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File: 1611294781000.png (41.51 KB, 466x318, 233:159, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

2210b No.57321

Is this allowed? are two wizzies allowed to meme date in a thread on >>>/b/ as long as one of them acts as an anime succubus and it is clearly for fun?
You allow actual faggot posting so this should be ok.

23a5c No.57322

op ur just jealous of my cute temporary witch (wiz) gf. there is nothing wrong with taking a witchie (wiz) on a virtual text-based wiz date. get ur own witch gf! bwahaahah LOSER!

caeaf No.57326

I pay camgirls to erotic replay with wizzes in /b/ and they never know is real succubi and not real wizards. So many wizards here have been having e-sex with succs. Pranked.

1f294 No.57329

I wonder what this mod >>55677 thinks, who supposedly moderates wizchan 15 hours a day and has never once seen ERP, despite the fact that this shit is a regular occurrence on /b/ that mods always just ignore.

46060 No.57333

people claim it is gay erp when it is really hetero midwits and their ugly shitty pedotoon girls "erping" (code for fantasizing about having a gf), or worse, necklards larping as lesbian toddler lovers to fulfil their perverse sexual fantasies of children. but still, blame the gays for corrupting everything lol

c6c04 No.57334

I suck mod dick, it tastes like cheetos.

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