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36c56 No.50301

Can we get rid of the gayposters?

They derail every thread with their stupid 2d porn that is neither entertaining nor providing any shock value.

Get rid of that stupid little fap thread or move it to /b/ because that gay shit doesn't belong on wizchan, let alone /lounge/. I don't come to wizchan to see dragon penises.

825d7 No.50302

Don't know why you decided to use that image as the OP but I agree that there's no reason at all to have pornography on wizchan.

55e6d No.50303

File: 1566760177463.gif (960.3 KB, 245x245, 1:1, d73f40a62a9617657d2d25eab0….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Gayposter is a mod and maintains multiple personas (one for boyposting and claiming to be a eunuch, another for posting muscular gay men and ottermode teens).
Alaskan furry is kept around as a lolcow for the mods (they constantly spoil his images whenever they're posted while leaving vanilla gayposter's images and stalk him throughout the website, revealing his location to everyone).
Also notice how most trap images as well as almost all furry get spoilered while traditional gay images (muscular men, etc). do not.

This place is a fucking circus. Don't make threads expecting any type of reasonable response from the pigs here. Mods only post to stalk users or slander them by slapping them with false charges, and admin treats this site like an ant farm.

0e79f No.50304

Ban vaginas they represent the most evil action on earth

b768b No.50305

prove it

36c56 No.50306

Spot on. I've posted unusual 2d porn in the fap thread and it was outright removed and I was banned for it.

One of the mods browses the fap thread and moderates it as he pleases.

07a72 No.50308

fell asleep while reading

b768b No.50309

also those aren't multiple personas dummy, I post what I feel like posting, sometimes I wanna post bara men, sometimes I feel like posting cute boys, if you thought you had some insider info then you were wrong *yawn* oh jeez your dumbness along with your dumb edgy reaction image is making me sleepy, dont forget it next time cause im pretty sure I told you all this already?

also the only images that get spoiled in the fap thread are gay penetration, why do you think I hardly post that there? oh yeah, cause you're dumb and can't see a simple pattern

if you are that stupid and can't even stalk me correctly then I don't see how you got anything else right, keep breathing more of your farts maybe they will make you smarter, doubt it though I think your iq already maxed out lmao

36c56 No.50310

File: 1566764255638.png (28.62 KB, 1806x181, 1806:181, Capture8.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

b768b No.50311

more like this thread: 8crabs 2019, gayhurt AGAIN edition

a833a No.50312

>They derail every thread with their stupid 2d porn
post examples

55e6d No.50315

File: 1566767278438.jpg (709.65 KB, 3456x2304, 3:2, 1512111146181.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>also the only images that get spoiled in the fap thread are gay penetration, why do you think I hardly post that there? oh yeah, cause you're dumb and can't see a simple pattern

I don't browse the fap thread enough to know every pattern because I'm, uh, not a crab.
But anyone can look at the past 2 fap threads to find exceptions to this standard. I spent a minute skimming and found plenty. Probably even more in the archive.
Frankly even if that standard was strictly enforced that's retarded, there are images of guys with cum all over them, who have just gotten gangbanged with cum all over them and surrounded by dicks non-spoilered. What is the point of your spoiling standard? To hide things the majority of wizards would find disgusting? Because it's obviously not accomplishing that.

>can't even stalk me correctly

Lad you've attention whored on /b/ for months now. You post every detail of your life, you've begged everyone to play games with you and posted your steam profile multiple times, and you've given people details about all your mental issues and medication, as well as your trip to the mental hospital. I'm not stalking you and neither is anyone else. Anyone who checks the front page of /b/ a few times a day in the past few months knows just about everything about you.

>keep breathing more of your farts maybe they will make you smarter,

lol butthurt
You had to go back in my history just to find something I posted (an inmendham video) and get material to make that little quip.
Too bad I recently changed IP or you might've had more to work with.

Get off those jewpills btw.

TBH, the posts I'm making now are probably the greatest deterrent for 8ch refugees. You don't need these dumb methods like redirecting to Reddit. Just explain the situation of this site and they'll all run the fuck away.

For any 8ch refugees who are virgins and are still considering this site as an alternative, just go through threads in the catalog related to the 'wizard' Steam group or stalking threads to change your mind.

55e6d No.50316

Oh and also look up the 'wizard' Discord in catalog and archives of /meta/ and /b/.
The guy who went to Japan on his 'wiztrip' admitted to fucking a prostitute and he's still allowed there and here!

0945e No.50317

Homosexuality is undeniably more degenerate and harmful to society than succubi. Both should be shunned though.

825d7 No.50318

Can we get an actual official explanation as to why the administration is so protective of the porn thread? None of this shady arguing without your mod tag on shit. Just tell us why you care so much about keeping porn on wizchan when porn so obviously goes against the site's mission statement of being a place for celibates, ie those who have rejected the disgusting sex culture of society.

b768b No.50319

so what is it then, you got some super secret info about my "personas", or everyone knows everything about me? why should I listen to a retard like you that cant even keep his story straight about a star like me? pathetic!

0e79f No.50321

Homos don't create more beings so nope

55e6d No.50322

File: 1566769061879.png (287.08 KB, 540x506, 270:253, 1559164555263.png) ImgOps iqdb


Why are you so hung up on this word? I shot off my first post in a rush but I was just referring to the fact that you appear to have 2 'different' posting personalities, one as an asexual eunuch who platonically loves boys and another as a sex obsessed fag.

Also to quote one of the funniest posts I've seen here, which I think was in response to the vegan eunuch, but perfectly explains your situation (if you replace pussy with dick or man ass)

>It's like in anime how the MC is half dead but can still muster a burst of power completely out of nowhere to defeat the enemy who can only stand there and go "NANI?!" Well, even with zero hormones left he can do that when it comes to pussy.

>In short, he's that much of a crab.

b768b No.50325

oh so it's just you that dumb smug asian man poster again acting like the same as always! theres my secret info on you, you can post all you want but Ive revealed your true form now(and it is grotesque/ugly and gross), I seen it all already, didnt even read your post lmao

b768b No.50326

and I'll add, as you can see, he just *couldn't* resist posting a smug asian man once again, take that as it is or as you want, it'll tell you ALL you need to know about him!

55e6d No.50327

File: 1566771052349.jpg (36.73 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Hai_Qiu.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

False equivalency.
Mods all have access to IPs, post histories, and cookie info of all users here, at any time.
Saying mods are stalking you after seeing suspicious posts that reference your post history or being harassed (images spoilered, deleted, etc, not in compliance with any set rules, often biased in favor of certain users) is not outlandish, as gangstalking usually is since it involves crazy shit like designating normal body behavior as gangstalkers' ways of communicating or believing that certain color cars or certain business vehicles are used by gangstalkers.

Admittedly some of the stalking accusations are a little insane but IMO that could also be mods false flagging in order to make anyone who cries mod abuse seem nuts. Boy who cried wolf type situation. Or it could just be loonies, who knows. There are people posting about magick dick growth, or telepathy, or spine rattling being a sign of famine. So this definitely isn't the most sane userbase.

>shame that the mods get harassed by imbeciles like you

Mmmmmmm yeah lick that boot baby, lick it hard.
Also nice Metokur vid, wizkid.

>that dumb smug asian man poster

What is this characterization? I think I've posted like 2 smug Asian men before in other /meta/ threads in the past few months and none of my other posts in this thread are even of Asian men.
With all your mod tools I figured you could do a little better than this, pretty disappointing.
Just for you though here's another smug Asian man. Nice try, Sherlock.

Link the other posts of smug Asian men you think are me and maybe I'll give some clues to help you.

b768b No.50329

> I think I've posted like 2 smug Asian men before in other /meta/ threads in the past few months
don't act dumb with me dummy, I browse this website nearly 24/7 (I have no life) and I've seen you post PLENTY of times with your stupid gooks, always slandering and tantalizing other posters, I've seen your shtick a million and one times already, for years and years you know it and I know it, don't play dumb with me

b768b No.50331

no he is just a retard loser named ANDREW, thinks he is the smart stalker/gook hacker pro when in fact I am smarter and more dedicated stalker

fad17 No.50332

Isn’t that the italian american guy? Yeah he does avatarfag pretty hard with his manga and asian shows pictures.

b768b No.50333

I don't know but anyone that isn't a complete newfag KNOWS who smug gook man is, pretty easy, just let these newbies show their green skin and be tricked by his crap

55e6d No.50334

File: 1566772645369.jpg (31.08 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 1563505973500.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Mod stalking in action lol. I feel so violated.
Good thing that's my pseudonym.

825d7 No.50335

File: 1566774347640.png (56.31 KB, 678x528, 113:88, xwcm.png) ImgOps iqdb

cb612 No.50336

If mods tire you what would horses do?

ab680 No.50339

They reproduce by turning others gay

a833a No.50369

     a               r
 g      y      u       t

f98e3 No.50370

>The guy who went to Japan on his 'wiztrip' admitted to fucking a prostitute and he's still allowed there and here!
Did it really happened?

a833a No.50376

which "guy who went to japan"

there's been quite a few over the years tbh

6170c No.50382

ehh i was gonna post lol gayhurt. but ive noticed the same thing about boy poster. he has this innocent persona as his main identity but then occasionally goes off on a rampage with shockingly disgusting posts. that guy is such a sick faggot. he needs help

0945e No.50432

Gangstalking is absolutely real.

b768b No.50433

aren't we all disgusting on the inside

1becc No.50439

Yes this board is ruled and ridiculed by gays. Ban that gay thread about bodily beauty on /dep/ already.

f5d18 No.50505

>and stalk him throughout the website, revealing his location to everyone).
I just stopped responding to it and eventually the little shits found something else to do. It was a big "notice me senpai!" thing anyway. I hope their daddy issues find resolution one day. They should check out a thing called "grindr."

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