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0a8e8 No.47775

Can someone explain why a totally rule abiding and thriving thread was locked without warning or reason given?
I see no reason why the discussion of masculinity in relation to wizards should be a contentious issue on this site yet the moderation seems to have taken action to silence talk on this topic.

8cffa No.47776

>shitposts and flames everyone in his own thread
>why did it get locked
maybe learn how to hold a civil conversation with someone that disagrees with you instead of just flinging our names and trying to samefag to save face

0a8e8 No.47777

I don't know what you are talking about.

e021a No.47778

about damn time lol

0a8e8 No.47779

I fail to see your problem with the thread?
Can you explain your position so that it may be improved in the future?

0f242 No.47781

Feminist mods at it again

0a8e8 No.47784

We don't know for certain that this is the case this time. Even feminist often discus issues of masculinity quite often. Feminist views on gender could even be discussed and debated within the thread if done in a civil and rule abiding manner. While I personally don't agree with such views I would be glad to hear them out and offer counter argument befitting the tone and effort of their post.

So even on ideological grounds it makes no sense to simply lock the discussion of a rule abiding thread. It wasn't like the feminist hate thread that was almost immediately sent to /b/ or the Menes rights thread that was deleted after a few hours and two or 3 post.

8cffa No.47788

>While I personally don't agree with such views I would be glad to hear them out and offer counter argument befitting the tone and effort of their post.
Yeah right, you would just do as you’ve been doing, calling everyone a troll and a samefag simply because they disagree with you, nitpicking posts and calling people “postmodernist” for no reason whatsoever, your thread was pure garbage, you clearly thought you were going to teach us wizards a lesson or something and were taken aback when people actually had any criticism at all so you just shut down like a baby.

0a8e8 No.47790

I see you have come from the thread to join in this thread as well.
So, have you come to this thread to talk about the topic at hand or just continue to flame?

e021a No.47793

This thread has IDs (and proxies are banned on meta), so you won't be able to call everyone a single person here, bud.
There were at least 4 different wizards in that thread who told you roughly similar things to which you never responded with anything but base dismissals like "it's le postmodernism" or "that's not how muh reality works".

0a8e8 No.47798

This isn't the man thread, it is a thread discussing the locking of the man thread.
It is unfortunate that you have come just to flame rather then talk about the topic at hand. This however isn't the time or place for such petty amusements.
I do wish you a good day but will not be communicating with your farther as you are simply here to off topic troll.

32264 No.47817

Just make a new thread on /lounge/ and try again. While there as some light butthurt going on nothing I saw violates rules and I too am not sure why the thread was locked.
If they ain't going to explain shit and there is clear interest in the topic, and it breaks no rules then might as well assume it was ether a fluke or one of the mods having a bad day or something.

0a8e8 No.47821

That is a excellent suggestion but I will wait at least a week to clear the air for now.

0a8e8 No.47822

Oh, I see that the man thread has been unlocked after being "cleaned up".
Well at least the discussion can continue so I can't complain.

9024e No.47839

One thing I appreciate about threads like these is it really brings light to succubi infiltrators and their useful idiot male feminist stooges.

0a8e8 No.47909

Just when things were starting to get back on track from yet another derail attempt the mod locks the thread again.
The same one guy goes after the thread blatantly trolling over and over again and your response is to blame the OP and lock the thread?
This is flat out bullshit.

7abec No.47910

Looking at the posts, if that really was the OP replying to himself, I can understand why they locked the thread

0a8e8 No.47911

It was not and is a baseless accusation made repeatedly by a troll that kept showing up to the thread over and over again, not intrested in discusing anything and just repeatedly starting shit until things get mass deleted.
While I do admit that my tone became harsher, and no, I wasn't replying to myself. I doubt I was the only one sick of it.
But whatever.
I will wait a few days and try a similar thread again since when the thread wasn't getting flamed there was actual interesting discussion going on. It is just a shame that one persistent troll can mess up a thread, and the mod takes the side of the troll.


I have quite honestly never seen such dishonest behavior here, and on /wiz/ no less. If you want to have a discussion about the topic in question then that's fine, the way you go about it is not. Flaming other's opinions that you don't like and then going back to gang up on others with false numbers is not in any way, shape, or form the correct way to go about having a serious discussion here. The solution on what to do with your thread was tough, it's a unique situation, but I think it's better that it stay locked as I don't feel there is any potential for discussion if you feel that you must go about it so dishonestly.

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