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File: 1565411485805.jpg (70.26 KB, 500x282, 250:141, 500_F_126313801_dC7YjAh5qd….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

57eb1 No.50023

It used to be on the 9000s but it's now on 10,018. It's time to embrace our newfriends with love and affection.

0e0ff No.50024

You think that's bad? Before it reached 9000, it was at some point only 1000. Where did those 80,000 users come from.? Leddit? Failbook? Stack Exgaynge.? How many of them are in the crab modclique.? When I made a thread about it on /b/, it was gone within a month, so obviously some of the crabmins are trying to hide the fact. I asked the Steam group daily for a few weeks but then the crabs BLOCKED me. Why.? Obviously because I wasn't using voice chat. I went to the Tinyboard website to ask the software creator if it could have been a bug but the WHOLE SITE is gone. I've never seen such a big crabshell cover up. Could it be the crab jannies have been trafficking normies or robots illegally in to crab-infested /jp/ to up the numbers.? Do they really think we won't catch on to the fact that the post numbers keep rising DESPITE nobody posting Daddy Howard or Shrek anymore.? Or could they be garnishing the numbers to increase our ranking on http3://www1.boards.boardrankingonline.site/boardrank/imageboard/wizardchan.org/uniquepostercount.php .? Are we in a numbers race with cr*stal.? Does the crabclique think they can get witch pussy if they impress succubicrab-infested c*ys*a*.ce'* succubuscrabmods.? How could the first thread ever made on crab-infested /meta/ - Meta <br> Suggestions and Feedback STILL be on the first page if we (((supposedly))) have 500,0024 crabposts on crab-infested /meta/.? Is crabwheels still advertising this place on crabchan's crab-infested /pol/'s twitter.? Why does nobody ever reply to my blogposts.? Why is the Wizardchan official stylesheet in the colors of tranny pride flags.? Why don't the crabmods do anything about the blatant spam in /test/.? WHy does typing in to Safari Browser Beta Version's navbar take me to a version of the wiki that I can edit DESPITE me not being a (not crab_ mod.? Why does based and wizpilled \eld*r\ redirect to crab-infested /wiz/? Why did they remove the bit about needing to be over 35 to post on crab-infested [dep[ from the rules? What is this site!.? What are the different boards on this site for.? How do I format my text.? I found a post that violates a rule. What should I do.? How can I check if I'm banned from posting.? Is Wizardchan accepting new janitors or moderATORS.? wHAT DO SOME OF THE TERMS ON THIS WEBSITE MEAN/? cONACT.? aRE YOU f****cking KIDDING ME.? fRIENDLY NOKO,[/P]

c6c68 No.50117

Ook eek! (10,182 now!)

1687a No.50119

>Total posts: 771,670
>Unique posters: 10,189
that's like 70 posts per ip, not bad

you know a big chunk are proxies, vpns, or tor nodes though so it's even more impressive probably

c6c68 No.50124

wtf it keeps going up

519d6 No.50125

All me boys.

1687a No.50126

did some quick math using archive.is snapshots of the poster counts. 2016 was a weird ass year, it went up and down. i'm guessing banning people removes the count? i don't see how else it can change

2019/08/16 - 10,222
+5.04 per day
2018/07/30 - 8,301
+2.29 per day
2018/04/19 - 8,069
+2.85 per day
2017/10/30 - 7,499
+3.76 per day
2017/01/04 - 6,257
2016/12/11 - 6,219
2016/10/11 - 6,414
2016/03/09 - 5,778
2015/12/29 - 6,078
+10 per day
2015/08/24 - 4,839
+13 per day
2015/05/16 - 3,564
+17 per day
2015/02/21 - 2,157
+33 per day
2014/12/30 - 502
+64 per day
2014/12/23 - 56

1687a No.50127

File: 1566007024251.png (32.24 KB, 2905x585, 581:117, wizchan unique posters.png) ImgOps iqdb

68d4b No.50128


And they said I was paranoid >>49944

It's even worse than I thought.

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