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File: 1565547697046.png (147.75 KB, 717x355, 717:355, wizardchan_first_rules.png) ImgOps iqdb

415a4 No.50033

Permission to discuss politics on this site was always contingent upon that discussion following certain standards, especially since the first ruleset banned it.
It was generally understood that lifting that ban required adherence to the rule that replaced it, that "content should invite discussion, not start or feed a personal echo chamber."
Neither the content in politics threads nor the people those threads have attracted have met that standard, and even though politics thread was never good, it has still managed to decline.
I regret that I ever defended the politics thread's right to exist. I regret sinking hours into /meta/ saying that banning the politics threads wasn't the right way to go. Everyone else was right. I'm sorry.

26bdf No.50034

Whatever admin made the rule of outright banning politics talk was naive. see this post for why >>>/dep/205410 . I don't follow the politics thread though and believe it should only be discussed if its relevant to the thread topic. For example, in the wageslave thread we can complain about a system that makes us into wageslave rather than free laborers freely associating for a common goal, which implies a different economic system.

26bdf No.50035

File: 1565551867668.jpg (2.57 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, solipicture.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Actually its alarming that the mods here allow certain political views that are against core neet/wizardly values. It's obvious we have white supremacists here and far right politics encourages exterminating unwanted people, a category that all wizards fall into. Not to mention the abuse and discrimination thrown at non-white wizards, I don't see why this type of politics should be allowed here other than the mods themselves being foolish centrist liberals or white nationalists. We have a rules that condemn any attacks on neets, a group right wing people also want to get rid of. If they want wizchan to be a safehaven for the diverse variety of all wizards, then they should outright ban anyone advocating for right wing ideology. Although I'm not surprised the incompetent mods here have no principles and have failed to see this obvious truth for years, assuming they are actual wizards, not white supremecists themselves, or think free speech in terms of political discussion is sacred (a foolish idea). It's not wonder this site is dying. Anyone paying attention to whats allowed to be posted here and that understands the implications of it shouldn't seriously believe the mods care for wizchan to be an all encompassing haven of wizards given their free pass on this hateful ideology. If they wanted to be logically consistent with the principle of inclusiveness for wizards exclusively, then they would only allow centrist/leftists here. Although, centrists are probably the reason we see the rise of right wingers since liberalism fails to change a fundamentally broken system, but at least they don't want to kill neets/wizards.

26bdf No.50038

This is extremely important. I have a hunch that all the failed norman types that come here stem from the right wing ideologies that don't get to fuck white succubi or are concerned with white succubi fucking only white men. Not that I expect mods to do shit though. Mods can you please respond to this it's very concerning.

26bdf No.50041


I don't agree that we should tolerate a hateful ideology that followed consistently and historically wants to genocide wizards for the sake of quantity over quality. Following that logic, should we allow r9k's and failed norman, even underage users to post here when they are technincally virgin, for the sake of quantity over quality? Additionally, what does that say about the users that we lose, put off by the blatant racism and discrimination. Even in considering quality, It's absurd to think that wizards brainwashed by the right wingers, an anti-intellectual ideology based in eugenics and elitism, will contribute any that should be considered quality posts, since if they are dumb enough to be fooled by an ideology that hates them then the same should follow for their posting record. Not that I'm against dumb wizards and dumb wizards are welcomed here, but not right wing (and so dumb) wizards.

90787 No.50042

>a hateful ideology that followed consistently and historically wants to genocide wizards
So you want to make antinatalism illegal here? Or are you talking about communism?
Every political system can be thought of as "anti-wizard" when looked at in a certain light because the point of politics is determining how society is structured and society will always be made up of normalfaggots.

69294 No.50045

File: 1565557193057.gif (132.19 KB, 560x315, 16:9, f6616b6cc86875e60f57361aec….gif) ImgOps iqdb

When discussion arises focusing on either the upsides or downsides to any sociopolitics, geopolitics, economics, or anything else involving people in positions of political power, there is always a high chance for the conversation to devolve in to a pingpong match between two or more people with different values. Such exchanges can quickly fill the thread and bring it to its bump limit. It's not fair to the people going to that thread to discuss what it is actually about to be forced to sift through a bunch of angry banter to get to the point of the thread. This fact is why entire imagebaords and forums have been founded for the sake of political debate, why fast large boards have there own subboard for politics, and why slow small boards like this have a dedicated thread for such discussion. Political discussions kill threads, which kill boards, which kill sites. Sitewide containment at the level appropriate for the size of the community is necessary to prevent every thread from being bogged down with political debate. Even sites with a /pol/ or a containment thread still have politics appearing where they don't belong. Having a containment zone at least gives the staff and users a place to direct the genuinely ignorant posters. And when the containment zone isn't hidden from site at all, the only excuse for political derailment is either ignorance or trolling; neither of which should be tolerated. Deleting the containment thread won't stop either, but it will prevent otherwise rule-abiding users from starting debates which do have this snowball potential in only slightly relevant threads when they have the urge to discuss such things.

Threads evolve and new discussions and topics arise within them; that's cool and good. It's not alright however when:
>A: the new topic is one that's already covered in it's dedicated thread
>B: the new topic is being discussed aggressively
>C: neither of the parties involved have a chance of being swayed by the other, making the whole "debate" a waste of time

and D, something that every new poster here needs to realize: This site is generally populated by those who are pretty damn tired of life in general. Example being /DEP/. Imagine a man here finally musters the energy in to making a post, pouring some of what's left of his heart in to giving advice or an experience for like-minded people to read, hoping to get at least one response to fulfill his monthly need for human interaction. Then he comes back after a short, broken sleep to see that his post has been swept under the rug by two arrogant idiots trying to get the last word in on the subject of Zombie Reagan Vs. Sputnik's Ghost, plus a troll baiting either side of that subject, then several users telling them to go back to /pol/, and finally a user who came to the thread to discuss the real subject announcing that he's leaving the site because political idiots managed to infiltrate. That could easily ruin the guys entire week. And no, that's not a hypothetical scenario. It's happened several times over the years, it still does happen, and it will happen more if those aching to spout politics don't have a thread made just for that. If you actually belong here and feel any amount of sympathy for other users of this site, you'll know better than to even lightly provoke such useless, endless discussion outside of where it is already happening.

This is exactly what I'm talking about.
>in the wageslave thread we can complain about a system that makes us into wageslave rather than free laborers freely ass blah blah bvlah

You are a true jackass. People don't go in to the wageslave thread to read about how exploitive system X is better than exploitive system Y. That post you linked had already succeeded in doing what I outlined above. Those kind of out-of-nowhere tirades that appear to be on-topic on the surface, but can only devolve in to substanceless banter already being covered in the politics thread are exactly the kind of posts that instigated the motion to have a politics thread in the first place.

Would you erect a guerilla recruitment office on the grounds of a monastery? Only if you were either a complete idiot or trying to piss off the monks. Keep your calls for social revolution out of the suicide support group you heartless idiot.

26bdf No.50046

Antinatalism doesn't call for genocide, it call for people to stop fucking. I believe you're trying to attribute the idea of communism to the ussr, which was never communist, but actually state capitalist (people were slaves to the state instead of an individual). If you bother to read any actual socialist theory, history (like the labor movement), or even talk to any serious communists then it would be very hard, if not impossible, to find anything about exterminating an oppressed minority. Your views of it are shaped by capitalist propagandists that have vested interests in keeping the current system so they keep their heads, and they control the state, education system, and media to ensure their false claims become normal.

It's meaningless to say that every political system can be thought of as anti-wizard because that leaves out the context of the period you're living in. 10k years ago wizards wouldn't exist or die out quickly because we didn't have the productivity to support ineffective people. Today we can feed all and more (however dont), but even since the beginning of the many different schools of socialist thought, their goal has always been to liberate the most oppressed people including neets. I would not be a socialist if they automatically excluded neets from their societies, and if you bothered to learn anything from actual socialists instead of capitalist propaganda, this would soon become obvious. However, ignoring all the historically significant events socialists have done to liberate oppressed peoples, even theoretically and logically following the principles of socialist ideology it allows for neets and wizards (not right wing though) to live. Not only for neets, but also liberation for wageslaves, to end wageslavery and transform free peoples. Society will always be made of normalfaggots, but the institutions shape the values of a society that influence how those normalfaggots act, and right wing institutions always threatens the neet/wizard lifestyle, while left wing institutions welcome them. If you don't believe me, here is some proof: an essay on the abolition of work by a prominent socialist writer https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/bob-black-the-abolition-of-work . Try finding that in the fascist camp, YOU WONT.

415a4 No.50047

The same reason Crystal Cafe would need to be retarded to make a male board. Containment boards do not contain, they infect.

90787 No.50049

You're regressing to arguing politics instead of arguing your point.
What you've said that you want to do is eliminate the ability of those who disagree with you as to how society should be ordered to defend their position, while leaving you free to proselytize. There is no pretext in the rules for doing this. No, rule 4 doesn't forbid espousing ethics that happen to be inconvenient for NEETs.
If you really believe in what you're saying, take it to the politics thread. The rules don't exist to protect your political views from criticism.

26bdf No.50050

My point was that advocating for right political views automatically breaks rule 4 and 5, not because they are simply inconvenient for neets, but because they outright condemn neets. And then provided evidence against faulty claims that my views condemned neets and so should be allowed to stay on wizchan. So my point has been backed up while I still don't see the evidence backing up fascists that contradicts what I say. You are free to criticize my political views and my argument was never that you can't attack my views, my argument is that right wing political views automatically discriminate against wizards and so shouldn't be allowed. Since my argument is about the rules and how effectively they are being enforced, my comments belong on meta.

90787 No.50051

Advocating for a system of ethics that happens to be shared with a few people who have condemned NEETs does not itself condemn NEETs. If someone actually argues for a system as you're describing it, I guarantee you that they'd be banned. The problem is you're fallaciously equating certain political beliefs with other, wholly disparate beliefs in an apparent attempt to censor the former rule-abiding beliefs.

26bdf No.50052

File: 1565559109023.png (6.17 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 3423423fdsfsdfwew.png) ImgOps iqdb

While I don't completely agree with you, you do have a point. But setting those principles of 'everything is politics thus should be allowed everywhere on wizchan', aside, I think it's much more important to understanding the justification for allowing fascists on this site and I'd be grateful if the mods would respond for their reasoning of allowing them here.

90787 No.50053

>if the mods would respond for their reasoning of allowing them here.
It's probably because being a fascist doesn't itself break any rules.

26bdf No.50057

If you think its only a few fascists that want to genocide needs, get rid of neets and any other undesirables that they consider parasites, as well as non-white wizards, then you need to read a fucking history book and even an elementary understanding of fascist beliefs shows this is what they want to do.
>equating certain politicla beliefs with other wholly disparate beliefs in attempt to censor former rule-abiding beliefs
Just because they were allowed before doesn't mean they were just. Slavery was legal, but was that just? Also the political compass of right wing ideology includes and if followed consistently encourages genocide of wizards, they don't come about separately but are binded. And even if what you're saying is true, that modern fascists want to maintain wizards (tentatively absurd), we should still judge them on their historical outcomes and theoretical principles which support everything I have said about them and I have again seen no evidence for you claims. I only want the mods and admins to follow the rules as they logically should be followed.

True, or just dumb liberals with a myopic and stunted view of history and the system they live in.

90787 No.50058

Guilt by association is fallacious logic. You realize this, right? If the people you're mad at started trumpeting virtue ethics would you say that virtue ethics was therefore fundamentally anti-NEET just because you heard someone you don't like espouse it? I hope you wouldn't.
>they don't come about separately but are binded
I'd ask if you could prove that logically but if you could you already would have.

26bdf No.50060


I actually can prove that with historical evidence. Even though, since fascists are dumb and don't understand economy, they have no coherent or sophisticated economic theory we can probably conclude that they are for corporatism, state wageslavery, and actual slavery (or just more authoritarian forms of capitalism) for any undesirables, and as I said before we should judge them on what they have done historically. Although even theoretically, when they make nebulous claims about 'superior races', mostly white people that are normal, where do wizards (even non-white wizards) fit in there? This is common knowledge you learn in middle school. They are associated with fascism, because logically and even empirically they have done what I've said, so this isn't fallacious reasoning on my part.

Anyone that believes anything, whether being consistent with their beliefs or not, can be anti-neet, but we should judge them based on the historical evidence and there is no historical evidence that supports that nazi's want wizards to live, only overwhelming evidence against that which is taught in fucking middle school. You must be a nazi yourself since you're defending them so fervently.

What I'm saying is common knowledge to anyone that has paid attention in middle school history, but can you provide any evidence that contradicts what I'm saying?


90787 No.50061

No, that's not how logic works. If you want to accuse someone of being NEET, you look at what they're actually saying, not people who you claim are their peers. Even if they are their peers, this does not in any way prove that their beliefs are anti-NEET. If you want to make a claim about someones' beliefs, look at THEIR beliefs. Not others beliefs. This is very simple stuff. If you still can't understand, try reading this: https://www.logicallyfallacious.com/tools/lp/Bo/LogicalFallacies/10/Ad-Hominem-Guilt-by-Association

31e52 No.50062

Politics can often be nuanced. The thing that should really be banned is religion and specifically the ones like Christianity and Islam that condone marriage and hold succubi up to be angelic creatures instead of people that need to fuck off.

26bdf No.50064


And I'm saying that historically nazi's have condemned undesirables such as neets and the mentally ill. I totally agree with you, look at what the nazi's actually said and did and then make our judgements on them to decide if they are anti-wizard or not.

I never pointed to what people have said about nazi's, but to what nazi's have actually done in HISTORY. If I were to point to what people are saying about nazi's, like the ones on wizchan, then they would deny that they want to kill neets because they are deluded and never learned their atrocities in history class.. Anyway you seem really fucking dumb so I'm not going to respond to you anymore, hopefully a mod will read this and see through your stupidity then ban you fucktards.

Also its interesting that you still have provided no evidence that contradicts what is commonly known happened in history.

90787 No.50066

I'm not making an assertions as to what happened in history. I am saying that if you want to claim that a poster should be banned, you should use that poster's words as evidence, not the words of others. Agreeing with a person on one thing does not mean that you agree with them on all things.

df2c4 No.50068

you're free to go back to reddit and rot, schizenu

72ef2 No.50070

File: 1565564175938.jpg (53.05 KB, 311x265, 311:265, fatlink.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


The Jewish Red Army would certainly approve of that disgusting image of yours.

And people such as Bugman actually have the gall to claim that this place isn't absolutely crawling with Communist filth and Jew lowlives?

What a laugh.

26bdf No.50071

This is hypocritical. We don't allow 3d porn because it's associated with normal scum wanting to fuck 3d succubi, and so the users that post it probably have r9k desires and are not actual wizards but late bloomers, and this is supported by evidence that we see in reality and the internet. For the same reasons, we should ban fascists because they are associated with wanting to fuck white succubi and kill undesirables (mentally ill/wizards) and there is also overwhelming evidence for that, especially since these same white race idealists are prone to turn into r9k's for not getting to fuck white succubi themselves.

You keep bringing up this bullshit about association fallacy, but really if that follows then why do we have rules about 3d porn, not discussing real life activities, among other things here? Those don't necessarily mean that you want to lose your virginity, but there is substantial evidence associated with those activities that you likely will.

MODS PLEASE DELETE THESE DUMB ASS POSTS I'm very serious here and these are trolls and have nothing to do with the topic. Why do you allow fascists to post here?

df2c4 No.50073

mods dont owe you anything and the same 'issues' have already been brought up in the past by burgers who wanted to ban religion, x or y ideology, and so on regardless of whether or not they've actually violated any rules themselves.
and one of the main reasons we dont allow 3d shit is because it encourages fawning and dare i say, orbiting behaviours on a site meant for reclusive male virgins.

26bdf No.50074

I know, and thats why any leftist wiz or other wizard that understands what letting fascists posting on this website implies for them, should probably jump ship. It's not secret that the mods are trash, I'm not an outsider dude. Was just hoping to get a response, but its not expected. Like I said earlier, they are likely fascists too. Its no wonder this site is dying along with the post quality, and I'm only pop in rarely because of the poor moderation here too. I don't doubt that the moderation and admins don't care about this site or wizardly values, everyone that does has left. I'll be gone too since they've decided to enforce the rules in this way.

90787 No.50076

You're obviously a newfag so why the hell do you think you know the reasonings behind the rules? You're completely off-base with your assumptions.

100d3 No.50077

File: 1565570460028.webm (2.32 MB, 960x540, 16:9, soy overload.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>MODS PLEASE DELETE THESE DUMB ASS POSTS I'm very serious here and these are trolls and have nothing to do with the topic. Why do you allow fascists to post here?

28bf0 No.50079

File: 1565572435691.png (109.34 KB, 573x507, 191:169, Wizchan mod lays it down.png) ImgOps iqdb

He warned us.

90787 No.50080

I've noticed that mods here make a practice of putting on their capcode for no reason other than to add a bit of authority to their opinions. And then of course never respond to actual questions and criticism on /meta/.

ad45b No.50081

the mods do respond they just don't use tags

52513 No.50082

/meta/ is the exact place that they should be using tags. If you have a criticism and some anon jumps in and starts defending the mods you have no way of knowing if this is the official justification or if it's just some brown-noser.

c5858 No.50083

I can't blame the mods for trying to stay incognito since every time they post with tags on someone screenshots their post and uses it in out of context scenarios

f1a25 No.50084

It seems like they've gotten more aggressive since the 8chan refugee crisis

2771d No.50085

Well it was obvious for 8chan, but what happened to 4chan?

95ecd No.50086

One particularly active poster in this thread is a living proof of why politics threads and posts should be tightly controlled in one way or another. By allowing political "discussion" on this site you're not inviting any meaningful exchange, instead you're providing an official excuse for scoundrels shamelessly preaching their ideology and derailing threads with their mud-flinging which never gets anyone anywhere to fall back on when they're pushed to the wall.
The question is to what degree should this behaviour and expression of said topics be limited. A separate thread works best for Wizchan for it's a small and slow board, and the subject of politics is generally rarely brought up: but it can easily go unnoticed, accidentally or deliberately. An addition of a new /pol/ board will put unnecessary strain on administration's budget and attract outsiders, potentially vitiating the rest of the site. Banning politics outright could lead to raid-like spam this site experiences from time to time.
Personally, I support the complete politics ban.
Good post. Your /dep/ example is particularly familiar and poignant.

03dc8 No.50090

i hide the politics thread, but i see political posts elsewhere. it's not a containment thread. i have always kept the threads hidden, but i'm assuming there is nothing discussed within that isn't discussed on other /pol/ boards. it's an open invitation for outsiders

nothing will be done about this, like /dep/, and i'm fine just continually hiding the politics thread, but if /pol/ is added to the board list then i will leave for good

f1a25 No.50281

We could help the mods out by more aggressively reporting any politics that leaks into other threads


Please do

30073 No.50285

It's still allowed on /b/ though?


I suppose

fda4e No.50288

You do know that some times such things are totally on topic even if you personally don't like them.
Politics in all its forms isn't banned and when it is on topic then it is on topic unless politics was explicitly said it wasn't wanted in the thread (like the crawl and News threads).

For example deletion of discussing certain philosophies in the philosophy thread because they have connections to politics is disruptive to discussion.
Or reporting someone for bringing up that a new bill that declares violent video games subject to additional congressional regulation in a thread about general discussion of what is going on in the game industry is equally disruptive as such a post is entirely relevant and on topic.
Just because a select minority have a distaste for politics doesn't mean it should be automatically treated as a unofficially banned subject outside of a single unmoderated thread.

The moderation should only enforce the rules that are written and not play by unwritten subjective rules.

03dc8 No.50289

mod gave the okay so who fucking cares

fda4e No.50290

430d9 No.50291


ded80 No.50294

I reported this political thread yesterday
but instead of being deleted it was moved to /lounge/. So is it okay to make political threads anywhere in /lounge/ then?

fda4e No.50295

It seems specifically about whining about the environment.
It would be like complaining a thread about recycling should be shoved into the political thread.

This is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about.
Anything someone could possably associate in any way with politics becomes something you try to get scrubed from the site.

What next, complaining about the gays in the fap thread because you associate GLBT movement with politics?
This is a thin excuse to control and stamp out speech and thought you dislike.

e05ac No.50297

Can I have the image that mod in your cap used, please?

28bf0 No.50300

File: 1566743491615.jpg (174.01 KB, 500x600, 5:6, pol.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

7001d No.50338

File: 1566809643842.jpg (658.5 KB, 5000x5000, 1:1, ss13.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


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