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adc1a No.50032

/dep/ is crab HQ and should be deleted.
/b/ is actual non-virgin normalfaggot HQ and should be deleted.

adc1a No.50043

I'm convinced that the only reason /b/ exists is so mods can effectively delete rule-abiding /lounge/ posts that they don't like. Just loosen the rules for /lounge/ a little bit and kill /b/. There is absolutely no reason why a board like that should exist on wizchan.

adc1a No.50048

No, it's not a slippery slope. If it was a slippery slope /lounge/ would already be /b/ because the rules are looser than /wiz/. It really doesn't need to be moderated to the degree that it is now, whereas /b/ is not moderated at all and nonvirgins regularly post there, giving them an in to the site. I wouldn't be opposed to leaving /b/ up and having the mods actually moderate it reasonably, but they seem utterly opposed to doing that.

adc1a No.50056

You can't see how someone regularly posting on a wizchan board would lead them to use the other wizchan boards? If the behavior that the worst /b/ posters demonstrate was banned site-wide, they would just leave.
>flood or raid
Am I missing something here? Mods can ban people. They do it all the time. That's their job.

109d4 No.50065

>/b/ is not moderated at all and nonvirgins regularly post there
prove it

adc1a No.50067

ERP is a sexual activity. /b/ posters regularly engage in ERP. Therefore /b/ posters regularly engage in a sexual activity, making them, on some level, unvirgins.

8356a No.50072

/b/ is the new /feels/

93c95 No.50091

when did you realise meta is a facade to make it seem like the staff care about what the burgers think about the site so they can ignore and contain their butthurt in one place.

lmaooo!!! very very nice. slap slap!!

614c4 No.50093

>/dep/ is crab HQ and should be deleted.
please kill /dep/

>/b/ is actual non-virgin normalfaggot HQ and should be deleted.

prove it. /b/ is the only battlegrounds on this site where you can attack others for no reason and shitpost to your heart's content. there is a reason it's more popular than every other board combined, it's basically a venting board where you don't have to put in any effort into your posts. as long as it doesn't leak there's no problem

c37e2 No.50094

I don't mind shitposting but ERP and porn spam need to stop. If you want that you can go to any other normalfag site with a /b/.

9e3e7 No.50096

Since wizchan keeps getting slower every year we should eventually merge dep and lounge to wiz, delete the hidden boards and merge everything else into hobby.

614c4 No.50097

its a fucking hidden board, one that all garbage threads are sent to, mods literally shit out rejected amd banworthy threads into /b/. why wouldn't there be porn spam? why would you expect it to be good? if doing something to the level of 1 gets you banned, they will go 0.99999 for no reason other than they can because no one gives a crap about /b/

horrible suggestion, /dep/ should forever stay up as the normalfag black hole. keep crabs and wageslaves contained

f25fe No.50120

If you admit that /b/ is nothing but bad then there's no reason not to delete it.

614c4 No.50121

i'd be okay if /b/ was deleted as long as /dep/ is too, if we are deleting the bad. there are other hidden boards anyway

but what you and i consider good/bad amounts to nothing. it's the freest and most popular place on wizchan which i would consider good, or at least indicates that people like it

353c4 No.50442

We should ban all image and video content and make wizchan a text-only board except for /hob/.
A general rule against everything gay/ transsexual affirming should be stated.
/dep/ should be fully replaced with a genuine /hikki/ or pro-NEET board.

5f525 No.50444

YES, finally you are banning cartoon pictures!

cf04e No.50460

>report blatant rule-breaking on /b/
>doesn't get deleted
very common

614c4 No.50494

what are you talking about man

a1b3e No.50503

Rule 5, no low quality posts on the site.

8f495 No.50511

I view /dep/ as a containment board and don't use it.
If you remove the board those users won't just go away. They will just drag down the rest of the site like the crabs in the bucket that they are.

As for /b/. It is more of a charity board for wizards with special needs. Ones who don't quite have the mental ability to not shitpost. As long as as they know their place it is also fine.

8f495 No.50512

Cartoons aren't banned (which is why the cartoon thread on hob is still going strong), but generally shitposting using reaction images or avatarfagging isn't well tolerated (nor should it be).
If people do it with toons, anime, or 3D, it is still not cool and usually violates one or more of the rules.

614c4 No.50513

>As for /b/. It is more of a charity board for wizards with special needs.
ha, the best description i've seen so far

cee57 No.50514

Containment boards have never improved the quality of a site.

614c4 No.50518

all boards serve to contain specific topics or posting behavior

d3482 No.50524

Therefore if a container is antithetical to the spirit of the site it should be deleted. Unless wizchan is for non-virgins and involuntary celibates, /b/ and /dep/ should be deleted.

109d4 No.50525

you can't be a truwiz if you aren't depressed

614c4 No.50526

that's dumb as hell, /dep/ threads would be everywhere. just hide the fucking board and report any threads made outside it

that's garbage

a03b6 No.50527

its possible to be depressed and have negative emotions over more things than just being a virgin

a9ce9 No.50559

My main gripe with /dep/ is that its users tend to be literal crabs in a bucket when they leak out to other boards. I'm not sure if other people are referring to i n c e l when they talk about it being full of crabs but if so I don't really think that's true. What I do dislike is when one of them blogposts on /games/ or /jp/ about their depression in a completely unrelated thread, or when they do things like put down someone who's talking about learning things or progressing in some way.


This guy trying to put down someone who puts effort into an OP

'I wanted to smack your optimism down'

Tired gamer thread that doesn't belong on /games/

Etc, probably some examples on /wiz/ too but I don't browse it enough to know

/b/, there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that it'll be deleted. It's harbored multiple non-virgin users in the past and has served as a breeding ground for offsite communities but the administration and moderation don't really care, and the countless threads we've had in the past few years asking for /b/ to be deleted prove that.

I like /b/ because it's fast and it's not heavily micromanaged like all the listed boards, where we've now forced discussion into the same several generals that are always on the front page and where mods will constantly shift threads around boards or redirect people trying to make new threads to existing generals. But it houses a lot of avatarfags, attention whores, and non-virgins who won't get banned until they finally get bored with this charade and outright admit that they've had sex and are normalfags.

686c7 No.50563

> it's not heavily micromanaged like all the listed boards, where we've now forced discussion into the same several generals that are always on the front page and where mods will constantly shift threads around boards or redirect people trying to make new threads to existing generals.
>I am too lazy or stupid to use the catalog
>or learn how this site works
>Just let me blast whatever brainfarts that come to mind like this is shitchan
>surely is the best thing for discourse on this site

a9ce9 No.50584

I don't know what you're talking about. Mods will move threads from /wiz/ to /lounge/ or /lounge/ to /wiz/ frequently without clear criteria and it sometimes seems like they're just doing it to humiliate users they don't like - that's what I mean by micromanaging.
I don't like generals because they force all discussion into one thread and often create borderline avatarfags.

109d4 No.50585

>borderline avatarfags
this site has like a handful of regular posters, you'd recognize at least some of them whether they were contained in singular threads or not, I don't see how general threads are related

c9c21 No.50592

I agree about the “tired gamer” threads. They do not belong on /games/, and they keep popping up every once in a while. I don’t know what these posters expect when they make these threads, like, what can anyone say? If you don’t enjoy it any more just move on to something else, and if you wish to vent and talk about anhedonia this is what dep’s for.

ba03e No.50743

People like this should be permabanned.

6fdc9 No.50770

This thread is full of people blatantly breaking rule 3.


Used to be talking about having friends like this would get you banned in minutes.

6db92 No.50771


They no longer have friends so what's the problem?

1c1b6 No.50772

Time period doesn't matter. On wizchan you aren't supposed to talk about voluntary relationships like this.

08393 No.50773

>wizchan is timeless
wizchan 2019

1c1b6 No.50774

I suppose you think that talking about having a girlfriend is okay so long as it happened in the past.

08393 No.50775

no, i was making a bad joke

109d4 No.50776

I think most people, even wizards, knew someone in school or work at some point in their life. As long as they aren't posting about how they're going out with their friends to a party or something along those lines then I think it's fair to admit that maybe at one point in time you knew a guy or two that you were friendly with. Otherwise you'll just get those extreme larpers that claim they never talked to another human in their entire life and they've spent every second in their room since they were born.

1c1b6 No.50777

"knowing someone" != being friends with someone
Wizardchan is not for talking about your relationships.

6db92 No.50778

>Wizardchan is not for talking about your relationships
>wizardchan is to talk about the way you fap, roleplay, post all types of degenerate 2d porn and more degenerate stuff that don't break the rules and don't bother me in the least, but if you mention that you had a friend in the past I'm gonna complain!

1c1b6 No.50779

Who are you quoting?

a9ce9 No.50780

We're not on /jp/ bud.

1c1b6 No.50781

It's just pretty ridiculous that you seem to think that complaining about one thing means that you believe all other things are acceptable.

65532 No.50893

/b/ pls die

and leave /dep/ alone you wannabe chad, it's r9gay thats crab HQ.. don't bullshit

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