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9f018 No.51553

Why is it okay to have inside jokes about homoeroticism and post gay porn but god forbid someone posts a fucking wojak or Pepe and the mods become vigilant and cast down their punishment.

7b965 No.51554

Because the mods are either gay themselves, and/or are the ones doing the shitposting. I've heard rumors some of the fags are in with the modclique even though they aren't mods, so they enjoy moderation immunity.

Pepe and Wojak are banned because they're the only outsider memes actually officially deemed outsider memes by the mods, everything else is complete up to their discretion and moderated completely arbitrarily, probably as a function of how high you are on their shitlist.

fa7dd No.51555

>only straight people can be wizards
you do understand that wizardry is a spectrum? gay wizards are even wizardlier than straight wizards because they do not lust after females and can disregard them completely. straight """wizards""", on the other hand, constantly complain about succubi and post their ER-tier thoughts on /dep/.
>boohoo mods don't delete gayposts fast enough
if mods were the ones behind gayposts they wouldn't have deleted them so eagerly and sworn to protect listed boards from gays.
a constant stream of crab-tier brainfarts on /dep/ and /lounge/ go undeleted while a shitpost on a dedicated shitposting board is swiftly removed

16e61 No.51557

I can confirm, boyposter told me, and it is in fact mod is homosexual faggot himself. Crawing for dick, like mod he is.

d2ec1 No.51558

I don’t recall how many times ive seen this argument and it’s still rubbish
First, faggots tend to be very promiscuous and sex-obsessed, often you “volcels” type even stress how easy it is for degenerates like you to have intercourse. Only the “volcel monk” wannabes would fall for such a stupid argument.
Second this is a (supposedly…) male only board, that and the point above should make it clear that your kind doesn’t belong here, or you should at the very least keep a very low profile.

fa7dd No.51559

>faggots tend to be very promiscuous and sex-obsessed
yeah, and straight males also tend to be very promiscuous and sex-obsessed. your point?
>male only board
>your kind doesn't belong here
lol, are you one of those retards that still believes that there is a succubus invasion happening? male virgins aren't interesting to succubi, you know. even the wizchan thread on kiwi farms is long dead. they are far more interested in extremist crabs on crab forums.

d2ec1 No.51560

You completely missed the point. I meant to say that people sexually attracted to males on a male-only board is a problem in itself, and the erotic role playing is evidence of that.
Straight males aren’t nearly as perverted as homosexuals in general.

fa7dd No.51561

>I meant to say that people sexually attracted to males on a male-only board is a problem in itself
anyone posting their faces or bodies gets banned, so I don't see the issue.
>erotic role playing
it never leaves the shitposting board. boggles the mind how /meta/burgers complain about /b/ while there are far more issues with the listed boards. if you don't like /b/, a board that is hidden by default, you shouldn't visit it at all. gay roleplay will never float to the surface of the site, crab mod will make sure that's the case >>51160
>Straight males aren’t nearly as perverted as homosexuals in general.
yes, that's why there is a fap thread #53 on lounge. only the last one is filled with gay stuff, fap threads 1-52 were full of lolis.
you only see gay people as more perverse because you're not gay. from the gay people's perspective, straight people are far more perverse. countless ads with half-naked succubi in bikinis advertising burgers or some shit is far more prevalent than some innocent gay couple holding hands.

9bb80 No.51562

Mods are likely homosexuals

b0c6f No.51565

put your tag on, coward

b0c6f No.51567

Tell us why you believe that gay roleplay has a place in the site at all.

3d7e4 No.51568

I don't even rejects the idea of a faggot wizard but you can't actually believe the kind of shit posted by wizchan's homosexual denizen out them as anything but crabshit.

920f8 No.51569

Here's why gay posting is actually very wizardly:

1. It keeps out underage kidiots. Whether you realise it or not: nobody likes children online because they think they're funny when they're just fucking annoying. If you have too many of these people in one place it can ruin a whole community. The gay, or as I have recently taken to calling it: 'the rainbow wizard' is considered 'gross' by these immature idiots sending a strong message that they're in a place they don't belong. These kidiots won't be able to stand a community with massive levels of gayness.

2. It keeps out the most obnoxious political dunces. For some reason the low IQ are very attracted to politics. It's like sports for pseudo-intellectuals who think they're too good for sports. You pick a team and you root for them. Say you pick team 'Low IQ.' You are now bias and invested in everything that paints that team in a positive light. Not that political ideas are particularly easy to validate to begin with. But anyway, since you're invested you start to fervently root for them, take for granted that said ideas are not universally considered 'true', and start to use them in unrelated posts. Heaven be damned that other people believe differently. This is like an insert [obscure religious, atheist, agnostic, etc] reference coming in and implying their dumb perspectives are objectively true. It's insensitive towards other peoples ink blots.

3. Imagine a particularly dim-witted child talking about the wonderful 'truth' around politics– and you get /pol/. Point 3 combines 1 and 2 to produce an obnoxious, trollish, hybrid capable of derailing most every thread with dumb bullshit. Putting aside whatever 'team' you side with that 'absolutely' is the true and bestest team eva: /pol/ happens to at least be the most annoying since their followers can't seem to shut the fuck up. Luckily, they hate 'the gay' which is why 'the rainbow kissy wizard' or 'boy potion' is the best medicine available.

4. People often get confused about what this website is about and think it's a place to whine about succubi. Even if they're not doing this directly I can't help but notice how many people on /meta/ seem to be genuinely butthurt about succubi. Writing post after post that imply its okay to show hostility towards succubi and what-not. Protip: If you're butthurt about succubi you can go to any number of other website that cater to losers wanting to get laid. There is /r9k/ - for losers who think its hopeless. And there are pickup forums - for losers trying not to be what they consider to be losers. But no where in this site does it mention hating succubi. What this has to do with male affection is obvious: gays obviously can't be these bitter losers who don't belong here.

5. succubi seem to only want to have sex with the most attractive men and have the numbers to do so. On the other hand, men are much less fussy and tend to screw anyone. What this means is that a gay or bi wizard could easily lose their virginity through apps like Grindr or Tinder. Thus, to be gay and still be a wizard means that in some sense being a virgin was chosen or part of who they are. It's much more likely for this to the be the case for gay wizards who have such readily available options than butthurt crabs who try fight each other for scraps.

In conclusion: if you don't gay post or support gay posting you should probably fuck off to where you belong. -kisses ur wiz neck- ^_^

fa7dd No.51571

based. couldn't have said it better myself due to my escapism-fried brain. crabs like to pretend to be rational and complain about "unattainable"(to them) volcel monk status, thinking that they're being smart, while in reality, they're being really obvious about being crabs and how they will never be able to get rid of their pitiful crab desires.
they genuinely believe that volcel wizards are the one ruining wizchan and definitely not /pol/groid homophobic misogynistic crabs. they can't wait until mods finally give in and remove/change rule 2 to allow crabs to talk about their crab feelings. and considering how mods deleted a virgin(!) thread on an imageboard dedicated to male virgins, it looks like it won't be long before mods comply with their demands…

b0c6f No.51572

Rule-abiding posters you happen to dislike getting upset is not an argument for the virtues of this behavior. Your third point invokes the extremely common normalfaggot fallacy that people who dislike something must secretly crave it. This is a blatant non-sequitar; surely you don't secretly desire these people who you yourself are "butthurt" about?
And the fact that gay men have more sex just means that it's more likely for a gay poster on wizchan to be a non-virgin. Especially when they constantly break rule 2, which you yourself ironically have deemed a bad thing DESPITE OP explicitly complaining about rule 2 violations that are perpetrated by gays. The most rational explination is that these people are flat-out not virgins.
So, do you actually believe that it's justified to allow people to constantly subvert the fundamental spirit of the site, to freely ignore rule 2, and to act flat-out like non-virgin normalfaggots just because it "keeps out" (read: makes upset) rule-abiding posters who you happen to dislike? If so, you don't have the site's best interests at heart.

3d7e4 No.51573

>these obnoxious people is hated by those obnoxious people so you have to support these obnoxious people
Point 4 and 5 is just your garbage opinion.

fa7dd No.51574

>rule-abiding posters
lmao, that's their only "positive" quality. constantly complaining about lack of friends, loneliness and succubi is technically allowed, but it doesn't mean that it follows the "spirit" of the site, whatever that is.
i'd say the spirit of the site is trolling dumb crabs that dare call wizchan their home. and if that means I'll have to post some gay stuff on /b/, I'll do it.
I'll take non-obnoxious non-virgin normalfags over obnoxious virgin crabs any day.
gay roleplay is funny and it upsets crabs. it's funny to me so I post it on the dedicated shitposting board. it's not rocket science

32ab0 No.51575

didn't you get banned?

87cd0 No.51577

>I'll take non-obnoxious non-virgin normalfags over obnoxious virgin crabs any day.
I'll take neither. Get the fuck out.

d2ec1 No.51580

File: 1571987510626.png (254.16 KB, 619x395, 619:395, E945ABAA-CD62-4DC7-9A76-38….png) ImgOps iqdb

>crab crab crab crab crab crab

7b965 No.51584

>if you have a problem with anything I do you're an in-cel

Hey look we've turned into /pol/, just replace jew with in-cel and it's the same fucking board.

4e627 No.51585

Fag posting does none of that and only brings down the quality of the site. It also attracts succubi for whatever reason.

>muh soggy knees
>muh homerphobia
Lmao go back to reddit you poser

The spirit of the site is keeping normalniggers and succubi out while also telling crypto-succubi like you to kill yourselves.

b9494 No.51588

File: 1572029118035.gif (999.8 KB, 500x322, 250:161, fat wiz strolling by.gif) ImgOps iqdb

But why?

7b965 No.51589

File: 1572052495302.gif (925.43 KB, 212x176, 53:44, LGZU.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>you do understand that wizardry is a spectrum? gay wizards are even wizardlier than straight wizards because they do not lust after females and can disregard them completely. straight """wizards""", on the other hand, constantly complain about succubi and post their ER-/tier thoughts on /dep/.

What? By this definition straight succubi are wizards too. Get your head checked, homo.

20071 No.53501

excellent post

1cab3 No.53507

>Fag posting does none of that and only brings down the quality of the site. It also attracts succubi for whatever reason.
it's a million times better than what you see on fucking /dep/, yet that absolute shitter never gets complaints. fuck that board

3a531 No.53508

03045 No.53680

I just wish apu was allowed. Apu is the ultimate cure for depression. You know, just because he calls everyone his “fren” doesn’t mean he has any, mods.

8106a No.53683

yes, succubi can be wizards too, that why we have /witch/ board

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