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4aa55 No.54331[Last 50 Posts]

Hey, this is my first time back on wizardchan since 2014. I've been reading on the in-cel wiki that wizards on here don't like in-cels, why is that? What caused the rift between the two communities. From my experience on this site back in '14, it seems the two communities share more in common than not.

c9342 No.54332

File: 1589714716811.gif (2.56 MB, 300x424, 75:106, 1588392705488.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Since talking about your desire for succubi here is not allowed, some outsiders confused this to mean that you can't have any desires for succubi at all ever so they are trying to make this some kind of asexual forum or monk forum where they try to brand anyone who isn't 100% happy with wizard life as an in-cel. Hence the rise in improvebrahs and "volcels" who are normalfags larping as wizards.

In practice nobody here really cares if you're an in-cel. But the culture surrounding it is the problem. Devoting energy to hating succubi (while simultaneously worshipping their existence), bitterness, calling everyone a simp or a beta or cuck or whatever, long-winded rants about feminism, or "redpilling" doesn't belong here. We talk about the reclusive virgin lifestyle here, not about trying to leave it for some whore.

84194 No.54333

File: 1589722972233.jpg (44.03 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 75d5ebb0afd0f4e721fb4b1346….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You are wasting your time.

dbf0f No.54334

You are a noob once again.
You should already know what you have to do to understand by now.
Lurk More Faggot

59e11 No.54335


24916 No.54347

In cels back in the day tended to be tfw no gf tier orbiting failed norp fags, "simps" i guess they're called now, obviously these types werent and arent well liked here. i suppose things have changed, at least among self identified in cels, but it sorta stuck. some posters here, whether joking or not, sometimes take it upon themselves to label anything critical of succubi as "in cel" which is ironically bordering on orbiter/whiteknight behaviour, but thats a different topic.

to be fair, criticising feminism is fine and we've had threads of this nature.

603b7 No.54348

>involuntary celibate failed normalfag is also a feminist apologist
not surprising

c9342 No.54349

I meant rants about feminism in the context of in-celdom. i.e. "The problem is when succubi left the kitchen, now they won't date me!"

The only way I can see anyone engaging in a discussion about feminism on wizchan is either purely philosophical in nature, or annoyance about how it shaped and feminized contemporary culture and media.

Ironically feminism combined with first-world living has actually done some good for wizards because they can live independently and having children is not heavily pushed by society or even necessary the way it is in 3rd world countries.

c6bd7 No.54350

I don’t really care about crabs except for the fact that they constantly talk about females, feminism, mgtow, “pills”, and usually post females too, the worst are the ones obsessed with gook succubi. I don’t come here to see that crap.

84194 No.54351

>gook succubi

Don't you find asian succ the most attractive ones?

caba5 No.54352

I'll be blunt here and people will hate me for it,but honestly you're much better getting the hell away from this place,this place has been totally destroyed by the mod clique and the hardcore wizard LARP'ers that think that unless you're some kind of übermensch that since the womb never ever harbored feelings of love,attraction courtesy or just plain human emotions you're not a wizard,these people are not interested in wizard problems at all,these people just think of themselves as super humans that completely despise any kind of weakness.

I would suggest going to íncels.co (for real) the place may be childish and dumb at times,but at least they have fun there and people will actually reply to your shit with something else than retarded one liners like here.

146e1 No.54354

File: 1589942575288.png (1.67 MB, 1537x1080, 1537:1080, Queen Ozma over and over.png) ImgOps iqdb

See yaaa, Stoophid Queen OZMA!!

24916 No.54356

pretty much no one here has tried to argue against feminism on those grounds, and i'd say even outside of this site its rare except when used as a strawman. its an open target just like any other political or social theory, and it shouldnt come as a surprise that those here would be hostile towards a succubus centric ideology.

>Ironically feminism combined with first-world living has actually done some good for wizards

not really. you're shamed even more now for not having sex or being "weird/creepy", if you're a man at least.

3c3e5 No.54359

>you're shamed even more now for not having sex or being "weird/creepy", if you're a man at least.
you are aware that feminism is against these things?

7105d No.54360

totally the opposite, succubi WORSHIP THE MIGHTY, the enemies of feminism are manlets and dicklets, the left BELIEVES THE STRONG SHALL RULE THE WEAK!

3c3e5 No.54361

stop watching youtube, it makes your brain rot

dbf0f No.54363

No it isn't.
Both sex positive and sex negative feminism attack men for such things as a means of controlling men through shame.

3c3e5 No.54365

24916 No.54367

lmao they arent remotely against these things, "wizzie"

59e11 No.54371

Butthurt females spotted

24916 No.54376

only 3c3e5

3c3e5 No.54380

keep watching those youtube videos

a723f No.54426

keep being a dumb cunt

a1e31 No.54429

I would suggest going to íncels.co (for real) the place may be childish and dumb at times,but at least they have fun there and people will actually reply to your shit with something else than retarded one liners like here.

I used to lurk there and I totally disagree. It doesn't seem like people there are "having fun." It is a lot of low effort posting and obsession of their situation. I got out of there cause it was exhausting and made more depressed. I also suspect most at crabs.co are in their teens or early 20s. Their immaturity shows. Here i feel comfy and find "copes".

c9342 No.54431

Don't hate circlejerks get boring after awhile? How many times can you post threads expressing anger and resent against females? At least lookism has ironic crabdom which is 1000x funnier than bitter manchildren being a freakshow for normalfags to laugh at.

1f853 No.54445

Their humor is pretty funny sometimes and they do occasionally have some interesting takes.

5455c No.54489

File: 1591207975991.jpeg (34.45 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 5AD0CFD7-0FA9-4179-B70F-3….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I sometimes lurk on crabs.co and crabs.net (never posted cause I don’t want to be put on some FBI watchlist) and this place is cancer and, yes, most are annoying zoomers most of the time but I can’t hate them. There are periods when I become a crab too. Many of them want to take the "whitepill" to get rid of the earthly desires that torture them.
BTW, why "crab"? Is it a reference to crab mentality?

f1dd0 No.54492

That crabs.co place resembles a non-stop barrage of the worst parts of early-Wizardchan's open crab tolerance. /v9k/ days where it was literally and even in name just a more extreme version of /r9k/ imposing male virgins only rules on it.

No thanks. Whine about and focus on succubi too much and not worth associating with even if like >>54489 I can't hate them like the world does. Shit site though.

1f853 No.54498

Their "blackpill" is a nice addition imo. Feels almost like early wizardchan as opposed to the typical failed normalfag shit that was so widespread among their ilk in the past. At this point i'm pretty sure the only people that actually hate them are succubi and whiteknights.

Yeah "crab in the bucket". Which was literally a meme on this feminist anti-i n c e l subreddit a while back that the admin (who is MIA now) for whatever reason decided to implement.

>v9k/ days where it was literally and even in name just a more extreme version of /r9k/ imposing male virgins only rules on it.
When it was actually good.

0252d No.54523

Crabs are only a minority on /r9k/ nowadays. The rest is mostly normalfags mocking/lecturing them, attention whores, or trannies.

c8a5b No.54527

I remember 2013 wizardchan especially /v9k/. Shit's traumatized me: 90% of images posted were sad pepe and classic wojak in their most wretched and deformed variants.
Fap thread was actually very funny because 3D was allowed and there were wizzies posting "fake" rape videos and facial abuse stuff. Also 3D modeling lolis were posted, yet banned very soon because of the burgers here.
Today's /b/ is an excellent board though, probably the best hang out zone for wizzies after [⚙️Feels]

787a9 No.54535

r9k has always been a shitshow like that

613da No.54854

>adopting the word simp

Just say no to normalfaggot ebonics vernacular.

They're not real. It implies that men can't have standards and is part of redditor shaming tactics.

80a53 No.56009

it was once like a wizchan that wasn't absolutely dead

2fdb4 No.56016

>some posters here, whether joking or not, sometimes take it upon themselves to label anything critical of succubi as "in cel" which is ironically bordering on orbiter/whiteknight behaviour, but thats a different topic.

It's not just being critical of succubi that gets you called an in cel here, I've seen people get called in cel for being against circumcision, hating dogs for barking all night, liking hentai, or being critical of the nofap improvebruhs in any way. It's become the catch-all term for someone you disagree with, just like it has on reddit, twitter and pretty much the rest of the internet.

f0cab No.56058

Go on .co and you will find out

e5978 No.56188

They are called crabs here, because of showing dire oppositions against our typical motto: "disregard females, acquire magic"

We are rather volcel, out of interest loss towards… almost everything in life.

Ye olde lore page shalt help to better define: https://lore.wizchan.org/index.php/Wizard

6c1e3 No.57669

>criticising feminism is fine and…
isnt that jordan shapiropoulus job? sorry wiz i am just tired of their groupies and their afk politicrab drama. i believe letting in all these political circus gypsies infiltrators are gonna destroy us in years to come. another wizard on meta reminisces about the good old days of the internet but some are mocking him. i think hes got a point because back then if you wanted to play qtf server before quakespy came along then it filters out quite a bunch. so wizards made the internet our home and where we hang out well before everybody else made it where they always live and did everything.

46085 No.57673

They are mostly just like npcs who say the same few lines over and over again and all those lines are whining and hatred. Waaa succubi is so evil for liking rich and beautiful men instead of ugly losers like me! It's just what reality is, whining isn't going to change shit. They just like to wallow in misery and self righteous hatred against those they feel have wronged them (everyone and especially succubi). It's boring and lame. You can either play with the shit hand you're given or whine about how unfair everything is and they choose to just whine.

bb07d No.57757

The npcs in this scenario are the ones whining about "in cels" and spouting the same bullshit whenever criticism of le fairer succs is brought up. If this talk bothers you then dont go to male dominated spaces.
Simple as.

045d2 No.57763

Simple. They put far too much weight in sex. Sex just doesn't matter and at past certain age if you don't get into /hob/ or otherwise move on with your life it's just pathetic

8a89f No.57774

Everyone here is retarded, one cannot assume themselves and crab it is a label that others put on you.

I do not pursue sex or simp for succubi, yet I am a crab because I am a manlet and if I did pursue sex, at least with succubi I would turn a crab because I wouldn't be able to get in a sexual relationship.

It does not matter's if you consider yourself as celibate, to society, all posters here are crabs.

dc497 No.57779

>I am a crab because I can turn into a crab
lol what?

>to society, all posters here are crabs.


2fdb4 No.57781

>Sex just doesn't matter and at past certain age if you don't get into /hob/ or otherwise move on with your life it's just pathetic

That's the thing about crabs, as in actual crabs not the catch-all insult "crab". They're either zoomers or Chris Chan level autistic.

Anyone over 30 that still cares about sex or romance is basically just Chris Chan. Normalfags are all married and raising children (and generally not having much sex in said marriage) and/or divorced and mature and often jaded. Wizards stopped caring a long time ago and grew out of our "TFW no gf" days by the end of our early 20s. The only guys still interested in sex past 30 are irredeemable autists like cwc or sexual predators like harvey weinstein and should unironically be castrated.

edc5d No.57782

Why in the fuck would I care about what society thinks of anything? They wouldn't even understand the purpose of this site anyway.

549ea No.57783

File: 1613743735711.jpg (52.48 KB, 485x883, 485:883, 1504638791432.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

low IQ brainfart argument. Sex drive in men decreases with age but it's gradual, so for men to never stop caring about having sex is only natural and doesn't make them crabs.

Knowing this fact of men's sexuality makes it even more understandable when men who are virgins and always desired to have sex or a gf are still looking and longing for intimacy or a relationship, since these are things they never got to experience, and the urge for sex/love is in their blood.

Speaking about male normalfags who are married, they still desire sex and have an interest in sex with their partners and with other succubi they're not married too, but the married life is full of responsibilities, problems, and stress, for both partners and that causes the lack of sex that can end in a sexless marriage, and with them sexually frustrated, and even thinking about divorce.

But then what type of argument is "men who still wanna have sex past a certain age are all chris chan" lol, you are chris chan yourself for saying something like that and lack the self awareness to realize it. You have a warped view but know sex is something most men always desire.

8a89f No.57784

Because the libtards classify "wizards" as crabs of the highest caliber and they could say this site is for hate speech and terrorism and homeland security could take it down.

edc5d No.57785

Have you seen an actual crab website? We are nothing like them, and we even routinely tell them to fuck off whenever there is a suspicion that they are crabs. They are retarded and express homicidal tendencies like a bunch of apes, which is completely unlike us intelligent, docile wizards. The worst part is that they put succubi on the highest pedestal possible without even realizing it. We don't care about succubi enough to have any sort of anger towards them. Remember, disregard females. They shouldn't even exist in our realm.

def97 No.57786

Who is this "we"? Why do some people feel the right to speak for others in the most absolute manner?

76102 No.57787

"we" refers to Wizards, obvi. Like any other group, our "we" identifies the collective

edc5d No.57788

Fuck off crab

549ea No.57789

File: 1613772530358.jpg (17.86 KB, 480x640, 3:4, sm.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Crabs are BASED KINGS. If we had a crab as an admin and not a redditor like we do now, wizchan would flourish like you can't imagine.

4c27d No.57790

Crabs are psychopaths who post walls of text about "survival of the fittest" and "the weak will perish." Nobody really enjoys playing with bad people, don't you know that? Bullies gonna bully, though

549ea No.57791

File: 1613773307643.jpg (143.65 KB, 780x439, 780:439, amazing-flash-tasy-1549300….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Crabs are ugly, socially awkward, nerd type of men who always had trouble attracting succubi and getting on dates and laid. They've existed since forever and it's for them the involutary celibate term was coined.

4c27d No.57792

Crabs are like the ultimate normalfaggots. They are exceptionally good at hatred, which is why normies low-key worship them (columbine school shooters, for example.) succubi LOVE abusive, disrespectful men, which is why so many of them fawn over serial killera and drop their panties at the mention of them.

a17c9 No.57793

def97 No.57794

Just wanna point out that Pete possessed only two of those qualities and he was a late bloomer, at that. Betty Brant, Gwen STACY, hell even Liz Allen wanted a piece of the action, the ladies were all over Spider-CHAD after the Lee/Ditko run

edc5d No.57795

Crabs are so retarded that they'll say they are still involuntarily celibate even after having sex with prostitutes. It doesn't make any sense. Their entire lives revolve around gaining approval from females and society in general. Normalfags to the extreme.

549ea No.57796

how does paying for sex would change the fact that you're still ugly and socially awkward? Of course they'd say they're still crabs, one thing doesn't have to do with the other. If a succubus were sexually attracted to them and show an interest then they wouldn't be crabs, so I don't think you understand crabdom. Still, they're based kings and those who are virgins have more power level than the volcel virgins who tend to be the biggest normalfags who will never know what the wiz life is about.

76102 No.57797

volcel wizards do not belong in the same paragraph as crabs or crabs, scum.

549ea No.57798

File: 1613781749864.jpg (582.44 KB, 1024x675, 1024:675, 1508369460013-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

insolent fool, to be a volcel in the first place you cannot be neither ugly nor socially awkward nor autistic. So the volcels you defend so much are more likely to be normalfags than the crabs, and for this main reason virgin crabs(ugly, nerd, socially inept, autistic, etc.) are more wizardly than any so called volcel who doesn't have to experience life as an outcast or reject aka loser.
Unless you relate more to someone who can do well in social situations, is average or above average in looks, and doesn't have any disorder that interferes with his everyday life, and for some reason is determined not to lose his virginity.

76102 No.57799

I had to bite back the bile your post induced in me.. disgusting. So you say that a crab is a true wizard because he has no control over his low status? Doesn't that just make your kind 'handicapped'? Well, in any case, you curse the volcel for consciously desiring celibacy, even though he could have sex if he wanted. But isn't that admirable? Isn't it more admirable to reject sex, than to be someone who is resentful over their inability to have it?

edc5d No.57800

I think the main ingredient to being a 30 year old virgin is autism, schizoid personality disorder, some kind of brain damage or if you're physically deformed. Otherwise it isn't possible to still be a virgin unless you're legitimately asexual, which is incredibly rare on its own.
Perhaps the only difference between wizards and crabs is in the way one responds to the lack of sex. I hear a lot about how mental illness plays a big role in crabdom, but I simply don't believe it. If you were really mentally ill, you wouldn't be worried about sex so much. You would be unironically fucked beyond all hope, lost in your own little world till death. I suppose this is what truly separates the two labels, and why there are those here who identify as volcel instead.
Being a crab indicates that you still haven't accepted the ultimate truth, which is that there is more to life than obsessing over succubi.

549ea No.57801

It's unfair to compare the rich's life choices with those of the poor. I never said that crabs are true wizards, but that as virgins they belong on here more than any so called volcel who is likely to be a normalfag. Reminder that the virgin crab is also abstaining from sex the same way as the volcel, and we don't know how easier in comparison for the volcel it is for him since there's always prostitutes, and yet the virgin crab doesn't waste his time with them and remains a celibate virgin, part of this as a consequence of his crabdom sure, but he is a celibate nonetheless. So why wouldn't you call the crab wizard's abstinence not admirable? Why do you ignore his efforts and deny him the wizard title? And not every crab wizard is resentful, people grow up and can become detached, I'd say most wizards are like that.

Again, crab doesn't mean being worried or obsessed about sex, it's simply a label for males who for one reason or another, mainly their physical appearance, will always have a rather difficult time in finding a partner or getting into a relationship with someone that genuinely likes them.

>Being a crab indicates that you still haven't accepted the ultimate truth, which is that there is more to life than obsessing over succubi.

That's a truism and it's got nothing to do with being a crab. I don't like how almost everyone portrays the crabs, I think it's a misrepresentation because people always pick the crabs who do not want to be wizards to make a point against them, when in reality there's plenty of crabs who are already wizards.
And being a crab is not about your ideologies or sexual desire, it's mainly your looks and inability to be attractive for the opposite sex.

110ce No.57802

Voluntary celibate = conscious choice to abstain from sexual intercourse

Involuntary celibate (crab) = compelled to abstain from sexual intercourse

These are not the same thing

ad0b4 No.57803

My younger brother told me he was a virgin a year and a half ago and he was 31 at the time, doubt anything changed. He's not autistic or a schizoid and def not asexual. He's basically a massive crab. Not in the political sense, he's a borderline sjw, but he goes clubbing constantly, uses tinder everyday, and he's really into all that meme self-improvement stuff like keto and nofap. He's probably crab due to being ugly, working a minimum wage job at his age, and being, to be blunt, kind of dumb. I've tried leading him to the path of wizardry but he's not having any of it, he's just too much of a normalfag.

2ce73 No.57804

>had sex with […]
>[involuntary] celibate
I'm not even a monk LARPER but this is even more retarded.

2fdb4 No.57806

>massive crab
>borderline sjw
Your brother is a waste of oxygen. Somehow he managed to combine the worst crab and normalfag traits. And he's more than just "kind of" dumb, he's damn close to being a literal retard for falling for the nofap meme at his age.

Now that I think about it though, I've known a few guys who were probably crabs in the sense that they kept trying to get succubi but never managed to get one. Most of them sound a lot like your brother. I guess most crabs in real life are less like the "neckbeard autist" stereotype and are pretty much just ugly low status NPC normscum, which is even worse in some ways.

a7168 No.57807

It could be worse, he could be paying for the services of one of these coaching grifters that sell self-help advice and have you do ridiculous stuff in social situations. These people never seem to stop and ask themselves whether jumping through all these hoops for things that are so trivial to normalfags is worth it.

549ea No.57811

File: 1613878141020.jpg (67.4 KB, 850x480, 85:48, jesus_facepalm.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That's because "celibate" is not the same as "virgin", you midwit, and the term "IN CEL" doesn't mean "celibate" in the strict sense of the word. It's posts like yours that remind me of that iq test thread where most users here scored low. Most of you are really a bunch of retards.

43c7d No.57812

!in cel" does not even mean involuntary celebit it is an entire self sabotaging failed normalfag philosophy. Anyone who thinks crabs are actually in cel is retarded or just does not understand them enough.

They are allowed to post here on a technicality when in reality they go against the ethos of the site.

549ea No.57813

>They are allowed to post here on a technicality when in reality they go against the ethos of the site.

You really haven't realized that most of the wizards on here are basically crabs by definition, or potential crabs if you want to, because they will definitely have a hard time getting a girlfriend or having sex the second they try to.
It's a misinterpretation to think that to be a crab you must want to have sex or a gf, and it really is implied that any men who would be unsuccessful in finding a partner or getting sex is a crab.
It's so easy to say you're a "volcel" on an anonymous site, but how self aware you are, if you're autistic, ugly, mentally ill, a socially akward neet, obese, short, homeless, etc., do you seriously believe that you will succeed in finding a girlfriend, someone that genuinely wants to be with you in a relationship and have sex because she likes you?
Do you think wizards on here would be able to compete with normalfags on the dating game when the latter already have a hard time doing so?
Of course we don't care, but that doesn't matter. You can say you don't care about being relatively poor, because you're used to, and it's been like that always, but that would not mean you can become rich or stop being considered poor by other people, just because you don't care or never did.
There's no reason to ban crabs because no discussion about sex or the desire about having a girlfriend is allowed on here, and most importantly, because most wizards are crabs, and those who aren't, they're normalfags.

29379 No.57814

Seriously, no way this isn't a succubus

43c7d No.57815

>You really haven't realized that most of the wizards on here are basically crabs by definition
I will agree that a lot of posters here are obviously crabs but by the crab definition they hide the fact they desire sex because of the rules here however it is YOUR definition that anyone who is unattractive is a crab and it is not based in good faith because it presumes no one who is ugly can be a volcel and whilst some scepticism is warrented in the case of a ugly man claiming they are volcel it does not prove they are not lacking desire the entire point of crabdom is that hey do desire sex.

> do you seriously believe that you will succeed in finding a girlfriend, someone that genuinely wants to be with you in a relationship and have sex because she likes you?

Not everyone who posts here is undesirable to succcubi there are wizards who do not seek succubi and have had to turn them down because of wizardry way but we are unable to speak about this due to the rules.

>Do you think wizards on here would be able to compete with normalfags on the dating game when the latter already have a hard time doing so?

Yes and no because being a wizard does not mea crab as mentioned also a wizard has a higher chance of getting a quality GF per amount of dates versus a normalfag who would attract stupid normalfag succubus that are superficial but your crab brain fails to realize this due to the black pill brain rot sustained from posting on crab echo chambers.
(I say you not meaning you it is just how I phrased myself)

> most wizards are crabs

A wizard is not a crab it is an oxymornon you fail to understand what a wizard is and I do not mean the average poster here.

2021 thinking feminism is still the same as the type you seen in your 2010 youtube videos by thunder gook.
Feminism can align with wizardry

a7168 No.57816

>there are wizards who do not seek succubi and have had to turn them down
>Yes and no because being a wizard does not mea crab as mentioned also a wizard has a higher chance of getting a quality GF per amount of dates
>Feminism can align with wizardry

female or normalfaggot.

549ea No.57817

>it is your definition that physically unattractive people are crabs
>wizard has a higher chance of getting a quality GF per amount of dates versus a normalfag

You're an irrational fuckface, rot in your own delusion.

df337 No.57818

I found the wordfilter crab funny and I always laugh when I read it here

dd4dc No.57819

not even the same person you dumb cunt. i don't see any benefit to feminism, but doesn't mean that rants against it really make sense here, since first of all most people here already agree it sucks, but also talking about succubi at all feels unnecessary.

e9362 No.57820

>female or normalfag
This deserves scrutiny for a few reasons and firstly it hints that a female is a normalfag by default bu more importantly it seems your definition of normalfag is based on if someone is actually socially capable or attractive and this deserves a polemic attack yet is very telling of how far the crab philosophy has infected your perception of the world.

What makes you think I who made that statement is a normalfag? it seems to me that I am odd even for an odd person because I reject crab bullshit and forge my own identity a process that is ongoing as it should be with everyone.
I do not fit in here it seems because of my ideas not because of my lifestyle I dislike the normalfags a lot but not a hatred it is an annoyance which is inescapable.

Do I lack the horrible experiences that shaped the average wizard? am I ignorant of human nature to the point I would attack a wizard that points out the disposition of succubi psyche? No I actually have very good reason to be a misogynist like yourselves yet I step back and meditate on things as a whole looking into the perspectives of everyone including succubi who I sympathize with greatly in this age.

Is there any reason for wizards not to support gender critical radical feminism?
succubus can actually be a vulnerable minority that actively gets attacked not just mocked for being weird like a wizard and all because they refuse the normalfag tranny bullshit and try to express themselves logically.

Wizards do not seek sex with succubus and are able to see them as another human as we ought to that we can gain from sharing experiences and interactions with.
It is possible to have fruitful dialogue.
A good percentage of posters on wizchan are succubus anyway so to hate on succubus for simply existing is retarded there is plenty of reasons to dislike the nature of succubus however what is important is examining the root of the reason you choose to and crabs do it because they want sex.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to grow up being bombarded with sexual brainwashing that makes you think your worth is entirely physical? for a succubus they can easily be validated by selling essentially their soul forgoing watering the metaphysical roots leading to a weakened spiritual state.

Can you imagine being a succubus knowing men are stronger than you and may just overpower and rape you?
As wizards we do not know whatt hat may feel like and at best can only conceptualize it but never learn and become shaped by this reality which has far reaching effects.

For a succubus to stand by her womanhood and not allow pop politics and psudeoscience to tell her a man is a a succubus she will be rejected by her group and strength in numbers is much more important for a succubus than a man even ideological numbers.

A gender critical radical feminist succubus is very far from normalfag and worthy of alliance with wizards I would even dare say that the rare subset of loser rad fem succubus are the true wizards.

549ea No.57821

File: 1613963299622.png (10.5 KB, 619x137, 619:137, 1a12.png) ImgOps iqdb

this is >>57820 ccposter, a normalfag retard who spends his time talking to succubi and looking for friends to obsess over and feel "platonic" love. He is a mentally ill unstable failed normalshit and should never be taken serious. Mods don't ban him because they pity him and he's a laughing stock at this point. Best advice is to ignore him and don't waste time arguing with this fuckhead. Don't thank me, I'm just doing my good deed of the day.

2fdb4 No.57822

>rad fem succubus are the true wizards.
No, CCposter, this will not be true no matter how many times you repeat it.

>Above all, please remember that you must be a male virgin to post on Wizardchan.
It says that right at the top, in fucking bold letters. What about this do you not understand? It literally couldn't be clearer, and if that weren't enough global rule 1 repeats this point
>You must be a male virgin and at least 18 years old to use this website.

Note, the rules don't say "don't reveal your gender" "if you're female don't admit it" so this isn't a "don't ask, don't tell" policy, being male is a non-negotiable requirement which is why it says "you must be a MALE virgin" twice. And this isn't an arbitrary rule, it's part of the ethos of the site.

The FAQ drives this point even further
>Wizardchan is an image-based forum (imageboard) for male virgins
>Wizardchan caters exclusively to male virgins

I know you'll reply saying "but there are females who post on wizchan!" and I'm sure that's true, but you could make the same argument for non-virgins. I'm sure non-virgins post here too, but that doesn't mean they belong here or that they're wizards.

e9362 No.57823

Throwing allegations regarding my personality is not arguing in good faith and ascribin a name to me when I am in fact an anonymage wizard as yourself is in bad taste please keep the fantasy in the anime and off the board.
I am well aware of the rules on this chan but why are you spending time on semantics instead of actually sharing the reasoning for why you disagree.

Why are you so defiant and steadfast in your ways?

2fdb4 No.57825

> why are you spending time on semantics
You say "semantics" like I'm trying to disprove you on some technicality like some rules lawyer or whatever. We're not talking about some arbitrary rule, we're not even just talking about a rule (although it certainly is one, and one that's worded very clearly) we're talking about the entire premise of this site existing. We all know you first started posting here in late 2020, so you don't know this site's history or understand it's culture, despite speaking as if you're some higher authority on what it means to be a wizard, so I'll spell it out for you. This website (for the sake of this argument I'm considering wizchan.org and wizardchan.org as the same site as they more or less, are) was created in response to the growing number of succubi and normalfags on r9k. Of course the community has evolved over the years but in the very least we have not strayed from the site's raison d'etre, which is to be a community exclusively for older male virgins.

Saying being male isn't required to be a wizard and that the true wizards are succubi who are radical feminists is the equivalent of saying believing in Jesus isn't required to be a Christian and that actually, radical Muslims are the TRUE and HONEST Christians.

43c7d No.57829

You derailed the entire argument. We will never agree just et it be and try not to attack myself for expressing my opinions.

0e357 No.57836

Sad that something this self-evident even needs to be said. This place is a lost cause.

8a89f No.57837

I would change "gender" to "born male" but there is also the transexuals who were former males that now resemble chicks thanks to advanced medical procedures.

2fdb4 No.57843

>You derailed the entire argument.
Nothing was "derailed". It was explained to you in the most basic, spelled out way possible.
>try not to attack myself for expressing my opinions.
If you don't want your posts challenged, then don't post at all. You just want to co-opt this place and the definition of "wizard" and you're upset that you're not able to. Besides, you attack people you disagree with constantly, you just like to claim victimhood whenever you start losing an argument.
I know, frankly I felt silly even typing that. Wizchan [current year].
>I would change "gender" to "born male"
This is just one of those cases where common sense should prevail. Sure, the rules could be even more specific and say "you must be a biological male who is not a tranny and a virgin". But honestly anyone who uses the current year normalfag definition of "gender" (a nebulous concept based on "identity" and "expression" which can be literally anything and change on a whim) is a clueless normalfag who doesn't belong here.

And before some contrarian troll chimes in and makes the argument "But if trannies are biologically male shouldn't they be allowed? HA! GOT EM!" aside from the fact that a tranny isn't male by their own logic, one only needs to look at the current state of /r9k/ to realize why trannies shouldn't be allowed here.

6f293 No.57846

Triple lock wizardry is the standard.
Everyone who posts is assumed to be born with the male sex, male gender, and male gender identity. Nobody may publicly assert themselves otherwise. Trident of wizard energy.
Others may hide in the shadows but can never admit anything publicly.

43c7d No.57850

You are making the argument about me and why you disagree with me and les about why I am wrong in your mind and I disagree with that.
Ideally only males would post here but men do such shitposting often trying to be macho and acting tough so I do not mind personally if some witchies secretly post here and I do not think you do either.

I was never losing this argument you are making so many claims you really ought not to do that it is not a fair way of arguing at all.

I was the one that said lets agree to disagree but as usual you had to try get the last say in.

2fdb4 No.57853

>why I am wrong
I have already dumbed it down and spelled it out as much as I possibly could. At this point you're feigning ignorance or you truly are a retard.
>men do such shitposting often trying to be macho and acting tough
You're on a site where people regularly engage in gay erp, talk about wanting to be succubi, wanting to look like an androgynous anime character, and saying they're considering getting on HRT. It's not even just /b/ I've seen this shit spill out onto other boards. And you think guys being "macho" is the real problem here?
>I do not mind personally if some witchies secretly post here and I do not think you do either.
I do just like I don't want there to be "secret" non-virgins here. I realize I can't prevent it, but I still care about the basic premise of this website.
>you are making so many claims you really ought not to
I'm right about everything I said, you're not even denying it at this point because there's too much evidence and everyone who's been paying attention is well aware of your history and behavior.
>you had to try get the last say in
Projection. People generally only make this accusation when they're the ones desperately trying to get the last word and they're frustrated they can't.

93af7 No.57854

File: 1614360482085.png (3.33 MB, 2032x1140, 508:285, 1614323369360.png) ImgOps iqdb

bros…crabs were the real wizards all along…shiieeet

bbde9 No.57855

Why do you continue to post here even though it has been made abundantly clear how unwanted and unwelcome you are? You're the annoying kid in school who keels trying to tag along with a group that doesn't want anything to do with him and repeatedly tells him to go away. The kid who jumps in conversations he's not a part of and becomes belligerent when politely told to fuck off. The kid who tries to make fun of other kids who he mistakenly assumes to be lower on the totem pole despite actually being dead last on the totem pole. The kid that thinks he is some misunderstood innocent victim of bullying despite being rude, antagonistic, and generally a shitty person. Mods are the teachers who act as his enablers out of misplaced sympathy and scold the other students for justifiably ostracizing him.

b598d No.57858

The crabcel websites like .co are irredeemable shit. But the tamer ones on reddit (one now, crabcelswithouthate on reddit is the last one) are actually pretty comfy and self aware. They're zoom zoom zoomies that are too horny for the most part, but I see a lot of my younger self in them.

I suppose the good ones will migrate here as they get older and the bad ones will filter off into .co

7da7d No.57897

>one now, crabcelswithouthate on reddit is the last one) are actually pretty comfy and self aware
Lmao i just checked it and they literally allow succubi and ban actual in cel (i.e blackpill) stuff. What a joke, more proof that succubi and normalgroid beta males ruin everything they touch. Even cringier than early 10s era r9k feels shit.

f5029 No.57925

Involuntarily celibate fags are called that only because they're discontented with their condition – that's all it means. If you're not concerned with having a sex life, you're automatically voluntarily "celibate" (in the loose sense of the word celibate); it has nothing to do with ability. Wizardry is about conscious rejection and disregard of females; if a wizard were to attempt pursuing sex and failed, yes – he would be an in-cel; but if he were a wizard, he wouldn't attempt it. Wizardhood is something that can be lost.

b400b No.57956

I've always considered myself to be somewhat of a crab until recently. I realize now what other wizards are saying when they throw the word "volcel" around. It means they have simply stopped caring about succubi altogether, or they never did care, whereas crabs are always trying to obtain contact with succubi.
The fact that crabs aren't having sex burns on their minds day and night. They are hateful beings who are full of jealousy and cannot walk the path of righteousness. I can say now with 100% certainty that I am NOT a crab for the simple fact that females literally repulse me and are not worthy of my attention or praise.
Wizardry is the only true path toward enlightenment for men. The monks were right all along.

dd4dc No.57958

Except the issue is a lot of "volcels" also try to attach on some volcel vs crab bullshit war, and also try to add a bunch of normalfag shit to the "volcel" term, which they think gives them carte blanche to call NEETs/outcasts "losers" or "weak." These people are the furthest thing from wizards and just use "I'm a virgin" as an excuse as to why they belong here.

ae840 No.58389

succubus detected

43c7d No.58391

Do you know anything about feminism beyond those youtube videos of succubus with dyed hair?
Fmeinism is not just a single school of thought there are different types and they can align with wizardy.

045d2 No.58394

This is a website for male shut-ins retard

43c7d No.58396

This doesn't stop you from reading feminist literature to get an idea of what you are talking about.

18c10 No.58401

Nobody wants to read your hyperspecific literature just so they can refute it.

43c7d No.58402

Maybe just get to know some gender critical radical feminists then so you can learn about the topic.

7da7d No.58411

No one gives a shit about dykes here dude

743f4 No.58412

Lol did you major in gender studies?

43c7d No.58414

Not all feminists are "dykes".
Why would I waste my time on that rubbish it is just marxist bullshit.

ae840 No.58415

>read feminism!
>but not marxism!
Your comments are silly as hell

43c7d No.58420

You can use your head a little nearly all feminist stuff is bullshit just ignore the bullshit and promote the good stuff.

7da7d No.58430

>read femidykism but not marx!
You are everything that is wrong with the west.

713fe No.59802

> some outsiders confused this to mean that you can't have any desires for succubi at all

Some wizards think this as well and try to cause a civil war over this.

49cc4 No.59803

You need to broaden your horizons a little and even if you disagree with a lot of femimism you can gain a lot from reeading the books to get a better idea of their views.

667e6 No.59861

From my experience there is a good deal of stigma surrounding the term crab. crab appears to have originated from reddit and I forget when but r/crabs was shut down for some bullshit unnecessary reason. The shutting down of that was the equivalent of exploding a rotten corpse. People from there spread to r9k and ruined the board culture which in turned caused r9k refugees to come here and ruin the board culture here.

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