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What prevents you from self-improve yourself?

Not for the succubi

For yourself
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once the paper has been crumbled it can't be perfect again


you can starch and iron it back into shape


Starched perfectly describes the average person on the street.



File: 1697415295179.jpg (37.68 KB, 750x600, 5:4, LOLWUT.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I am going to take the wild leaping assumption here that self-improvement is being used here the same way it is in every other perpetually-online male space, to refer exclusively to the activities of lifting weights inside of an air controlled room after restricting calories.

I am going to try very, very hard to pretend that this entire premise is not a circular begging of the question intended to gratify the narcissism of posters whose daily hygiene routines are identical to those of everyone else on this site but whose egos are reliant on the idea that the fact that they they shower and brush their teeth and occupy space manages to put them above everyone else. Somewhat amusingly those selfsame people also rely on the belief that nobody here has any serious health conditions, physical disabilities or acute ailments. Any prologneed failure to bathe or brush teeth as lifelong degenerative conditioning would result in life-threatening sepsis and life-terminating dental abscession (50% mortality rate even with proper medical intervention in the United States) with little to no chance a flesh and blood human who lived in such a way could manage to avoid experiencing either by the age of 30, with the only possibility of such an occurrence being due to flawless, impeccable genetics. And if such impeccable genetic wellbeing existed it would almost certainly manifest in every other part of that person's physical condition, intelligence, social engagement and appearance due to clustering effects. Feel free to smugpost your bad-faith responses anyways, boys.

My weight regimen came to a slow end this year as a result of pain in the shoulder which I had assumed was a worn or torn rotator cuff. It was not, and switching to rotator cuff exercises has proven to be a mistake. It was in fact "calcific tendinitis" which is what happens when one of your tendon clusters decides that it wants to turn into bone tissue when it grows up. I was diagnosed during an unbearably painful jointlock, and have not regained the use of my left arm, and any serious jostling including as little as fast walking can take me out for a day. I can see my gains receding rapidly. Fortunately my sense of self worth is not tied to my ability to lift heavy objects, unfortunately my ability to move my furniture out of my apartment complex is and I intend to relocate soon. I will follow up on this comment at some point in december if I lose any more limbs.


*Ignoring the middle pretentious bit*

Sucks about your shoulder. Do the docs know what trigged the calcification you spoke of in your post?
I am guessing at such a advance stage of tendonitis treatment options are limited.
In the case of moving furniture, sometimes it is just worth the cash to hire movers to do that kind of thing for you.


No, there is no known principal cause. The only associated risk factor is exercise-related tendon damage, which has a small correlation.


File: 1697642632013.jpg (91.29 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, outdoors-.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The term self-improvement is very similar to the term "Common Sense". It's a vacuous term in both. You can put "Common sense" in front of anything to give it the appearance of legitimacy.

Common Sense legislature
Common Sense Gun control
Common Sense whatever

Of course, no one would disagree with "Common Sense" anything, because of course "Common Sense" is just a stand-in for "Good" or "obviously correct" and people disagree on what is Good or obviously correct. The same applies to the term "Self-Improvement". We all want to Improve ourselves. We all disagree, however, on what exactly it means to "Self-improve".

I believe self-improvement means to be more kind, forgiving, generous, loyal, and just. To some it means being wealthier, fitter, and more popular. Lifting weights in the gym does not make you a better person, to me at least. A man who spends his time trying to become more honest is doing infinitely more, in my mind, than a man who spends a year trying to bench press a 100 extra lbs. The former does not show on the outside, so it isn't something one can brag about.

Also, there is an undercurrent of hostility in the in the suggestion. "Why aren't you self-improving?" gives the same kind of feeling as your mom saying "Why aren't you doing your chores??" When she sees you reading a book alone. For some people, there's a tendency to form quiet mental accusations when seeing idleness in others. "This person is Idle? He must be lazy, and he's lazy because he thinks he's too good to work, he might even think he's better than me. Why isn't he helping me or offering to help? Why isn't he doing the things I expect of him? I'm working. I'm stressing and he's just *enjoying* himself??" These are all subtle thoughts, and really we are not even aware we are making them. This goes double if the person is already a failure, since we can pile on "He deserves this" and yet, wanting to pile on more punishment, giving more than he deserves, and not even realizing it.


Why would I do that? I guess I am improving myself by teaching myself music but that's more to hear more music taylor-made for me than to build myself up as a person. Mostly happy to just consoom tbh.


File: 1697746526910.jpeg (81.55 KB, 650x1300, 1:2, 7ceb7e8aab11653f1715ff5de….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I feel like willpower is actually fixed and can't be trained.

I've been aware of my problems my whole life but when it comes to doing something it just feels like an impossible task.

That's why I feel like an idiot every time explaining my problems and what I would need to change perfectly while being 30 and having had enough time to do something and yet not having done anything.


I will try.


File: 1697836228343.jpg (5.97 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1695970896262789.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have nothing good about my self to cherish and protect enough to care, but I care enough to destroy myself out of shame and self hatred. Looking in the mirror and self reflecting both play in a greater role of refraining to look at it completely, to abandon a sinking ship to not feel trapped and reliving the things that are too late to fix. There is a complete disconnection of my soul and body/mind. It does not find home in either and wants a new identity that better reflects itself. My goal is to live a more gentle life style nor does my mind or body grants me that. Cluster B mixed with misanthrope can really make someone a subhuman. There is just too much self hatred to even self improve, but what is odd is that there is still the egotistical self preservation despite having complete hatred for myself that now it have became a conscious choice to destroy myself. Why? because I try to push through the self preservation to allow myself to be pleasured by self degrading habits. My entire identity is subhuman production which makes me wonder if the soul is not me but a collective higher consciousness. If the essence of me was so great, authenticity would go against all odds despite my inferior genes. So maybe even spiritually I am inferior and weak. Guess my eyes are bigger than my stomach. For those that think I am insinuating I am a fucking troon, don't be retarded. Everyone here suffers with identity or else we would not be masturbating swarthoids. But instead achieve a higher goal. Credibility is weak when you have time to care about a misunderstanding.


File: 1700960516233.png (454.55 KB, 459x457, 459:457, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Also, there is an undercurrent of hostility in the in the suggestion. "Why aren't you self-improving?" gives the same kind of feeling as your mom saying "Why aren't you doing your chores??" When she sees you reading a book alone. For some people, there's a tendency to form quiet mental accusations when seeing idleness in others. "This person is Idle? He must be lazy, and he's lazy because he thinks he's too good to work, he might even think he's better than me. Why isn't he helping me or offering to help? Why isn't he doing the things I expect of him? I'm working. I'm stressing and he's just *enjoying* himself??" These are all subtle thoughts, and really we are not even aware we are making them. This goes double if the person is already a failure, since we can pile on "He deserves this" and yet, wanting to pile on more punishment, giving more than he deserves, and not even realizing it.
I keep coming back to this thread for this specific paragraph. This is so true as people tend to create this expectations of what the others should be doing, even when they are unable to fulfill these expectations themselves.
I see the same situation daily on my work and it's one of the reasons that I find troublesome to deal with people.


Because regardless of how many years and effort I've put into it, something or someone will always overtly remind me that no matter what I do, it's already too late for me


I think of it like a muscle.
It can be strengthened over time, but it can also be worn out and over-stressed. It can even be injured or broken.


>>304095 I've failed at pretty much everything I've ever tried to achieve, so I have zero motivation to keep trying for something that will end up a flop anyway.

Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again forever expecting different results


File: 1700985653195.jpg (11.79 KB, 288x216, 4:3, adderall.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is for pussies and cavemen. Easy fix pic related.
And you keep going like a machine, because you have to.
Until you end up like this wizzie. Permanent bodily crippling failure is also possible.


Being in control of your body and emotions is not "for pussies" you goliathan faggot. Adderal as an alternative is laughable given that it's the most used drug by females and homosexuals.


being scared of one of the most widely used drugs that even children take daily because of that is the most outrageous faggotry ive ever heard


> even children take daily
Children don't want that shit out of their own will, it's their ignorant parents with the help of psychotic doctors who prescribe that poison.
So why the fuck would you suggest taking pills designed to sedate children so they can sit in class and be brainwashed into being little slaves of the system?


File: 1700989890123.jpg (115.66 KB, 1631x1872, 1631:1872, soda.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Being in control of your body and emotions is not "for pussies"
Pretending like you can control them perfectly is.
You're all pride and fart-sniffing, definitely under 25. Otherwise by pure amount of life experience you would know that you are NOT in control of your emotions and reactions just because you "will" it. You cannot jump out of a plane for the very first time without days of training and not have adrenaline jack your system.

>So why the fuck would you suggest taking pills
Why do you use tools to augment your capabilities? Why don't you go smack some rocks if you hate them so much?


Drug shilling of any kind is always pure faggotry.


Fight a lion with your bare hands if you hate tools so much.


Adderal isn't a tool. Tools build and repair things. Testosterone is a tool, a balanced nutritional diet is a tool. Adderal is a chemical lobotomy, a means to distract you from the problems by numbing you to then. Like painting over the cracks in the walls, nothing gets fixed and you'll begin to require more and more paint, eventually resulting in the cracks still being visible through thick globs before the whole house falls apart.

What irks retards like you to come in to a thread where men are talking about what keeps them down, and then you suggest the brainblockers they use to make "unattententie" (free-thinking) kids pay attention to the teacher for 8 hours? Take an adderal now to focus on tying a noose to spare us from your advocacy of self-destruction.


>Adderal is a means to distract you from the problems by numbing you to then
Do you even know what amphetamines do?
Only reason I have a programming job now instead of being homeless is because I took minimum doses of amphetamines to get through the slog of early stage programming and develop a habit to enjoy doing it consistently.


>I took minimum doses of amphetamines to get through the slog of early stage programming
lol brainlette needs wonderpills just to open Visual Basic


>Adderal isn't a tool. Tools build and repair things. Testosterone is a tool, a balanced nutritional diet is a tool.
The brain altering provably medically addictive emotion altering chemical harvested from animal testes that is recommended by your favorite gymbro ecelebrity to solve trivial nonproblems like deltoid formation while causing easily identifiable organ damage and secondary effects which are never clarified, but the focus modulating chemical invented by Germans and prescribed by qualified neurological specialists to solve specific and discrete biologically identifiable problems while taking secondary effects into careful consideration is only ever used out of hedonism and vice. Yes?


File: 1701033860555.jpg (61.54 KB, 749x737, 749:737, FwBiVuXXgAMzllO.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


A ton of people are talking about this video right now and they are being very strange about it. I have to wonder how much personal familiarity most of the commentators have with the act of drawing. They're looking at Day 1 and Day 30 from the guy famous for saying gamer words while gaming and saying to themselves "wow if someone just puts in 30 days they can get that Day 30 result." Or, far, far worse: "he only put in like 10 to 15 minutes a day so if someone puts in a few hours a day they can get that result in a week." Worst is the way this has been politicized into a series of diatribes involving AI Art/Illustration.

I'm a mechanical designer. My trade involves precision drafting solid objects using modeling tools. I am not a fine artist or an illustrator and I could not simply pick up a pencil or pen and draw an aesthetically pleasant illustration. And I don't have any particular urge to do so, my job scratches that same itch. But 10 through 20 years ago I enjoyed drawing a great deal and some of my drawings from that decade have been kept by other people, and that contributed to how I entered my trade. I did not have professional skills or anything but was far better than I would be if I picked up a pen or pencil instead of CAD mouse today. I've been at my trade for long enough that I've had to induct new hires and evaluate experienced hires. I can tell when someone has a skill that's under a layer of rust. And my profession is considered "threatened" by AI from all sides.

PewDiePie's Day 0 is better than my Day 0 if I committed now. By a very significant amount. In something I used to be good at. His Day 0 would be my Day 30 if I were to make a very honest run of it. PewDiePie is teaching himself to draw using a set of techniques but you can see that this is not his first run at it, it might be his first run in five years or fifteen but he laid the deep foundations in the brain for translating mental images to paper in some appropriate age and left the fields fallow. This is not looking at someone building muscle for the first time, it is looking at a guy who used to play football in high school but didn't in college who started lifting weights in his garage again at 27. The ligaments, support muscles, minor muscle movements and the kinsesthetic sensibilities of completed movements are built up to the point where the trailing 20% of the work is what's left.

There's that famous story about middle-aged Picasso drawing a picture with apparent ease and charging an immense sum for it, being accused of cheating the buyer by charging so much for something that only took a few minutes of work and replying with "No, it took forty years of work." Picasso was right. The appreciation of this human developmental investment is so absent from all the rhetoric surrounding this video. PewDiePie's day 0 took him 30 years to reach, and - you guys might not know this, but there are a ton of different professional skills that are improved by the act of practice sketching. Mentally rotating and transforming solid objects, which is very helpful in my line of work, but also things you would not expect such as conducting an interview or leading a meeting since bodily self-perception is important to maintaining body language and facial expressions. I am of the belief that the reverse effect also exists, that developing any visually oriented skills helps with picking up drawing, provided a foundation of handmade art was already laid in the brain. The rhetoric about "oh we don't need AI art if an idiot like PewDiePie can learn to draw in 30 days" is badly misplaced. If we don't need AI art it is not because someone can redevelop unpracticed possibly decade-old skills in little time with proper practice intervals. Especially since the "idiot" in question was at the zenith of his chosen field working specifically in a visual medium. I have never watched a video of his, not even the ones where he says gamer words, but I can promise you that if you were a fan of his and believe he is a real buffoon then you have been bamboozled.

Then there's the time of practice question. No, putting in hours of time would not accelerate improvement. This is very well studied and is the reason your Anki reps eventually cause some kanji to disappear until the next day, week, month or year. If you make a mistake but force yourself to practice with that mistake, and repeat the error, your brain begins training itself to commit to that error. Even if its embarassing, even if it frustrates and hurts. When you fuck up, part of recognizing your fuck ups is the point at which you stop, pencils down, and are done trying for the day. Grinding at drawing is one of the reasons deviantArt would get filled with people who make certain specific obvious art errors that they justify as "their style," who would produce vast volumes of images which never showed any serious signs of improvement. It was in a way their style, the groove of error that their grindset ground into. "Couldn't take criticism" gets thrown at these a lot, fairly in many cases but incorrectly in others, but "didn't try to get better" is usually flat out wrong. They often didn't give themselves space to get better, or in the case of regular webcomics of the era, time away from table. The host of failed artists were being honest when they talked about trying and trying and practicing and practicing, and all modern adult education techniques for everything from language to art takes the failure of raw grind into account.

There are a whole host of very strange and very sad assumptions about consummation of effort and availability of short term gratification in terms of roleplaying game style XP-to-SkillPoints in these discussions and they apply in generality to all "self improvement" discussions. You'll probably be able to draw like PewDiePie in 30 days, if you're able to draw like PewDiePie's Day 0, practice correctly, distance yourself from your errors, avoid grind-down effects, and avoid investing so much ego into the act that you forget about the destination and identify with overattachment to your current point in the journey. That last part is why a healthy and supportive immediate social environment, and to a lesser extent a wealthy and comfortable lifestyle, are particularly beneficial. You need to NOT need to be good at the thing for the duration of the time you're not yet good at it. If you're at say my level, then under those circumstances maybe you'll be at his Day 0 by your Day 30. And if you're at a CWC level due to perceptual difficulties or malstructuring in your brain then you may not see meaningful progress and will eventually have to call it quits. As an example this is extremely common in giantess fetishists, because it turns out their brains are trying to deal with a mild form of dysmetria called "Alice in Wonderland Syndrome," which they aren't all consciously dealing with but can usually be recognized from the outside. If I had a nickel for every giantess-fetishizing Engineer who needed his Designers to handle all of the drafting because his trouble with comprehending space why then I'd have a successful career earning about 80% of an engineer's salary without requirement of a postgraduate degree… oh.

We're at a cultural point where there are so many people raging about AI art that they'll pose Pewds taking 10 minutes a day for 30 days to produce human art as a silver bullet against the AI vampire, AI chuds too lazy to take 10 minutes btfo. But human art isn't valuable for being achievable by literally every anybody in 30 days, it's valuable for being developed over a lifetime of dedication to study and correct application of practice which not any and not everybody CAN learn or replicate. Giantess fetishists as a rule can't produce giantess art, their brains don't handle even simple distances the right way, they have to commission normal people if they want to see their waifus. The furry community has far more female artists than female appreciators because they've been historically willing to pay for an artist's entire art college degree specifically because they recognize that their autism impairs their own art attempts. Saying "only giantess fetish and gay furry shit will be replaced with AI" is saying that the entire world of individual art commissions will be turned inside out and obsoleted, it is useless and counterproductive to everyone to lie about the extent to which furries were subsidizing early-stage professionals before their big break into a major videogame studio or film production career.


write more concisely pls


Concision is for situations where a specific purpose matters. Like political memes, or foot fetish captions. Concision is counterproductive in emotional-processing or in attempting to weigh opposing qualities.


That is a hell of a lot of rambling to say nothing much at all.

How long did you spend on that rant?


Jesus, that much in only 30 minutes.
That is actually impressive if true.


Interesting, thanks for taking the effort to write it bro


I wish we could get a word filter for "bro". "wiz"?


using a userscript extension like greasemonkey makes this feasible, arguably easy.

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", e => {
document.querySelectorAll("div.body").forEach(el => el.innerText = el.innerText.replace('bro','wiz'))


i meant to say violentmonkey greasemonkey is not good anymore


>greasemonkey is not good anymore
Been working fine for me.

What's wrong with it?


>you're not in control
you're not self aware, you having to take aderal testifies for that. you're basically the perfect slave described in equilibrium or whatever the heck that dumb film is called. take the drug and keep grinding to make $your_country great again


nice idea wizski ill send it to the big wizther


I would like to improve my appearance somewhat just so it looks like I have self-respect. I wizhair really bad. It's thin and wispy and flies all over the place, my hairline is deteriorating and I have a weak jawline as well. I can't think of a good way to conceal my worst physical attributes. My wardrobe is all jackets with broken zippers covered in cat hair and cum-stained pants. Lifting has improved my frame and muscle tone.


at one point development lapsed and violentmonkey has less telemetryJ


this post demonstrates how my naive word filter isnt sufficient, but you could probably fix it by surrounding both strings with quotes to avoid the scunthorpe problem


Guess you mean the post below with "broken"? Just use a regex with \b or something
Never written a userscript so can't help as to specifics. Although even \b might result in false positives


my userscript doesnt use regex but it could. i meant

< document.querySelectorAll("div.body").forEach(el => el.innerText = el.innerText.replace('bro','wiz'))

> document.querySelectorAll("div.body").forEach(el => el.innerText = el.innerText.replace(' bro ',' wiz '))


and sorry no i didnt mean the one with broken, rather the one with broski, but it applies to both


i don't have enough bracrabs to self-improve.


also writing userscipts is really fun i use developer tools console to write them


how prcraby of you

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