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7f536 No.53523

the nighttime mod is a stupid piece of shit, you know who you are

I was banned over rule 8 for 12 hours for replying to someone that didn't have any sort of "name, avatar, signature, or any variation thereof"

in the post I wrote "I've been gone all day, you're arguing with a completely different person," and he thinks that's a rule 8

you're such a stupid fat piece of shit

30a90 No.53524

File: 1584491384343.png (508.85 KB, 648x365, 648:365, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

shoulda screenshot it so we could marvel at the retardation of these fat fucking wastes of space

89aeb No.53531

it's pretty much a double standards at this point.
take a social activity rule. And yet you see that negan edgy teen, who openly posts here. Mods hand bans very selectively.
It's a joke. This whole site. You see that social stuff like discord is banned, and yet there is an official discord with mods in it.

f3498 No.53536

File: 1584647410427.png (23.55 KB, 1780x88, 445:22, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

meanwhile this shit is allowed, he'll probably just get a timeout, nice

30a90 No.53537

It's hidden under 57 layers of irony bro, trust me, that doesn't deserve more than a 2 hour warning

a207d No.53538

>normally functioning improveshit is actually a normal

a truly shocking development never ever seen before

7f536 No.53550

File: 1584758748501.png (64.79 KB, 845x672, 845:672, butthurt.png) ImgOps iqdb

Listen, you 90IQ fat retard, there's a big difference between avataring and having a recognizable vocabulary.

"Several users" [who?] can recognize my vocabulary. Wow. In other news, the sky is blue.

I can recognize lots of other posters here by their vocabulary and familiar tone. Does that mean they're avataring? Or are they just speaking in the only way they know how? This place has a relatively small user base. Most regular users can recognize other users' vocabulary, to say nothing of actual identifiers. There's even a thread where we talk about those >>>/lounge/233676 . But is your fatass gonna ban everyone mentioned in there? Of course not.

So I don't know what your contention here even is. … That having a writing style is the same as avataring? Because if that's actually the contention here, then everyone is violating rule 8. Gee. Better not have a vocabulary now. Guess you expect me to invent a brand new tone for every post so I'm not recognized by "several users" [who?] ??? Yeah that's very realistic. Is that what you expect, dipshit?

You're so fucking dumb. You just re-issued me your little ban out of butthurt retaliation for mocking your retarded moderation in the OP, and tried to rationalize it with some retard logic. Everyone can see that.

276fa No.53554

File: 1584832904930.jpg (36.59 KB, 667x615, 667:615, D6f1te1XsAMSnsf.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

30a90 No.53559

File: 1584922798681.png (181.56 KB, 3282x438, 547:73, Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at ….png) ImgOps iqdb


Sorry kiddo, you need to be part of the wizchan modclique like Negan in order to be able to announce yourself and not get banned. It's totally OK to have people go by usernames here as long it's people the mods like.

The brazen double standards here are truly a marvel.

10d10 No.53560

Mods are my friends. How dare you call them stupid pieces of shit.
But not one but twice on your same post.
I will never FORGIVE YOU!

a92bc No.53561

I hope the mods know that they are continually perverting and destroying this community.

928b6 No.53563

good point. fuck this place

cc644 No.53564

Would it be unfair to speculate that they're doing it on purpose? I don't think so personally


You were and will continue to be punished for skimming Rule 8 because you have a history of doing so. Not innocuously either, as you often post gay furry shock images with the admitted intent of riling up people who'd rather not see that. Don't come to /meta/ to call the staff names then continue to bait users with your recognizably poor attitude and fetishes and think one of us won't remove you for at least one of the rules you may have broken in doing so.

"Negan" was the subject of the thread and he was summoned. If he had claimed to be himself in any other thread, the post would have been removed.

7f536 No.53570

>you often post gay furry shock images
Okay, now you're implying that I'm posting gfur on the main boards on normal threads, which I don't.

Why are you lying?

Does anyone here see gfur being spammed around the main boards? I think I posted one in the fap thread in the past three months.
>with the admitted intent of riling up people who'd rather not see that.
I admitted what? When?

Even if you weren't making this shit up to save face, allegedly spamming gfur on the main boards wouldn't be a rule 8 thing, and has nothing to do with your little ban last week. You're very foggy on what the rules are. How the fuck did you even become a mod? Whose dick did you suck?

72cf6 No.53571

>>53569 shutup alaskan you butthurt twink lmao go cut yourself with one of your "katanas"

10d10 No.53573

>How the fuck did you even become a mod? Whose dick did you suck?

Know your place you retard. The mod's got the upper hand, you might as well be his bitch at this point.

580db No.53574

>"Negan" was the subject of the thread and he was summoned
Wait, that was really him?
I though that post was just a joke.

30a90 No.53575

>"Negan" was the subject of the thread and he was summoned
Summoned by whom? The high wizcourts? The thread could have gone on without him making his presence known. You're just encouraging a new era of attention whoring.

And your claim about OP posting gay furry porn has literally nothing to do with this thread, since that's not what he's being moderated for. It's just another baseless paper-thin smear you psychopaths use when trying to justify your actions. "Oh him? Never mind him, the guy was a nonvirgin, the guy was just a porn spammer". It's pretty obvious how you guys roll around here. You think his "vocabulary" is recognizable, which makes no sense. Eat shit and die like a dog

10d10 No.53577

>Eat shit and die like a dog

You do nothing but throw insults. Do I need to remind you that posting on Wizchan is not your right but a privilege? Mods reserve the right to delete whatever they consider inappropriate.
As a matter of fact, if I were my friend the mod I'd delete your very existence from this chan along with every single post where you complain and insult them.

928b6 No.53579

nice avatrfagging
keep on licking on that mods ass, you're ding great honey
or maybe you're a mod yourself, hm?

10d10 No.53580

File: 1585038847047.png (244.08 KB, 366x470, 183:235, sjj4o020fvg.png) ImgOps iqdb

It should be obvious by now that you've lost. Why don't you accept your defeat? You disrespect the mods and think you can ask anything from then?
In what world do you live in? You should be grateful that mods so generous respond to your posts when they don't have the obligation to do so.
You have such a despicable attitude. I suppose your parents never taught you manners. What a pity.

a15b8 No.53581

276fa No.53583

File: 1585087087270.jpg (60.92 KB, 1242x670, 621:335, EM1GBqAWwAAB8bS.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


08c4b No.53587

Meanwhile, actual literal avatarfagging is left up in this thread

74fa9 No.53588

File: 1585196684893.png (278.59 KB, 578x420, 289:210, Amphibia_S01_Screenshot.png) ImgOps iqdb

ขอพระตุณความรอดของพระเยซูคริสต์พระคุณความรักของพระบิดาพระคุณความสนิทสนมของพระวิญญาณบริสุทธิ์ทรงดำรงอยูกับ ศจ.ดร. สุรศักดิ์ ตลอดกาล ในนามพระเยซูคริสต์องค์พระผูเปนเจาของเรา อาเมน

30a90 No.53591

Bro it's ok to break the rules as long as you kiss mod ass, you did know that right

74fa9 No.53602

Even if we change some things, or we break the rules, or we have complete doubt that God exists… we can still all work together and make dis our paradise planet

74fa9 No.53604

Dumb head, Mods hate furry and western.

a9494 No.53605

mods: me hate gays me hate furry me just wanna have fun not fur
wizkid: posts fur
polkid: wtf mods gay we need a revolution we know who u are
*polkid becomes mod*
wizkid: posts fur
polkidmod: wtf admin gay we need a revolution we know who u are
*polkid becomes admin*
wizkid: posts fur
polkidmin: wtf president gay we need a revolution we know who u are
*polkid becomes president*

b22d6 No.53606

get help bro

a9494 No.53608

can u help me bro

10d10 No.53609

File: 1585577303676.gif (284.9 KB, 498x498, 1:1, vegeta-laughing-gif.gif) ImgOps iqdb

post more

b22d6 No.53613

eat shit, bro

2af74 No.53651

I love when the mods tell us the history behind these man babies. always makes me lol so much

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