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File: 1563246763961.jpg (49.19 KB, 400x607, 400:607, hpw2q3i93ad373ef5161702a4e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

e2f75 No.49939

What would you say is the current percentage of legit/real apprentices and wizards on Wizchan?

When it comes to fake apprentices/wizards, the site's userbase was probably never perfect, not even on wizardchan's earliest days, with that said, I can only assume it has gotten worse since the 2016 election (due to all the attention imageboards got from the media during that time), the pewdiepie thing and it probably got even worse with crabs becoming mainstream due to the Toronto attack early last year.

Here are the types of non-apprentices/wizards who are almost definitely posting in this place right now:

-16 to 21 years old late bloomers who'll end up getting laid sooner or later (it's not even that rare or unusual to be a male virgin at 19 or 20 nowadays. IMHO, you should only be considered an apprentice once you hit at least 21).

-"Depressed" and "lonely" normies: Basically "nerdy" normans who don't get sex very often but have gotten at least 1 or 2 gfs, has a few nerdy friends to hang out with, but still feels "depressed" "lonely" and a "loser" because he doesn't get laid as often and isn't as social as the other non-nerd normalfaggots.

-crab Normies: Regular normals with friends and a job who remained virgins until later in their lives either because they're unnatractive or won't settle for a succubus bellow 7/10.

-4chad norms LARPing as one of us


-Non-virgin crabs: Normies who've had sex a few times in the past but are "depressed" and "feel like virgins" because it's been a long time since the last time they were able to fuck a succubus (in some cases many months, in other cases, years)

-Non-virgin volcels: Celibate MGTOWs basically.

Is it just me who gets a bit anxious thinking about this sort of stuff while browsing the site?

Maybe I'm worrying too much and it hasn't gotten this bad, but I can't help but feel like these fakes make up at least half of the current userbase.

So again, what would you say is the percentage of remaining real apprentices and wizards on this site in 2019?

And by "real" I mean: male, at least 20 years old, virgin, volcel (can include former crabs who called it quits years ago), hasn't talked/met with a friend in at least 3 years, doesn't leave the house very often (unless he has to wageslave, visit relatives, go to the hospital, buy groceries, take out the trash, take care of something for an elder relative, that kind of stuff).

(I know some of this is not on the rules/FAQ of the site, this definition of apprentice/wizard is for this thread only).

Would you say the percentage is below 30%?

022c1 No.49940

File: 1563247268849.png (268.45 KB, 380x607, 380:607, 090646232 2.png) ImgOps iqdb

What if you were the only virgin here?

c462b No.49941

>le true wizard thread number 100

These types of threads are always cringe and result in people bragging about their failures to see who's the most loser of all. For God's sake. Do something with your life.

6c979 No.49942

This is hair splitting over what you admittedly can't know. I don't think wizchan is attractive to nonvirgins, and given that there are more imageboards than stars in the universe, they'd rather choose other places to go.

e2f75 No.49943

>result in people bragging about their failures to see who's the most loser of all

Not really what I'm asking for though.

The point of this thread can be summed up in these two questions:

>Is it just me who gets a bit anxious thinking about this sort of stuff while browsing the site?


>what would you say is the percentage of remaining real apprentices and wizards on this site in 2019

As someone who used to browse this site (as well as the old wizardchan board) a lot back in 2014-2016, but hasn't done so in a while, I'm curious about its current state and how much has it changed.

eecda No.49944

I think you are too paranoid. Most of the people you mentioned stay on /r9k/, MGTOW sites or crab forums.

There are a few that come here. A few years ago someone posted a link to a wizchan chat and there was a married guy there.

2332f No.49945

I’ve been thinking, with all the talks in the media of young men feeling alienated, dropping out of the rat race, becoming reclusive, no job etc it would be easier than ever to have a place where those of us who fit these criteria would be the majority or at the very least a sizable portion of the userbase, yet most posters here are fairly well-adjusted by society’s standards, have friends or they are young college goers, white collar workers and so on. You just have to trust that they are virgins but it’s not that rare for them to admit either here or elsewhere that they are not (and they can be very abusive ironically), in the end it’s all just a silly gimmick to them, the wizardry thing I mean, and they come here just like they would to any other “generic” ib.
In a way it makes sense I guess for people who are not social in real life to shun contact even on the internet, and even in “communities” supposedly made to cater to them. A somewhat similar phenomenon can be observed on mental health/autism-related forum where succubi are overrepresented.

89d19 No.49947

I legit believe 95% + here are virgins. Volcels? ehh probably like 25% and most of them used to be crabs and gave up due to low self confidence or just flat out dont care anymore. As long as we dont talk about tfw no gf/r9k tier shit I dont really care tbh

4cb8c No.49948

There is most likely a link. Google "gender dysphoria autism".

I'm into old obscure computer systems and game consoles (probably a bit spergy myself), and there's definitely an over-representation of trans people in those kinds of hobbies as well.

Heck, I've kinda started associating transvestites with obscure nerdy hobbies.

1f915 No.49949


I don´t think that is a correlation between the two things, is not like trans people are autists, or autism makes you transgender, is more like the autist person is more likely to be confused as fuck about their own sexual impulses and their social behaviour, enough to dive into a subculture that goes against the grain so wholeheartedly. Its just something that ticks some boxes for them so they pursue it for all the wrong reasons as autists pursue anything they do.

sadly there´s a validation culture that pretty much guarantees that they won´t be denied or contradicted if they insist enough, instead they´ll just receive instant gratification and positive reinforcement, and of course autists are well known for insisting in whatever their new obsession is so they´ll eventually just bypass filters that should be in place not to allow them to embarass themselves like that, by sheer insistence and brute force. I find it repulsive that so many psychiatrist know this and still are all to happy to play into it, thats the part were i think there´s either major flaws on logic or an agenda going on.

I believe there´s a lot of genuinely transgender people but their not that many as current hype will have us believe, i don´t even think a lot of them would benefit at all with public displays like that of the picture. And sure as fuck people with other mental issues should be screened better before allowed in that situation.

8c03d No.49951

psychopath isn't even a real thing.

A little reading you might find interesting.

79c10 No.49952

I'm fine/don't care about crabs either as long as they're not the entitled failed normie kind. I'd say it's the social posters who should get told to leave rather than crabs in general

9aaf1 No.49953

>yet most posters here are fairly well-adjusted by society’s standards, have friends or they are young college goers, white collar workers and so on.
I think you underestimate how easy it is to be "normal" outwardly but because modern sexual dynamics you just end up being a virgin.
Due to technology, it's really not difficult for an otherwise normal male to spend their school years playing videogames among their all-male peer groups or even no peer group at all so by the time they are in the work force they have nearly no social experience. Getting a girlfriend requires conscious effort if you're not so physically attractive that females will initiate. So combine having no mixed-sex socialization groups during youth on top of being average/below average in appearance means they are never in contact with females long enough to "get lucky" and stumble into a relationship.
I believe this is where the Japanese Herbivore Males phenomenon stems from, and it's happening in western societies as well.

fa635 No.49954

Maybe part of it is that an autistic person would just be less likely to be dissuaded from actually trying to transition and get the surgery. Plenty of people would transition but realise that it's just not worth it. It's not worth the money, not worth the pain of surgery and risk of complications, not worth the social problems, and at the end of the day the results probably won't be that great anyways. It seems to me that autistic people would be more easily able to just discount all of that together and single mindedly focus on doing what they want and even purposefully ignoring the risks and drawbacks to all of it.

2332f No.49955

>by the time they are in the work force they have nearly no social experience
This is a contradiction.

fe271 No.49956

you knew you couldn't have this thread without the jews dumping their kike psychiatry on it

0c9db No.49957

Where's the contradiction?

08a27 No.49958

doesn't matter, all i know is myself. frankly i don't care as long as they don't break the rules becauseit's impossible to tell otherwise.

271d3 No.49959

hitting too close to home? lmao

40512 No.49960

Being a wizard is simply virgin past 30.
"no true scotsman" is a fallacy.

Whether you like it or not, not everyone who's a wizard has to be a homosexual/asexual, have no friends or otherwise.
You're not better or more true to this board just because you are an asocial retard, although most people, sadly including me, are.

63e11 No.49961

If being a wizard was simply being a virgin past 30 we wouldn't have rules 2,3,4,7,8. You can be a "wizard" on some crab forum, but on wizchan the rules kinda imply what kind of person is welcome on the site: male virgin, not interested in 3d romantic and social activites, neutral if not positive about neet lifestyle and not an attentionwhore. "Wizard" as in poster on wizchan and "wizard" as in virgin past 30 are two seperate terms, homonyms, if you will. When people talk about "tru wizard" bullshit they imply the former term, though the latter is important to wiz-culture as well.

497f2 No.49962

As a wizcuck, my wizwife agrees

2332f No.49963

Or we could have doctors who flat out refuse to give pills and practice surgery for what is fundamentally a fool’s errand (“sex change”) but nowadays common sense is too much to ask for even from so-called professionals with years of training.

It’s totally fine if you are still a virgin. And anyone who disagrees is a bitter crab. :^)

497f2 No.49965

You don't think good

cdda3 No.49966

Whatever that means.
You creatures are the reason it's impossible to have an adult conversation about anything in this world anymore. You can't go one minute without dragging everything down to psychiatry, down to the fucking sewer.

5b9a7 No.49967

As long as the guality of the image broad is fine I dont give a shit.

f324d No.49968

What do you think of the current quality?

5b9a7 No.49975

Its better then most Image broads one of the view where you can have a smart conversation but not as good as it could be.

88b55 No.49976

Almost perfect now. Coziest board on Internet and also not too slow. /b/ is awful though, but it serves a useful purpose as the site's septic tank.

6615e No.49977

File: 1565040119717.png (304.76 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1565032855856.png) ImgOps iqdb

60c05 No.49978

File: 1565040255540.jpg (42.41 KB, 688x493, 688:493, stalinwiz.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

luckily the rules make them leave instantly
thank god for fascist kingpin mods

e01dc No.49986

Anyone know of any other image boards, I'm refugee from 8chan's r9k

60c05 No.49987

File: 1565105411005.jpg (118.01 KB, 1240x361, 1240:361, WSSR.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

bbef1 No.49988

But the poster would win and shartlin would cry?

d9aef No.49989

File: 1565115962093.jpeg (58.62 KB, 465x619, 465:619, aryouawizard.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Imagine actually believing that NEW rules are what makes a wizard and that they are not there to just filter out the subversive element.

golden rule: Wizard is a 30yr old male virgin, the only stretch to that rule is apprenticeship (21 to 29 or however you want to define it, nobody agrees on the set definition here). That is all to the Wizard's definition and it should stay that way.

Wizard does not mean a loser! Anybody who says otherwise got too much crab in their brain, it makes him view the concept of worth by the lens of sexual achievements. Fornication is not the most important thing in life no matter how much you peepee makes you believe that. You can be successful in your work or your hobby and you can still be a wizard. If you're networking for career related reasons that is fine too. Everything is fine as long as it complies with the golden rule mentioned above. What happened to the enlightened wiz meme who seeks and finds serenity within self? I swear there must have been at least some people thinking like that back in the hotweels day and even recently like, just some years ago..

If I wrongfully mistook your posts for crab content then I apologize Wizzie. Recent happenings has made me somewhat paranoid.

47c60 No.49994

Not sure what you mean by "loser", but it does sound like you're breaking Rule 4. As far as wizchan's definition of wizardry goes, being reclusive/non-social is almost as important as being celibate.

08a27 No.49997

wageslaves are normalfags

3410c No.49998

A loser is anyone who thinks of themselves as a loser. IE a /dep/ poster. A bitter crab. These people aren't wizards. A hobo can be a bigger 'winner' than a bitter normalfag.

0310c No.50007

>thank god for fascist kingpin mods
have to agree with you on this one
this is the only site on the internet where we welcome the iron fist, with censorship being the norm and free speech for the select few.

0310c No.50008

some are forced to adapt. depending on your state you are able to tolerate going out to an environment that you almost become accustomed to, if the alternative is homelessness

0d01e No.50012

Iron fist is a bitching gay faggot couldn't even save his fucking monk friends.

3c4c3 No.50025

30% seems pretty accurate to me.

Yes, it's distressing. What did you expect though? Normalfags ruin everything. It's like a physical law of the universe.

The other problem is that real wizards tend to post far less frequently than the undesirables.

09cc3 No.50026

More than half of this chan are probably tourists and larpers

47c60 No.50027


b5e6b No.50298

I don't worry about the site's population. It's a place like any other.
If I get attached it will hurt eventually, so the best thing is not to feel.

8da17 No.50337

File: 1566797695346.jpg (156.17 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1566498523901.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Posting Boonchuy is against the rules.

42b29 No.50545

>Wizard" as in poster on wizchan and "wizard" as in virgin past 30 are two seperate terms, homonyms, if you will
If you really believe that, I think you need to leave

afa4a No.50811

File: 1568017638225.jpg (54.17 KB, 593x600, 593:600, prikolnyie_kartinki_(59_iz….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This thread made me laugh.
You forgot to mention the retards who breathe politics 24/7 and try to convert this site into another Hitler clan.

3f9b8 No.50836

File: 1568175885536.jpg (283.09 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 22082017_charlottesville.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Uses the word "chad".
Doesn't mention intruders with far right political agenda.

Gentlemen, we have a wizard pretending larper!

d6795 No.50877

Surely if it was leftist you cuckolds wouldn't even peep

Wizchan 2019, gentlemen

42b29 No.50883

If it was any politics I'd rage against it. Stop turning every site into your political battleground.

3f9b8 No.50891

File: 1568308403565.jpg (41.73 KB, 760x535, 152:107, 75632_545882955437867_3959….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Listen here /pol/turd, typical wizards and rest of actual recluses won't be right wing, especially not alt right level. (Like you want us so much to, meme us all you want, keep typing lol)

Wanna know why? (Since you are too retarded to get the obvious truth under your nose?)

Because we generally DONT GIVE A FUCK about any political normscum based sides since we are smart enough to see how delusional and retarded the politics obsessed people are. And yes, alt right are normans. Big fucking normans.

It doesn't mean we are leftie antifa communists or whatever just because we think you are overall retarded. It doesn't work this way. I guess your tiny normie brains have real difficulty figuring that out.

you think you are this different from the lefties but ironically, you fail to see; what actual butt-buddies you are and how much you help keeping the world a shit place to live in.

41a9f No.50896

based burger rant

b6408 No.50897

File: 1568310870944.jpg (45.3 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1460760271410.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No, I'm pretty sure the majority of users here just don't want to be bothered with politics and the various proselytizers from all sides. The only political topics that might be of interest to most people here are ones involving welfare money (autismbux, etc), euthanasia, and theoretically men's rights (I say theoretically because really none of the current issues like false rape allegations, divorce, etc. concern people here at all, but theoretically if there was some law giving blatant preferential treatment to all succubi over all men it could become a wizard issue). Outside of that it just turns into differences of personal opinions which leads to shitflinging.

Even if some people here were more sympathetic to leftist views than those of /pol/ types it wouldn't be surprising, because the interests of right groups is generally a strong family unit, traditional masculinity, passing on genes, etc. All of which are either antithetical to the 'wizard' mindset at worst, or just not of interest to the average wizard at best. Whereas the left and their welfare policies will be more beneficial to the average wizard. But of course the left also brings other things like feminism and faggot rights that are unsavory to the average wizard. Which is why really neither one of them has any place here. The political thread is an enclave and a privilege given to those wizards who happen to want to discuss politics.

3f9b8 No.50910


>passing on genes

And 98% of them fail epically, so sad for them.

022c1 No.50947

I just want faggots on b to stop erotic roleplaying.

5b537 No.50991

File: 1568525081038.png (137.21 KB, 424x396, 106:99, upscale-237997721080212.png) ImgOps iqdb


I don't know what this cesspool the abyss board is but it sure should die

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