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Wizmods am I still banned?
Hoping posting this does not break rule but I cannot tell if banned the conundrum is thus: I got a ban earlier in the week for "referencing rule breaking" I wrote an appeal though but my wizmom took the internet and Pc away from me and my IP changed I HAVE NOT posted on wizchan knowing I could be still banned and do not want to ban evade.
My ban was for 5 days I think it is over tomorrow I am unsure but the thing is I have appealed but am too scared to ccheck my email because papa has sent me an email I know this as I was old by family and I am a little spooked to check also a wizzie has sent me a mail I have been avoiding so I am too spooked to check and see if my appeal went through.
I am unsure though when I was banned I think tomorrow my ban is over but do not want to catch a ban by posting early but I really want to post with my wiz pals again.

What do I do? sorry for being stupid baby brain it is probably why I was banned in first place.. sorry mods I feel dumb for even asking this.
I post on >>>/b/ mainly

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