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File: 1610495463965.jpeg (149.77 KB, 1594x1128, 797:564, 1600836146106.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

a0ff1 No.57186

Holy fuck why did this website change so much from 2014? It's like a shitty spinoff of 8chan with all the worst new imageboard fads tacked on. I can't see a single poster that seems like an actual wizard to me. I have a hard time believe an actual 30 year old virgin nerd would enjoy this website at all.

c3f1b No.57188

Useless mods and admin

9e701 No.57189

itt: retard pretends he spent more than a day on wizardchan 2014

3abeb No.57191

oh look, another 'everyone-is-a-normie-but-me' thread

b5fc4 No.57192

Sorry, all the inncels moved to r/foreveralone.

a0ff1 No.57196

Name one thing about the culture this website generates that actually would appeal or have anything to do with an older virgin nerd, because that IS what a wizard is. It just seems like a bunch of failed normalfags competing to be the most pretentious.

b5fc4 No.57197

And what would you like, your majesty? Please tell us what older virgin nerds are interested in, so that we may fix our marketing with that demographic.

955d0 No.57201

>Gen z invading the internet wholesale, including this site.
>Unfunny ironic shitposters shitting up boards besides /b/
>Improvebruh infiltrators who keep trying to change the culture here and redefine being a wizard as being a normalfag minus the sex.
>Mods that just do whatever they want, often don't delete rule breaking posts even when reported, delete benign posts for whatever reason, and seem to have contempt for the userbase here.
>In cel hysteria. Literally every thread will inevitably end up with baseless accusations of someone being a crab. It already happened in this thread. Also note how in cel is a catch-all insult here just like it is on reddit, twitter and other normalfag shitholes, the fact that it wordfilters doesn't make any difference.
>A lot of the older users leaving due to the aforementioned problems.

Most of this website's culture is dead. There used to be a pipeline from 4chan to wizardry but it's long gone as 4chan is nothing but gen z normalfags now, and that old otaku/NEET/hikikomori culture that was once prominent there is completely dead. So now the only new users we get are either ironic shitposters and other trolls that post here because it's easier to get replies here and troll posts can say up and garner replies for months, and improvebruh redditors who do this autistic truwiz larp, act smug and superior to the userbase because they don't masturbate (or at least claim not to) and see this website as fertile grounds to funnel men into their retarded cult.

a0ff1 No.57203

All things considered, it makes sense that any actual wizards would just go to their sites of interest and not fuck around on a website designated for wizards in an age when everyone is just gonna be a larper.

955d0 No.57222

>just go to their sites of interest
I would do this if it weren't for the fact that I lost interest in all of my hobbies many years ago, and all of the forums I used to use are gone. Forums in general are dead and everyone is on reddit, twitter and other "social media" shit. I imagine the other oldfag wizards are in the same situation. There's still a few of us left here, even if we are outnumbered by the "truwiz" improvebruh larpers, ironic shitposters, and tourists from reddit.

9fa99 No.57223

Wizchan is the end of the road for us. This is where we have to make our last stand.

0e0c8 No.57224

So you going to ignore that this site has some unexplained stability and infrastructure problems that is more likely then anything else to be the end of this site?
Because that is one thing that even the mods seem in the dark on and admin never brings up.

This site could just go down again one day without explanation and never come back up again.
Wouldn't even have a place for users to gather or find out what happened. It would just be gone.

a0ff1 No.57226

There's plenty of other imageboards in the armpits of the internet that I would see posts pop up in. There's more wizards lurking in the shadows than you'd think, probably more than there are here.

0e0c8 No.57227

You say that but last time wizchan went down for a few days no one knew shit or gathered anywhere until that jankie temp site got put up while shit was being repaired.
Once this site goes down wizards as a community is over.

955d0 No.57228

Too late, we're already a minority on here, this site belongs to the truwiz improvebruh larpers, ironybros and redditors now. There's ultimately nothing we could have done anyway, we're an aging demographic that is being replaced and there are no younger users that will continue our culture because none of them came from the same places we did. They never experienced the imageboard culture of the 2000s, never experienced the internet before web 2.0 and grew up on social media.
If I had to guess, I would say the admin stopped caring about this place a long time ago, and given that the site's userbase has been declining for years now, he probably just switched to the cheapest hosting plan, if only because he can't quite bring himself to pull the plug on the site completely.

9fa99 No.57230

File: 1610768688562.png (622.08 KB, 472x494, 236:247, Wizlynx.png) ImgOps iqdb

>We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who, during the eruption of Vesuvius, died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honorable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a wizard.

12b71 No.57250

I don't mind man. It takes a whole lot out of a person to run a place like this and look after a community. A whole lot - and most of it goes unnoticed. The things that get noticed are the fuck ups, and for those they get shit on hard.
You gotta remember that admins and mods are, at the end of the day, just another faceless and flawed being posting alongside you. Especially on anonymous imageboards.
They're literally doing it for free. I appreciate that a whole lot, because the alternatives of some imperfect no-body trying to keep a community together are the modern day mega for-profit entities that strictly regulate all discourse.

efb64 No.57309

Pretty much this. I like video games but /games/ blows and the moderation of this site is dogshit. I just hang out on /v/ which is saying a lot since it is literal cancer incarnate full of retards, coomers, and normalfags. But it's still better than here.

e6530 No.57313

i just checked /v/, in 10 seconds it received more posts than /games/ gets in an entire week lol

c2616 No.57314

>Improvebruh infiltrators who keep trying to change the culture here and redefine being a wizard as being a normalfag minus the sex.
These are the type of people who will ultimately destroy this place. They tend to take over NEET spaces and insidiously spread their normalfag propaganda until there is none of the primary user base left. It's exactly what happened to 4chan and reddit, and now they're filled to the brim with normalfags.

dfe47 No.57316

can we ban porn on /b/. im tired of having to skip over their man baby cartoon child porn gifs that they spam every where. theres already a dedicated thread on lounge…

0d29d No.57317

Do you crybabies need to derail every thread about this?

0e0c8 No.57319

They think it's funny and also want the joy of taking away something someone else likes because making others feel bad is all they have left in their pathetic lives.

dfe47 No.57323

or we actually are sick of seeing that shit everywhere. the internet is practically built for porn. you have the whole f**cking thing. yet you need to spread even more bs to /b/ making it into more of a spam filled shit hole. WHY. its not like there is anything good posted, either. no CGI, no shadbase. literal HORSE COCKS and other weird shit that man babies like! well, tell me with a straight face u fap to any of the 'porn' on /b/. caz if not, we need that shit gone!

9e49d No.57531

This. Demographics have doomed the site. The culture that led wizards to this site no longer exists and the generation that came later is too fucking stupid and fundamentally at odds with the nature of wizards to create anything new.

98594 No.57543

File: 1612289494167.jpg (27.19 KB, 359x414, 359:414, stupid.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I hate everyone that is < [insert my current age here]! Back in MY DAY we used to be TRUE WIZARDS! Remember cripplekike, my fellow wizelders? Now those were the days! Not these days with people that are younger than me!

955d0 No.57562

You can do the whole snarky sarcastic contrarian act with the gratuitous use of ALL CAPS and exclamation marks to try and make the argument look silly all you want, but the reality is that the internet has changed dramatically from the mid 2000s internet. There are major differences between internet users who grew up with web 2.0 and those who grew up before it. Not only is their cultural frame of reference completely different, but there are many idiosyncratic differences between the two groups. When wizardchan (the original site) was first created in 2012, the userbase was almost entirely made up of those who grew up before web 2.0, but as time went on the children of web 2.0 started invading the internet wholesale, which eventually included this site, and they changed this site's culture. Naturally, the older users have legitimate grievances with the younger users who changed their site's culture, especially since this site is widely accepted to be the "end of the line" as far as our culture goes. And naturally when we express these grievances, younger users reply with either 4chan tier one line non sequitur insults, or reddit tier bugman sarcasm like your post.

9e701 No.57563

>When wizardchan (the original site) was first created in 2012, the userbase was almost entirely made up of those who grew up before web 2.0
dude I’m pretty sure the admin at that time was the homo then cripple Jew who wasnt even 18, no one I ever met on there was ever as old as they are now, as far as I can tell the user base is aging and less young people are coming here, your delusions of this old wizardchan being this epic oldfag space are ridiculous

955d0 No.57565

Do you know how time works, or are you just being contrarian just for the sake of being contrarian?

I talked with some people on skype from the old wizardchan and they were mostly in their early to mid 20s, but they would all be 30+ now. It's not about age itself, but the cultural frame of reference.

If you were say, 23 in 2012, you still would have spent your formative years using the internet before web 2.0. The same isn't true for those who are 23 today. The correct metric would be year of birth, not age itself. In 10 years someone who is currently 20 will be 30, but he'll still be a phoneposting zoomer who only experienced web 2.0, that will never change no matter how old he gets.

9e701 No.57566

>I talked with some people on skype from the old wizardchan
What kind of 'wizard' would use skype? your story is filled with holes. Cripple kike was like 17-18 when he was admin of wizardchan and that wasn't far off from the average age there at the time, teenagers and early 20-something incels from r9k. Pretty much everyone I've met from wizchan right now is mid-twenties to late twenties, even a few people over 30

955d0 No.57567

Cripple kike is just one person. Most people were older than him by at least a few years and you can't gaslight me into thinking otherwise because I was there.

But since you want to keep bringing up cripple kike, he was born in 1994 (and early 1994), which is pretty much the latest possible year you could have been born and still experienced the pre-web2.0 internet, but that's only assuming you started posting online at an exceptionally early age, which he apparently did.

>Brennan was active in Internet culture from an early age, and was a regular 4chan user since 2006, when he was 12 years old.[5][1]

b5478 No.57569

I've mostly drifted out of Wizchan, was never a fan of 4chan type culture. But I had some good moments in the old days, just shooting the breeze with fellow wizneets with the same lifestyle, the only guys in the world I could connect with. A shame we disconnect in so many other ways.

7aad7 No.57601

I've noticed that imageboard admins are often younger than their users. Anyways it's less about age and more about when you first got online.
>What kind of 'wizard' would use skype?
You clearly don't remember. There used to be a video log of the Skype posted on YouTube before it was deleted.

38415 No.57674

Even if you don't enjoy it, where else are you supposed to go that's better? If you spend all day on your computer eventually you're going to want to have somewhere to go to talk to other people.

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