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File: 1614935646236.jpg (68.8 KB, 956x684, 239:171, maxresdefault-4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

3e472 No.58001

If you are in favor of the mod resigning, reply with "MOD RESIGN!"
If you want the mod to stay, reply with "MOD STAY".

Some years ago as an april's joke the Admin made a post where he informed us Wizchan will merge with Crystal Cafe or smth along those lines and you thought it was funny. Now wizchan is invaded by faggots, trannies, crossposters from crystal cafe, and discord clique fags. They've always been here though, so it shouldn't surprise anyone but for some of you it's not funny anymore and are all crying about it happening. Know you're as guilty as the mods, discussing this just now, and not while it was happening, there were threads about it, there had always been, and you never cared, you acted as indifferent as the mods. You may think you did care, but you never really did. Things wouldn't have gotten like this if you really did. Now you wanna take your Wizchan back. Bad news, it's too late.

Even as of now you still complain on /meta/ when you know for a fact mods ignore your posts, and when they do reply it's with a blatant lie. You metaburgers are the perfect lolcows for them and their friends and I can't blame them, if I was a mod I'd be laughing at how desperate and serious you take a forum for adult virgins.

For starters, the mods let this guy >>57999 say there exist "witches" on the main boards and don't ban him when he says females are more wizardly than male virgins.
Mods are making fun of you. They like the drama and fights a guy like that creates. They like seeing you upset and make this threads. They love it. Mod's probably smiling reading this.

Secondly, the mods or at least one mod is part of the shitclique. I have no doubt about it. I made a silly gay thread with a picture of an anime succubus saying that I couldn't wait to voicechat with my wizzies from the wizchan clique, and he deleted it while he let the other poster with his screenshots of the wizchan clique for hours. Why? Because he wanted to "own" that poster and let his friends from his clique do the same. That's why. The mod was in that thread replying. The mods post on /b/ and had never deleted any of the ridiculous gay posting, the day before I copy pasted a thread from 4chan about a guy taking estrogen and his experience and mod completely ignored it and the thread got plenty of gay replies.
This shows that the mod wants to hide this fact from you, the fact that there's a clique and he is part of it, and those guys from the screenshot are his friends.

Why isn't the posts related to the discord just taken as shitposts? Have you ever wondered about that?
There's lots of shit and gay threads on /b/, there's avatarfagging even, but then one day the mod suddenly goes out of his way to delete shit threads about a certain clique… Couldn't he just ignore it and let the thread die? It could be just some bored idiot posting screenshots of a discord chat after all, right? But it is not and the mods knows this because he is part of it

You are a corrupt mod and you have no salvation. Your history shows us that you should have never become a mod, you're not responsible and you couldn't care less about the Wizchan userbase. The streaming and timeless complaints on meta should be proof enough that WE THE VIRGINS do not want you here. It's nothing personal, you can quit now and keep posting as one of us. Your friends too as long as they are virgins can stay too. I would not mind that, but I do not want YOU as a mod. You don't deserve that privilege. We the virgins deserve good mods, you're the opposite of that. RESIGN NOW.

13e5e No.58002

Cliques are inevitable it would be nice if they were not posted publicly on the board though.
It is funny you mentioned crystal cafe because only earlier I was thinking that it would be nice if the moderation team of CC owned wizchan also as they seem to do a really good job you only need to look at their meta board to see that people are largely happy with the witchie mod team unlike us here but maybe it comes down to us being males and more reactive and prone to violence.

The mods have made some choices I disagree with yet they are actually not as bad as you make out they do verify if you are male when suspected and won't allow succubi here (who cares anyway if they keep it secret).

We do not have proof the mods are part of that discord clique they could be but we have no proof at all.

7b87c No.58003

File: 1614936495492.jpg (27.28 KB, 276x264, 23:22, 1595231764471.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>p-please r-resign!

Why would he quit his favorite hobby? I bet the modclique meeting at the club will be laughing about this tonight.

ee42f No.58006

the mods we had in the past were perfectly fine at times and succubi are natural npcs.

go back faggot

3e472 No.58009

File: 1614940948037-0.jpg (65.5 KB, 700x434, 50:31, bdoyF5v.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1614940948037-1.jpg (76.66 KB, 500x334, 250:167, 20140225311938942_6McQiJt.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

/meta/ is useless. We need new mods, simple as that. Stop opening more meta threads asking questions to the mods. Instead, we need to straight tell the mod to resign. The time for questions is over. The mod has proved time and time again to be irresponsible and he's lied to us in the past. He cannot be trusted.

13e5e No.58010

did you forget this >>58009

3e472 No.58012


CCposter, no, defending the mods won't get you points. You're a fucking newfag and someone who has never belonged on here. I've been on here since 2015. Normally I don't give a fuck, in fact, I have fun, always had. But what I say about the mod is truth and I'm tired of seeing wizards opening threads when they should just tell the mod to quit already. If you're gonna make a thread, it should be telling the mod to quit.
The mod himself I'm sure is aware of it, that he is doing a bad job and is not fit to be a mod for whatever reasons. I don't care, it's not personal. There are others who can take his place, people who actual care and would be dedicated to Wizchan. He cannot even call himself a mod. He does nothing.

9e48b No.58014

the admin doesn't care
fishes rot from the head and all

13e5e No.58015

Mods could better represent the community I agree and not lying so blatantly would be good I am trying to not rock the boat the mods had been good with me confirming I am male but they did say I was banned and the (me) that was posting was just a troll imitating me I have no idea why they said this.

I get the pain you have the internet is going to shit.
I am a newfag to posting here you have been around longer yes but it is not like I never used to lurk and occasionally post here some years ago.

What can we do though? we are stuck with the mods we have and they do ban you for posting as a succubus so at least do that it is all really confusing and depressing.

a61d6 No.58016

tl; dr. lmao loser

13e5e No.58017

If we want the site to be better why don
t we actually try by making more quality discussions on the listed boards? who cares about >>>/b/

526b2 No.58028

I don't like the mods any more than you do, especially considering everything they've done/said in the past 6 months or so, but let's be real here, threads like this get posted on the wizchan mod discord and the mods laugh and circlejerk over them using the latest hip zoomer buzzwords. They have contempt for the userbase and are pretty much openly trolling at this point.
>What can we do though?
I mean, you could leave. That wouldn't solve the underlying problems but it would improve the quality of this site by like 10-20 percent.

e1102 No.58030

Make your own wizboard, I would check it out.

ee42f No.58032

they need to either be outed, forced to change, or we simply need to build anew somewhere else. i suspect a portion of the mod team is inactive at this point, leaving the remaining elements free to fester with cancer and lash out at the community largely unopposed.

526b2 No.58038

>Make your own wizboard
>or we simply need to build anew somewhere else

Pretty clear at this point that this is the only viable solution. If anyone makes a new wizchan I'll post there exclusively and leave this subverted shithole behind for good, even if the new one only has a few active users.

9e48b No.58041

ee42f No.58048

mc domain was up for sale not too long ago, i'm honestly surprised nobody bought it.

ee53a No.58049

Someone did buy it and posted proof to a refugee board. He seems to have intermittent access to internet though.

7f5dc No.58050

File: 1615073637305.png (109.33 KB, 679x561, 679:561, gayshit.png) ImgOps iqdb

>but then one day the mod suddenly goes out of his way to delete shit threads about a certain clique… Couldn't he just ignore it and let the thread die?
i mass reported all the discord stuff on /b/, so mods actually have an excuse as to why it was deleted: me, being annoyed by it. also it was probably more than one mod who responded to the reports. im not defending mods, they are more than capable of doing that themselves

13e5e No.58087

mods are avoiding to answer why the wizfapper can stream a gay erp cam show and not be banned.
Please mods why do you do this to me? hy do you forsake me.

7b87c No.58088

because it's funny as heck haha
think about it, a guy doing a cam show on a virgin forum haha
it's a, what do you call it, uh, ironic haha
subverts the stereotype and what not
really next level shit

13e5e No.58089

starting to think the only reason the mods delete images of succubi is because it offends them as they are gay and not because thye are wizards otherwise they would remove the gay shit.

ee42f No.58137

i just found it, good to see they're still around in some capacity

27e1c No.58217

you can't be wiz if you're not gay

252db No.58436

they did. It was called magicchan. Then someone posted cp on it. Rather than hiring jannies the mod just shut the whole site down.
mods have plenty enough info on us, our posting history, our IP address, but we know nothing about them. They have zero accountability.

13e5e No.58442

any proof the mods have ever done anything? they have photos of me also.

51527 No.58443

andrew was watching me browse my furry porn collection

75e55 No.58476

yeah I remember magic. There was also lizardchan and another short-lived wizclone I can't remember the name now. Magic has a couple of backup boards but nobody posts there ever, it's pretty much dead.

3c0df No.58478

Liz still exists at lizchan.top

06401 No.58492

Used to post there thank you for link

3849c No.58524

> lizchan.top
Christ, this site is actually worse than wizchan. Why is it so hard to find a board for virgin males that isn't infested with succs, crabs, feminists and trannies?

752ae No.58526

>why can't a joke website collect serious users?

I wonder why all the trolls and shitposters feel at home here? Real mystery right there.

526b2 No.58541

>Why is it so hard to find a board for virgin males that isn't infested with succs, crabs, feminists and trannies?

Because very few men are able to truly ascend beyond the desire for succubi and legitimately disregard succubi.

The last 3 groups on your list all have the exact same issue. They're all obsessed with and pedestalize succubi, even if they have different ways of expressing this.


Entire identity is based around their desire for succubi and their inability to experience said desires. Feel they need a succubus to validate their existence and view themselves as "subhumans" because succubi don't want them. This is true for even the most ostensibly misogynist of crabs, they simply lack the IQ and/or self-awareness to realize the exalting status they give to succubi.

>(male) feminists

Most of what applies to crabs applies here, but even in the off chance they don't want sex, they haven't ascended beyond their caveman desire to protect succubi. View succubi as oppressed victims. Self-loathing and take their own self-hate out on other men. Monkey brain rewards them with endorphins when they go on rants about how horrible men are while implicitly making themselves out to be "one of the good ones".


"I'll BECOME the gf!" Nuff said.

252db No.58602

its more of an illustration why you shouldn't permit crabs or Elliot Rodger posters to run amok.

57298 No.59579

57298 No.59580

Such desire is degenerated, for true protection is given by teaching them to fight instead of raising them between pillows.

If you think twice, athletic and well studied men should also be protected that way by females, so whatever.

3307c No.59611

Very funny how you left poltards and crabs outside your invaders' list. Although poltards for the most part are, at the same time, crabs, trannies and faggots

1bd2d No.59657

Why did y'all ban me?!

ba052 No.59660

File: 1621705517020.gif (424.21 KB, 200x198, 100:99, gg33.gif) ImgOps iqdb


2355d No.59667

Kill yourself, underage 3D worshipping retard.

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