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IE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evs0nFCufNM

Did your thoughts originate from your head?
The universe, and our planet in particular, is a constant electromagnetic field of signals and frequencies in transference. These unseen pulses interact with and upon the human bio-electric field, subtly tuning them to various states of consciousness. The higher level coordination of this signalling is the Schumann resonance, which is the sum total frequency of ongoing electrical activity on earth. The qualia of Consciousness itself, for instance, is ultimately bioelectric. Does it therefore imply that at some level the electrical activity of one consciousness may actually in some indirect way subtly transfer through this field?

Around the turn of the century when occult thinking became vogue, it was quite popular to speculate on collective consciousness. The theory of the noosphere was coined by Chardin and others for instance. Simultaneously, occultists deduced the concept of the Tulpa, Egregore, or thought-form; Theoretically generated by the ongoing mental activity of a group of practitioners. According to the occult view of the world, the collective mental energy of human beings could create a God on the occult plane of existence, which would then alter the material form of the world. One interesting demonstration of the power of these ideas was the Phillip experiment, where it is alleged that merely creating a shared belief in the existence of an entity called Phillip was sufficient to generate it's corporal existence.

It's interesting to see how old and new ideas overlap. Modern variations of the older collective consciousness, thought-form view of the world seem to cumulate in the ideas of Sheldrake, who alleges that morphogenic fields beyond material existence are in fact the fundamental organization property for all forms of matter, from individuals to groups to societies. We have no way of proving such a thesis, but it is interesting to entertain such a hypothesis and see where the conclusions lead:

The west rose to prominence alongside belief in a monotheistic god. It has coincidentally declined as belief in older notions of god has diminished. Only in elite circles is a debased form of religion practiced, apparently being a degenerate form of freemasonry with ties to satanism and judaism.

One begins to wonder; is a collective or social fraternity in some sense incomplete until it has a god?
Is it really possible that merely coordinating a large enough component host for legion that one is able to alter the unfolding course of history?


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>incomplete until it has a god?

this sentence sticks out like a pile of dog excrement on a perfectly landscaped lawn. i don't see a case for how this could be anything but authoritarian propaganda.

that's how they sell makeup and designer nonsense to gullible females: make them feel incomplete. create an illusion that tricks the fools into believing they are missing something.

to imply you are incomplete is
>unbearable preoccupied
>arrogantly certain
>confidently incorrect
>disrespectful of the past struggle to create you
>ungrateful for the gift of live
>ignorant towards the human potential

no man incompletion is something that has to be invented and then believed in for it to exist. it does not exist out of it's own. you've had to be convinced to feel inadequate. children of poor people sometimes don't know that they are poor until culture teaches them through unfairness that they are somehow less.

it is a steaming pile of illusion.

one phenomenon i can think of that would kind of fit the description of collective electricity is stories of people who lived in rural areas before there was the electric grid. apparently some people who lived far apart who would visit each other every few months, reported to have "always known" when someone would come to visit them. they report they had some ability to feel them and then when the electrical towers came, they report this sense was lost.

another phenomenon is when i fruitfast i can sense better. (eating fruit i believe to be the natural human food, that turns people from their dumbed down industrial machine-like state back into the hyper intelligent tool-inventing monkey) i only do it for weeks but i am sure that if i did this over years and decades, my sensory apparatus would develop into something superhuman, far ahead of any obedient matrix-dweller. i sometimes wonder how life must have been when all the humans ate was wild and live. maybe there is telepathy and stuff like that, who knows, who could reasonably prove that there isn't telepathy.


I am certainly not a christian, and do not mean to imply promotion of that particular system of belief. I am talking about intentionally generated thought-forms generated off the collective psychic energies of numerous participants to then effect desired changes in the nature of reality. For example, the various medieval daemons which are known to be fictitious but still are still avidly consulted in occult circles.

The psi effect is well known, whereby close groups become tuned together as if one body and can pick up the intentions of others in ways that would not be statistically possible. In sheldrake's view this is the entanglement and integration of morphic fields. But of course, if the field directly alters the behavior of matter, is it possible to shape the field inversely and thereby alter the behavior of others within and peripheral to it? Of course, as I've already pointed out with the phillip experiment, that must be true or "phillip" would never have manifested.

I think the Tetractys belongs in a different school of thought as to the nature of consciousness, one where souls and individuals are separate and able to observe their progenerating force. Whereas that is true, the deeper reality of panpsychism in a continuous rather than discontinuous manner is what I am concerned with. The brain is really like an interconnected electrical bush where many parts create a superimposed central consciousness; does the schumann resonance electrification of the planet and specific subregions share similar latent properties on the psychic plane?


Bit curious as to why the xwiz poster was deleted


Incoherent blend of random woo to see what sticks.

I swear you are faking mental illness in the hopes of becoming a lolcow one day.




Schizo posting



The more wizards work together, the more our “god” will begin to take shape in reality. Really I think mutual cooperation between many men sharing the same strategic end is what effectually makes a group god. Without potentially offending any wiz here, I do not believe in the abrahamic god, and so in saying that, and without owning to atheism (which I won’t), I may also say that the “rise of the west” likely had more to do with men discreetly leaguing themselves together under terms of common political and philosophical positions rather than the broad sponsorship of some abrahamic deity.

Also this notion of morphogenic fields, to me, sound very similar to the original pythagorean belief in the tetractys, and the four separate world-levels that this illustrative triangle encodes. The kabbalists used the ancient Pythagorean model when they created their theory of four worlds.

The word "morphogenic" when understood etymologically means "shape-creating", which is in line with what I will talk about below. In any case I will try to draw the tetractys for you, thus:


It was kind of hard to align it properly, but as you can see, it's essentially just 1 triangle with 10 points. however, it was taken by the original pythagoreans (of whom Aristocles, aka Platon/Plato, was one) to be a diagram of the emanation sequence that gave birth to this world, something which the greeks called aporrhoia, which literally means "off-flowing", just as emanatio (emanation) in latin means "out-flowing". The triangle can be interpreted in many ways. Looking at is as a series of "morphogenic fields" is also plausible. I will get back to this in a second.

Firstly and most exoterically it describes basic geometry with the topmost dot representing a point in space, the second line of two dots representing a line in space, the third line of three dots representing a plane in space, and the fourth line of four dots representing a three-dimensional solid in space. Secondly, it can be taken to be representative of perfect numerical wholeness/unity, as all levels of reality (visible and intelligible, or in greek, oratos and noetos) can be seen as encompassed by the perfect number of 10. Also if we add 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 we get 10, again demonstrating how the levels form one perfect whole. “«μέχρι γὰρ τῶν δέκα πάντες Ἕλληνες, πάντες βάρβαροι ἀριθμοῦσιν, ἐφ᾽ ἃ ἐλθόντες πάλιν ἀναποδοῦσιν ἐπὶ τὴν μονάδα·” For unto 10 all Greeks and all Barbarians count, upon which again coming they hasten upon the monad.”

Thirdly and more to your question, it can be read as an emanation map consisting of different aesthetic layers stacked upon each other. The two top levels are considered philosophically as noetic or intelligible, meaning they are not "available" to your waking senses, ie you cannot perceive them at all. The two bottom levels are considered philosophically as oratic or visible, and they are perceptible by your waking senses.

So to start: the topmost point/level resembles what the greeks called "the noetic sun (helios noetos)". This is an extremely bright point of light that supposedly resides outside of our reality. Some people believed that the noetic sun was/is god. Thomas Aquinas said: "“Ad secundum dicendum quod sol corporalis illustrat exterius; sed sol intelligibilis, qui est Deus, illustrat interius. Unde ipsum lumen naturale animae inditum est illustratio Dei, qua illustramur ab ipso ad cognoscendum ea quae pertinent ad naturalem cognitionem." This reads: To the second matter to be discussed that the bodily sun illuminates externally; but the intelligible sun, which is god, illuminates internally. Whence the natural light itself imparted to the soul is the illustration/illumination of god, by which we are illuminated to know those things which pertain to natural cognition." Philo (the Jewish platonist that created Gnosticism) also said that the noetic sun is god. All subsequent layers of the emanation sequence are thought conceptually to have flowed out of this circular point of light. The jewish concept of tsimtsum is a mirroring of this originally greek philiosophical position.

The second level represents the goddess of the acacia tree (who leads the initiate to the noetic sun). Watch this video, you'll probably recognize it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOjqnb3aICM . This is an occultic initiation but most probably don't realize that it is. It is demonstrating the intermediate role of the goddess who leads us to the noetic sun. See how bright the light is at the beginning? Plato used the greek adjective phaidros (φαιδρός) to describe the intensity of the light. The name of the Phaedrus dialogue comes from this adjective.

Moving downward, we come to the third level, which represents the demiurge, or the false deity who created the material realm based upon the geometry of the forms. The forms are sometimes said to reside in the mind of the goddess. The fourth level of the tetractys represents physical reality itself, with its four elements, understood to be the four ways by which the demiurge limits or even kills us while we are in these physical bodies. Please see the page I linked, here: https://www.hs-augsburg.de/~harsch/graeca/Chronologia/S_ante06/Pythagoras/pyt_orko.html . On this page, you will find a much clearer and more exact representation of the tetractys. The vow (orkos) that the pythagoreans took was thus:

Ναὶ μὰ τὸν ἁμετέρας σοφίας εὑρόντα τετρακτύν,
παγὰν ἀενάου φύσεως ῥίζωμά τ᾽ ἔχουσαν.

Literally read this reads:

Yea, by him of immeasurable wisdom finding the tetractys,
the fount of ever-flowing nature and having rootedness.

The men who took this vow obviously believed in the illusory character of reality and thought it was their mission to reform the world in such a way that would restore pristine oneness or wholeness. The jewish political concept of tikkun olam also bears much resemblance to this (that the world must be remade into a single communistic state without any separate nation states). Essentially they believed political oneness was a necessary condition of stopping the simulation, which the kabbalists also believe.

In ancient philosophy there was the belief that the human mind itself was actively creating the reality that it was experiencing, and so through practice/instruction it could come to influence the world it resides in in real observable ways. The principle of νοῦς ὁ θεός (the mind is god) is more fully explained by Plutarch here: "Σπεύδει δ᾽ αὐτῶι τῶν ἀρχῶν ἡ μὲν ἐπὶ τὸ ποιητικὸν αἴτιον καὶ εἰδικόν, ὅπερ ἐστὶ νοῦς ὁ θεός, ἡ δ᾽ ἐπὶ τὸ παθητικὸν τε καὶ ὑλικόν, ὅπερ ἐστὶν ὁ ὁρατὸς κόσμος." This might sound a little uneasy in translation, but literally this reads: "It is important for him [pythagoras] of principles, indeed the one upon the creative cause and formal, which is mind is god, and the other upon pathetic and material, which is the visible world.” This idea of the world being a computer program/simulation/illusion manipulable by the observer is truly ancient, and was earnestly believed by most mystics (aka philosophers). Though I am not saying I believe it, however.

“Only in elite circles is a debased form of religion practiced, apparently being a degenerate form of freemasonry with ties to satanism and judaism.” Their god is moloch/baal hamon/set, as it always has been, going all the way back to when the “jews” weren’t even yet jews, they were just assorted phoenician pagans in the levant. Their “elite” has always worshipped pre-biblical evil and still does. Speaking of “satanism”, moreover, is usually misleading or leastwise unclear, as we must first clarify the mixed up/syncretic historical origins of abrahamism before discussing the notion of an abrahamic devil. Also, freemasonry has not degenerated: it was and remains an administrative layer/mask of jewish power; its original purpose was recruiting powerful gentiles to assist in the jewish project of overthrowing all catholic monarchies and creating a one-world government where there would no longer be any nationalistic wars but only perfect world peace (with all the goyim propertyless of course).


maybe it's just as simple as intensified electromagnetic interaction between human bodies working toward a common purpose which is then subjectively perceived by the group to have affected reality in some intended way? but there would be no way of actually measuring this. the ancients did believe that a thinking concentrated mind could physically alter the realty it resides in, so I have no doubt that many minds working together to reify given change in reality could produce a greater alteration. but even with that stated, I think any such psychical power (if it were real) is probably very limited and cannot literally meaningfully change reality in the way you are imagining. take "covid-19" for instance. jewish and masonic occultists were behind this worldwide fraud, and you can be utterly certain they employed whatever "pan-psychic" group influence they possess in order to have yielded the greatest possible power that would have resulted in the largest share of the public taking their injection. yet their power is nowhere near absolute, as there were sufficient numbers that avoided their "reality-bending" illusions. also, the earth is not a convex spherical planet, it is a flat torus in 3-sphere. we are on the inside of the earth between two bodies of water. and demons are very real.


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