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File: 1538046627439.png (358.97 KB, 1616x1476, 404:369, Screenshot_48.png) ImgOps iqdb

a01d1 No.46815

Anyone been around long enough to remember when that midget ran this board and some swedish succubus showed up to fuck him and all the other wizards? What ever happened after that? I havn't been on here in years..

86c0a No.46817

You're thinking of cripplekike, and it wasn't a swedish succubus, but a bonafide fat american one. After that the ownership of the site went to Anachronos, while Glaive were to be the admin. Glaive created an account on kiwifarms, supposedly to defend the honor of wizards, but he got too friendly with them, and there were some other problems between him and Anachronos so Anachronos, being the actual owner, kicked Glaive out. Eventually Anachronos himself disappeared and to my knowledge no one ever knew what happened, but wizardchan died since no one was paid for it. wizchan.org was created by the moderation of wizardchan.org, so it's a direct continuation in that sense.

34250 No.46818

Hotwheels was a better mod than these cliquers. I hope they hit the rope soon.

cdf11 No.46819

yeah mods in this place are unironic powertripping females, homosexuals, and chads. i think they just enjoy laughing and patronizing depressed virgins. almost positive they sit in discord and laugh at us

16207 No.46820

So the beta that rises to the top in a room full of betas becomes the chad? Interesting.

0647f No.46821

If I had the knowledge,money, and free time I'd make a new Wizchan free of an admin who only cares about touching himself to little cartoon boys and his laissez faire idiots who delete and keep up what they want.

0647f No.46822

It's human psychology. Victimize yourself in relation to the people above you while shitting on those beneath you.

16207 No.46823

File: 1538057536468.jpg (90.54 KB, 499x488, 499:488, 1458717385857.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sorry the /staff/ won't let you turn this place into another 4chan. Leaving is always a viable option.

cdf11 No.46824

>laissez faire idiots who delete and keep up what they want
i dont think laissez-faire is a correct analogy here. i think hypocritical authoritarian dictator is more correct

actually, this place is worse, because atleast over there we have some free speech. im sure theres tons of power tripping normie mods in 4chan r9k, but theres simply such a large userbase of robots there they cant ban everyone, and believe me, they've tried

and eventually they just get used to it and ignore it/lose interest. its hard policing those places. with wizchan we have less free speech than 4chan!

16207 No.46825

You come to a website with specific rules for what can and can not be discussed and claim a lack of free speech. Are you seeing the breakdown in logic here? Cause I sure am.

e2923 No.46826

>im sure theres tons of power tripping normie mods in 4chan r9k, but theres simply such a large userbase of robots there they cant ban everyone
if you like /r9k/ so much why don't you go back there and stay there

cdf11 No.46827

>u sure they are the ones to bear the blame?
the ones to blame for 4chan's normie problem is moot and then chinkmoot. moot originally deleted r9k back in early 2011, because he didnt like the idea of depressed virgins having their own board, but he couldnt get rid of them so he brought back r9k as a containment board. but he still let all kinda of normies post on r9k unabated. so yes the mods are to blame, the fish rots from the head down, just as this place is morally corrupt at the owner level, the mods follow suite

bootlick harder you soulless disgusting normie, why dont you tattoo the owner and mod's names on your forehead and give them all lapdances for more brownie points

0647f No.46828

I think you got it twisted. They're doing a fine job letting this place become another 4chan on their own.

cdf11 No.46829

see this is what i mean, this place has excessive needless moderation for posts that dont even break the rules. not to mention the rule about "dont flame anyone or say anything mean ever and b nice all the time" is quite possibly one of the worst rules in existence, it makes this place a SJW reddit tier safe space where you cant even tell someone to fuck off and jump off a cliff

67408 No.46830

File: 1538069772661.png (2.7 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb


He got kicked out but his best friend Glaive still secretly runs this board

365fa No.46831

how is it becoming another 4chan?

7d334 No.46835

Lol are there really female mods here now?

16207 No.46836

File: 1538107598354.jpg (80.66 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, a7db66a2493f0226d4438f50c4….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

fuk no

4c0fc No.46837

If you're looking for the end of the cripple's personal story, and not what happened to Wizardchan, you can read his statement on the matter here:
Seems like that link was removed from 8chan itself, probably after ownership changed hands.

She was going to murder him, but he escaped so she settled for trashing his apartment. There was a youtube video of the aftermath.
Reminder that the cripple isn't socially inept or mentally impaired, and was as careful and as selective as it was possible for him to be, being mindful at all times of his own fragility.
Out of the entire internet, a vast network connecting nearly every single literate adult in the entire first world, this was the very nicest, kindest, most trustworthy, most moral and most caring succubus with an interest in virgins. This murderous drug addict is the best that womankind has to offer.
Just something to think about.

34250 No.46838

how are we turnig this place into 4chan? Retard go kys

fd982 No.46839

Your arguments is full of holes. Not only does it assumes that to be good, a succubus has to care about cripple virgins in a non-platonic way, but it also assumes that cripplekike literally searched entire internet before setting in on her, that's just impossible due to time constraints and language barriers. I don't know where did he find that hoe, but any succubus that wants to have sex(and therefore procreate, because that's an underlying motive for sex) with a cripple is clearly mentally ill. The only exception I can think off are those Japanese nurses that jack off cripples, but that's a community service more than evolutionary one.

fd982 No.46840

>is clearly mentally ill.
excluding cases where that cripple is a rich super star, which is not who cripplekike is.

f11d8 No.46841

>She was going to murder him
why would anyone believe cripplecock?

34250 No.46845

>therfore procreate
Wrong. People have sex for fun.

1a4bb No.46847

What sort of weird history are you spinning?

/r9ks/ original userbase was an extension of /b/ rolled back a few years. The depressed virgin group didn't move in until after Moot killed the board then revived it.

He was a potato and he lived in a shit hole full of pedos and drug addicts.

Doesn't change how selection is made.

e1a10 No.46849

how awful! not really.

6997d No.46858


From the grave?

4c0fc No.46860

In that particular case he supplied video evidence supporting his statements regarding her behavior.
Considering his disability it would have been too difficult to have created that from scratch.
It is extremely unlikely that his other statements about her behavior were lies and only the apartment wrecking were true.

> Not only does it assumes that to be good, a succubus has to care about cripple virgins in a non-platonic way,
I really didn't want to get into arguments about social ethics with regards to sexuality since society, ethics, and sex are definitionally all normalfag shit. This is also going to be extremely tedious. But you accused me of poor reasoning.

Nearly every philosophical attempt to define "good" behavior in the context of social interactions refers to actions which incorporate and humanize the unincorporated and abject, because those are the behaviors that allow a society to grow and prosper. It is in fact exactly on these grounds that Feminist academics have always analyzed and legitimized the sexual behaviors and inclinations of succubi in every society and culture to hybristophilia, and most Feminist sociological literature from the 20th century including Sex at Dawn are built around the idea that promiscuity is inherently about building a sense of social belonging and social incorporation for those who would otherwise be unreserved enemies of the immediate social group. Prokroptin's Mutual Aid: A Factor in Evolution was one of the first analyses of genetically "unselfish" evolutionary behavior driving prosocial incorporation of the weak, the starving, the outcast and the diseased, but it is far from alone in this, and the post-Dawkinsian evolutionary analyses tend to indicate that social selection for altruism would necessarily involve reproductive behavior. Most modern attempts to analyze these behaviors have found that the notion of a purely "platonic" drive for altriusm is nonsense, all altruism involves either perceptible self-benefit or the pleasure principle, with the bonobo pattern of conflict resolution through sexual rather than violent behavior being a commonly cited model of the latter. Again, the Feminist and general female argument regarding hybristophilia is not just that it is a prosocial and therefore "good" thing, but that it is evolutionarily the only way to create a prosocial environment, that the sexual motivation of the succubi who donated the millions of dollars to that "Handsome Convict" guy a few years ago was the best evolutionarily compatible mechanism for the societal development of rehabilitative justice systems and various other forms of conflict minimizing social development. Or that the female prison guard from Britain who broke that rapist out of prison so that the two of them could join ISIS together, that made a lot of news and made some big waves in right-wing political circles, that too was just a manifestation of prosocial instincts ultimately necessary for the survival of human society and the rightwingers complaints were misaimed. There have been many attempts to pathologize hybristophilia and to claim that the ethically-oriented statements of those who experience it are just deflection and defense mechanism, but the social, academic and medical consensus is that the hybristophiles who claim to be interested in "redemption" and the resocialization of the antisocial are more or less on point.

"Good" in sexual behavior is already defined, by Feminists, and that definition of "good" already drives various public interests including government-funded scientific research, sociological consensus regarding matriarchal social structures (particularly the Mosuo people of China, and bonobo apes), legal codes (notably in the case of the repeal of anti-promiscuity morality laws throughout the first world, but also including divorce laws and various countries' laws regarding prostitution) and non-legal but highly public social attitudes. Particularly notable attitudes driven by that ideology include the common acceptance and lack of outrage at refugee boys in the Calais "Jungle" camp and many other refugee camps throughout Europe having been raped by female aid workers and volunteers, at least one of whom claimed that her sexual interactions with them were necessary to the emotional healing of the 12 year old boys she was with. But there are many other examples to be found, including the extremely common and well known sexual interactions between female doctors and nurses and patients who have been administered propofol, a paralytic used in surgeries which often induces erections, and the common sexual behavior with comatose or psychiatric patients. Society does not feel or express outrage at these news stories because they are felt to be deviations that come from the "good," possibly aberrant behavior but aberrant behavior which derives from extremely prosocial and "good" inclinations, rather than being in the same category as male predatory sexual behavior, which is known to be socially destructive. Being ethically driven, Anna Stubblefield was a Feminist, a Professor of Philosophy specializing in Ethics, one of her college's chairpeople for her discipline, and the convicted rapist of an autistic man.

Wizards reject society, and with it social concepts of "good," including the concept of sexual good, especially the Feminist concept of sexual good. But we do not have an ideology, policy, religion, or ethical system with which we replace it. We are not interested in social good or sexual good but this does not redefine the terms. We still have to use those terms in their understandable sense, the sense in which Anna Stubblefield was a good person trying to do good things whose errors were on the level of miscommunication, not on the level of predation.

There is an infantile tendency to argue that if some behavior does not fit the accepted definition of "good" that is the same as calling it "evil." That deprives us of the ability to communicate in ethical terms, or even to use ethical judgments. "Billionaire gave homeless man a thousand dollars, he could have given him two thousand, a hundred thousand, half a million, without affecting his own lifestyle. He is evil." Working within the prosocial concept of sexual "good" does not mean that sexuality that does not conform to the Rawlsian mode is actually bad; sexuality that is actively destructive of social bonds and social investment would be the only meaningful way to describe a "bad" sexuality, so only sexuality based on deceit or violence would be bad. The prosocial concept means that we can describe succubi with intense hybristophilia are a social necessity, prosocial and a net "good," but cannot say that succubi without hybristophilia are individually "bad." Thus the whore who tried to kill the cripple can be called "good" but other whores who did not try to kill him cannot be called "bad."

4c0fc No.46861

>>46860 (continued)
The extreme cases of sexual deviance by succubi do make headlines, but it makes those headlines for being salacious, and the only outrage that these salacious headlines cause is by falsely attempting to fit it into the same category as male sexual predation. The outrage is not genuine, it does not come from an instinctive or emotional reaction to the sexual action itself, only to the contextualization alongside superficially similar male behavior. This demonstrates that even the most hysterical critics of those sensationalist scandals are deceiving themselves or others, generally either to legitimize male sexual predation or out of some sort of sense of rage at being left out of female sexual behavior, as even the most casual five minute google investigation shows in terms of the comments and reactions such stories foster.
And there are other extreme cases and edge cases that do not make headlines at all. Female-on-female sexual assault in female prisons is on average twice as common as male-on-male sexual assault in male prisons, yet it is obvious from, say, Orange is the New Black (an autobiography retelling the real life events of an imprisoned succubus) that the social concept of female prisons is as places where social inclusion and bonds are developed and deepened. These two things do not contradict each other if the sexual assault that takes place in succubi's prisons is an error of communication, not an error of ethics.

And the whore that cripplecock fucked was not one of the extreme edge cases whose sexuality manifested outside the bounds set by society. Her sexual interactions were always fully consentual according to the cripple's account. Ethical, consent-oriented sexual behavior.

> that's just impossible due to time constraints and language barriers

Why does nobody understand how representative sample sizes work? To cover a population of 4 billion, less than 3,000 valid data points are necessary. "All ravens are black."
Far more than 3,000 representative data points are accessible; even a five second internet search yields this article from 2013 stating that as of 2013, more than 35% of relationships in the United States met online:
Online relationships are more representative of relationships than relationships beginning in schools, churches, clubs or through personal social connections such as families or friends, which are each comparatively rare. Online matchmaking sites are a more representative sample of relationships than any other source, and given the rather extreme lengths the cripple eventually resorted to it would be insane to suggest that he never used any site other than the Wizardchan IRC to enter a relationship.

And you obviously don't believe the sample size argument yourself, since you immediately switched from that argument to the significantly better argument that it is impossible to find any succubus anywhere who would have entered a relationship with him but would not have tried to murder him, which is not a disagreement with that post at all.

The reason the cripple decided to admin the site was because it afforded him a special status, which status he used to secure sex. As with the example of hybristophilia, special status brings special attention, and as with hybristophilia what you personally consider "high status" as highly socially integrated is not the only form of status bringing sexual attention. The cripple was a massive attention-seeker in love with outsider attention, and he was actually competent at it, he funded that succubus's documentary about LoveShy forum members and attached the Wizardchan brand to the credits, he branded downloaded images with the Wizardchan name, he was in that documentary on Al Jazeera America. He was a natural social manipulator. The difference between the cripple and a rock star is a difference of degree, not categorical difference.

Again, wizards reject society, and with it social concepts of "good," including the concept of sexual good, especially the Feminist concept of sexual good. The complete destruction of society and social sexuality are taken as neutral or personally beneficial here. And in the solipsistic moral sense, where "what is beneficial to myself" is "good," there might even be some sense that the destruction of society's sacred values regarding sex would be "good" for us. But it is not useful even to a solipsist to describe the behavior of others through solipsism. A traitor is not "good" even if his treason betrays another for his and for one's own benefit. The Feminists have a point in that the prosocial definition is the useful one, which allows us to make fair assessments of the behavior that can be expected of others. The cripple's story does not demonstrate that prosociality or the social good concept of sexual ethics do not exist or do not matter. The cripple's story only illustrates that there are strong limits involved.

05c23 No.46868

File: 1538185242950.jpg (215.63 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Elliot_Rodger_icon.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I unironically 100% believe this I'm glad I'm not alone.

05c23 No.46869

yes this is very true as well, people (trolls, undercover fesnails, kiwifarms) can be as smug and brash as they want and go unpunished but if you tell anyone to eat shit suddenly the entire thread is purged and you're warned for "offtopic, inflammatory". It doesn't help that the mods get REALLY butthurt if you use non-SJW friendly words like "faggot" or "tranny".

I spun a very ridiculous story once about how I would "stare down old men in the supermarket to feel tough" there were like 30 posts flaming me and I reported them and absolutely nothing happened.

I can only assume this place is a sheeps corral meant for the sadist modclique to take potshots at for their own ego gratification, an crab abbatoir so to speak. no doubt the staff themselves consists of feminiggers and soymen themselves.

This place is a "painfarm" for the modclique and their Kiwifarms staff cronies to harass and bully crabs and that's all it has ever been.

This is the truth, we are waking up from the matrix now. Maybe in the future I will make my own site.

16207 No.46870

Are you mentally ill?

05c23 No.46871

a little bit, why?

16207 No.46872


05c23 No.46873

You haven't contributed a single thing to this thread but senseless pot-stirring, not a single post. It's very clear you are are one of the people I'm talking about.

16207 No.46874

I'm just trying to get to the bottom of why you typed all that nonsense out?

05c23 No.46875

The CIA just contacted me, telepathically, that somewhere, somehow, there was a kiwifarms troll guffawing like a horse in front of his dimly lit computer screen, surging with dopamine from the thrill of a bullying adult male virgins on the internet.

16207 No.46876

34250 No.46881

Theres no jews. Theres no government spying. Dont be crazy man.

f6f03 No.46911

How about you go back where you came from, buddy?
>implying there's a single non normie mod on 4/r9k/
If freeze peach is your thing, head on over to 8chad.
>how are we turnig this place into 4chan?
>Retard go kys
Like pottery.
>crab abbatoir
What exactly are you implying?
>feminiggers and soymen

affcb No.47873

I wish I lived in an apartment this nice

2ebe8 No.47874

>Anna Stubblefield


The actual facts are even more interesting than your strawman

4c0fc No.47875

The actual fact is that the histrionics people employ to apply the word "predator" to Anna Stubblefields are self-defeating. These hysterics are only performed in order to falsely equate female and male behavior. Because Anna Stubblefield's errors were on the level of miscommunication, and not on the level of predation. As Slate's Technology journalists pointed out when the controversy was fresh:
> to read the facts of her convoluted and troubling case and conclude that she’s a “perfect example of a predator” is to say that down is up and black is white.
It is hardly "strawmanning" the antifeminist argument in the Anna Stubblefield case to point out that they are wrong to call her a predator, nor is it a strawman to speculate that they did so in order to falsely equate her behavior to male sexual predators. That's just ordinary ad hominem, not strawman.

And another set of facts you are almost certainly unaware of:
The man bit through his own hand hard enough he needed to be hospitalized, and now inflicts head injuries on himself, apparently in reaction to the court having imprisoned Stubblefield.

And as long as you're dredging up dead horse controversies and sexual ethics, maybe just consider Feminist academic Eve Ensler did nothing wrong in bringing the concept of "good rape" into public discourse, and the deeper philosophical, psychological and ethical questions brought to bear by that concept have been given absolutely shoddy treatment all around. Sexual intercourse under duress, like all crimes, is criminal for social and ethical reasons, and not simply of itself, and the severity of the crime can and must be examined in relation to other crimes that occur with duress and distress, but while our society engages in endless navel gazing on good thefts and good murders, only one Feminist raised the possibility of a psychologically comforting, life affirmingly positive sex act between females being possible even in the absence of consent. The result is that the same people who admire the ethical ambiguity of those good thieves and righteous murderers transform into a pearl-clutching conservatives. None of the people who mock or belittle the use of the phrase "good rape" from The Vagina Monologues actually subscribe to a categorical imperative theory of ethics, except apparently when it comes to howling outrage against Feminism and possibly lesbianism. It cannot be considered as mere outrage against underage or drug-related sex, as art and ethical hypotheticals depicting both of those in a positive manner are raised with significantly less controversy. Homosexual pedophilia as a positive part of personal development has been consistently depicted throughout history since the days of the ancient Orphic cults, and remains an understood feature of the British boarding school system. Stephen Fry even spoke neutrally to positively about being sexually assaulted by a physically adult student during his first year in boarding school in very recent times, not during a time when those behaviors were commonly accepted or rarely spoken of negatively and not motivated by any possible fear of retaliation. If Stephen Fry was raped it was a neutral rape, an undamaging moment with neutral to positive outcome. But Ensler's "good rape" is the one that raises a cry.

a5103 No.47876

To the very best of my knowledge OP (and keep in mind I am the most intelligent and well informed Wizard on the site) is that Wizchan’s current admin and the one who pays our bills keeping the lights on so to speak is that carpet munching lesbian television personality and one time comedian Ellen Degenerate and her merry band of LGBTQ gender bending butt buddies serving as the Mod Fag Clique under her command those being the barely closeted homo nigger Tyler Perry, Anderson Cooper the party pooper and Don “I’ve got a gerbil lodged up in my ass” Lemon, the nigger that played Rhuby Rhod in The Fifth Element and lastly the fat grotesque unfunny Jew sow known as Amy Schumer.

So as you can very quickly conclude current year Wizchan is pozzed to the gills and the remaining sane non faggot portion of the user base finds the current dismal situation to be double plus ungood.💩😷🤬

193aa No.47877

I heard the real story is cp was found on his computer that night.

4c0fc No.47884

If that were true then wouldn't the meltdown have centered around calling the police rather than peeing in his bed?

I will never understand why you namedrop Ellen so often.

23c87 No.47885

>it's another episode of fatlink making random pop culture references barely anyone here will get

da0df No.47886


67408 No.47894


I heard a rumor 8chan has links to the Phillipines mafia and a lot of shady shit

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