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adc1a No.50032

/dep/ is crab HQ and should be deleted.
/b/ is actual non-virgin normalfaggot HQ and should be deleted.

c29fa No.50037

/dep/ is fine
/b/ is for cancer containment

adc1a No.50043

I'm convinced that the only reason /b/ exists is so mods can effectively delete rule-abiding /lounge/ posts that they don't like. Just loosen the rules for /lounge/ a little bit and kill /b/. There is absolutely no reason why a board like that should exist on wizchan.

c29fa No.50044

risky times a board like /b/ is excellent for channeling away gunk the site would like to distance itself from

>Just loosen the rules for /lounge/ a little bit

It's a slippery slope lounge would just become /b/ eventually only instead everybody could see it where as /b/ is out of sight out of mind and won't affect the site's image as much which is especially important what with the recent 8chan fiasco

adc1a No.50048

No, it's not a slippery slope. If it was a slippery slope /lounge/ would already be /b/ because the rules are looser than /wiz/. It really doesn't need to be moderated to the degree that it is now, whereas /b/ is not moderated at all and nonvirgins regularly post there, giving them an in to the site. I wouldn't be opposed to leaving /b/ up and having the mods actually moderate it reasonably, but they seem utterly opposed to doing that.

c29fa No.50054

>giving them an in to the site
That behavior would get them banned on the blue boards. This way they won't make it a reason to flood or raid here just to fuck with wizards when they can shitpost on /b/.

adc1a No.50056

You can't see how someone regularly posting on a wizchan board would lead them to use the other wizchan boards? If the behavior that the worst /b/ posters demonstrate was banned site-wide, they would just leave.
>flood or raid
Am I missing something here? Mods can ban people. They do it all the time. That's their job.

109d4 No.50065

>/b/ is not moderated at all and nonvirgins regularly post there
prove it

adc1a No.50067

ERP is a sexual activity. /b/ posters regularly engage in ERP. Therefore /b/ posters regularly engage in a sexual activity, making them, on some level, unvirgins.

c29fa No.50069

ERP isn't sexual activity lmao

8356a No.50072

/b/ is the new /feels/

93c95 No.50091

when did you realise meta is a facade to make it seem like the staff care about what the burgers think about the site so they can ignore and contain their butthurt in one place.

lmaooo!!! very very nice. slap slap!!

614c4 No.50093

>/dep/ is crab HQ and should be deleted.
please kill /dep/

>/b/ is actual non-virgin normalfaggot HQ and should be deleted.

prove it. /b/ is the only battlegrounds on this site where you can attack others for no reason and shitpost to your heart's content. there is a reason it's more popular than every other board combined, it's basically a venting board where you don't have to put in any effort into your posts. as long as it doesn't leak there's no problem

c37e2 No.50094

I don't mind shitposting but ERP and porn spam need to stop. If you want that you can go to any other normalfag site with a /b/.

9e3e7 No.50096

Since wizchan keeps getting slower every year we should eventually merge dep and lounge to wiz, delete the hidden boards and merge everything else into hobby.

614c4 No.50097

its a fucking hidden board, one that all garbage threads are sent to, mods literally shit out rejected amd banworthy threads into /b/. why wouldn't there be porn spam? why would you expect it to be good? if doing something to the level of 1 gets you banned, they will go 0.99999 for no reason other than they can because no one gives a crap about /b/

horrible suggestion, /dep/ should forever stay up as the normalfag black hole. keep crabs and wageslaves contained

f25fe No.50120

If you admit that /b/ is nothing but bad then there's no reason not to delete it.

614c4 No.50121

i'd be okay if /b/ was deleted as long as /dep/ is too, if we are deleting the bad. there are other hidden boards anyway

but what you and i consider good/bad amounts to nothing. it's the freest and most popular place on wizchan which i would consider good, or at least indicates that people like it

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