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a26d9 No.50734

How was that a shitpost? Because I proved you wrong you retard? Because you don't like being proven wrong because you're a mod? Lie to me and tell me you're not. Can't even argue back.

Ignore this post and pretend your just a concerned "wizard"(crab) replying to an another thread you care about in meta.

Glad that vice is here to laugh at your post too, at leastnow the world knows how stupid you are.

9f57d No.50735

lol butthurt

1e000 No.50736

"harassment" has the words "men" and "ass" in it

95fe0 No.50738

File: 1567873698364.png (558.26 KB, 746x559, 746:559, 1516913668390.png) ImgOps iqdb

If you're the guy who had his post in the antinatalist thread that's complete bullshit lol, even though I disagree with your views. There are so many shitposts and so much flaming in that thread and your post was extremely mild compared to all those but it still got deleted (twice I think, I only saw one you reposted where you said the other was deleted).

Fuck these stupid pigs trying to micromanage threads when they can't even do it properly. If you can't interpret rules correctly and consistently then stick to only banning people who outright admit to being non-virgin outsiders, that's the only thing you can do correctly you dumb shits. Otherwise let wizards express their opinions and stop interfering.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is yet another case of a mod having a personal vendetta against a user here and abusing their powers to bully him.

9f57d No.50739

fuck you

61789 No.50740

File: 1567875602242.png (237.2 KB, 309x600, 103:200, cia lettuce.png) ImgOps iqdb

7fc7e No.50741

god stop making these stupid fucking threads every other day

95fe0 No.50742

lmao saved

New mod harassment against a user = new thread
It's one of purposes of this board asshole. If you don't like it then hide /meta/.

8127f No.50744

This thread is probably written by a mod, false flagging to make everyone who questions shitty moderation decisions look like a braindead schizo.

Well fuck off mods. There's plenty of shitting things you people do.

7fc7e No.50746

i dont think anyone cares

cfde2 No.50747

I care.
Mods don't care. That's the problem though.

95fe0 No.50752

I care, OP cares, the random guy who replied to you cares. Most of the people replying to the other threads we've had on this topic care, one of which has reached 100+ replies and is still going.

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