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557d9 No.49884


state of wizchan 2019. r9k refugees are openly revealing their identity. Even more funny things about this thread is that majority of responses to this post were supportive.

28a3e No.49885

Use report function. Mods are too busy deleting vegan threads to have time for this petty offense.

866eb No.49895

Well that's funny because that thread was indirectly caused by the vegan posted.

f843b No.49896

read your wizchan history book.

ace9d No.49993

Hi, I'm from Reddit. I just heard about you guys.

557d9 No.49996

I wonder if anyone even comes from reddit to wizchan

f762d No.50003

a990a No.50005

Mods are ok with it because they're closet in-cels. It's actually scary how we're on a path to becoming in-cels.me or whatever domain they're at nowadays since most are sick of their pointless bitching.

I have no problem with in-cels being here, but they can't talk about their desire for a gf or even implicate it, it's not really what wizchan is about.

acf10 No.50006

>I have no problem with in-cels being here
Neutrals and crab enablers are the cancer killing wizchan

a990a No.50018

In-cel and wizard activities overlap a lot, so it's not really a bad thing if they're here and don't talk about their in-celdom to us or implicate that being /r9k/ incarnate automatically makes them one of us or whatever.

557d9 No.50021

Not really.

389e6 No.50028

Selective moderation and succubi are.

91780 No.50029

crab activities seem limited to whining about sex, succubi, and discussing bodily appearances

a990a No.50031

That's because you've been exposed to the worst of the worst which is in-cels.me and PSL. You don't hear about the in-cel minding his own business watching anime at home.

As far to my knowledge, in-cel virgins are certainly welcome here as there is no rule against them. The only rule coming anywhere close is this:

>2. Do not state or suggest that you had, will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences.

If the in-cel can stick to this criteria, he has every right to be here. This is as opposed to nonvirgin normalfags who would be breaking rule 1 merely by virtue of posting here.

Note you can't strictly speaking moderate rules 1 anyway because you can't tell who's a virgin and who's not unless they explicitly say.

91780 No.50098

i've never been exposed to anything like that, aside from screenshots, heresay, and crabposts here on wizchan. that is what ive seen and so that is crab behavior to me

you dont have to regurgitate rules, ive said your exact words countless times. literally anyone can post here, it is not their identity (because of anonymity) that is bannable, only the content of their posts

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