keep happening?

>stay awake for 20 hours so I can go to bed later and slowly move towards waking up early

>wake up after 4 hours and feel too awake to fall asleep again and yet too tired to do anything
>will randomly sleep for 12+ hours just when I thought I fixed my sleep schedule


like how do I wake up after 4 hours when I was awake for 20? I should be getting 8 hours of sleep easily.


you messed up your internal clock and it could take more than one night to fix it. i was similarly struggling for months until i broke the pattern by oversleeping. easier than staying awake for longer.


no matter what i do i return to my retarded schedule. it’s not bad now though summer means it’s hot as fuck during the day and the suns out longer.


Try vitamian supplements and over-the-counter drugs. Following stuff should do trick:

Caffeine tablets

Take like 10 mg of melatonin with ZzzQuil at around 9 PM. Should knock you out fairly quickly every night. Alcoholic beverages might knock you out quicker but you might wake up in the middle of the night with a huge burst of energy.

Take 300 mg of caffeine in the form of tablets at around 7:30 AM. Don't take anymore caffeine for the rest of the day, nor any other stimulants. Get a pill cutter because caffeine tablets come in 200 mg per tablet usually and the highest recommended daily dose for caffeine is 300 mg. Use the pill cutter to cut a few tablets in half.

Try this for about a month or two.

Shouldn't cost more than $50. You can probably get this stuff for less than $10.


Have you tried morning walks? Wait until it's just bright out enough to see and then go take a walk. Do this every morning and your sleep schedule should normalize.


I've been doing that and now I wake up at 8pm at night so I am always ready for the morning walk


What time are you going to sleep to be waking up at 8? It's strange that morning walks wouldn't correct the issue. The angle of the sun filtering through the atmosphere in the morning should trigger a natural cortisol spike that will serve as the trigger to regulate the rest of the circadian cycle (which is largely dependent upon cortisol). If morning sunlight exposure doesn't fix your issue you may have more severe circadian disruption. There are medicines which can treat this, the most tried and true is lithium carbonate. You may want to try medication.


people aren't free to choose their sleep schedule because of how idiotically limited the public life of responsibility is.

for the longest time i would have preferred to go to bed at 4AM, 5AM or even 6AM and then wake up and not be able to run errands or some assholes would insist on having appointments with me at 8 AM and there would always be this tug of war with me wanting to go to bed late and public life which expects me to wake up in the morning.

now trying to get more daylight i am going to bed at 2AM and wake up at 9AM and that seems to be a somewhat acceptible compromise but. this more normal sleep schedule has disadvantages though which i remember from when i was young and were forced to go to school to be bullied and subjugated: i always get sleepy at 4pm but when i go to sleep then my sleep schedule is ruined the next day.

all sleep scheduling problems are a result of people not being free to sleep whenever they want to and schedule their responsibilities accordingly.



just sleep when you are tired and need rest. it doesn't really matter about a routine unless you have obligations


I had this problem. Just recently fixed it.
Here's what I did:
>stayed up around 4 hours later than normal
>woke up 4 hours later
>stayed up a further 4 hours later
>woke up a further 4 hours later
>kept doing this every day until I ended up waking at desired time
>religiously go to bed at same time and always wake up at consistent time- this is the hardest part in the long run
Pro tips:
>don't try to stay up way later than usual, like 12 hours
Your body will fuck with you if you do that.
>if you wake up too early address the problem immediately
With a sleep schedule you're trying to fix your body is going to be out of wack and might be producing too much urine when you're asleep, so you might have to pee and that's what's waking you up even if while you're laying in bed you don't feel like you have to pee. Could also be you're too hot or cold. Or you ate too close to going to bed, try to leave at least three hours between eating and sleeping.

Good luck!

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