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File: 1566824852622.png (1.03 MB, 1194x649, 1194:649, fuck these pigs.png) ImgOps iqdb

aec32 No.50343[View All]

Making another thread to avoid clogging up the other one with more off-topic.

For people who don't already know the gay crab who is constantly posting 2D boys on /b/ is actually a mod here. I made a post criticizing him in this thread


and he started fishing through my post history looking for material to insult me with. After I posted a random pic with Miyamoto he somehow managed to connect my identity to stuff I was posting last year on a different IP. He also somehow knew the fake name associated with my Steam profile when I've only ever posted my profile once in a Steam thread on /b/ almost a year ago. This was a thread with 80+ posts so the fact that he can somehow pick mine out 1 year later shows he was either profiling everyone in that thread, associating their IP and post history with their Steam profiles, or went back almost a year into post histories of users here to find out the one profile I've ever linked on this site.

He also started using my private post history to harass and slander me, painting me as some kind of malicious hacker when I'm just a longtime regular user here who's learned to recognize some of the more idiosyncratic posting styles, claiming I'm 'tantalizing' other users like some Satanic character when I'm just voicing my opinion on problems with the site (the point of /meta/), and labeling me as a gook just because I occasionally post images from Asian media I like. All of this was in retaliation to my criticism of unclear spoiler criteria in the fap thread and of someone as unstable as him being a mod here.
He also claimed I was stalking him, when all the posts he's made regarding his personal life have been up on /b/ for anyone to view and he's avartarfagged harder than anyone on this site ever has.

I don't know why this fag is allowed to powertrip and abuse his powers by going back into my post history to find things to insult me with just because I posted something criticizing him. Also pretty creepy that he's been snooping into post histories so much he can connect things I've posted across multiple IPs. He claimed to have recognized me by avatarfagging with Asians but that's a small percentage of what I actually post and the link I posted to my Steam profile a year ago had no such image attached.

In my case it's not that big of a deal since all he has is a fake Steam name, who cares. But if someone ever posted personally identifying info here accidentally then even if you delete it right away these mods check post histories so compulsively that they would probably be able to link it to you even if you moved across multiple IPs. And obviously at least one of them is unstable enough that he might start leaking that info if you post something he doesn't like or criticize him.
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3e636 No.50632

is boyposter a mod?

27059 No.50633

I don't see how mods can't be trusted hmmmmm

c3972 No.50634

>I don't what admin was thinking when he hired the last batch of moderators.

2dd03 No.50635

File: 1567658420083.png (166.22 KB, 1305x1409, 1305:1409, 1470879219961.png) ImgOps iqdb


66fa6 No.50636

mods allow gay shit

bb8e4 No.50642

if this post stays up >>50631 it means he wasn't banned for that disgusting display so unless the mods want to break precedent and actually give us info about what they're doing we should assume so

d4390 No.50644

Blood represents love and passion, and that love and passion is for my wizfriends. Calling it "disgusting" just shows how uncultured you are.

66fa6 No.50645

I see nothing wrong with your pic. It's just a wizzy carving his skin. What's so against the rules about that?

c3972 No.50646

>boyposter mod
would explain a lot actually. i'm going to assume this from now on

bb8e4 No.50648

Antithetical to the spirit of the site, rule 8, rule 12

d4390 No.50652

wizzie, add me on steam already

d4390 No.50654

but I like you

66fa6 No.50656

? he didn't break any of those rules as far as I know.

d4390 No.50659

wizzie I am raw and real, you can trust me

9a310 No.50661

>serious replies get deleted while /b/-tier cringe replies stay
It's hard being a /meta/burger in 2019

c3972 No.50663

i dont get it

d4390 No.50664

wizzie, if I was a mod I would never ban you, remember I told you, we are best pals, I MEANT IT!

14f95 No.50665

watch how you post today

9a310 No.50668

lol, so you were the one that posted in the other /meta/ thread and got his post instantly deleted. good job. nobody actually cared about those /v9k/ threads, so you simply wasted your time.
>calling us normalfags
i'd rather be a normalfag than a crab
wizchan is not a free speech site, y'know. the only people wizmods allow to post are lolcow schizos and desperate losers trying to fit in the clique.

c3972 No.50670

>the only people wizmods allow to post are lolcow schizos and desperate losers trying to fit in the clique.
not who you replied to but you are only speaking for yourself


what the heck is that

d4390 No.50671

crazy schizo being stalked by mod gulag

9a310 No.50673

File: 1567706149285.jpg (117.51 KB, 502x640, 251:320, schizo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

lol, now i understand why mods like this picture so much

9a310 No.50684

>because they are normalfags? Stop sucking their balls or pretending to be "just the guy from the crowd"
i admire your whiteknighting for truwizardry but i think you should stop. all the people that actually listened to your advice already left wizchan. the complacent sheep and evil normalfag cliquers decided to stay. your mission is done.

bb8e4 No.50689

right after deleting a bunch of posts for no reason

9a310 No.50690

File: 1567710549824.png (1.29 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

d4390 No.50691

what posts? you are crazy, did you forget your pills this morning or something…

aec32 No.50692

File: 1567712711737-0.png (16.84 KB, 757x723, 757:723, 1567704051648.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1567712711737-1.png (54.11 KB, 1913x1001, 1913:1001, 1567710698030.png) ImgOps iqdb

Reposting the the ban message and popup thing that the other guy in this thread claimed he got. Not sure if he deleted them or a mod did.

d4390 No.50693

you are crazy, these are photoshopped pictures

bb8e4 No.50694

hey do you know what would really help do you know what would really be cool if a mod actually posted in this thread you know if they actually showed that they care about this place haha yeah that would be so neat if that happened too bad mods won't post outside of whatever discord or irc or secret society that they organize in too bad that wizchan has zero transparency and we have no choice but to be abused by complete strangers who may as well be non-virgins and succubi ah well

aec32 No.50695

Not photoshop but I suspect he used custom JS to create an alert or something for the second one. He claims mods messaged him or something with that popup but I don't think that functionality exists on this site. But who knows, I've seen crazier.

I don't know about the ban message but I think it's real because v9k lost a few pages lol, I think they banned him for causing all the threads to get archived.

d4390 No.50696

crazy, take your pills

just some schizowiz shenanigans tbh

14f95 No.50697

he deleted them himself
they dont call him delete wiz for nothing

bb8e4 No.50698

No, one of my posts was censored as well.

d4390 No.50699

you are insane, take your crazyboy pills lmao

14f95 No.50701

hahahaha did you just watch the hotwheelz vice episode and get reminded of that word because they brought up gaymer gayte?

bb8e4 No.50703

Found another one of my posts that was censored for no reason
the post that this person responded to

I think the mods deleted every one of my posts that one of my IPs had for some reason? I'm not sure if they banned me or not but I didn't break any rules. Definitely not anything deserving of a complete IP scrub.

14f95 No.50706

you got caught up in the mods cleaning house most likely if you have a dynamic IP

bb8e4 No.50707

What do you mean, "cleaning house"?

14f95 No.50708

Thanks to hotwheelz and Vice there has been another period of Wizchan being in "the news" . I can only imagine how many posts staff had to remove today because of it.

bb8e4 No.50709

And now my posts are back up. This is really weird. I didn't even know mods had the ability to undelete posts.

14f95 No.50710

File: 1567730998866.jpg (53.06 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 54ce628a9993972a6924e098_5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Never underestimate how magical of a place this is

41cf6 No.50712

one of those mod pop-ups was sent to me

357cc No.50713

File: 1567745100629.jpg (26.97 KB, 877x493, 877:493, image21.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wheelz is the true alpha male XD

a8310 No.50714

are you calling Youtube the news or was it showed on tv?

357cc No.50715

It was on Vice on Youtube, Go watch it I was pretty faded when I watched it made me trip balls

ff1aa No.50721


Over 7 hours up now. It's time for mods to explain their refusal to respond to shit like this.

3e636 No.50723

it doesn't look like wizchan moderation has someone at the top anymore. there's probably a few lame mods and thats it

14f95 No.50725

the news is in quotes for a reason

d4390 No.50732

what reason

c3972 No.50737

it means it's not really news

like when you call someone else a 'wizard'

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