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File: 1611558227762.png (930.32 KB, 967x855, 967:855, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

0c6d5 No.57364

Being a crab is against the rules and should be a bannable offence.
>Do not state or suggest that you had, will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences.

A crab cannot exist without a desire to have and want a sexual relationship their entire identity is based on being unable to have a relationship with a succubus and thus do not belong on wizchan.
There are plenty of websites for them to congregate on and openly crab talk but they come here and disparage those who hate on crabs for being crabs.

92efe No.57366

Crabs are smart enough not to admit outright that they want sex. All they do is generally defend and act like a devil's advocate for crabs and against "truwiz" which in of itself doesn't break any rules.

It would be tough to get a rule against crabism on this site since that would require the admin to come out and choose a side ideologically on the inncel-volcel issue. It is simpler and more inclusive, for wizardry to mean virginity in any case, no matter the person's desire. The rule about not talking about sex, as well as disparaging NEETs for example, is just about quality control, rather than any kind of indication of who actually belongs here unfortunately.

60f04 No.57372

File: 1611582976415.png (42.42 KB, 1790x435, 358:87, crabhysteria.png) ImgOps iqdb

At least 95 percent of the accusations of crabdom I've seen on this site are completely baseless. The tactic some posters are using is to label anyone and everyone they disagree with a crab and any positions they disagree with crabby so if you disagree with them it looks like you're defending crabs even when the conversation has absolutely nothing to do with crabs whatsoever. Since a lot of them use that snuck premise (views opposing my own = crab) it makes arguing with them difficult so their posts either go unchallenged because nobody wants to look like they're defending crabs, or if someone calls them out, they're able to portray them as a crab as the casual layman won't notice the manipulative tactic being used.

Just to give one example of many. This poster called me a crab for being anti-censorship. Then when I called him a retard for comparing strict rules on a small tight-knit imageboard to big tech censorship and hate speech laws, I get called a crab again.

This isn't even a one off thing, nearly every thread devolves into baseless accusations of crabdom, it's become a catch-all boogeyman term for someone you disagree with, just like it is on shitholes like reddit and twitter, only difference is it wordfilters.

6d812 No.57373

I agree, it's pretty clear that crabs don't belong here. There are other places where they can rant about how much they hate succubi while at the same time being utterly obsessed with them.
Their culture is simply incompatible with ours.

0c6d5 No.57374

It is honestly saddening the lengths some men go here to deny their implicit guilt of being a crab or to defend them and your post is an excellent example.

I do not know what is worse- being a whiteknight or a crab.

Since I remain indoors away from norps the answer is crabs because they are the ones that invade any and all outcast community because they are so naive they never realized that people can be an outcast for many reasons including willingly not partaking in the conventional activities of society due to disinterest and not everything is about being unable to get laid.

I suggest you go and use some type of crab website of which many exist instead of polluting wizchan with your crabness.

92efe No.57375

Notice how this specimen avoids talking about crabs and whether they belong here, and instead stealthily advocates on their behalf by trying to deconstruct the labels and pretend like they have no meaning. I mean, what is a crab anyway? Aren't we ALL crabs in a certain kind of way, just think about it! Here's some anecdotal evidence of a single example where someone misused the word but I'm going to generalize into a pattern which happens in 95 percent of cases (just trust me you guys). Seriously, stop this "crab hysteria", you don't want to be like a typical REDDIT poster (how cringe!)

60f04 No.57380

There it is. Thanks for proving my point.

c786f No.57381

They always reminded me of what the left has done with words like fascist and racist. Shout it at anyone who offends your sensitive sensibilities as a kneejerk reaction and if someone even suggests you're overusing those words it somehow proves they're a fascist. Just replace fascist with crab.

c061f No.57382

cool. Why can't we ban everyone in this thread?

d8985 No.57383

>being a crab is against the rules

Which rule says you cannot post on wizchan if you are an crab? It says that as a virgin, be that crab or volcel you should not state or suggest that you had, will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences.
I'd rather have the whole wizchan be nothing but crabs than volcels who are always talking about crabs like they were a problem on wizchan and trying to go after the imaginary evil crabs. I guess that volcel life musn't be so great after all if that's how they spend their time online.

RIP Elliot Rodger who this year became a 30 year old warlock.

92efe No.57384

How about you actually tell use where you stand on the crab issue and whether you are a crab yourself, coward?

60f04 No.57385

Not a crab, but I already see the little kafka trap you're setting up. If I don't address it, that "proves" i'm a crab because I'm avoiding it but if I say I'm not one you'll say my denial proves I am one. So either way you're going to accuse me of being a crab because I'm guilty of saying something you didn't like. It bothers you that I'm calling out the baseless accusations of crabdom because you like to use such accusations because it gives you a false sense of power. Besides, you already strawman'd my argument in this thread, so any good faith I could have given you the benefit of the doubt of is out of the window.

92efe No.57386

Your entire last post was a strawman designed to discredit any kind of discussion pertaining to the crab issue. I mean, 95 percent? Really Mr. Devil's Advocate? Are you going to pull more numbers of our of your ass in order to prove that it's all "baseless accusations"? Any more negative connotations you want to associate with using the word 'crab' cuz being a redditor is fairly weak.

You're not a crab, but you seem awfully keen on silencing any kind of discussion relating to crabs, calling it "crabhysteria.jpg" in order to misrepresent valid concerns over certain groups on wizchan. Now tell us, what is your real opinion on crab posters and crab-like behavior? It's the literal topic of this thread and you're only confirming my initial point about the stealth of you little weasels.

In anticipation of that question, you have already painted it as some kind of strawman tactic and you seem determined to hide your real values and beliefs. That's perfectly alright, but you and every single weasel that tries to argue this way will be called out and your arguments ignored.

0c6d5 No.57389

I am glad to see we have feminist wizards openly posting about their feminism on wizchan now.
Better than some crab BS

764c2 No.57391

They aren't feminist "wizards", they're open females. Mods have set the precedent that females are allowed to post on wizchan when they unbanned the female crystal cafe invader and fell back on abusing their power to avoid explaining themselves for it. This website is utterly fucked, admin should have spent more time banning the actual normalfag invaders and less time stalking and profiling wizards.

0c6d5 No.57392

Maybe one of them such as the OP in that thread which is deleted now btw is actually a troll but there are feminist wizards because I also share the similar views.
I do not get how people think you cannot be a wizard and a feminist or at least a sympathizer.

bb440 No.57962

Source please?

33e08 No.58007

This is a tourist.

11110 No.58013

a mod*

17fdc No.58273

File: 1615384086839-0.png (139.97 KB, 1336x794, 668:397, 1615271161969.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1615384086839-1.png (209.69 KB, 1222x657, 1222:657, 1615269659947.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Being a crab is against the rules and should be a bannable offence.

OP is so stupid he fails to understand Wizchan simple rules. Crabs or volcels, as long as they're male virgins are welcomed. But let's learn who he OP is and why he wants to ban the "crabs" and welcome succubi on wizchan:

CCposter is a narcissistic delusional self harming attention whore lying faggot drug addict with BPD and gender dysphoria who is preoccupied with female issues, has female online friends and came from the female only site Crystal Cafe, has stated many times he wishes to be a female and is constantly suffering because he wasn't born a female. He is also obsessed with having a male friend to give emotional support and feel platonic "love". But has failed miserably and will continue doing so because any sane man can see he is a piece of shit.
Trans faggots like him want to be females so they can BE THE GIRLFRIEND. He is the worst type of crab, the crab who won't admit being one and hate on his own kind. He doesn't belong on wizchan because he hates his own sex and resents every other male virgin who has normal feelings.
This explains his hatred for crabs, his desire to turn Wizchan in a place where succubi can post too, calling them wizardly, and witches, obsession with female topics and issues, attentionwhoring behaviour, etc.

Ccposter got banned from his own shitty subreddit for BEING OBJECTIVELY A SHIT OF A HUMAN BEING even for reddit terms and now he is trying hard to make Wizchan his subreddit safe space "without the crab think" and with succubi, because he is a gender dysphoric delusional faggot. That's how much of a selfish piece of shit he is. He literally wants this site to be his subreddit and everyone and everything to appeal to him. He is a piece of shit with all certainty.

287e2 No.58937

volcels are boring smug elitist normalfag wannabes, the reason they are so obsessed with "crabs" is because they no they are on the bottom of the social totem pole and desperately search for anyone lower than them they can bully and insult to feel better about their own shitty position, its so pathetic and normalfag like, despite their idiotic claim of crabs being failed normalfags, they're the only group who truly act like normalfags, its so pathetic, they just won't/don't want to admit that they're social losers so they act like they rejected succubi, rather than the other way around for their own ego. Atleast crabs can be honest about that, unlike pretentious failed normalfags masquerading as volcels.

0f113 No.58939

It's similar to how some people are unapologetically racist 24/7 while others make an attempt to hide it.

e10e2 No.58944

crab is an empty insult here at this point. and people have different definitions of it. anyone that admits to wanting sex but is unable to (being a crab) is banned anyways. what more can a regular poster hope for?

8a1ce No.58946

involuntary celibate= ugly male virgin
there's no rule against them.

8a1ce No.58950

If you're alive you have a sexual drive. No rule on wizchan against having a sexual drive.

949a2 No.58954


There should be rule for those types, yeah.

>I'd rather have the whole wizchan be nothing but crabs than volcels who are always talking about crabs like they were a problem on wizchan and trying to go after the imaginary evil crabs. I guess that volcel life musn't be so great after all if that's how they spend their time online.

Report him. REPORT HIM.

8a1ce No.58955

File: 1618512843486.jpg (555.96 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, 83996299_p0_master1200.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

being an involuntary celibate is being an ugly virgin that 3DPD will not date, less have sex with. All males even wizards here want to have sex be it with a 2d, robowaifu, or 3dpd, it's biology. I seriously don't see your point when that talk is discouraged on Wizchan in the first place, except for 2d or sexdolls.

8a1ce No.58958

File: 1618516328277.jpg (281.13 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, 84885772_p0_master1200.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>you are proud crabs. You are proud of your desire to have sex. You are all militant proud crabs.Proud that you want a partner to have sex with.

Geez, someone has brain damage. I wish I was this crab you see everywhere so much though, I would say it just to upset you. I'm just a virgin who knows the ultimate wizards are the ugly and autistic virgins, they are the real rejects and outcasts. Succubi hate them, males bully them, and even on here you find nasty mentally ill redditors like you wanting to ban them because you probably think they're misogynistic and that's bad for succubi.
Good thing Wizchan is their home.

36d27 No.58959

Images related?

60f04 No.58962

I mean considering how many ended up molesting little boys…

8a1ce No.58963

File: 1618519576691.jpg (345.25 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, ETQ_IN0XYAIl4ad.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>If only it was the Middle Ages and crabs would be boiled for suggesting all volcel Priests secretly want to have sex
>A man’s having premarital sex does not preclude his becoming a priest. Were it otherwise, St. Augustine of Hippo never would’ve been allowed to be ordained, let alone become a great bishop, saint, and doctor of the Church. Augustine led a hedonistic lifestyle for a good number of years prior to his conversion and once prayed, “Give me chastity, Lord, but not yet,” thereby—along with his subsequent sanctity—qualifying as a good patron saint for many young men today.

See, priests can be past sex havers and therefore not wizards.
Also the term volcel doesn't mean virgin nor wizard. Stop confusing those two.
Meanwhile involuntary celibate does mean ugly and autistic male virgins that 3DPD hate and would never date.
Too bad for you, Wizchan is their home. Go back to reddit if you want to hate on the ugly and autistic like the normalfag scum you've proved to be.

8a1ce No.58966

File: 1618523202072.gif (415.65 KB, 421x281, 421:281, 1107520.gif) ImgOps iqdb


4ecbd No.58967

Rather have crab retards than faggots, succubi or the 40% club. Wizchan is going down the shitter fast.

7aa4b No.58969

only crabs can be volcels

0f113 No.58978

If only it was the modern age and crabs would be boiled for suggesting all volcel Mods secretly want to molest wizkids

949a2 No.59575

>rule against crabism

I'd let them be. So we may never lose sight of them existing and how their ways are (Like telling "unvirgin" to every volcel) in this world. Better being able to identify so our identity claims to be constantly reminded in spite of them

Oh, rly? That post smells crabbish anyway, so whatever. lulz.
>Let this guy get called a crab as much as he earns it! no mercy!

I dream about a section named /crab/ where all their posts may get exposed instead of only banned or accused.


See? the guys exercise the definition of wizdom here. Let's better not lose this.

>implying wizchan full of crabs would still be wizchan
>openly advocating for it
>honouring their icons
First candidate for /crab/ board



0f113 No.59589

>/crab/ board
Might as well put /meta/ back on /all/ and then some.

287e2 No.59923

It ultimately comes down to how desperate some sad loser men are to feel superior to other, even "worse" men, to try to make themselves higher in the social hiearchy, that's why normalfags hate on crabs so much, so they can feel higher in comparison to their own pathetic existance. Many failed normalfags hang out here and mistake wizchan as pro-normalfag because of the anticrab rule.

53b39 No.59930

>its another CC pisser thread
Love the newfags still replying to this trash.

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