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File: 1595287079298.jpg (21.87 KB, 320x302, 160:151, hopefulwiz.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

62108 No.54880

A couple wizzies and i have been talking it over, and we'd like to discuss the possibly of getting a /sig/ section where we can discuss self-improvement and action-taking in order to better ourselves.

62108 No.54881

File: 1595287661724.jpg (10.91 KB, 292x172, 73:43, wizmatch.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There are a few members on here that have given me some really good advice this year, and while i save comments where i can and archive good threads, i still feel like having a dedicated section can do one of two things.
1. It can be a balancing factor to the /dep/ factor that can in fact make you feel even worse
2. It could reach those in /dep/ who may still have some hope, like myself (who is actually still a heavy /dep/ user, in both comments and mindset)
3. As i said, it would be easier to go somewhere to find advice instead of having the find certain comments in a sea of /dep/ posts
Thank you for reading my blogpost and pls no bully

62108 No.54882

File: 1595287867946.jpg (111.48 KB, 1013x841, 1013:841, oldmanwizzo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I meant one of three things, or the last number can just be taken off and removed so only two, i spotted the mistake, whelp no sleep for me tonight

2ea6b No.54883

I'm against it, if my opinion has any worth at all. A thread on /wiz/ is more than enough for this. If anything we need less boards, not more.

99d47 No.54884

I'm like 90% sure this is bait, but let's be real, nobody's stopping you from self-improving and there are hundreds of sites where you can talk about going to the gym or nofapping or buying chainlink or whatever it is improvebrahs believe constitutes "improvement." In fact you can talk about any and all of these things on wizchan without needing to claim it as "self-improvement." The only reason why you want a separate board is to be passive aggressive towards people who aren't doing what you're doing.

ad998 No.54885

Change /dep/ to /psych/ and have a /sig/ general there.

f1f21 No.54887

I actually like that suggestion.

If a /sig/ board would actually be made (which lets be will, it won't) it would just get trolled and shat on 24/7 by /dep/ anyway.

But a name change of /dep/ to /psych/ would both help new apprentices know where threads relating to mental stuff and emotion should go rather then wiz which gets moved or deleted, or lounge which just gets them ignored or trolled.
It would also possibly have a minor detoxifying effect as blackpilled doomers wouldn't feel the need to unrelentingly shit on everything not directly to do with depression and feeling like shit posted on the board. It has become nothing but a concentrated vortex of negativity that is a digital form of self harm to even interact with.
The problem is they have reached a critical mass long ago, they no longer are just crabs in the bucket, they are a tentacle monster in a anomalous pit that seeks to pull the whole site into its dark hole of destruction.
With nothing being done about it, it just keeps leaking making the whole site slowly turn more and more negative and toxic with time.

e43fc No.54888

File: 1595310650460.gif (4.47 MB, 540x304, 135:76, MetallicEllipticalHuia-siz….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Is it that hard to open a thread for what you want? Why do you need an entire board?
You happy idiots can be really illogical.
What advice on self improvement do you want to find on wizchan anyways?

>better ourselves

What the fuck do you mean by that and why would you want to discuss it with others and especially on here where there's so many people who have been dealt a bad hand and are depressed and planning to take their lives? You will just open the doors for more normalshits like you and create hostility. There's already hostility towards those unfortunate wizzies who post on dep. now

>A couple wizzies and i have been talking it over,

Fuck you and your friends. What you want is to create an opposing group because you're an unhappy idiot who wants to annoy dep wizzies.

49829 No.54889

>it all starts with an "improvebrahs" board
>Some months later we have a "escape from wizardry" board
>later we have a "Female advice" board
>Finally everything degenerates into a board for wizzies with gf's and eventually sex.

64888 No.54891

>Finally everything degenerates into a board for wizzies with gf's and eventually sex.
They won't have a board for that, they will just declare that wizards were always gf-having chads (after all, they have been here erping as wizards the whole time) and ban virgins from the site for being too "depressed" as whined about above.

2156a No.54892

These posters got it right. Glad to see this.

>The only reason why you want a separate board is to be passive aggressive towards people who aren't doing what you're doing.


Self-improvement and "positivity" boards have been requested by some of the worst normalfaggots on the site. Only them and dumb trolls would support such an idea.

b6682 No.54893

make a thread first before requesting an entire fucking board for yourselves

you have hob and wiz

289f6 No.54894

>Change /dep/ to /psych/

f1f21 No.54899

>you have hob and wiz
Where any thread that has anything to do with positivity or self improvement is full on attacked relentlessly by the crabs in a bucket from /dep/.

Not just simple shitposting ether. Like elaborate planned out month long cons with the hope of making it so that the topic is never brought up again.
That is how nasty and spiteful you fuckers are, yet you play the victim at every opportunity.

49829 No.54900

>Me and my wizzie friends have been discussing the possibility of an self-improvement board

Wizchan 2020 wants to improve to eventually fuck sum bitches.

b6682 No.54901

i have dep hidden so

2156a No.54902

>you play the victim at every opportunity.
lol look who's talking

f1f21 No.54903

It is beyond strange to me that depcrabs automaticly associate self improvement with sex.

That says a ton more about the mindset of /dep/ by what they project then anything to do with those who aren't toxic crabs and actually have a positive outlook on their lives.

Believe it or not, one can be happy or want to improve aspects of their life without it in anyway involving sex or relationships.
The fact that it is depcrabs go to response just shows where their mind and desires really are.

64888 No.54904

>Where any thread that has anything to do with positivity or self improvement is full on attacked relentlessly by the crabs in a bucket from /dep/.
>Not just simple shitposting ether. Like elaborate planned out month long cons with the hope of making it so that the topic is never brought up again.
>That is how nasty and spiteful you fuckers are, yet you play the victim at every opportunity.

Normalfag pretend persecution complex. None of that is real, even in your own mind, but you pretend it is because manipulating situations and perceptions for personal gain is the normalfag's bread and butter.

Repeated use of "crab" in place of "virgin" gives you away. You're really not fooling anyone, might as well just go back to where you came from.

64888 No.54905

b6682 No.54909

neat, never heard of that

6f62f No.54910

Give me an example of a self improvement thing you can't talk about. Just because you can't go "yeah, I'm going to self improve at the gym, smell ya later neckbeard loser NEETs" it doesn't mean you can't talk about going to the gym at all. The improvebrah cries out in pain as he strikes you

0430b No.54911

Did you just try and discord reply to someone on an imageboard? I sure hope this is trolling but if not…lord have mercy on us.

f1f21 No.54915

>Normalfag pretend persecution complex.
Oh look, more projection of your own tactics.
What next, trying to get me banned for disagreeing with you again?

>Repeated use of "crab"

Read my other post retard.
I have consistently been referring to you people as crab in bucket due to your behavor. It has never had the implication in my post to have anything to do with virginity. You are a dishonest sophist.

Oh you mean the thing you depcrabs always do in a attempt to get your way.
How about this one, which is what you were doing

99d47 No.54918

or im not going to grace him with a reply, which is what he wants. retard.

49829 No.54922

>le depcrabs maymay

Fuck off outsider,if you want to talk how you can hit the gym and get into high end job fuck off back to 4chan and don't come back.

You "being a wizard is not the same as being a fucking loser lol" normalshits need to get the fuck out of here and die.

f1f21 No.54923

So you are directly implying that you think being a wizard is the same thing as being a miserable loser.

Nah, you are the one that needs to fuck off with your failed-nomrie mindset.

If you hate being a wizard then you really should leave as you are the one that doesn't belong here.

99d47 No.54926

Wouldn't it make more sense that the people that want to "self-improve" in the same predictable ways (gym and crypto investing and jordan peterson) are the ones unhappy with their lives?

I've never seen anyone agree with you, I think you must be the same troll in every one of these threads calling everyone a loser and an in-cel. If you want to self-improve so badly, go learn a word a day so you get some original insults you insipid crotch stain.

e0b2c No.54927

What kind of content does your trio of wizbuds want to post?

What examples of threads have you three made that were made untenable by /de/ posters?

f1f21 No.54934

How about just about every fitness and workout thread that requires mod intervention and the deletion of dozens of post to clean up the trolling.

Or what happens that one time someone made a thread about the small things in life that they were grateful for and made them happy, and it was spammed with gore until the person deleted the thread after saying they were leaving the website forever after calling you guys out for your vicious negativity.

f1f21 No.54935

Oh, there was also the shitshow of what happened to the happiness thread.

27d7f No.54937

> every fitness and workout thread that requires mod intervention and the deletion of dozens of post to clean up the trolling.
That's funny, I have never seen any of those troll threads being removed.
Unless you mean the chad who goes on /dep/ every so often to brag about how strong he is and say that weak wizards aren't even human.

e0b2c No.54938

Got to admit I guess I don't watch those threads closely enough I guess, I'd always assumed they just get the odd abrasive /dep/ Wiz from what I saw.

b7f8c No.54939

There is a difference between a troll thread and a thread that is trolled.

There are several wizards who live active lifestyles and enjoy fitness and working out.
Then /dep/ comes in and asserts that the only reason why anyone could probably work out is to attract mates so that justifies them relentlessly attacking and trolling the thread until the mods step in, which sometimes takes days.

ef7ca No.54941

improve, how? to get out of the wizard/neet lifestyle? i think crabs.co is more your speed

62108 No.54945

It's very telling to see the backlash even asking for a /sig/ section has caused. This thread is a microcosm of what would happen i guess.
Suppose a megathread is a good compromise, and see if that can hold it's own against the /dep/ hoards

f1f21 No.54947

It won't.

It has been tried before and it ends badly every single time.
Some of them have nothing better to do but make sure everyone around them is as miserable as themselves.

64888 No.54948

>oh no, I imagined that a virgin was mean to me on the internet
>better turn the only site they used to be able to visit without being harassed by normalfags into wizfit to get rid of them and make it inhospitable for anyone but me and my utterly well-adjusted gym bros
>can't just go to some other site intended specifically for me and my interests

f1f21 No.54949

Acting like a jackass isn't actually helping your point.
You do know that right?

64888 No.54950

Pointing out the normalfag agenda doesn't make one a "jackass".

Just imagine what it would be like with dozens or hundreds of your friends here, posting gym selfies all day and bullying virgins nonstop.
Your agenda is as transparent as it gets. You hate virgins so your mission is to destroy this site by so overrunning it with normalfags that you end up having the rules changed in your favour and then just banning us.

f1f21 No.54951

All of that is just shit you imagined up and has nothing to do with reality.
You are just making shit up and then asserting other people are doing the things you made up.

Besides being absurdly dishonest it is also stupidly easy to see through.
You are just lying, plain and simple. Not even convincing lies ether. Just bold faced lies because you don't give a shit about anything but insulting the person you disagree with by labeling them with negative associations.

Jackass is not a strong enough word to describe the skulduggery you indulge in.

99d47 No.54952


here's your self improvement general. enjoy!

eccb7 No.54953

Crabs are the real wizards. The rest is only waiting to hatch into their true gogetter bully selves.

b6682 No.54957

yeah, the ones that want to have sex are the real wizards, totally

8f640 No.54962

I would rather deal with a bitter íncel virgin than dealing with your average "Yeah bruh I'm a Wiz Marine that has been doing exercise daily for the past 20 years,I also have a PHD on neuroscience,I consider myself a 10/10 on terms of appeareance,I could fuck 200 bitches right now but I would rather come here and share my improvement tips with my fellow wizfriends,come check out my discord channel later" proto-normie wizchan poster.

99d47 No.54963

100% this. There's a culture around wizchan that improvebrah fuktards are trying to subvert, basically trying to turn it into a normalfag hive with a virgin gimmick.

This is a board for media-obsessed hikkis and their needs first and foremost. Going to the gym or buying crypto or learning PUA are not part of that, and on top of that you're free to talk about those in /hob/. Well maybe not PUA.

What's great is all the "suggestions" on /meta/ are just yelling at a brick wall basically, so these tourists will eventually get bored and leave when they realize nobody wants them.

99d47 No.54964

By the way, these are classic subversion tactics. Basically they try to change culture while pretending to patriotically abide by the governing rules/constitution. And then attempting to use those rules against their adversaries. For example, they will use rule 2 as a way to gang up on and bash "in-cel losers" and then slowly anyone who opposes them is morphed into an angry in-cel. Meanwhile rule 1 will be used as a cover for anything subversive they say ("but I'm a virgin! therefore my normalfaggotry is acceptable!"). Finally the mods will be infiltrated by these improveshits and suddenly the ideas will seem less radical. Soon enough the culture is completely eradicated and replaced without changing a single rule. This is how the US is being subverted currently.

57c58 No.54967

Explain how that is antithetical to the concept of a wizard. What you describe is a happy, healthy man who rejects succubi in favor of bettering himself. What's to hate about that?
You sound like the person who sperged out and spammed the thread of that wizard who made a thread about how he felt happy. Just because someone is happy doesn't mean that they're specifically trying to spite you with it.

8f640 No.54969

>What you describe is a happy, healthy man who rejects succubi in favor of bettering himself

That's the definition of a MGTOW normalfag and guess what,they don't belong here either.

This is not your "muh sekrit club" for well-adjusted,normal people that just happen to be virgins,would you approve of Barron Trump posting here? what about all the 18 year olds that are still virgins by pure chance,are they welcome here too?

Fuck off,a wizard is supposed to be something more than a successful normalfag that just happens to be a virgin.

57c58 No.54970

Show me the rule that says you're not allowed to be happy.

8f640 No.54971

What if I show you the fucking door instead?,if you want to discuss your self-improvement tips go back to /fit/ /adv/ /r9k/ or fucking reddit,you will find plenty of virgins there too if you ask.

57c58 No.54972

Thankfully, you aren't king of Wizchan.

Depcrabs will never be the norm here. There's more to life than your pathetic self-torture and whining. A virgin who becomes independent and actualizes his full potential is ten times the wizard than a virgin who spends 14 hours a day complaining and trying to convince others that he's a helpless victim. Sorry if the presence of happiness triggers you, but we're not leaving.

8f640 No.54973

>says "You aren't king of wizchan"

>Proceeds to spout a lot of proto-normie shit as if he was the actual king of wizchan.

At least you recognized that:
1:you don't act alone and in fact hinted at the existence of a secret group
2:You and your successful happy wizfriends with plenty of improvebruh wiztips to share won't leave until you destroy wizchan.

18418 No.54986

>Proceeds to spout […] as if he was the actual king of wizchan

Careful wiz, you're revealing your insecurities
All he said is that happiness and improvement don't go against rules

62108 No.54990

Being depressed and rotting in your room is part of wizard culture?
Wew guess i missed the memo
Perfect example of a crab mentality

62108 No.54991

Strange how there is a strong link between anti-/sig/ and /pol/ mentality

62108 No.54992

In fact, it is depcrabs that want to have sex the most out of anyone

62108 No.54993

>self-improve" in the same predictable ways
There are other ways to sig outside of what you mentioned, but ironically you'll never know them because we are not allowed to discuss them here

99d47 No.54996

Name one that you couldn't make a thread on /hob/ about.

62108 No.54999

If you need me to explain the difference between hob and sig then i'm afraid this discussion is beyond your capacity

99d47 No.55000

shut up nigger.

359d5 No.55009

Malkuth is the foundation even of the subtle realms.

99f7e No.55083

>you will just open the doors for more normalshits like you and create hostility.

But they are already here. You know it could serve to atract them apart from other /sections/

>to annoy dep wizzies

We didn't say that /dep/ should be deleted, man. Take it easier…

>implying that virgins are voluntarily losers are so it must be everywhere

Yup. Better this.

Crabs at /dep/ are often known for their toxicity. If there's any chance for a wizard to improve at something they start feeling harrased, as if the progress of any others at any area of their lives was an aggression towards. That's why we call them like so: crabs in a bucket

>that has anything to do with positivity or self improvement is full on attacked relentlessly by the crabs in a bucket

>implying that any self-improvement is done to please succubi

>also realizing that crabs keep implying that any self-improvement is done to please succubi, too.

It's their terrifying nature, you see.

It resembles those sectarian muslims that others misbelievers only because belonging to a different sect. Why are you here, people? don't you have crabs.co ?

Wizchan belongs to volcels.




again: why don't you go to crabs.co ?


Like crabs around have not been doing this and this post is not the total proof about it.

Well, that's the point of /sig/ or even /wiz/, tips about schizoids and special care. Helping hands.

I don't that a happy person would claim for any /sig/, /psych/ section

Yes it is, but the difference between that and a crab is the toxicity, don't you think?

I think this can close the discussion. try there, people. depcrabs can keep their section.

2156a No.55085

Underage or just stupid?

adf8f No.55086

No fuck off. You normalfags are better off on 4chan or some other shithole.

cb89c No.55109

very feminine posting style. its probably either a legit vag or tranny.

ce1e9 No.55112

Nah, he's just an Arab.

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