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d8436 No.57702

hey mods am i still banned for doing that wizfap thing? my ip changed and i dont know how long i have left

bd7a1 No.57703

Mods I do not think someone who made his sole purpose incitiing sexual feelings for the flesh should be allowed back here.
The wizfapper is no different than a succubus coming here and going on cam fingering herself leading wizards astray.
The mere fact that OP did fap on cam sows he is not wiardly we all fap or have before and we do not stream it to others we may share what mages of 2D anime succubi we enjoy but to share yourself stroking your wand while other wizards watch and enjoy it (hint: all the fag posters were in the stream) is not right.

Worth mentioning that this guy has done this wizfap stream multiple times knowing it was against the rules it was a serious violation and is exactly what all the faggots are like but to be so explicit and breed faggorty… if you allow this person you may as well allow succubus openly to post here.

d8436 No.57704

there are other motivations for doing this but you chose the only one you can burger. objective. you're also a liar. there has never been anyone else on stream. in fact all the comments last time were saying to stay and you're gross. so can't exactly say it was to arouse. can you show your working for how you went from unban male rot streamer to allow all females to post on the site?

bd7a1 No.57705

If a succubus was here offering to stream herself masturbating she would be seen as trying to excite wizards so why is it any different for yourself why else would you stream youself fapping?

The motivation is because you get off on being watched ad others somehow get off on you (I seen part of the stream no idea how anyone would like you sweetheart).

>can you show your working for how you went from unban male rot streamer to allow all females to post on the site?

Ok sure.
The act of stremaing yourself in a sexual way to wizards is to excite them sexually.
We may as well allow succubus here who post their tits in >>>/b/ if you are to be allowed back as it is the same thing to the gay wizards.

We do not need you here

d8436 No.57706

will wait for mods. dont have time or energy to argue with u

bd7a1 No.57707

You di not just break a simple rule you made a serious violation.
Anyone who gets off on showing their wand to others especially wizards ought not to be allowed here.
You are the antithesis of wizardry and are not welcome here I would prefer secret succs posting here than the ikes of a faggot fapping on a camera for other faggots he invited from wizchan.

I cannot see how the mods COULD allow you back it only encourages more faggotry.
wizchan 2021

27082 No.57708

1 vote for permaban and continual banishment

d8436 No.57710

sorry burgers but wizchan isnt a democracy. take ur back seat moderating and fuck off

d8436 No.57712

/b/ is filled with people fapping to cartoon little succubi as we speak and im the sick one. lmao. make sure you arent living in a glass house before you throw stones mr crabs.

bd7a1 No.57713

File: 1613272840793.png (423.05 KB, 493x583, 493:583, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>/b/ is filled with people fapping to cartoon little succubi as we speak and im the sick one.
Why do you think it is bad to fap to anime but ok to stream yourself on wizchan fapping

d8436 No.57714

neither are ideal or black and white. i think /b/ would be better without the hentai which is already illegal in man countries any way. just pointing out the hypocrisy of various people pretending to be better than me for how they handle their WIZ sexuality. i may have kinks but at least i am not a literal pedo (and yes – that is the appeal of hentai. you can depict underage characters as a kind of loop hole. do a quick survey to see how many characters arent draw as literal toddlers or school succubi if you think im wrong about this.) it is very creepy. the fact that so many man babies think pedophilia is okay doesnt mean that it is. i.e. you can have the audience on your side and still be dead wrong.

d8436 No.57717

so you want to build a straw man
for the lulz
dressed in ridiculous statements
you are a true burger lawyer
hard reductio ad absurdum

bd7a1 No.57720

>be faggot doing cam shows for wizards
>get banned for breaking rules being a stupid fag
>cry about hentai of cute anime succubi
I do not care if posters on >>>/b/ are pedo for little anime succubi it does not matter I give 0 fucks and to even care if people are is normalfag.
I do care about faggots hosting fap shows on wizchan and even the fact you likely do this on other platforms is enough to warrant a ban.
Imagine being a faggot and trying to make yourself look better by claiming at least you are not a "literal pedo".

Who cares dumb nigger fuck off from here

d8436 No.57721

>cry about hentai of cute anime succubi

okay, so you're a pedo. noted

bd7a1 No.57722

Liking anime succubi does not make someone a pedo and I am on >>>/b/ 24/7 and I never see actual loli pedo stuff it is just smaller cute anime succubi.

Way to deflect from being a faggot by calling people pedo.

d8436 No.57723

>im on /b/ all the time and ive only seen cute little succubi posted
>definitely not a pedo tho

this is what happens when u hang around in a circle jerk full of pedos

bd7a1 No.57724

Why should i even care if someone is a pedo can you explain it to me? they are fine unlike you faggots who post yourself fapping on cam to wizchan.

d8436 No.57726

sorry pedo polcrab bit only lgbt+ can be wizards. take ur straight macho insecurity and stick it up ur norper asshayle tbhony my man.

1 reply = 1 like.
1 report = 1 mod smile.

bd7a1 No.57728

You are like a child calling people names the issue is you stremaing yourself fapping to wizards fuck off you faggot a witchie would not be allowed to do that here so why should a wizard?

Witchies have more self respect than you gays hungry for cock.
>1 reply = 1 like
real easy to see that you like validation that is why you post your wand (small btw) you CRAVE not only cock but also people to validate you sexually and other wizards.

You tried to turn the trhead into being better than bedos but no wizards care if someone is a bedo or not.

d8436 No.57730

so many dumb false comparisons, false dilemmas, straw men, bait, etc. just cut the BS and admit u have no clue about anything. you're there on ur high horse trying to shame me for something literally everyone here does 300% more of (and like i said: at least i dont fap to little kids like you pedo cunts do.) next minute you'll be telling me tru wizards dont fap at all, huh? lmfao

you're there fucking crying like an autist that you saw a man naked but no one forced you to enter my WIZ FAP CHAT and watch my WIZ COCK, did they faggot? also, if you're this much of a closeted homosexual i cant even imagine what you do when you have to shower. do you wear swimmers and try not to look down because cocks are gay? lmfao. grow up kid.

sooner or later you will realize there are two kinds of wizards on wizchan: the ones PRETENDING not to be GAY and the ones who ARE gay! and guess which one you are

bd7a1 No.57731

>everyone who is not a faggot must be a faggot but scared to come out
>the post
typical of a faggot really typical.
Are you truly trying to tell me that by some metric it is worse for a wizard to like little anime succubus cunny than advertise their cam self sex session on wizchan?
Maybe by the normalfag metric and that is exactly what you actually are.

I can tell 2 things about yourself and make an accurate prediction.
You are not a true wizard as you are homosexual and they are promiscuous by default and always are this is shown by the way you gratify yourself with wizfap sessions
You are severely autistic and socially retarded to the point even a faggot lie you cannot get fucked by your faggot aid having friends on grindr

>I may stream my fapping but at least i'm nota pedophile!!

You are pathetic

d8436 No.57732

lol butthurt, slap slap slap! the post!

you repeatedly tie yourself up in contradictions. apparently i am a gay, seducing wizchad who will never be a tru wiz (tm) but also too autistic to ever have sex? huh? which is it

fyi. i dont know how u dont get old calling people faggots. like this isnt high school. no one cares if someone calls them gay and if it means upsetting homophones (who are frankly more immature and annoying than fags) i am all for a bit of the aul wand polishing every now and again :>)

i want to end this post by saying that ur a stupid fury who will NEVER, EVER, have a cuter wiz butt than me and if you say u do you would be lying. also, kill yourself pedo

>little anime succubus cunny

disgusting :>) the typical homophobe crab

bd7a1 No.57734

>never have a cuter wizbutt than yourself
I get mistaken for a succubus so not likely I have seen your wizbutt you flaming homosexual.

No point arguing with a faggot I really wish the mods got rid of you only a liited time until you do another wizcam sesison.

5fb54 No.57738

File: 1613317794818.jpg (79.76 KB, 1086x869, 1086:869, NHCK108-320_2019_015505.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


4173f No.57739

File: 1613341714260.mp4 (3.54 MB, 454x314, 227:157, ifyouwannapostonwizchan.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

77798 No.57740

What's a "faaah"?

c5c92 No.57741

You wanna post on wizchan you better not be a fag. They are never _____ they can be _______ ______.

The blank words I can't understand, please fill in for me.

77798 No.57742

File: 1613358101412.png (170.37 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

"virgins" ( pronounced "beer-jeans")
"can't be celibate" ( pronounced "silly bears"

Vocaroofag if you're reading this please work on your pronunciation. Some innocent ursids might be harmed by the content of your posts.

0ac57 No.57743

Everyones vibing in the chat while im here in the thread.

bd7a1 No.57744

meanwhile tripping balls forgetting whatt he very concept of myself is.

5fb54 No.57746

I laughed out loud at this.

4173f No.57780

I really said faah wtf might rerecord some time in the future for future use against fags/mods.
not bad I keked a little.

25092 No.57852

Jacking off on camera is a sexual experience. You posting here therefore contravenes Rule 1 and your ban should be permanent.

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