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cb16f No.53004

An obnoxious sect of "wizards" have popped up claiming to be "volcels" and that anyone who's a crab isn't allowed here or doesn't belong here. Obviously that's not the case and all virgins 18+ are welcome. But they don't stop harassing people based on some weird interpretation of rule 2 that because you can't state your desire for sex that you can't be a crab. They go as far as asking for proof that you could have sex but refuse to, such as tinder matches and other forms of social proof. Why would attractive normgroids who choose to download tinder be welcome here but not crab NEETs? It's time to ban these smug assholes who don't follow the wizard lifestyle and needlessly demonize others.

bab90 No.53005

>based on some weird interpretation of rule 2
There's nothing weird about it, it's an ad litteram interpretation of the rule.
"Do not state or suggest that you had, will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences."
You're a self identified in-cel, meaning you want to have sexual experiences but are unable to. By admitting you're an in-cel haven't you violated rule 2?
>They go as far as asking for proof that you could have sex but refuse to, such as tinder matches and other forms of social proof.
You're making shit up, can you provide any evidence?

8ae84 No.53006

I am a NEET shutin but that didn't stop succubi from banging on my windows demanding to have sex with me. I had to board them up like in a zombie apocalypse. It is hard being volcel.

ead68 No.53007

2e404 No.53009

>outsider makes a fracture point thread

9c4c2 No.53010

Shitposters are so lazy these days. If you want to troll truwiz© /meta/burgers, you've got to do it like this:
Rule 4 states: "Do not disparage or show contempt for the celibate, NEET, or reclusive lifestyles." By showing contempt for the involuntary celibate lifestyle, crab-haters are breaking rule 4.
And that was just at the top of my head. You can think up of even more ways to troll "volcels". You've got to be more creative if you want your thread to have 50+ replies.

018c0 No.53011

I thought wizchan was supposed to be high quality content without trolling shit allowed. another reason not to post here.

0f669 No.53013

Why worry about what newfag reddit larpers think? Just tell them to fuck off

bbf65 No.53017

Is it so hard to not break rule 2? You crabs just CAN'T help it but state how much you want to have sex. Nobody will call you a crab if you don't make posts a crab would make, such as the one you've just made, crab.

Go back to crabs.co, reddit ,or 4chan.

cb16f No.53019

You can roleplay as an asexual monk all you want, but you don't need to harass people because you don't like them.

I very rarely see anyone say "i want a gf" or anything that an in-cel typically posts, but they can certainly post things that pertain to them being an in-cel or NEET, such as depression or loneliness. If someone wants a job it doesn't make them an inNEET does it? People like you need to leave because all you do is needlessly introduce friction into the community.

bbf65 No.53021

No, they can't post anything mentioning that they're crab, because that would break rule 2 because being a crab implies you want sex but can't get it. And if you post crab-esque posts then be prepared to be called out.

You're a fucking crab. YOU need to leave faggot. I've been here longer than you and I'm not a crab. Why don't you leave? You have tons of places to go to, such as reddit, 4chan, discord, and crabs.co. But you want to come here and turn this place into another crab shithole.

cb16f No.53022

>No, they can't post anything mentioning that they're crab
When did I say they could? You're certainly free to post things like "how do i overcome loneliness?" on /dep/ which may or may not be because the person is a crab, but it's not your job to go into the thread and holler at them or call them a crab.

> And if you post crab-esque posts then be prepared to be called out.

You don't need to bully people, in fact this violates rule 11, if you think there's a problem with someone's post then report it, but don't announce your objection.

>You're a fucking crab.

No proof and I've never said I was. Even if I were, I have every right to be here.
>. YOU need to leave faggot

>I've been here longer than you

I'm not sure how you can know this but it doesn't matter anyways, this is just posturing and a ridiculous appeal to authority. I could have come here yesterday and it doesn't impact the veracity of my arguments.

>But you want to come here and turn this place into another crab shithole.

No, I've never rallied for people to be able to >tfw no gf, I'm asking you to quit in-cel hunting whenever you see people make a post that you think can vaguely be interpreted as that person bitter about not having sex.

0f669 No.53024

>in-cel hunting
The butthurt redditor/succubis' favourite pastime

cb16f No.53025

There's another group of these people on wizchan that I call "improvebrahs" basically people that quote Jordan Peterson and tell people to just work out brah, these people are cancer incarnate. Wizchan should just be for societal losers with no hope, and branching out from there. You don't need to "self-improve" (although I have nothing against self-improvement threads, the proselytizing is cancer) and you don't need to be a norper who's perfect in every way but is secretly a monk.

bab90 No.53026

Won't mods shoah this larping thread already?

43f62 No.53037

OP of this thread has been gaslighting on /b/ along with possibly other boards via the act of roleplaying as an outspoked volcel chad who is trying to rub his fake privilege and bad advice in the faces of others. He isn't doing it out of a genuine envy or hatred towards volcels he's doing it simply for the lulz so be warned.

If he continues his antics or if any wiz is motivated enough to respond with direct opposition to this thread it may be locked in the not all too distant future.

3b4c2 No.53041

kill yourself retard mod, you're no better than him.

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