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File: 1546731963237.jpg (3.5 MB, 3248x3923, 3248:3923, Old_King.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

85178 No.48020

Post rates have been in constant decline for years and I think that they are now entering a critically dangerous level where people stop coming to the site because no one posts which furthers slows things down, a sort of death spiral. Something must be done to make people post more, to make less people leave and to make more people join, or else we'll end 2019 with a post rate in the lower double digits or worse. How can we do that while respecting what wizchan stands for? I don't want to see this place die, it's the only imageboard where I can be at ease.

Let's save wizchan, please.

6a61f No.48021

Delete /b/

53a7e No.48026

File: 1546745087311.png (454.63 KB, 763x429, 763:429, 864872467264724.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


Let's not. This place is, and always has been, a joke. Let the many falsehoods of this site die and rot. For good this time. As far as I'm concerned, there will never be a community worth participating in online, especially for wizards (it's almost a contradiction in terms). I've certainly never felt at home or at ease here and have barely any desire to interact with anything. Least of this rotten cesspool of mindless stupidity & aggression, with what few people who come where being nothing more than empty headed sadists looking for their worthless kicks. Better to let this place wither away into the septic tank and, thus, be left with the only true company any of us really have. Our own thoughts. Better than keeping this sham alive, like a false lighthouse steering hapless cunts into the watery grave of a hollow community that's nothing, but a lie.

85178 No.48028

I didn't make this thread for you. I'm sorry you think that way, and I think you're wrong because that's not my experience with wizchan, which I found to have many genuinely nice people and to be better than any other online community that I participated, but I didn't create this thread to argue about that or to convince you of otherwise. The purpose of this thread is to discuss ways to help wizchan maintain a good number of users without straying from its purpose, and not to make another general "wizchan sucks" /meta/ thread, so please don't derail it.

7bd2c No.48029

I would rather watch this website die out slowly with a genuine user base for which it was meant than compromise the sites values just for the sake of more posts.

85178 No.48030

That's why I said "respecting what wizchan stands for". I don't think any wizard would want to have more posts if it took revoking all the rules for example because then it wouldn't be wizchan anymore. I'd rather not watch it die though, I'd rather it be a place full of (genuine) wizards who post interesting things.

a2afc No.48032

File: 1546753811456.gif (103.88 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 7aa8afa4fd3ddbc7d86f289e75….gif) ImgOps iqdb

I remember there was a /meta/ thread a long time ago where a wiz wanted anyone who didn't post a few times a day to be banned. Not a great idea, it must be said, but I still laugh when I think about it!

On a more serious note, I don't know what to do about it. I just report low quality, hostile posts and I try to make okay contributions to the site. I also mention that I am in my thirties sometimes in posts in order to let older apprentices and full wizards know they aren't alone, since some days we seem overrun by surly, mean-spirited teenagers.

90c57 No.48033

replace the "USER HAS BEEN BANNED FOR THIS POST" text with "NO NO NO NO! I SAID NO NO NO NO!" instead.

13eba No.48035

But I hate my own thoughts

6e696 No.48036

Really hope wch wont die. even if slow this brings a bit of stability into my shitty life and recently a lot of places are closing down in favor of bland corporate shit.

a428f No.48039

That would probably kill the site even faster. I say make /b/ a public board, since it's the most popular and fastest board with a low bar for entry it will attract people to post on it, then they'll naturally use the rest of the site along with it. Also you could turn back to when we had those custom filenames where it was like wizardchan-148794363947.jpg and then people would end up circulating exclusive wizchan/b/ memes around that they saved from here on bigger sites and such and inevitably curious people would look our website up.

I think the problem is that people end up using this place for a little bit, but then a lot of them inevitably norm up/have sex then become normalfags or they commit suicide, and then what happens is the userbase and people that know about this place slowly dwindles. So we need constant advertising, the filenames throwback idea and the public /b/ will draw in lots of new posters I think, of course there will be people that don't belong here along with that, but that's the mods job to deal with.

All in all I think wizchan comes off on the surface as too serious, too depressing, etc. With /b/ as a public board and fresh advertising it would give us a chance to show new users that wizards can be sophisticated, we can be depressed, but we can also be silly and fun just like any other chan. We need to cut the elitism and face facts, the future of the site either lives with constant influx of new young generations, or it dies with a handful of curmudgeonly oldfags who've seen the ropes a few more times than they probably needed to.

812fe No.48040

If the post rates are going down just merge some of the boards.

6a61f No.48041

/b/ is cancer and will attract only the worst (heck it already is as we speak)

84d13 No.48042

How does that mean death exactly?

d7893 No.48043

Proud to browse the same site with you.

cff75 No.48045

Good, i hope most of those leaving are just the 4chad shitposters so we can enjoy quality posts again.

2489d No.48047

Fewer boards, yes. Only /dep/, /hob/ and /meta/ should stay. Emphasis on /dep/, it's unique, not a single place is like it anywhere except 8/suicide/.

90c57 No.48054

Change /hob/ for /jp/ and you are golden.

4ff88 No.48060

Wizchan should not be a fast imageboard and it shouldn't be one you visit to be entertained.

Lots of people coming here are from /r9k/ and other communities where people say "go to wizchan" in a mocking sense or it is briefly mentioned. They come from a fast board where every time they f5 they get new content and they are used to low quality shitposts that make them feel better. Wizchan should not be that. It would just make it in to the failing places they came from - repeating the same inevitable failure.

wizchan.org doesn't seem slow for me compared to the past - /hob/ didn't get posts for weeks and neither did /wiz/.

/b/ is what this site would turn in to if it was "entertaining" - it would shift from an imageboard for virgins to discuss things apart from virginity to people talking, mocking, and skirting as close to rule breaking about virginity constantly which outsiders enjoy too. We've had many people mentioning how crab culture is vibrant and exciting compared to wizchan but that's the point - some users don't want crab culture and prefer the outcome of a board with these rules and restrictions.

Wizchan gets plenty of posts each day, magicchan didn't have posts for weeks. Wizchan holds a unique position as a heavily moderated outcast imageboard and there is nowhere else for people to go - the concept of a death spiral is different when there is some new hot imageboard to shitpost at. If users are like me there is literally nowhere else that's even worth checking so I come back here regularly even if it's dead and have nothing to post. The situation and nature of the board remains even if people left.

People run out of things to say, I think maybe admin should create a "wizards visited" in the last 24 hours feature or something to indicate there are lurkers.

8bbb9 No.48068

File: 1546868408388.jpg (46.02 KB, 700x525, 4:3, ozfriends.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i agree with everything in this post and also support the sentiment about the whole visible "visited" metric. ive seen something similar on other websites and even if the number is small in comparison it still gives a positive feeling knowing how many people are your "friends" and that they still come over visiting.

6a61f No.48088

Delete /b/

a428f No.48093

lol ​/b/utthurt

a7d33 No.48094

actually it's kinda cute that it's dying just like we are dying.It matches the soul of the true wizard.Keep it as same please.

0dba5 No.48234

based bukowski poster but i still need something to keep me from going nuts and wizchan seems to be the closest thing to it so far

c98ee No.48235

>Post rates have been in constant decline for years

Any way to verify this?

fe69e No.48244

t. Fagposter

de169 No.48245

>Let's save wizchan, please.
If the mods stop banning me, I promise to make decent posts (excluding /b/)

1c396 No.48246

The third part of rule 2 is killing this site - none of it's precursors had it, and they flourished until they got killed by external means.

fe69e No.48247

The site is dying because rule 2 isn't enforced more strictly and we get crabs like you who gets attached to the site instead of fucking off.

6c266 No.48248

File: 1548489585564.jpg (83.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Minami-ke - 03 (BD 1280x72….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

7bd2c No.48249

File: 1548496321224.jpg (85.55 KB, 497x434, 71:62, 1536467576475.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

6a61f No.48250

Tip: it’s not enforced if you are a faggot.

6188e No.48253

I also agree completely. I think most posters on wizchan are mostly lurkers, who come, read and seldom reply and make new threads even more rarely.

f9faa No.48254

We should merge with crystal.cafe

13eba No.48255

kys what we need is warlockchan back

1c176 No.48265

it's dying because nobody wants to humor the farmers and ironic wizards that have nothing better to do but quality control the place

1c176 No.48268

/cow/ and other places alike, is what I meant by that. We've had a long history of outsider groups looking to destabilize this place.

1c079 No.48293

Its always been like that. At least the old crew still had some creativity left, unlike most of these new kids. Fucking jonnes would be a step up from these wastes.

5df3a No.48298

As an under a rock dweller i had to search what crystal cafe is and had the best laugh in months. Thank you.

98184 No.48309

Wizards, i miss magicchan a lot, i don't understand why exactly, but i just do.
I wish we could value or appreciate knowledge and wisdom a little bit more here, even religious type. Perhaps the more experienced or intelligent wizards could help with this, while outside of /hob/ of course, distributing advice for apprentice wizards. For i can see that new threads are made by the less experienced.
I don't want to fight or challenge other user of this place, i want to belong here and wish the same for other wizards.

I would like to point out that 8ch /r9k/ (it was fine since the bo put the virgin only rule)might be on the verge of collapse and we should learn with it's decline and possible demise. I don't know what will be of it's population, there seemed to be good future wizards there.
Well, maybe i am just having a delusion posting this.

3a077 No.48310

Same. I sometimes type the URL out of habit. It's a shame a wizard made a thread about mahjong but it got deleted before I even read the whole thing.

1c079 No.48311

Shit, I just realised magicchan is no longer with us. What a shame, I remember there were some really good posts there.

d68c7 No.48352

There is never any interesting discussion here. You can be a norman in every way but virginity and still post here but I don't want to talk with those type of people. The real recluse people that are interesting would likely never come here to socialize with the norman here or would come and get bored fast. I don't post anymore because every new thread is the same as past ones with written slightly differently and so everything that should be said has already been said.

02e98 No.48353

File: 1550077150637.png (877.84 KB, 666x499, 666:499, TRTL.png) ImgOps iqdb

I check out this site from time to time and I don't see how it is "dying". It is what it is: An obscure place in the internet during an era that's infested with social media. Low posting frequency doesn't mean that this place is dead.

Post proof.

6a61f No.48355

When I see posts discussing college, the military, jobs, doing stuff like sports with other people, setting up discord groups etc I wonder what’s the point of staying here. As you said real loners and recluse prolly don’t post here or anywhere at all.
how many “norman in every way” as you put it are genuine virgins, and likely to remain so in the near future is also a matter of debate. So many of them showed their true colours either here or on other imageboards… virginity and social isolation don’t matter to them, it’s just another imageboard to them.

7bd2c No.48356

What exactly have you ever contributed to the site in order to promote or add to what you consider to be "interesting discussion"?
>You can be a norman in every way but virginity and still post here but I don't want to talk with those type of people.
Who knows what in the world you want then. This site is for men who aren't in a constant state of obsession over human reproduction. Any other attributes you have assigned to your version of wizardry are yours and yours alone. Feel free to start up a forum where users need to make accounts with profiles individually rigorously scrutinized to your own personal subjective standards and let us all know how that turns out.
>The real recluse people that are interesting would likely never come here to socialize
Holy shit its almost like hermits who live out in the woods with no human contact or internet for that matter are like…not of chan visiting age or desire? Mind blowing stuff dude.
>I don't post anymore because every new thread is the same as past ones with written slightly differently and so everything that should be said has already been said
Then hopefully this is your last post because I have literally read what you spent time typing out here a few dozen times already myself.


Wizards come in all forms and most need to support themselves financially because not everyone is fortunate enough to either live in a country that provides neetbux or have parents that will facilitate them. As for wizards being active in either sports or discords it's not like a single person that has ever posted on this site is actually 100% reclusive since the very act of being here is a form of socializing. The only rule that is supposed to have a barring on your life is rule 1 while every other one exists to control the contents of the website itself. The rest of the rules are here to protect neets and hikkis cause on the vast majority of the internet actual normans will falsely ridicule them for "sucking up my tax dollars" or simply because they are easy targets. If you think virginity doesn't matter to the general user base than I don't know what to tell you. It sounds metaphorically like pronouncing staying sober doesn't matter to anyone in alcoholics anonymous. If you think this sites population act like this is just another 4chan I would like you to find me a single board that has multi paragraph long posts and actual discussions spanning such a wide variety of topics.

Whatever I'm wasting my time with you two, if you have such disdain for this place then feel free to never return as you will not be missed.

604f4 No.48357

>This site is for men who aren't in a constant state of obsession over human reproduction.
Tell that to the fellas in the porn threads.

7bd2c No.48358

I hear and agree with your sentiment but others would argue that 2D while being fashioned after such things is not applicable to the actual act of creating live humans with your wand in meat space.

d477e No.48359

there is more than 2D in those threads nowadays.

7bd2c No.48361

I wouldn't personally know. Report what you see.

ff86a No.49398

Absolutely dreadful post. Please never have an opinion again.

7bd2c No.49401

File: 1560839083569.jpg (125.46 KB, 638x898, 319:449, sloppyedit.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

>make /b/ a public board
Spoken like a true /b/tard. That board needs to be purged completely from the site not advertised. It already houses all of the rule breaking posters and you want to display it with pride instead of hiding it because of how shameful it is?

a428f No.49403

It's the most popular board on the website both by amount of posters and post-frequency, and that is in spite it being unlisted, obviously it's doing something right. The majority of people that use /b/ also use the main site as well and there is not much shitposting from them other than a few bad apples that occasionally can't keep it on /b/, which is why we have mods. If you want a complete community where people stick around then you need to provide all the basic facets of a community, right now we are missing fun, lightheartedness, when you want to relax with other people like yourself without regards to quality in an anonymous environment. /b/ is extremely important to this website, saying that it needs to be removed is just naive, if it were to be removed then surely that would be this site's death knell.

03b1c No.49404

>Spoken like a true /b/tard. That board needs to be purged completely from the site not advertised.
it's already advertised when mods move threads to /b/. if you oppose advertising /b/, then complain about that

dca8e No.49418

try making interesting threads for a change

6a61f No.49420

If /b/ wasnt hidden we’d had gems like these on the front page >>>/b/332943
(Also, lots of faggot role playing and degeneracy but that goes without saying at this point right)

wouldn’t that be wonderful?

af0a2 No.49421

lol butthurt

03b1c No.49425

/b/ is a million times better than the board i refuse to name

12fba No.49427


d68c7 No.49430

I'm tired of coming here and seeing the same discussions over and over again so I only pop in on rare occasions now. It's much more enjoyable to delve into academic work and discussion because at least those are areas that I can always learn from and even have the chance to build on with my own ideas. Especially since I can use the knowledge to better argue why we should end the capitalist dystopia the world is held captive by. Scholarly norman are also the most tolerable of all norman to be around, perhaps even more so than wizards, all be it, I've only ever met the common norman in real life, never any wizards or scholars.

af614 No.49454

>moderation is shit
>new tru wiz shit
>angry crabs
But who knows why people don't visit this site actively.

7b180 No.49457

somebody keeps spamming videos of some snob on my threads and that's why I have to make more.

a02cf No.49493

Don't forget the /pol/fags that have taken refuge.

67e2a No.49511

none of those things are new, the tru wiz shit started years ago for example.
as for "angry i n c e l s"? i think that's just people's newfound obsession with it now.

a02cf No.49519

Past moderation was definitely way better than it was now. I'd rather have a cabal of waifufags running the website than the crystal cafe/steam circlejerk running it now. At least the waifufags enforced most of the rules.

7bd2c No.49520

File: 1562643447328.jpg (341.84 KB, 1169x768, 1169:768, 1560777508041.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>crystal cafe/steam circlejerk running it now

67e2a No.49521

to an extent i agree with regards to past moderation. it seems this site as a whole has gotten softer against succubi and circlejerkers.
seriously wtf are those fags and dykes even doing on ibs?

7b180 No.49523

The UN supervisor said it is a Human Right to shitpost.

6a61f No.49527

The mods are the circlejerkers and the faggots.

46e6b No.49531

Mods need to be harsher on rules

48e21 No.49532

File: 1562783990446.jpg (66.13 KB, 474x842, 237:421, 0d03b8a413.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>wizchan is dying
>I worry about people posting less and less
That shouldn't worry you.
Wizchan is replicable because of its very essence, that is, of an imageboard. You can create one wizchan after the termination of this one, and so on. Ad infinitum.
Wizchan in itself cannot and will never die because virgins will always exist and what will also exist forever is their need to be around others who are virgins like them or share the same values or ways of living.

67e2a No.49535

suspected this as well. the fap thread practically filled with gay porn has concerned me for a while for a number of reasons.

dca8e No.49538

>for a number of reasons.
starting with your sexual identity

04bcb No.49539


945a0 No.49540

whaa, kiwifarm posters have nothing to troll anymore!


67e2a No.49541

not mine, but the actual identity of the posters.

82529 No.49544


6e7d4 No.49546

>Let's save wizchan, please.

3adb1 No.49560

It's true, I've noticed myself. Some times it gets 15 or 20 posts for a whole day and less than half of that is longer than an one liner. Where is everyone going? Everywhere else is even worse. I feel like I'm in an island and everyday people disappear but I can't figure it where since we're standing on the last patch of dry land to be found.

03b1c No.49561

i personally stopped posting except on the listed boards because nothing has been done about 'friend-posters'. nothing has been done about /dep/. politics is still a thing. crabs are out in the open. outsiders and tourists are practically embraced.

at least on /b/ you have dumbass crabs whose posts are instantly recognizable, you dont waste time wondering if they are wizards, you already expect shit.

03b1c No.49562

*stopped posting on the listed boards

b6e23 No.49565

i wish they have crabchan to go to

b6e23 No.49566

i wish i wasn't so dumb i would share the same opinion

6e7d4 No.49575

File: 1563653895116.jpg (654.99 KB, 800x450, 16:9, skeletor.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If wizchan dies why not just rename it to necrochan?

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