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File: 1567112730708.jpg (24.04 KB, 320x571, 320:571, c39f0a7790464d8f6fe8ffc178….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

acc4d No.50464[Last 50 Posts]

How do transgender people fit in a wizard society? If at all?

f7752 No.50465

Someone announcing that they are "trans" always violates rule 0 because they are either a man claiming that they are a succubus, which is a ban, or they are a succubus claiming that they are a man, which is a ban. In both cases they are lying, in the former case they get banned because claiming that you're a succubus is always against the rules even if it's not true and in the latter case being a succubus is always against the rules even if you don't explicitly announce it. So "transgendered" people should be permabanned on sight.

acc4d No.50468

MtF are biologically male though? The rules state that you must be male, not that you must be a man.

f7752 No.50469

Male and man are the same thing. Making the claim that you are a female or a succubus of any kind is by itself worthy of a permaban.
>inb4 muh grammar
You don't call words male or female, you call them masculine or feminine. As in resembling the qualities of males or females.

acc4d No.50470

what if a virgin that is biologically male but looks like a female wants to post here

f7752 No.50471

Sure? I don't see how that's relevant though since having a feminine appearance doesn't mean that you're under the delusion that you're a succubus.

acc4d No.50472

what if you could be male, but also identify as a woman, by the rules as they are written you are allowed to post, no?

f7752 No.50473

If you make a post claiming that you "identify" as a succubus, whatever that means, you should be permabanned because claiming that you are a succubus is against the rules regardless of whether or not you're actually a succubus. Same reason why if I made a post saying that I wasn't a virgin I'd be permabanned even though I am a virgin.

acc4d No.50474

the rules only say that you must be male though, they don't say anything about man or woman

f7752 No.50475

I'll email admin and ask him.

98363 No.50476

who fucking cares dont post about it and attention whore

no one HAS TO KNOW you're a fucking tranny and if you HAVE TO tell people all about then go to some other imageboard

4268b No.50477

Don't ask don't tell huh.
Who cares about how many succubi are browsing either, as long as they don't attention whore it's all good.

acc4d No.50478

Gennies don't have male problems so why would they want to post here?

4268b No.50479

Sorry I don't speak zoomer, what are gennies?

acc4d No.50480

genetic females

98363 No.50481

can't tell if you're being sarcastic

f7752 No.50482

he's being sarcastic

acc4d No.50483

he is trying to apply some sort of slippery slope fallacy in order to gate our transwizard friends

3503d No.50486

we're skirting around a big question: why would a transgender "wizard" even want to be female?

acc4d No.50487

because they have gender dysphoria

3503d No.50488

why? why would male virgins who don't interact with society want to be female, for the societal graces? that would violate rule 3; "spend less time at the club". Do they get off to autogynephilia? Then posting about such is sexual, and individual in nature which would violate rule 5, and be avatarfagging via very specific shitposting.

your transgenderism is a shit fetish, stay in /b/ or better yet install grindr

98363 No.50492

when a trannie makes a thread here i'll consider giving this some thought but i'm sure it would be reported and shit on by everyone so im not worried

ac706 No.50497

mentally ill retards who act like succubi and succubi are the enemies of wizards

acc4d No.50500

they have a few times though

98363 No.50502

i can't remember any outside of /b/, though i might have just always hidden them, but it hasn't become a regular occurance which means the subject was never popular or relevant

91dcd No.50519

They don't.

acc4d No.50544

why not

11995 No.50546

acc4d No.50547

but the rules don't say anything about being a man or woman, only male and female, so if you are a girl that is male then you should be able to post here

11995 No.50548

Human males are always men or boys and human females are always succubi or succubi. It is impossible to be a "succubus that is male".

acc4d No.50549

>It is impossible to be a "succubus that is male".

11995 No.50550

Because all succubi are females. succubus means female human. There is no other coherent definition.

acc4d No.50552

you can be a male that is a girl just like you can be male and a boy or a man

11995 No.50553

How are you defining succubus

acc4d No.50554

my own definition

11995 No.50555

Which is…?

32ea4 No.50556

Solipsism is one hell of a drug. Postmodernism is a strong enhancer of it. Both combined is just insanity in pure form.

acc4d No.50557

I would like solid proof that you can't be a male girl, that's all I'll take

11995 No.50558

Kind of impossible if you refuse give us the definition that you're using for succubus.

acc4d No.50567

to be a girl is an aesthetic, act, or demeanor, or a combination of those things, a male could be a girl without even knowing it, they’re called male girls

3b082 No.50569

All of those things exist on a non-superficial level as well. Genetic makeup and biology are types of aesthetics, regardless of whether or not you take a knife to yourself. The DNA of a male has a certain demeanor and behavior that lets us know that it is male. If a male superficially exhibits whatever aesthetic you're talking about, they're still going to be masculine, aka a man, at the core else they would not manifest physically, biologically, as a male.

acc4d No.50570

some males are just girls naturally

3b082 No.50571

If someone was feminine to their core their biology would not manifest in a masculine manner.

acc4d No.50572

so you are saying gays would just grow vaginas in your magical fairy world?

95085 No.50573

I'm pretty sure that most faggots still consider themselves men.

acc4d No.50576

so you are saying that trannies are men and should be allowed to post here?

95085 No.50577

No. A male autogynophile is man, but if they claim to be a female or a succubus (same thing) they are breaking the site rules, even if they are not actually a succubus.

acc4d No.50578

that doesn't make any sense, I don't see that in the rules

98363 No.50579

anyone calling themselves a succubus would get banned if they don't specifically make it clear they are genetically male

if they make it clear they are genetically male, it's kind of unknown what happens. i encourage you to try it so we know what happens

acc4d No.50580

what about all the male girls that don't know that they are male girls?

5d13d No.50581

what about all the rule skirting outsiders who propagate their illness?

acc4d No.50583

what do you have against mentally ill wizards?

5d13d No.50586

i didn't say mental illness, rather posting profiles, transgenderism, avatarfagging, and ERPing as illness which spreads through the actions of outsiders like you.

acc4d No.50587

I've been using wizardchan since 2013

b54c7 No.50588

Gender, Gender identity, and sex ust all be male. Wizchan is for MMM-males. Triple M males.

07db5 No.50589

That behavior should be banned as well. That guy admitted that he just made up the definition >>50554, so it'd be like someone posting that they're a "playboy wizard" or something similar and then claiming that they're using their own definition for those words after they get banned. It's not a valid defense. Words have agreed upon meanings.

acc4d No.50590

I think most true wizards would agree that you can be a girl and also a male at the same time

8bf8a No.50591

How is this thread different from >>>/meta/48730
>Why is [anti-wizardly group of people] not allowed on wizchan?
Because that ain't wizardly. If you want a group of people to be accepted as "wizardly" all you have to do is convince the mod team that the group you're shilling is wizardly. Why not start by writing a 300-word long email to the wizchan admin? You can find his address on the FAQ page.

98363 No.50593

who cares what his definition is? and what 'should happen', no one fucking knows anyway. let someone make the posts and we can watch if it's removed or they get a ban. that's the only answer to these dumb theorizing threads. until someone does that, or until a mod gives an answer, no one can prove anything

ea78d No.50595

>to be a succubus is an aesthetic, act, or demeanor, or a combination of those things

No, to be a succubus implys the ability to breed and give mother's milk and some genital and hormonal features. Nothing else.

acc4d No.50596

explain why men call other men girls as an insult then

07db5 No.50597

Because it's insulting.

acc4d No.50598

It’s proof that some males are just girls

979e4 No.50599

I don't think you understand the concept of proof.

acc4d No.50600

it's proof that males are inherently capable of understanding that some males are girls

ea78d No.50601

Your autism is showing.

acc4d No.50602

ad hominem

so far no one has been able to prove that male girls can not exist, so I think things should be pretty evident

979e4 No.50603

That's not ad hominem. It's just an insult.
It was argued here >>50569 and your response was to use circular logic by assuming that faggots are succubi for some bizarre reason.

acc4d No.50604

you said male dna makes you act male so I said what about gays

378c2 No.50605

biggest bait thread i've seen in a while on /meta/

acc4d No.50606

just because you don't like it doesnt make it bait!

378c2 No.50608

prove it's not bait, self-proclaimed female

2de10 No.50609

I said that DNA manifesting as male is itself an act of masculinity.

acc4d No.50610

some girls have dicks

a3bcc No.50613

a43d4 No.50616

repeating your claim over and over with no evidence is not an argument.

acc4d No.50617

go on any porn site, I'm sure you can find video evidence that girls with dicks exist

a43d4 No.50618

Having a superficially feminine appearance does not make you a succubus.

acc4d No.50619

so you are saying that any girl that has a dick should be able to post here?

6152d No.50620

No, I am saying that succubi never have dicks.

294a6 No.50621

Why does op insist on letting trans people post here, is op trans himself? He should just say so. We'll see the mods' opinion on whether trans people fit in a wizard society.

acc4d No.50622

you said a transexual person that looks like a girl is actually not, so that means they should be able to post here since they are neither female nor girl

a43d4 No.50624

I have told you this twice already.
>claiming that you're a succubus is always against the rules even if it's not true
>but if they claim to be a female or a succubus (same thing) they are breaking the site rules, even if they are not actually a succubus

acc4d No.50625

what if you claim to be a male girl?

a43d4 No.50626

c7bee No.50627


378c2 No.50628

do you really think op is being sincere? thread was intentionally made for laughs, mods probably also think its funny

ef334 No.50806

File: 1568014356981-0.jpg (53.96 KB, 550x733, 550:733, allopeverdrinks.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1568014356981-1.jpg (48.28 KB, 240x219, 80:73, opisagigafaggot.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1568014356981-2.gif (996.38 KB, 150x148, 75:74, opthesemenlover.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Neck yourself you fucking faggot and go back where you crawled out of.

45705 No.50809

File: 1568016893178.jpg (72.67 KB, 400x346, 200:173, Thank mr skeltal _7d5bfc53….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Go back to /pol normie

It's ok, just dont cause mess on this site like the normscum do.. I believe any social recluse be it actual wiz or not is welcome IF they dont cause problems or whore for attention like crazy. "Like wow im not a wizard im so special everybody look at me".. you gotta learn to fit in with the local behavior.

Don't listen to these assholes they are just bunch of /polturd larpers who think it's cool to hate anyone who doesn't conform to their shitty traditions.

4bc11 No.50812


14ef3 No.50813

you are advocating for females to post on wizchan?

4bc11 No.50814

I would not have a problem with that. You wouldn't really see the difference except for the "im a wizzette" part.

14ef3 No.50815

well, thats a very important part. because "wizzettes", among other undesirables inhabit r9k and hysterical people like that would turn the whole of wizchan into /b/. we already have demographical problems on this site

4bc11 No.50816

Not really. It would be like wizchan but "I have a PM's today" or something a succubus would say

45705 No.50817

File: 1568025573681.jpg (56.54 KB, 640x420, 32:21, half-cat-hoax-photo-pictur….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have no problems if the TRU recluse has a cunt closed or open, same about a male weather virgin or not. As long as she or he don't destroy the site like rest of retarded normalfags do and keep low profile, just blend in and try to be relevant in their posts. Sure this type of female is too rare but if she wants to cause no trouble I see no problem.

Because strictly separating people on this site solely for their virginity or whatever is crabby as fuck. What about personality, set of opinions and life experience that makes one so much different than the rest of humans?

Being a loser and being a virgin are 2 different things still. Just look how many angry virgin crabs you have that come to destroy sites like that (to feel more of a man?).

c373f No.50826

>strictly separating people on this site solely for their virginity or whatever is crabby as fuck
wizchan 2019

You allowed this to happen, mods.

a45ff No.50827

Same answer as last time: not at all.


ef334 No.50829

File: 1568095477848.gif (1.34 MB, 577x474, 577:474, lazersurgey.gif) ImgOps iqdb

it's normalfag/normalnigger, you normalnigger
>muh /pol/
No one mentioned /pol/ except for you, you dumb dipshit.
Secondly, what the fuck does /pol/ have to do with anything?
Make sure to clean your pus-filled groin wound.
>letting femtoid filth in
You are part of the problem.
>as long as she or he don't destroy the site like rest of retarded normalfags do and keep low profile, just blend in and try to be relevant in their posts.
Except succubi have the tendency to destroy everything that they touch.
I assume 4cuck is down again or some shit, and the sodomite horde needs to spread their festering faggotry elsewhere.
Either way, the mods here are just as compromised as on 4cuckold. This place is fucked thanks to failed normalgroids who need attention, and other social parisitic retards.

70bcc No.50830

it's norman
crab language. witches are our greatest allies against crabs
>Except succubi have the tendency to destroy everything that they touch.
they created crystal.cafe which is quite good
>wizchan became worse because of social parasites
weren't they the ones that created wizchan in the first place?
before you make a strawman out of me i'll say that mods shouldn't let succubi of any kind post on wizchan, not because they're """awful mindless beasts""" but because wizchan is about wizardry, and wizardry is male only

4268b No.50831

File: 1568122803382.jpg (117.91 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1454207289671.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Because strictly separating people on this site solely for their virginity or whatever is crabby as fuck.

This is your brain on crab hate, where your mind becomes so muddled and you become so obsessed with avoiding crabdom that you think the one rule that separates this site from others needs to be removed, because keeping out succubi and non-virgins is 'crabby'.
Jesus Christ.

ce82d No.50832

You reap what you sow, told you about the mods being way too lax
tbh i think the paranoid wiz were right they’re not just lax they are shit and malevolent, and so is the admin

a45ff No.50833

It's truly sad, I don't know where each of them came from but I assume many are legit succubi.

>crab language. witches are our greatest allies against crabs
"Witches" dont exist and succubi are not our friends or allies.

>they created crystal.cafe which is quite good

Then maybe you should go back with your fellow stinkubi.

ef334 No.50834

File: 1568168884052.jpg (76.58 KB, 417x600, 139:200, nani.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>using pc terms created by the same group of people who want to destroy the last bastions of normalnigger-free internet
Exit's thatta' way
>witches are our greatest allies, goy
Who is "our", and since when did you begin speaking for the entire site?
>wizardry is male only
at least you made one correct point in that mindless drivel of yours.

bdbd3 No.50835

Your comment reeks of cancer and by how you talk you are definitely OUT of this place by origin.

Using the words

You're not even in a state to pass any criticism. You're one of these morons who have been working on ruining this site and driving actual dwellers away with your /polturd shitposts.

>No one mentioned /pol/ except for you,

>uses the word "cuck" in the process

You plebs are shitty at larping and hiding yourselves.

>jabs at normalgroids while being a nazi which are some of the biggest classical normalgroids out there

>"Bring bahck our tradition, racism, we want everything backwards"


a45ff No.50851

How was he samefagging?

4268b No.50853

File: 1568181994209.png (93.47 KB, 331x429, 331:429, 1b56aed2fe68cf653d8680946c….png) ImgOps iqdb

LMAO at some of these posts - wizkid advocates for succubi to join us while another uses crab lingo like 'femoid' to criticize him, and then some other tard tries to bash him while reddit spacing, appealing to 'muh racism', and failing to understand we have IDs here.

This is what happens when outsider retards try to metaburger.

acc4d No.50856

so when are we going to talk about the male girl problem

a1372 No.50857

Agreed, this shitshow of a thread at the very least is amusing.

604d4 No.50861

Faggots can't be wizards.

08cc1 No.50862

why not

0bc79 No.50863

because just reading their text will give us aids. Also gays are 55 times more likely to commit pedophelia than straight people, proven from a 1991 study by the US department of commerce. Pedophiles have no business here, they belong on 7chan.

d42c7 No.50864

>Pedophiles have no business here
Lol, seems like you haven't been to /b/ lately. Lolis are very wizardly.

acc4d No.50866

There is a big hetero pedo thread on /b/ right now while the gays post muscular bara

35d9e No.50868

Transgender wizards are okay. And yes, it's pretty funny how even in the eyes of their haters - they don't violate any rules. Causes some of you frustration probably.

You can debate all you want, and meanwhile females browse and post without any problems. Like when some chick from cringe cafe confirmed it and said that she posted in the wage thread here. What a joke.

ce82d No.50869

>Like when some chick from cringe cafe confirmed it and said that she posted in the wage thread here.
lol how surprising

>Transgender wizards are okay

no, plenty of sites out there for these degenerates.

36b82 No.50870

>they don't violate any rules
Claiming that you belong to the female gender is blatantly against the rules regardless of how true the claim is.

a45ff No.50871

Yes they do, worshipping succubi to the point of wanting to become one and identifying as one isn't wizardly at all.

>meanwhile females browse and post without any problems

Which is why the mods and userbase need to get tougher on them. Not long ago I recall lurking a thread about which sites the users browsed on a chan heavily populated by succubi and sure enough, wizchan came up a few times. Funny how one of their main grievances was with "crab" stuff despite wizchan being less "crab" than ever. Rly makes you think

>some chick from cringe cafe confirmed it and said that she posted in the wage thread here

When was this?

ef334 No.50872

File: 1568266326805.jpg (38.84 KB, 259x284, 259:284, autyismo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

First day on the job?

ef334 No.50873

File: 1568266458566.jpg (44.43 KB, 340x565, 68:113, seriouslynigger.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>tranny faggots are okay

acc4d No.50874

If you are a virgin male that takes estrogen and likes to look pretty then what is the issue? Why can’t that person post here? They are still a MALE VIRGIN, no?

8ba2c No.50876

Fuck off you mentally ill nigger, nobody likes you

35d9e No.50879

Yeah, that's the irony here. poltards and generally haters of transgender idea are insisting that mtf are still male. Funny enough, by that logic - they are still male virgins. If they are virgins that is.

36b82 No.50880

False equivalence. The question of estrogen is irrelevant. If someone claims that they are trans-gendered, ie that they have changed genders, it is plainly against the rules. Doesn't matter if they're actually male or not, they're claiming that they are female and that's not allowed here. Same reason LARPing as a chad will get you banned even if it's not true.

10c75 No.50889

Trannies cannot be wizards because they are interested in becoming the other gender for social acceptance. The idea of assuming the other gender so you don't get bullied for being a gayboy or whatever is inherently incompatible with wizardry.

bdbd3 No.50892


Why are you still even spamming here? You really think anyone here takes you seriously besides your polgroid race?

Well, to add: polturds seem to be acting very mad lately since instead of recruiting wizards with all their forced propaganda they just ruin the site itself and drive sane dwellers away.


>Trannies are interested in becoming the other gender for social acceptance

That's what I was thinking, but I am not a polgroid so its their choice, and as long as they keep low profile and dont ruin the experience on this site I don't care. But just thinking.. if they change gender there is chance they will try again to gain acceptance from the normans and this day and age it might work, depends. Like an mtf chick starting to post pics of itself for attention because that's the current girly behavior.

Not being transphobe but I'm not PC either.

10c75 No.50894

It's got nothing to do with /pol/ you fucking retard nigger. The whole reason the rules and etiquette is the way it is on this site is to make sure only people who relate to each other find their way here. I don't give a fuck about what happens in society. Trannies have NOTHING to do with me, or the rest of us wizards. Get the fuck out of here.

4268b No.50900

You're real fucking stupid for trying to turn this into a political issue from something that's just fundamentally against the spirit of the site and not at all in the interest of the majority of users here. Why the fuck would we want to associate with someone who wants to be a female rather than a male? If you transition you either have interest in having sex or at least interest in how other people see you sexually. We don't need or want anyone like that here.

Obviously they can "keep a low profile" but anyone else who breaks the rules can do that too, there could be normalfags and succubi posting here like that. But they should still fucking be banned the moment they let slip anything that reveals what they actually are.

bdbd3 No.50901

File: 1568312623043.jpg (226.54 KB, 1557x833, 1557:833, OinkOink_stormie1.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Keep trying oinkie

acc4d No.50902

>If you transition you either have interest in having sex or at least interest in how other people see you sexually.
this is not true

10c75 No.50904

It is. Otherwise you'd just lock yourself in your room like the rest of us.

b07d1 No.50905

based burger picture

bdbd3 No.50907

File: 1568314211171.jpg (215.83 KB, 1422x842, 711:421, burgersmmmm.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Get your ass up and go to the grocery store…

b07d1 No.50909

you look pretty tasty yourself -smacks lips- …… mind if i take a bite?

bdbd3 No.50911


>He doesn't know what to answer anymore

I'll take that as a sign that you got OWNED.

a45ff No.50912


So can we post wojak menes here now?

6870b No.50934

apparently rule 5 isn't enforced on /meta/ anymore, huh?

b661d No.50936

i think only posting 3d porn, and openly admitting to having sex gets you banned

b661d No.50937

and from goddessposter, we can also see that posting 3d porn gets you banned for a couple days

ef334 No.50961

File: 1568425342127.gif (691.36 KB, 260x183, 260:183, pence.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Too lazy to format properly Moshie?

c7190 No.50963

What reason did they give?
how long?

ec55e No.50968

>MtF are biologically male though?
Jesus, the absolute state of Wizchan 2019. Fuck off tranny and stop trying to force your fetish into this board like you fags did on /r9k/

2dc9f No.50975

male looking like female is fine, as long as he does not claim to be a female. Then all is clear.

122e1 No.50997

>Someone announcing that they are "trans" always violates rule 0 because they are either
>a man claiming that they are a succubus
>a succubus claiming that they are a man

A somewhat narrow view of the transgender spectrum. What about "genderqueer" where you simply don't identify as either gender?

> claiming that you're a succubus is always against the rules even if it's not true

Surely that rule is aimed at cis-succubi though? So long as they admit they're not biologically succubi, is it a problem?

> in the latter case being a succubus is always against the rules even if you don't explicitly announce it.

Should we make exceptions for FtMs who actually get hysterectomies and cut out both ovaries basically becoming non-gender?

I find the actual construction of a fake penis to be somewhat non-wizardly unless your purpose for that is honestly to aim your piss which can be done non-surgically using those spout things pre-op "transmen" use.

a45ff No.51020

>What about "genderqueer" where you simply don't identify as either gender?
Male or female. Fuck that other made up shit.

>Surely that rule is aimed at cis-succubi though?

Everyone who claims.

>Should we make exceptions for FtMs who actually get hysterectomies and cut out both ovaries basically becoming non-gender?


9cd22 No.51087

succubi and /pol/ ruin things the same way. With drama and forcing you to listen and do what they say or they freak out.

Both should fuck off

ef334 No.51166

>implying the faggot mods need a reason to act like niggers

ef334 No.51258

File: 1570567336733.jpg (32.3 KB, 600x683, 600:683, assburgers.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What a faggoty post.

b64d4 No.51693

Why don't you join trans subreddits though?
Why so many of you desperate to seek attention or group unity on imageboards?

35bae No.51694

Probably for the same reason feminist push their bullshit anywhere that doesn't throw them out as soon as they reveal themselves.

Gatekeeping is a good thing and subversives such as op should be thrown out.

33664 No.51695

Extraterrestrials could be posting on this Imageboard right now.

7f1ce No.51740

The really don't and it needs to be made clear that they don't belong or they will destroy the site from the inside out.

40831 No.51978

File: 1574371562198.jpg (33.92 KB, 350x500, 7:10, Aardweg Case.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Getting redpilled about theirselves and no other way!

98363 No.51981

File: 1574376485735.png (266.33 KB, 620x372, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>THE A Guide BATTLE For (Self-) Therapy FOR The Homosexuality NORMALITY

51f7f No.51984

I thought this was going to be a book about norm engineering and information warfare at first. What a letdown.

acc4d No.51989

how do you feel about homosexuals on wizchan

ad6a5 No.51992

>this thread is still alive

b9ed6 No.51994

File: 1574520415290.gif (1.9 MB, 320x200, 8:5, raughs.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Only on this site could autists argue for ~150 posts over the course of several months about whether trannies are or aren't wizardly.
What a fucking circus.

acc4d No.51995

could you elaborate on this

f974a No.51996

not him but let me answer your question

they aren't

acc4d No.51998

acc4d No.51999

could you extrapolate

ce82d No.52000

either the mods haven't had the balls to delete this troll thread on sight
or they let it up/created because they enjoy the drama

acc4d No.52001

you are crazy take your meds

47c1b No.52009

In an oven.

390f9 No.52060

>Making the claim that you are a female or a succubus of any kind is by itself worthy of a permaban.

The irony of this though, is that preceding your post is the claim that MtFs are not real succubi, so if MtFs acknowledge as that (thus identifying as trans, not real succubi) then they aren't really impersonating actual succubi, just acknowledging they view their personalities as female but not their bodies.

Where do bigender/genderqueer people fall on this? If you claim to be BOTH male and female then would that break the rules against claiming to be female? They wouldn't be SOLELY claiming to be female.

3ddea No.52075

Faggots are faggots

a33ac No.52079

(__)_):::::::::::::::::D *your open mouth here*

3ddea No.52080

File: 1575046983131.png (656.76 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, tumblr_mww3or5L711rduento1….png) ImgOps iqdb

Shotgun *your mouth here*

a33ac No.52081

go get a gf, loser

3ddea No.52082

Suck a dick and kill yourself

40831 No.52083

I got a warning because of posting memes from "Prince of Zimbabwe" yet you fearlessly spit poison on each other.

40831 No.52084

Capitals first, then the others.


a33ac No.52086

Lmao butthurt closet fag
You want to suck my dick while I'm jacking you off
Take my number and my name
You can call me up when you're sick of playing games

3ddea No.52087

I'm spitting antipoison.

>coping shitsucker

a33ac No.52089

cry more, fag
we all know that you're just deluded closet gay, who wants to secretly suck mods dick. Don't hate yourself and accept who you truly are, be proud

3ddea No.52090

Sodomites calling others fags is hilarious. Its like a black man calling someone else a nigger out of spite, pure retardation.

a33ac No.52091

butthurt crab sage? lmao, crab BTFO

3ddea No.52092

Honestly i'll take crabs over fags at this point. You're barely a step above literal succubi.

a33ac No.52096

well, you're both from the looks of it. back to the oven

3ddea No.52100

517e0 No.52101

back to the oven, fag

517e0 No.52102

3ddea No.52104

517e0 No.52109

3ddea No.52112

File: 1575152249090.jpg (91.8 KB, 700x445, 140:89, 181416_252.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

517e0 No.52113

back to this, homo >>52079

3ddea No.52114

File: 1575181147888.jpeg (31.28 KB, 700x405, 140:81, gay-hanging.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I love how you faggots deep down know what disgusting freaks you are heh

5c852 No.52115

self-hatred will get you nowhere, gay

5c852 No.52116

also lolbutthurt
slapslapslap, fagg

acc4d No.52117

why do crabs get so HURT about trannies, wiz?

66ebf No.52123

It's the other way around. Most trannies are massive sjws and unironically crabs to boot which is a huge part of why they became trannies to begin with.

3ddea No.52127

File: 1575265525263.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.58 MB, 2592x1936, 162:121, Wilfred_De_Bruijn_wounded….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

U know you've inflicted peak butthurt when the fags start calling u gay as an insult lol

3ddea No.52128

File: 1575265619094.png (80.62 KB, 500x354, 250:177, r-traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns-r-t….png) ImgOps iqdb

why do trannos get so butthurt about male virgins is it because they know thats wut they are LOL

abeb1 No.52129

File: 1575274754942.png (340.75 KB, 612x507, 204:169, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

nah-uh, faggo, your butthurt was spotter already, look >>52082 >>52080

more excuses…As I said earlier, Go get a gf, loser

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