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fadb3 No.57310

The basics of being a mod is the incentives of rewards and punishments.

And you currently REWARD rule-breakers and PUNISH rule-followers.

If you make a BAD POST, following the RULE and putting it where it belongs in the /b/ trash bin, no one sees it, and it is hidden and gets no replies. If OTOH you post it on the main above ground boards, the MOD doesn't PUNISH you, he simply moves and delivers it to /b/ for you. He does a service. He REWARDS you. And then all the wizos reading wiz dep hob meta, if they like the BAD TOPIC under discussion, they can follow it to /b/. FREE ADVERTISING on the main boards for your BAD POST.



c36e6 No.57311

/b/ exists so that mods can censor threads that they don't like even when they don't break any rules.


Significantly fewer threads are moved to /b/ these days compared to in the past years. If a thread is obviously a shitpost or rule violation it gets deleted, unless some sort of discussion had formed within it in which case it is moved to /b/ so those who took part can still continue. Trash threads on /meta/ are almost never deleted because if we did that we'd be "censoring" feedback

50fd6 No.57315

>Trash threads on /meta/ are almost never deleted because if we did that we'd be "censoring" feedback

you people censored half the threads created here asking how you confirmed a poster was male. you're such a dishonest sack of shit, it's like actual wizchan users need to follow you retards around /meta/ and correct the record. i feel like a fact checker explaining a trump speech.

a3c81 No.57318

But you do delete, lock, and modify threads on meta on a weekly basis whenever anyone provides evedence of the mods negative actions or calls out their bad behavior.

Usually after straight up lying and defaming the person, locking the thread, then deleting any and all responces.

You do censor feedback, and also use your moderation abilities for ill due to personal reasons rather then the rules.

Stop lying.



If you want to believe such to be true, that's fine. There's no way to prove otherwise without risking the anonymity of users here and even if we excluded modvision info we'd be accused of doctoring the screencaps in our favor. Only the admin can alter posts directly and it's only ever been done to the admin's own posts. All I ask is that you take a moment to consider how many posts are currently standing that serve no purpose other than to offend the mod team and accuse them of war crimes. Why leave those up if we're actively shutting down complaints?

50fd6 No.57327

>If you want to believe such to be true, that's fine

it literally is true though, everyone knows it, wtf is the point of lying lmao.

>Why leave those up if we're actively shutting down complaints?

mods selectively delete shit they don't like, such as threads asking how certain attention whore trolls are allowed based on some arbitrary criteria of "proof" of being male. then you leave up the worthless "Ban porn" threads that nobody cares about so you can maintain an air of legitimacy/neutrality. you people engage in the most elementary sophistry to defend your actions which only fools retards.

4dade No.57328

The mods are fairly understanding and I think they try their best quit bullying them.

e3fb1 No.57330

We saw with our own two eyes what happened. First, the thread created by cc poster was locked conveniently right after a mod "confirmed" their gender and people started asking questions.
Then after that thread was locked people made threads asking how you "confirmed" them to be male and those threads were deleted. I saw 3 threads get deleted asking about this and there were probably more. Now you're trying to gaslight us into thinking that none of this ever happened?

You guys handled this situation in the worst possible way. Many of us lost what respect we had for you guys, and your reputation is in the shitter. Oh well, hope it was worth it to defend a teenage crystalcafe user with BPD.

0ca41 No.57331

>Many of us lost what respect we had for you guys, and your reputation is in the shitter
It was always close to nonexistent.

4dade No.57332

The mods do a good job I think they do it for free so why be so mean to them they are wizards like us.

50fd6 No.57335

>Now you're trying to gaslight us

that's the modus operandi of the wizchan mod. a few years back i hounded the fuck out of the mods to explain what rules are actually enforced on /b/. hilariously, NONE of them know the answer to this question, finally one of them tells me all the rules are enforced except rule 5 (which was rule 4 at the time). now we have a thread where someone is complaining about andrew's avatarfagging, and a mod answers that nobody has ever been banned on /b/ for avatarfagging….so I guess that's another rule they disregard? they keep it vague on purpose, so they can ban people they don't like by selectively enforcing rules. putrid cunts, the whole lot of them.

37e77 No.57338

They are not understanding and they do not try their best.
Quit ass kissing.

7e5ee No.57339

Butthurt metaburger lmao

e3fb1 No.57340

For me personally a few months ago I actually had a somewhat positive opinion of them. Like one a 1-10 scale I would have rated them a 6. I still criticized them for certain things but I defended them plenty of times.

Now I realize they're no better than the typical power tripping mod on the internet who just does whatever the feel like, intentionally enforces double standards, makes no effort to enforce the rules fairly and evenly, censors things they don't want being discussed, and just tells blatant lies to justify their actions.
I see people breaking rule 8 outside of /b/ and mods don't do anything. Then again I don't think that rule was ever enforced much. Simpsons poster shamelessly avatarfagged for years with impunity.
You know that guy is just a low effort contrarian troll right? Making low effort, short replies that simply declare that opposite side of the argument is true while not even bothering to offer any real reasoning is like the easiest way to get replies pretty much anywhere. Don't give them attention.

94a4f No.57344

1. There were several people who "Simpson" posted
2. They were banned several times and is the reason it's so rare to see anyone post any toons whatsoever on the surface site
I mean do you really expect permanent bans for such behavior?
They got their ban and modified their behavior. Let it go and stop holding on to it like a spiteful succubus or mod. It hasn't been a problem in fucking years and you are still mad.

4dade No.57345

I can only speak of my own experience the mods could have saved themselves a lot of trouble but did what was right and I think them for that.
If I felt the mods were the typical shit mods we see online I would have shit this site up something crazy but I respect them so I do not.

Maybe the mods have good reason to tell lies osmetimes?

7e5ee No.57346

>I would have shit this site up something crazy (if the mods stop acting in a way that I approve of)

You should be preventively banned

4dade No.57347

You do not understand: I was not making a threat in any shape or form and furthermore your preventative ban idea would not make any sense considering what I said.
I respect the mods I will not shit up wizchan they have shown they are worthy of respect.
You cannot ban people even on shitchan if they actually are determined to fuck with jannies.

85d7d No.57362

Trannymods do whatever the fuck they want without actual regard for the rules, some months ago I saw someone banned for saying that he can't be NEET because he had to work (the trannymods even went as far as marking "the user was banned for this post") while at the same time happily ignoring every "wizard" that berate others, that make imflammatory posts telling people how normal they are or just plain shitposting.

7e5ee No.57363

Just a few weeks ago I saw a mod kick a puppy so hard that it stopped moving, then when the owner came and started crying, the mod called the admins on him because he was crying outside /dep/!! And hey banned him!!! this shit has to stop

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