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4a949 No.48730

Why this community doesn't recognise virgin females capable of having magical powers?

It used to have a lore wiki entry as well now the only place I can find a mention of this is in the wizard handbook.

>Finally, a witch is a female virgin who is at least 30 years old. She is the female counterpart of a wizard. In contrast to wizards, witches are extremely rare, but can be as formidable in magical power as wizards. Similarly, witchhood is the status held by witches who can control magic. In modern times, wizards view witchhood as long extinct.

ddba6 No.48731


2ba33 No.48732

Can't say that I care.

6a129 No.48733

It is extremely hard for a female to remain a virgin, even if she is unwilling, there are plenty of men who would try to coerce and beg her for sex if she is even a little bit attractive. With that said I wouldn't trust everyone on this site to be civil with a female either, there are tons of r9k/crab types that would jump at any female poster here with ridiculous attention, whether is be positive or negative. There have been plenty of men-only gatherings throughout history and they were all that way for a reason, some things you simply can't trust to run smoothly when there are females around.

Of course though if a female were a virgin and didn't mention their gender they would still be allowed to post and no one would even suspect them most likely, but like with non-virgins here those admittances of guilt tend to come out sooner or later and the poster is banned.

9fd7e No.48734

Recognize how? Thankfully English verbs are the same regardless of who you are.

b6110 No.48735

>Of course though if a female were a virgin and didn't mention their gender they would still be allowed to post and no one would even suspect them most likely, but like with non-virgins here those admittances of guilt tend to come out sooner or later and the poster is banned.
There have almost certainly been females who have browsed this website however I doubt they ever post and doubt they browse for long.

Most of us got to know wizchan from another chan; almost all chans are overwhelmingly male because succubi don't like anonymity or the culture it breeds.

Predominantly female websites like Tumblr, blogs and vlogs are based around consistent identity and image. succubi just don't enjoy being anonymous; they need something to feed their egos and they can't judge an idea on its own merits as they have to think about the person it comes from.

Moreover the content here just wouldn't interest succubi. succubi are naturally more social so discussions of schizoid isolationist behavior would confuse them.

So yeah probably a few females have checked out this website because they saw it mentioned somewhere but I doubt they stay for long.

8fa46 No.48736

Wizardom is based on the meme from Haganai. I don't know about the novel but there's no mention of female virgins who are witches in the anime. Original research and cultural appropriation against the original meaning of the meme.

ae621 No.48737

Is this supposed to be some kind of a joke? First the thread about wanting to become a succubi, then this.
succubi cannot achieve wizardhood even if they really tried the same reason they cannot reach Nirvana. succubi don't have human souls, their is like of an animal.
And I wish you all the worst that can happen.

145e4 No.48738

It predates that you stupid weeaboo.

8fa46 No.48739

It literally says so in Wizchan's FAQ, dumbass.

d7789 No.48740

The idea of gaining supernatural mental powers from sexual abstinence and is based on teachings of ancient spirituality, Hognoi or whatever anime you are referring to spoofed it from there.

145e4 No.48741

Haganai references the meme, it didn't fucking come up with it. That's like saying reddit came up with rage comics.

42fd3 No.48742

crab rage

14a5b No.48743

It existed way before that on japanese forums. You are an uncultured swine.

ae621 No.48744

Piss off. I am tired of seeing succubi connected talk.

618cc No.48745

Wizardry isn't all about the lack of sex, it's about the experience. Wizards are generally excluded from society and are left to their devices far away from normal life.

succubi thrive on attention and society perceives them as far more valuable than low status men, so they will never experience the wizard lifestyle no matter how little sex they have.

5c17a No.48746

this, a succubus can be a camwhore and still be a virgin, she can still get all the sexual attention she wants without even having sex. wizards on the other hand do not try to broadcast their sexuality, and in most cases avoid other people or attention (except for warlocks who try to control others)

c207d No.48747

female wizards would be the same thing as female "gamers"

just an excuse for attention whoring

482f1 No.48748

>Wizardchan caters exclusively to male virgins
taken directly from the FAQ. fuck off

d6ae5 No.48749

File: 1537939824225.jpg (103.98 KB, 743x357, 743:357, 139773907590.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Well I acknowledge the existence of witches, but with the qualifiers that others have mentioned. The experience of the average female virgin is almost always going to be far different than that of the average wizard.

And putting aside their existence or non-existence, I don't think they should ever be allowed here because it'd just make for more drama. Plenty of people here will claim "B-but I'm volcel!", but you just know that any introduction of females would lead to shit similar to those MMO guild stories.

311e5 No.48750

Witches are a myth.

a7c32 No.48751

>Look at my virginity, thirsty anon-kun. ^w^

d7789 No.48752

Along the lines of >>48733, >>48745,

the truth is we aren't here specifically because of virginity - if that was the case it would still look more like r9k or crabs.me, as it did in the early on before the dust settled.

Virginity and sex themselves are a rare (and for the most part prohibited) topic of discussion here. Sexual success is the quintessential marker of male success, and being a male virgin is accordingly the most common and basic representative state of male failure that we can all agree upon.

Female virginity is not a marker of failure (in most cases it is something like the opposite); A male is a virgin because of physical and mental weaknesses which make it implausible for him to obtain sex from evolutionary and social systems which benefit from making it as difficult as possible for him to do so.

A female is, in most cases, a virgin simply because she wills it to be.

e73da No.48753

The fact that you're even asking this question demonstrates that you don't belong here. Please leave.

a5c3f No.48754

Because this site is for virgin males. Monasteries separate their people by sex for a reason.

c3b0a No.48755

This, fesnails can't be wizards because fesnails can't be crab anyways

Also this, the "volcel" grapes gimmicks is funny for about 5 minutes but all it does is invite fesnails and normies who don't want to talk about sex.

c3208 No.48756

my sister is a female wizard tbh, they exist.

d7789 No.48757

elaboration on what she's like

618cc No.48758

What manga is that from

f342c No.48759

they're called nuns, and they airn't disrespected in society because of their virginity.

396e1 No.48760

Years later and we're still having this discussion?
Answer is the same as always, NO.

e322c No.48761

It's still a japanese meme though

e8bd3 No.48762

years ago, there was this simple rule around on other chans; everybody is male on the internet

ba2bf No.48763


654af No.48764

I'm willing to bet most nuns aren't virgins, especially when you consider you can't become a nun if you're underage (and I'm sure most orders actually require a finished high school), and the average age of losing virginity is lower than that.

07bfa No.48765

Why is this thread still here? Females are not, nor can ever be, wizards.

39115 No.48766

If "female wizards" exist they can make their own site for themselves. Wizchan is male only and should stay that way.

78a7a No.48767


just like that. works like a charm. also easy to recognize unless you are retarded.

6a129 No.48768

>easy to recognize unless you are retarded
how so

dfa89 No.48769

Please stop. Succubi should just leave us alone. We want nothing to do with them.

d5739 No.48770

post your hymen with a timestamp and your age and you can come here. bonus points if you include your stretched asshole.

b55ca No.48771

File: 1546825247963.jpg (64.8 KB, 700x550, 14:11, Dreaming picture.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It would be amusing if there existed a "Witchchan" counterpart to this website but thats about it.

Just another trite amusement for us to attempt to fill our often boring Wizdays with.

197d5 No.48772

Suspicious type of amusement. If Witchan existed with a similar policy you'd have to play a role or remain an outsider there.

51b52 No.48773

The only way I could fathom a succubus not choosing to have sex within 30 years is if she was in a coma the entire time, and even then she would get raped and impregnated by someone, so it's basically not possible.

482f1 No.48774

in general succubi use lots of more emotions when theyre talking. they use more emojis and are more likely to use something with a long string of letters to express their emotions, an example being "heeeey". irl they cant stand silence between interactions and will laugh or use anything to fill the silence. succubi can pass as men when they are calm so they can usually go under the radar.

its much easier to tell when youre arguing with a succubus. they use softer words like idiot, stupid, instead of the more masculine faggot, or fucking dumbass. i notice that males gravitate towards words that really sound hurtful with hard g and k sounds. i think it has something to do with them trying to appear feminine and proper, to make it seem like their arguments are more credible. succubi never use these words because theyve evolved to not have to.

the greatest form of insult a succubus uses is social shaming, getting other people to join in and make you feel trapped. succubus arent powerful so trying to get a man/to fight for her makes evolutionary sense for her. succubi do not attack your argument but rather your social status (on the internet they just have to assume that youre a filthy basement dwelling neckbeard). they like to use insults that attack your masculinity, and make you seem weak in general. the easiest ways to do this is through social and intellectual shaming. most succubi dont even have the capability to back up any of their arguments because they dont believe in ideas beacause theyre good, they believe them because popular people do.

using external groups is fundamental to social shaming and succubi like to turn a blind eye to this groups problems and hold them on a higher pedestal and then compare it to you. an example of this would be "most people" or a group of people with low social status.

another thing to note is little comments at the ends of sentences to degrade you. usually meant to be something said under the breath of kept to herself, but said out loud to hurt you. an example would be "Ugh, Talking to idiots is just so frustrating.". this also serves as an attempt to connect with other people, left as a comment to invite other people to join in on the insulting.

succubi like to appear ignorant in arguments. using phrases such as "i didnt realize you (insert belief or action)" or "wow, i cant believe you (insert belief or action)". this again tries to get a group response leaving a comment open for others to join in, this doesnt really work online.

one thing succubi do that cant be reproduced online is conveniently forgetting things and twisting words. because everything they say is recorded they cant twist your words and forget something bad that they said. this makes succubi a lot easier to deal with online.

another thing that is harder to do online is just outright dismiss you and walk away from the argument when theyre losing. on the other hand when they win an argument they will shame you as much as they can for losing.

i also see females tend to worry about grammar and spelling a lot more. this trait in general isnt specific to females, but to anyone trying to inflict harm. using capital letters and apostrophes just hurts more than an uncapitalized sentence that doesnt worry about grammar. i cant really say what causes this but my guess is that informal writing is usually grammatically incorrect and often represents opinions, whereas things that are grammatically correct are taken as formal and factual. this could be due to conditioning in school/society.

00a36 No.48775

lol based and wizpilled. Fuck the naysayers that's going to defend succubi and call you a crab for this post

24456 No.48776

Isn't that a pasta anyways? If someone here knows all that crap about succushit they clearly should not be here.

323d9 No.48777


female wizards are a work of fiction by crabs

00a36 No.48778

Yeah wizards should not say anything negative about wombmen because crabs do it therefore we shouldn't. succubi are our greatest ally.

28643 No.48779

These are the only acceptable replies.
This should not even be a debatable topic. Wizchan is for virgin males. Succubi can make their own sites, but we shouldn't care about that, just like we don't care about r9k and normgroid sites.

00a36 No.48780

04dc3 No.48781

Prove it.

55844 No.48782

this thread is still up? have the mods not seen it or are they plain stupid

862df No.48783

We have cringecafe if you are really interested in a succubi "wizchan"

c4953 No.48784

Wizardchan 2019

71fdf No.48785

Cafe doesn't have a remotely similar policy. It'd be more interesting if it did. Still I think it's a good thing that it's a separate website.

482f1 No.48786

can confirm its not a pasta. why would knowing about succubi make me any less wizardly? are wizards supposed to remain in the dark about them and just keep telling themselves succubi are bad with no evidence?

6a129 No.48787

>keep telling themselves succubi are bad with no evidence
what if I don't think females are bad, but I just don't like normalfags in general

47de1 No.48788

It's really not that hard to just not mention your period or whatever and no one will ever know your gender and will just judge what you have written on its own merits. I assumed the rule against succubi posting here was to avoid any of the undesirable social dynamics that come from that, including crabs going crazy with rage, not to actually stop them from posting, since there's nothing that could actually do that.

862df No.48789

The role players are gonna hear you

482f1 No.48790

its the same thing, but we cant just keep telling ourselves that with no proof or we are bound to start believing the opposite. we need evidence to back up our beliefs or they will spread lies and you will believe them.

>If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed. -Adolf Hitler

28643 No.48791

>there is no evidence that succubi/normgroids are bad
wizchan 2019

05d70 No.48792

they aren't necessarily bad, they just don't belong on this site. this site is for male virgins, if you have a problem with this, >>>/meta/ or better yet go make your own imageboard. otherwise, you are wasting your time

fa757 No.48793

Nice argument. Don't wanna backseat moderate but kinda wish posts like these were banned. I wish this site would stand for reason and not be like any other chan with knee-jerk replies. That is a way to shitposting and low quality discussion.

28643 No.48794

forgot to put sage on my post, my bad
You want an argument? How about this: if you think there is no evidence that succubi/normgroids are bad, you are not a wizard, but a filthy norman-sympathiser.
Path to wizardry is full of filthy normgroids and succubi bullying you for being a virgin if you ever speak up. You can become a wizard without interacting with filthy normans, but you'll have stupid thoughts like "maybe the 30-year old wizards with extensive knowledge of normgroids are lying to me and they are actually really good people". They aren't. If you had actual experience dealing with them, you would know that.

482f1 No.48795

sorry, what i meant to say was state our evidence, not need evidence.

yes they should not be allowed to post here but are we not allowed to give observations on them? are we not allowed to warn and educate others on the matter?

2e8f2 No.48796

The only good female posters don't feel like they need to tell anyone they're female

08df2 No.48797

How is this thread not outright banned yet?

5882d No.48798

its just speculative ideas

1a4a6 No.48799

The sole idea of a succubus being a "wizard" is just plain retarded. succubi cannot be wizards, period.

00a36 No.48800

Why not?

28643 No.48801

Prove it

08df2 No.48802

It is bullshit and very much against the rules.
No females and to suggest otherwise is low quality shitposting.

00a36 No.48803

05156 No.48804

To answer that question we have to start at the beginning :

The Planck epoch is an era in traditional (non-inflationary) Big Bang cosmology immediately after the event which began our known universe. During this epoch, the temperature and average energies within the universe were so high that everyday subatomic particles could not form, and even the four fundamental forces that shape our universe—electromagnetism, gravitation, weak nuclear interaction, and strong nuclear interaction—were combined and formed one fundamental force. Little is understood about physics at this temperature; different hypotheses propose different scenarios. Traditional big bang cosmology predicts a gravitational singularity before this time, but this theory relies on the theory of general relativity, which is thought to break down for this epoch due to quantum effects.

In inflationary models of cosmology, times before the end of inflation (roughly 10−32 second after the Big Bang) do not follow the same timeline as in traditional big bang cosmology. Models that aim to describe the universe and physics during the Planck epoch are generally speculative and fall under the umbrella of "New Physics". Examples include the Hartle–Hawking initial state, string landscape, string gas cosmology, and the ekpyrotic universe.

As the universe expanded and cooled, it crossed transition temperatures at which forces separated from each other. These phase transitions can be visualised as similar to condensation and freezing phase transitions of ordinary matter. At certain temperatures/energies, water molecules change their behaviour and structure, and they will behave completely differently. Like steam turning to water, the fields which define our universe's fundamental forces and particles also completely change their behaviors and structures when the temperature/energy falls below a certain point. This is not apparent in everyday life, because it only happens at far higher temperatures than we usually see in our present universe.

These phase transitions are believed to be caused by a phenomenon of quantum fields called "symmetry breaking".

In everyday terms, as the universe cools, it becomes possible for the quantum fields that create the forces and particles around us, to settle at lower energy levels and with higher levels of stability. In doing so, they completely shift how they interact. Forces and interactions arise due to these fields, so the universe can behave very differently above and below a phase transition. For example, in a later epoch, a side effect of one phase transition is that suddenly, many particles that had no mass at all acquire a mass (they begin to interact differently with the Higgs field), and a single force begins to manifest as two separate forces.

The grand unification epoch began with a phase transitions of this kind, when gravitation separated from the universal combined gauge force. This caused two forces to now exist: gravity, and an electrostrong interaction. There is no hard evidence yet, that such a combined force existed, but many physicists believe it did. The physics of this electrostrong interaction would be described by a so-called grand unified theory (GUT).

The grand unification epoch ended with a second phase transition, as the electrostrong interaction in turn separated, and began to manifest as two separate interactions, called the strong and electroweak interactions.

Depending on how epochs are defined, and the model being followed, the electroweak epoch may be considered to start before or after the inflationary epoch. In some models it is described as including the inflationary epoch. In other models, the electroweak epoch is said to begin after the inflationary epoch ended, at roughly 10−32 seconds.

According to traditional big bang cosmology, the electroweak epoch began 10−36 seconds after the Big Bang, when the temperature of the universe was low enough (1028 K) for the Electronuclear Force to begin to manifest as two separate interactions, called the strong and the electroweak interactions. (The electroweak interaction will also separate later, dividing into the electromagnetic and weak interactions). The exact point where electrostrong symmetry was broken is not certain, because of the very high energies of this event.

At this point, the very early universe suddenly and very rapidly expanded to at least 1078 times its previous volume (and possibly much more). This is equivalent to a linear increase of at least 1026 times in every spatial dimension – equivalent to an object 1 nanometer (10−9 m, about half the width of a molecule of DNA) in length, expanding to one approximately 10.6 light years (about 62 trillion miles) long in a tiny fraction of a second. This change is known as inflation.

Although light and objects within spacetime cannot travel faster than the speed of light, in this case it was the metric governing the size and geometry of spacetime itself that changed in scale. Changes to the metric are not limited by the speed of light.

There is good evidence that inflation happened, and it is widely accepted that it did take place. But the exact reasons why it happened are still being explored. So a range of models exist that explain why and how it took place - it is not yet clear which explanation is correct.

In several of the more prominent models, it is thought to have been triggered by the separation of the strong and electroweak interactions which ended the grand unification epoch. One of the theoretical products of this phase transition was a scalar field called the inflaton field. As this field settled into its lowest energy state throughout the universe, it generated an enormous repulsive force that led to a rapid expansion of space itself. Inflation explains several observed properties of the current universe that are otherwise difficult to account for, including explaining how today's universe has ended up so exceedingly homogeneous (similar) on a very large scale, even though it was highly disordered in its earliest stages.

It is not known exactly when the inflationary epoch ended, but it is thought to have been between 10−33 and 10−32 seconds after the Big Bang. The rapid expansion of space meant that elementary particles remaining from the grand unification epoch were now distributed very thinly across the universe. However, the huge potential energy of the inflation field was released at the end of the inflationary epoch, as the inflaton field decayed into other particles, known as "reheating". This heating effect led to the universe being repopulated with a dense, hot mixture of quarks, anti-quarks and gluons. In other models, reheating is often considered to mark the start of the electroweak epoch, and some theories, such as warm inflation, avoid a reheating phase entirely.

In non-traditional versions of Big Bang theory (known as "inflationary" models), inflation ended at a temperature corresponding to roughly 10−32 second after the Big Bang, but this does not imply that the inflationary era lasted less than 10−32 second. To explain the observed homogeneity of the universe, the duration in these models must be longer than 10−32 second. Therefore, in inflationary cosmology, the earliest meaningful time "after the Big Bang" is the time of the end of inflation.

05d70 No.48805

>yes they should not be allowed to post here but are we not allowed to give observations on them? are we not allowed to warn and educate others on the matter?

warn? what warning do you need to give? just dont interact with people

d2ebc No.48806

cuz girlz not allowed in muh sekret club
u gotta have a wand 2 b a wizzzz hehe

8270d No.48807

I enjoyed this reply, thanks.

60295 No.48808

There are succubi-only chans (lolcow, cc). Fuck off to there and don't come back.

This is male only space and this will never change. Report this thread immediately for rule breaking.

00a36 No.48811

True , sister

05d70 No.48812

instead of asking "why", when it's dictated in the rules and faq, ask to" change the rules and faq"*, otherwise this thread is just "hey let's talk about x"

*it won't matter if you do make such a thread, but at least you tried

484ea No.48813

To succubus being virgin is seemed good. And losing virginity as a succubus doesn't take anything.

Historically witches are also always been all the bad that succubi represent. Destroying families, etc. So no, there is no real reason why "witches" should be a thing.

90141 No.48816

post a hymen with a time stamp and I wouldn't mind if they were limited to posting in a hidden board called /succushit/ or some other degrading name.

00a36 No.48819

Why? Can't handle succubi?

55844 No.48836

6baab No.48837

It is hard to browse if whenever you bring up an aspect of whom you are or what you do everyone gangs up to insult you. That's why I discuss nearly nothing, people everywhere usually hate me or ignore me and my opinions and what I propose or create. Inb4 male. Forbidding anyone to post because of what someone else is threatening to do to you if they're around means you're already pandering to that someone else.

05d70 No.48841

because the rules are fine with me. what about the rules is wrong to you?

00a36 No.48842

Amen to that,sister

05d70 No.48844

>It is hard to browse if whenever you bring up an aspect of whom you are or what you do everyone gangs up to insult you.
are you the wizard who was complaining about having to sit around people when you went to get coffee lol

9fa38 No.48878

It's here to deter them.

Stinkubus detected.

7c026 No.48891

No, I'm that one who responded to him that people get scared when I keep looking in their eyes.

24890 No.49386

File: 1560712141894.jpg (42.57 KB, 342x422, 171:211, Wizard-in-Training.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

female Apprentices are rare enough as it is. Presumably we don't consider someone an apprentice wizard until they're a virgin nearing 30 (25+? 20+? 18+? not sure where we begin) and most females start fucking guys as preteens

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