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File: 1585618931352.jpg (65.33 KB, 435x550, 87:110, 1583423572775.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

9e4d1 No.53615

I made a thread about posting anti-capitalist documentaries and it has been derailed with posts that I explicitly classified in the op as derailments. I have been reporting these posts to get them the fuck out of my thread and advised the posters to make their own thread or go to the politics thread, but mods have done nothing. I don't expect mods to do anything after I make this meta post, but I'm just posting this to further document how the mods are turning this site into trash and how they allow faggot fascists/right wing dip shits like negan to destroy this site. I see that they only enforce the rules when it serves them and their friends, which are probably the people derailing my thread right now. I wouldn't be surprised if the derailers were the mods themselves.


47a66 No.53617

Your shit thread shouldn't even exist, OP, it's a pol garbage thread that should be in containment in the pol containment thread. I reported your thread twice and yet it has not been deleted, I guess we both agree mods are not doing their job, they let shit thread like yours infest this place giving leeway to people like you're complaining about post outside the containment. You reap what you sow, you fucking moron.

9e4d1 No.53618

>all politics are bad, especially pro-neet political philosophies

Why can we never talk about understanding and critiquing the world we live in? How does anti-intellectualism benefit you if you are serious about living the most wizardly life possible (complete neetdom and escape from normie life)? Wouldn't it be helpful to understand our world and create a vision (society of neets) and a strategy to achieve that vision? Why are you so against people wanting to be free and escape from wageslavery? My thread is anti-capitalist and pro-neet and is meant to inspire a vision of a society where we can all be neets. Why is that so bad to have on a website that claims to be for neets?

And before the cucks start their braindead response to me, feel free to reveal where their political philosophy advocates for neetism?

Here is the wikipedia page for neets https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Refusal_of_work . Why do I only see socialists here? Where are all the "an"caps, the fascists, the liberals saying to abolish work?

47a66 No.53619

Jesus Christ, you god damn fucking idiot. How many dumpster fires you have to start before realizing it's always gonna end the same way? How new are you to IBs at all? Do you really think we just decided on a whim that politics should be contained to a single thread? I'm fucking done with you. If you have any sense at all delete that cesspool, as mods themselves clearly don't give a fuck about anything anymore.

9e4d1 No.53620

I have been browsing this site for years, but I've never been to other imageboards outside of the few wizchan offshoots created (warlockchan/lizchan/magicchan ect). What has happened in other imageboards to convince you that we should ban all discussion of pro-neet politics on wizchan outside of the politics thread?

Why are you against wageslaves talking about wanting to become neets? Do you want to keep people dumb? mindless drones watching MTV drinking coolaid, CONSUMING CONSUMING CONSUMING, never doing anything to change their circumstances?

fucking video related

9e4d1 No.53621

File: 1585622317148.jpg (121.11 KB, 700x416, 175:104, e3a10aec-6c23-4f3b-8088-19….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


9e4d1 No.53629


>politics hurts my head
It hurts my head to be living in a world that is unnatural to the one our ancestors evolved in for millions of years. It hurts my head to be a cog in the machine and to be a slave to the economy rather than have the economy serve me. Living in a society where I have no freedom apart from who I have to wageslave to, what brands of cereal I have to by, and what color politician I get to choose to govern me and then being told that this is the highest form of freedom and liberty hurts my fucking head.

It is healing and liberating to talk about mass, consumer society, civilization, and to think of alternative ways of life that are free. In no other time in the history of humankind have we lived such regimented, controlled, surveillance lives, alienated from nature and our own self expression, but anytime someone talks out about it and criticizes the world wanting something better you are called a utopian and ideologues think there is no alternative. As if they think nothing is wrong with society, there is no point in questioning or even understanding the nature of our oppression, the sources of power the control us is not worth understanding to them because they have fully bought into the matrix of capital, being mindless consumerist drones. And these are the types of people the ruling class, the bourgeoisie, favors, because those who are dumb and don't question and challenge the world and the status quo do not pose a threat to the power of our rulers.

And this is not just my personal opinion or the opinion of political philosophers (it is called alienation in philosophy). There is copious amounts of scientific evidence proving that this type of life is unhealthy for us (see video).

We are self-domesticating ourselves as a species into stratified social classes of rulers and slaves. Those who do not question the rulers and fight for the freedom and liberty that our ancestors were used to are farther in line with the ruling classes plot of self-domestication. We will befully domesticated into wageslaves and rulers if nothing changes. Becoming as dumb and as evil as the monkeys, in complete servility to wagedom, money, capital, and markets.

9e4d1 No.53632

>the human nature argument
For millions of years we lived in hunter gatherer small tribes that were essentially egalitarian in nature with very little warfare (we even call this era proto-communism in political philosophy and any introductory anthropological class will teach you this). It was not until we discovered agriculture roughly 9000 years ago that states formed and people were conquered, forced into a hierarchical way of life. So in reality, if you judge human nature by the lifespan of a society, it is class society that is an anomaly, not anarchy/communism. Though even under states, most people at least still enjoyed relative freedom as there was no capitalism and most land was, like for most of human history, common land where use rights were practiced instead of private property rights (apart from the statesman's land). People enjoyed far more freedom over how they did work for most of human history, albeit in shitty living conditions. Kings did not even exercise the degree of control over the peasants lives that capitalists do over us as wageslaves.

All throughout this time we have seen a gradation of steps towards more freedom and liberty. The monarchy was overthrown, slaves freed, feudalism ended, and then the enlightenment era and capitalism started. So we see this tendency towards freedom in humans, but we do not yet have any radical critique or sophisticated understanding of hierarchical society until capitalism starts and the enlightenment era, with the rise of socialists in response to the failings of the promises of capitalism and liberalism (liberals promised freedom and liberty, but that only exists for property owners in capitalism, not workers. At most you have the freedom to pick a boss, which is not freedom at all, it is a mockery of freedom yet people buy it). Recorded history has been mostly dominated by the bourgeosie since they were the only ones with an education, and they mostly recorded pro-bourgeosie history with little to say on the masses, but now with socialist intellectuals existing, the lower classes were examined and, in turn, the systems of domination. These intellectuals (most important are Proudhon and Marx) discovered that the fundamental common structure of oppression that all feudal/monarchist/capitalist/slave societies held was capital (proudhon went further and said hierarchy), and to fully liberate ourselves, we must get rid of capital (and hierarchy for anarchists).

Before we had any sophisticated analysis of the structures oppressing us, then obviously we would probably make the same mistakes when setting up a new society. If we just elect someone new, a new politician, a new king, a new ceo, a new master, a new boss, but keep the fundamental structure the same, never analyzing the system itself, then of course we will repeat history. We had no knowledge and were left in the dark, but now we have positive political theories that help inform us on where not to go when creating a new society (and btw the ruling class does well to propagandize them, misinform you on them, and erase them from history so you don't know about them).

Most Marxists became statists and thought they could use the state to abolish capitalism, but as we have seen from the experience of the USSR and China, power corrupts and they devolved straight back into capitalism. So if we only had Marxist-leninism, with only a totalitarian statist option to get out of this predicament like the leninists like to believe, then I would agree that we might be permanently screwed. But we have anarchists, and they have been considerably more successful at establishing an actual socialist/classless/egalitarian society than the statist socialists (which is why you never hear about them apart from the propaganda that they want "chaos and disorder"). If you study the history of anarchism in action, there is no indication or evidence that it would devolve back its class society like the Marxist-leninists have (they never got rid of it in the first place but claim to want to). So I have no reason to believe that the only alternative is a different type of class society and to do nothing is to fall into the ruling classes trap of learned helplessness.

Looking at this history of revolt and tendency towards freedom and even from observations in our own personal day to day lives, we can see human behaviors being expressed in a multitude of ways and in wide range. We mostly act in our own self-interest, which can be egoistic, egalitarian, self-centered, or based off of mutual reciprocity. If you look closer, you can see that our environments tend to promote certain forms of human expression and behavior over others (and this his been theorized for thousands of years, read Plato's The Republic for instance on the different types of states and expression of souls in them).

John O'neil described the type of character promoted under capitalism well in his book The Market,
>"For it is the institutions themselves that define what counts as one’s interests. In particular, the market encourages egoism, not primarily because it encourages an individual to be ‘self-interested’ — it would be unrealistic not to expect individuals to act for the greater part in a ‘self-interested’ manner — but rather because it defines an individual’s interests in a particularly narrow fashion, most notably in terms of possession of certain material goods. In consequence, where market mechanism enter a particular sphere of life, the pursuit of goods outside this narrow range of market goods is institutionally defined as an act of altruism."

As well as a narrow interest in commodities, capitalism also rewards greed and depravity over good behavior. For instance, companies must follow the profit motive, and to deny this would put a company to failure. So to be succesful, capitalist firms must ignore all the negative externalities they create (pollution/poor working conditions ect) in order to secure more profit, and this negative externalities costs society as a whole incredibly negatively(climate change/alienation of workers). If you create a sweat shop, pollute the river, and cut costs and worker safety features to gain more profit, the market rewards you for it. You are rewarded for depravity and these are the most succesful types of people in a capitalist society. You see motherfuckers like ayn Rand and milton freedom saying that greed is good because of this, sin is good and worship the devil (capital) to be succesful. The most successful people in this world are the ones that have fucked it up the most (amazon and its slave factories, chinese sweatshops, the British East India company literally the most valuable corporation in history because of colonialism).

Anyway I'm getting tired of writing but if you understand the institutions in our enviromnent that promote this tendency of human behavior (which are hierarchical institutions like the capitalist firm and the govermnent) and replace them with institutions that are non-hierarchical, then we will see and have seen a more egalitarian expression of human behavior, and there is far more evidence to support this than your naive attempt at concluding what you think human nature is. See this video for example with neuroscientists, physicians, ect in agreement with this notion of human "nature". What you believe is human nature is really just a reflection of the values of a society you were born into, but not the truth of human nature.

54725 No.53633

File: 1585641206416.gif (900.67 KB, 480x368, 30:23, RespectfulLavishDoctorfish….gif) ImgOps iqdb

not reading that,but you knew nobody was gonna read it.
Just get a diary already and write your delusions in there.

2eceb No.53634

You make a thread to preach your opinions then get butthurt if anyone disagrees with you? Are you a moron or something, if you want to do that, start a blog, don’t make a thread on an imageboard.

7da0a No.53647

People disagreeing with your strong opinions isn't against the rules.

Also you have been trying to cry bully for a long time now to try and do the SJW thing of doing everything you can to play the victim in order to remove any decent with your agenda. Even going as far as saying anyone who disagrees with your political views by default violates rule 4 even though that is total nonsense.

You are nothing but a bully using female bully tactics to try and get your way.

9e4d1 No.53648


In the second paragraph of the thread I stated what I did not make the thread for

>no liberal/fascist/statist bootlicker propaganda please. This is a pro-neet thread, and only socialists are pro-neet and want to abolish work, so fuck off if you want to post about how much you love living in a propertarian world.

And then I get posts with this very type of propaganda I said not to post in my thread. It was not a thread intended for discussion, but just for videos.

If you want to make it an argument that you can come into my thread and post whatever you like regardless of the outlines I listed for the thread in the OP, then I should be able to take that same logic to other threads and post something completely off topic than what was mentioned in the OP in other threads without getting my posts removed. So I should be able to go into the suicide thread and argue with people over committing suicide and the differences between life and death, but that would clearly be off topic because the thread is meant for sharing suicide methods and lamenting. You're effectively doing the same thing to my thread.

You're not being honest about it though. Unsurprisingly too, since liberals have no shame. You just want a license to do whatever you want, and the mods don't care so you're getting away with it.

and lol you call me a fucking SJW??? YOU'RE THE FUCKING SJW. I haven't posted on this website in months and the first harmless post I make gets bombarded by liberals crying
>socialism evil ); i luv bourgeosie masters cock
all of you sensitive fucking liberals can't even take an ounce of differing criticism that you would go into a thread that is specifically designated and made for purely posting comfy end of the world demiurge fucking videos, which is very fucking wizardly, and you shit it up with off topic posts about how much you want to maintain normie culture and society, while I'm fucking here saying let it all burn like a true wizard. You're the only fucking social justice warrior, I don't give a damn about social justice, I'm not here trying to save normie society and consumerist culture, IM A WIZARD MOTHERFUCKER, I WANT IT ALL TO BURN. If I was a motherfucking sjw I would be like you normie ass liberals and be saying to save it all, save normie society and consumerism from those god forsaken s0cial1st comm1es.

>he bully me ); wizmom and wizdad cum save me );

keep crying faggot. It makes my day to make dumb ass liberals like you mad.

a933c No.53649

Communism is not "pro-neet". They called neets social parasites at put them in forced labour camps.

a933c No.53650

If you want to be taken serious quit with the female-tier emotional outbursts.

cea01 No.53653

>another schizo that takes a meme ideology too seriously, makes a blog thread where he's the only one posting and chimps out on /meta/ when nobody cares about his topic whatsoever
Not the first one, not the last one.

53bc0 No.53654

I wonder when you are going to figure out that your little call outs to the mods aren't clever and aren't going to work.
You can't use shame/guilt/namecall/etc them into doing what you want. That is the same tactics of succubi and their tactics don't work here.
What next, you going to start arguing with holes like they do too? Maybe jabs at manhood or play the damsel some more?

Seriously you remind me of all the things I least like about listening to succubi.

9e4d1 No.53658

I'm getting tired of arguing but I'll leave this here https://www.reddit.com/r/antiwork/ it is a subreddit ran by anarchists and on the sidebar you will find reading materials for further evidence. When you say "communist" you may be referring to state socialist marxist leninists, which I am not. I am an anarchist, not a marxist.

Do you not see the irony? What you're accusing me of doing is they very same thing you're doing, fucking delusion moron.

Not that I have any respect for you scum to accommodate your squeamish fragility in the first place. I just felt like pointing that out.

a3eda No.53661

Good. Anyone who brings up the divisive normalshit poison that is politics should get a temporary ban.

9e4d1 No.53665

The rampant anti-intellectualism is why we have attracted so many fascists like negan to this website. I don't want to post on a website full of dumb people who refuse to analyze, understand, and critique the world they live in.

However fascists thrive on this and it is why we have attracted so many here. This is a good read on them if you are interested in kicking them out of here too https://libcom.org/files/Robert%20O.%20Paxton-The%20Anatomy%20of%20Fascism%20%20-Knopf%20(2004).pdf . I don't want them here as much as the next guy. Negan sold us out to the news, who knows what he will do next.

f36f1 No.53738

>I made a [politics thread]
yeah we dont need any more

bd239 No.53742

A lot of the board might hate you but I want to say that I really appreciate the effort you put into these, and explaining the basics to people who most likely refuse to listen.

cea01 No.53743

>I don't want to post on a website full of dumb people who refuse to analyze, understand, and critique the world they live in.
Then fuck off to 4chan, or /leftypol/, or reddit, or crabs.co. Those sites are full of people who like to talk about the world they live in.

f36f1 No.53747

go away

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