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c2b31 No.57578

WHy the hell is this site so dead and can we even do anything about it?

I am certain most people who would belong here already know about the site from shitchan over the years and the fact that image board culture is not something reddit types can stand just makes it feel like we will never get more active users.

91393 No.57579

File: 1612421310029.webm (8.04 MB, 640x480, 4:3, wizchan.webm) ImgOps iqdb

a5edb No.57580

It's not dead, it's just slow. If you want to make it faster but more shit, mention wizchan on other imageboards in wizard-related threads. Most people come here from mainstream chans.

The biggest problem with this place is that the handful of regulars just don't make any threads. There are two types of newfags: people that come here accidentally and make a brainfart thread without lurking first and then proceed to forget about it immediately because they can't handle the slowness, or it's someone in a depressed mood that needs to vent out their feelings for a day or two and then proceed to forget about it because they didn't get the replies they were hoping for.

c2b31 No.57581

I have never made a thread off /b/ here in all my time using the site I just do not want to shit it up and fel wiz threads ought to be high quality so do not want to post anything a bit lower in quality and people would just attack me for posting threads in /dep/ about mental health issues I have because they are typically succubus problems and illnesses despite me being a male.

Maybe I will shill wizchan but then I would hate for newfaggots to come and make this place worse.

d353b No.57590

The only way to get more people to use wizchan is through advertising it somehow. Every community sheds users with time so without people coming in the trend is for things to slow down.

c2b31 No.57595

Should I even tell people privately from reddit about this place? I always suggest to succubi that would fit into CC that they visit CC and noticed that it is very active now compared to how it was before.

5850a No.57596

yea but tell them to visit /b/ so they dont think the site is dead

c2b31 No.57597

Can I maybe try get someone to advertise >>>/b/ ? surely if it is to a group of losers only the ones that can stand what /b/ is would fit in and come and stay?? would the mods yell at me for posting the link of this place somewhere?

5850a No.57600

Yea, but in reality how are you going to get anyone(wizards included) to stay without a semi-fast board to keep them coming back more frequently? Show them /wiz/, even /all/, and they wont have to visit this place more than once a day, then they'll eventually forget about the site.

c2b31 No.57602

I think with >>>/dep/ we could get more posters just need to start advertising it in places where actual mentally ill people are.

Is it not weird that crystal cafe is more active than here and CC is more of a niche than wichan is? wtf

c2b31 No.57603

I got someone to advertise the board so lets see if we get any new users or not.

5850a No.57609

>Is it not weird that crystal cafe is more active than here and CC is more of a niche than wichan
a website for female(50% of the population) isn’t more niche than a website for older male virgins who are also not crabs, this site is extremely niche

1a1b4 No.57610

No that is the very last thing this place needs. Reddit is full of normalniggers, succubi and crabs. We have enough of those here already.

c2b31 No.57611

I guess you are right they have normie threads up too about dating and everything.
This is very true

a728e No.57617

>tell people privately from reddit about this place?
Are you this retarded or is this bait?

The ideal users for a site like this find it naturally and lurk a while before posting. Aggressively shilling is only going to attract the worst type of newfag and degrade the quality of the site even further. This is especially true if you're shilling on reddit, even if you're just doing it privately. Redditors are even worse than current year 4kidz posters.

Every online community has a lifecycle and we are in the twilight years. No sense ruining what little life (if you can call it that at this point) this site has left with newfags.

a728e No.57645

>I'm not against advertising in principle.
Contrary to what I've said I'm not even against it in principle, it's just I can't think of any communities that would be compatible with this site in 2021. Certainly not reddit or 4chan though.

>There are no Native Wizards

Sure there are, assuming you're using "native" the same way you would "indigenous" or "aboriginal". If that's how you are using the word, then the first group of people who used the original WC back in 2012 would be the natives, since it just means you were among the first/original people.

One can technically be an immigrant from one place and indigenous to another. To give an example, let's say Elon Musk really goes through with colonizing Mars. He sends 1000 people to start a colony. Those 1000 people would become the indigenous martians, despite having been born on earth, because they were the first to live on mars.

If coming from one place to another means you're not indigenous to the place you went to even if you were there first, that would mean no countries outside of Africa have or ever had any indigenous people, since humans all come from Africa.

3be88 No.57651

Nothing should be done about it. It could have one post a year and it'd still be preferable to what other imageboards have regressed to as a result of their higher traffic. Higher traffic = Lower post quality.
Not to say all the posts here are high quality, you have plenty of blatant migrants using twitter slang like "-oomer", but that's a direct result of not gatekeeping hard enough.

8aec0 No.58487

did he volunteer as a tribute wiz?

b80f4 No.59656

The tempo of the site is fine as it is.

We need more gatekeeping, not less. It would be nice if we could somehow increase the median age of the userbase here.

334d6 No.59690

I'd rather it remain dead than it be flooded with yet more underage rotfrauds and tranny sickos

5080c No.59869

It's strange that there isn't more traffic from mobile users, because iirc wizchan is one of the default chan boards on apps like kuroba.

3a6f0 No.59897

one word: negativity
as someone looking to achieve happiness and fulfillment there's too much negative vibration here

6038b No.59898

aeb3e No.59904

What isn't failing in the box office now.
People still aren't going to the movies like they used to and most of the films playing there kinda suck.

3d4ad No.59924

This place is more than shit enough right now.

d155a No.59973

I'm about to leave myself because mods do not respect my ability to express myself. I wish there were a place for a wizard to actually be himself and not what some faggot mods think a wizard should be.

c25ca No.59974

I'm gonna find a place where there are no rules,
and the world is wild
I have the tools to make things happen
And the reaction will explode

d155a No.60052

I think the mods drive people by just arbitrarily deleting anything they don't like.

d155a No.60053

drive people away*

1b739 No.60075

There are plenty of other sites to post your hate speech to. You clearly didn't understand the idea of this site.


Care to explain what exactly is being deleted that shouldn't? The only thing that you've ever posted that was deleted was a picture of wojack.

cdef7 No.60077

Not him but bringing up when mods act outside the rules to the point of being disruptive to communication, even on meta is deleted.
Mild criticism is deleted.
Bringing any time the mods have misused or abused their power is deleted.
Bringing up when they fail to do even the basics of their job for hours upon hours, is also deleted.

It should be noted that none of those things are against the rules nor disruptive, yet all such things are pretty regularly deleted.
And don't try to gaslight or lie about it. It has been a semi regular problem for years.


>bringing up when mods act outside the rules to the point of being disruptive to communication, even on meta is deleted.
I'm sure you understand why we don't want that kind of thing being discussed in threads on the main boards (if not, we've got a problem with ban evaders trying to astroturf or participate in concern trolling). As for meta I'm not sure what you mean, I do try to clean up posts that are from frequent shitposters. I'll also often close threads when I want to give a definitive answer.
>Bringing up when they fail to do even the basics of their job for hours upon hours, is also deleted.
I don't recall deleting anything like that, but we're just volunteers, we also do things like sleep or use various entertainment mediums, so there's bound to be off-times.
>It should be noted that none of those things are against the rules nor disruptive, yet all such things are pretty regularly deleted.
I understand being angry or upset if a post you made gets deleted, but often we give people the benefit of the doubt before we start handing out bans or warnings. If you have a history of doing things like being needlessly aggressive, making off-topic/low quality posts, or just attacking people for no real reason, then we usually will be more apt to take care of those posts. This is also a pretty subjective point, I know most people won't think their own posts are disruptive, but we try to do our best with the information we have available.

You're welcome to disagree with me, but those are the only answers I can give. Just keep in mind we don't keep an eye on this place for most of our day because we hate it, quite the contrary, and I wouldn't bother giving these kind of replies to posters who I don't think are relatively decent members of the community.

cdef7 No.60079

>You're welcome to disagree with me
Your regular behavor speaks otherwise.
But whatever. Literally can't do anything about it, so I am more then a little bitter about it. But hey, you asked and I answered. Just don't persecute me later for it. Even your post eludes to holding grudges and post history against people. Yeah I get the implied thread and will back off.
for now.
Just know people like myself do see what the staff does and we do remember. Both the good and the bad. Censoring critical post doesn't make that go away.

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