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5aa66 No.54366

If you type out a post and then press the back button instead of submitting it, can the mods see what you typed out? I just found out that doing this is possible and I am concerned since I remembered the tracking cookies conspiracy that was revealed a while back.

50b75 No.54368

doesnt sound right

38b9d No.54369

didn’t you post this exact same topic like a year ago and everyone called you retarded

c21a7 No.54370

Everyone can see it still

6eb60 No.54373

yes the mods can see you typing out posts in real time, it's not a conspiracy theory, we have evidence and anyone who they've targeted for harassment can attest to frequent (non)coincidences where things they type in the box but don't submit are used in replies to them afterward, usually hateful shitposts from the mods posting without their tag

81dcc No.54375

f6e89 No.54377

>making things up to scare away users
You should be banned

38b9d No.54378

you can download wireshark and check the data your pc is sending easily and find out that what you are proposing is not happening

abf87 No.54379

File: 1590182141448.png (243.28 KB, 412x340, 103:85, 1508214800407.png) ImgOps iqdb

Should've gone STEM tbh fam, then you could've known

6eb60 No.54393

you should be shot for spying on us

d7a46 No.54396

Look at this

I had no idea this was possible.
>Heatmaps show you where on a page your visitors tried to click, where they moved the mouse and how far down they scrolled. This lets you find out to what your visitors really pay attention to, what they are looking for, how engaging your content is, whether your content encourages users to scroll, whether key content is positioned correctly, whether they get distracted by something unimportant, whether your visitors think that something is clickable even though it is not, and much more. You can view heatmaps for different device types and compare how your content works across devices.

>Session Recordings lets you record activities such as clicks, mouse movements, scrolls, window resizes, form interactions, and changes in your page. You can then replay these activities in a video and see exactly what a visitor did on your website. It is like eye-tracking but much more cost effective, takes only seconds to setup, and you actually get insights into your real visitors instead of a test group. It is ideal to improve the usability of your website, to see how your visitors experience your website, where they have problems, and why they leave. A great use case is for example watching your visitors fill out forms and perfectly complements our Form Analytics.

4466b No.54397

Yeah pretty much all mouse/keyboard activity can be monitored through javascript on a page - exemptions being things like file selection windows which aren't part of the page but the browser, link visited status, clipboard access, frame content, and a few security related things. Anything that is security related is pretty locked down.

The assumption of what is security related stops at interaction. If you paste your clipboard contents by accident, you have interacted and the page can capture what you pasted and send it to a server - since javascript can listen for clipboard pastes but can't access your clipboard when you just visit the page. Similarly most mouse or keyboard activity inside the active window the page can be recorded.

OPs paranoia isn't without possibility. You can make a script that checks a textfield input on your page whenever a key is pressed, then run a diff and record what someone added, what they deleted, etc. To be clear I've never seen it on wizchan but it is possible.

You should always treat websites with caution because of that. Disable javascript or use a text based browser on places you can't trust.

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