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c91e2 No.50637

As >>>/lounge/226034 points out vice has just released an interview with Fredrick Brennan where he discussed wizardchan for a few minutes with screenshots of wizchan. The last vice video on crabs reached 2 million views and one would presume this one will have as many views.

Brennan hasn't visited the site since the new wizchan domain and incorrectly claims it is a "red pill" site obsessed with dating, sex, looks, and crab topics. It should be made clear his experience with his site does not apply anymore. Not only that, but that this community provides a space for male virgins to discuss things other than succubi or sex. A space a lot of us value - especially those of us who use /dep/ and find great support there and will suffer from an influx of normans giving low quality advice given how Brennan has characterised the community. Norman and crab hordes may swamp us.

If there is a steep increase in traffic can admin consider adding a message at the top explaining that his statement is incorrect, and, if they're visiting they must respect the rules. Also maybe give the mods more leeway in being truewiz enforcers if there is an actual increase in traffic. Thank you.

7cf6c No.50638

make all boards temporarily unlisted except /b/

/b/ posters, ramp up shitposting and gay/furry/pedo/cuck porn spam to the max

this will confuse, contain, and disgust normans while leaving actual users to the real site

476c0 No.50639

lets all hide on b and stop posting on the main boards, when norms see this is a ghost imageboard maybe they will leave ;)

59a40 No.50640

>lets do what everyone is already doing

34052 No.50641

No, fuck you. I'm not dancing a little jig so that you can be in the clear with normalfaggots. Mods can start doing their fucking jobs and actually ban outsiders instead of playing petty henpicking games stalking regulars and defending people who post nude pictures of themselves on /b/.

afc22 No.50643

Nobody cares. No one will come in numbers that matter.

07576 No.50647

>incoming norman raid
As if we recovered from the ongoing 8chan crab raid. Not like we recovered from the loss of wizadmin either. If you can't see that the spirit of wizchan is dying you are blind. The tranny thread, the beauty thread, work-out thread are all giant red flags. Seems like 2019 will be the year wizchan dies. And I don't think anyone will resurrect it again this time around.

da7fa No.50672

I would like to point out that there has been verious threads about working out on this site for years.
Not sure why you think wizards can't discuss working out and that such threads must be work of normies or outsiders?
Are you one of those crab in bucket /dep/ posters that associate wizardom with misery and hate when anyone does anything for their own enjoyment or well-being.
As for the other two, one is a blatant troll, and the other is more /dep/ crab nonsense (which is why I don't use that board).

Maybe you should take better care of yourself. It will make you feel better.

efb17 No.50678

all alt internet subcultures will die and be subsumed into globohomo unfortunately, wizchan is no different

352ca No.50680

I 2nd this!

07576 No.50682

yeah, i'm aware that improvebrah threads have been the bane of wizchan's existence since it's creation. very few people workout just for the health benefits, and you don't have to go to the gym to be healthy. so that's like saying that you want to look good because it makes you feel better, no crabby intentions at all.
>Are you one of those crab in bucket /dep/ posters that associate wizardom with misery and hate when anyone does anything for their own enjoyment or well-being.
misery and hate are for the ncel type of crabs. dunno why you assume i am one.
>Maybe you should take better care of yourself. It will make you feel better.
nice reddit spacing and passive-aggressive advice.
>low-tier wagie
not every wizard has the means to live the neet life, don't discriminate
my escapism-fried brain tried really hard to comprehend what you just said. are you accusing me of being a failed normalfag? that's not true, if that's what you said.

59a40 No.50685

>very few people workout just for the health benefits
i think the majority exercise specifically for that reason, even more if we're just talking about wizards. exercising doesnt necessarily imply going to the gym either. calisthenics is suitable for neets, you dont need to buy anything or go anywhere. you can exercise to be healthy without ever 'looking good', most old normalfags just walk for their exercise and they still look like shit

not the guy you replied too and also i dont even exercise lol

d2261 No.50686

4/pol/ anon here, whats your opinion on cripplekike

d2261 No.50687

>The tranny thread, the beauty thread, work-out thread are all giant red flags
How the fuck did that happen I though this site was untouched from the cancer

07576 No.50688

Worst part of wizardchan history. >>>/lounge/226073 explains it quite well.

aadae No.50702

File: 1567719333489.gif (1.9 MB, 320x200, 8:5, raughs.gif) ImgOps iqdb

hahahahaha what a shitshow that video is

5:35 scrolling past multiple uncensored porn pics on /r9k/ or /b/ of 4chan

"misogynistic hellhole" 10:21 cuts to gif of anime succubus having her head rubbed

18:19 showing uncensored pregnant anne frank hentai

Also this fat little soykike is so disconnected now, calling Wizchan a redpill site while showing tweets from lookism and crab accounts.
What planet do these people fucking live on? This is so ridiculous.

c91e2 No.50704

Nowhere near 2 million views yet. What a fool I look!

b9824 No.50705

File: 1567730205153.gif (1.54 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ohboyohboy.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Doom and gloom!

92b16 No.50711

and what do you normally fap to, o wizardly maestro-director?

1e628 No.50716

It’s like when succubi dress provocatively and pretend they do it “for themselves” or to feel good or some such nonsense lol.

5c043 No.50717

Bro maybe they are just not doing it for you. Someone can dress how they want and not be the reason why you are a creep.

59a40 No.50718

good thing about not leaving the house is that the way you dress and look really isnt affecting others

1e628 No.50719

you sound like a succubus

83ea4 No.50720

There's this one poster here who takes it upon himself to falseflag heavily whenever wizchan is even vaguely mentioned by the mainstream media. Once pewdiepie just mentioned wizchan and he spent weeks just blatantly pretending to be underaged tourists from youtube.

ad988 No.50722

>this one poster
you mean mod.

7cf6c No.50733

every poster I don't like is a mod

c2f62 No.50761

I will like to point out in hindsight that for the most part nothing happened and most of you dudes were freaking out for nothing.

ed2e1 No.50845

File: 1568179957831.gif (232.64 KB, 363x302, 363:302, aayyylmoa.gif) ImgOps iqdb

So, are we gonna post gore to keep the normalnigger filth at bay?

ed2e1 No.50849

But..I don't have a sister…

e0370 No.50855

ni🅱🅱a that sounds like r9k, not wizchan 😂😂😂 that was pretty cringe bro 😓😓😓

da7fa No.50858

No, it upsets wizards as much as the normies to the point that there are very special unwritten rules about the proper way of posting gore without it getting deleted or banned so as to have the lowest risk of offending others with it who aren't prepared.
Just enforcing rule 5 is usually enough most of the time. It is so hard for a regular shitchan user to wrap their head around that they usually break it without even meaning too.

7fd51 No.50859

Post with your tags on dumbass. Everything is a rule 5 to you. You're a rule 5 to me though.

7cf6c No.50860

eat my shorts

16607 No.50865

File: 1568219277067.png (35.58 KB, 846x184, 423:92, Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at ….png) ImgOps iqdb

69709 No.51532

"Redpill, crabs, it's all the same thing"

Absolute madman.

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