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File: 1565078297380.jpg (68.72 KB, 640x380, 32:19, best_of_both.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

d9b2c No.49984

Is the 'normshield' still up? ie. the thing that redirects to Reddit or wherever when someone is linked here from another site.

If not then it should be redeployed given recent events on other imageboards.

Apologies if this is a low quality thread. Feel free to move to /b/, moddess.

71eb7 No.49985

Nothing will stop the invasion. Repent your sins, save your favorite posts, backup your favorite threads and run away as far as you can from wizchan. We'll find our promised land someplace else.

24cb7 No.50011

the normshield is now effectively just the gayposting on /b/ because you listed board sissies are too weak to engage in man-to-man combat

40b44 No.50014

I said "the gays are our flesh wall" as a joke, gayness is just a self-propagating mental illness that turned half of /b/ into erp, "i'm too anxious to download grindr" threads, and boyposter attentionwhoring. it's as normalfagish as 8gag, /pol/, and anything else on /b/

24cb7 No.50015

your opinions aside, only time will tell how effective it is

70884 No.50019

does anyone have that link to that one crab forum where a bunch of crabs are discussing how they left wizchan and ran back to their crab forum because /b/ was too gay?

I thought it was funny all it takes is a couple shitposters acting gay to scare off a large number of crabs

b1262 No.50030

its just role playing wiz. gay posting is fun and cute but irl two guys together is nasty. if it makes u feel any better i only gay post cause its fun ^_^

40b44 No.50099

File: 1565768527028.gif (867.61 KB, 480x272, 30:17, londo.gif) ImgOps iqdb

1eff7 No.50296

I have always hated gayposters but I'll allow them to stay for a moment since they piss off the 'cumbrain' posters.

b16bc No.50299

How do you know that?

271a5 No.50450

>guy hate things
>give him more of things
>guy is pissed off
It's not rocket science

Although I have to rescind my statement here. The gayposter are probably worse since while the 8ch refugees are just political memester, the gayposters are mostly mentally ill in an unwizardly way. I'd say there is about two or three people here who have unironic gender dysphoria. Hell they're probably trans. They like to post gay porn and cutesy anime pictures. They have this sickening feminine/homosexual style and line of thought in their post. I say sic the 8ch horde on them.

70884 No.50451

why can't trans be wizards too

40b44 No.50452

why does it feel like someone is shilling transexualism on our obscure little chan?

5de04 No.50453

because they were born a female

c7235 No.50510

It is manly one shitposter from /b/ that thinks it's funny.

d9b2c No.51424

god forbid a wizard not strictly obey gender roles

amazing how even on wizchan people are this preoccupied with masculinity

c5962 No.51425

It's more amazing how there are still people who want to shill tranny shit on wizchan of all places.

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