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bf42c No.58018

Where have all the losers gone online I know that not all of us have killed ourselves also not all are on discord so where the hell is everyone it makes no sense to me how there is no loser community online that is active like there used to be.

People talk about this place being shit but then where are they all migrating to?

c5398 No.58019

people have been calling this place shit since its inception, it's just a tired shtick

d0785 No.58020

I found a few imageboards where actual virgin losers like us are posting, but I won't mention them here for obvious reasons. They're actually slower than this board, but that's not a terrible thing.
Wizchan is beyond saving. I've been trying for the past few months to get the normalfags to leave here but to no avail. No amount of screeching will make them leave. Once they've infested a place, they will never leave. Just look at what they did to /r9k/. This site is looking more like that place every day. We have too many wageslaves, improvebrahs and drug users here. The unholy trinity of normafaggotry.
I'm done. I'm just done. You guys can have this place.

0c7ce No.58021

I smoke weed and have a job but I sit around playing TF2/Overwatch all day, I have 0 friends and I barely shower. Tell me again why I don't belong here because of your arbitrary criteria. Or god forbid tell me how I'm remotely normal.

bf42c No.58022

the problem with r9k is the tranny and faggots plus crabs so do tell me how abusing drugs to cope with life is somehow normalfag.

c5398 No.58023

and so the endless 'who is more truwiz' battle ensues once more

bf42c No.58024

Say what you will but faggots who get off on wearing socks an spreading their wizhole for other faggots to fap over are not wizardly at all.

c5398 No.58025

now wearing socks is unwizardly? when will it end

30a96 No.58027

i kinda wish mc was still around, it was a neat place at times and was beginning to have a stricter userbase.

ye they're utter parasites. these normalshits and succs have almost zero ability to create, they can only mimic, infiltrate, subvert, and destroy from within.

any place you find that harbors the spirit of old wiz should be closely guarded.

9edea No.58046

File: 1615069669915.jpg (12.17 KB, 236x160, 59:40, hide.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i just need you to listen to me, please
wizards are being framed because we know the truth
the truth about a plot. a massive deception
there's a sinister plot in the works against the wizards.
wizchan is being groomed
i have proof of it. i can prove that everything that i know is true beyond a shadow of a doubt.

the evidence is in here, it's in all crabs.
every post…
breeding instinct built into every crab to make them do what succubi want.
even kill wizchan, it's all in here.
wizchan according to my calculations is about to change, succubi are behind everything
fallen victim to their crabs many boards already have, you just can't see it

be169 No.58295

I'm a new regular 'round these parts and I meet all of the criteria for being a failure (aside from having a college degree). I shower, keep my spaces clean and am generally helpful and outwardly agreeable, but I am also a 29-year-old permavirgin NEET with schizophrenia. Where is a person such as myself to go? I thought the defining features of being a wizard were virginity, age and celibacy. According to this definition, scarcely any two wizards would be exactly alike. If you wish to use a community for people exactly like yourself, I think you will find it does not exist.

bf42c No.58296

You fit in fine you belong here if someone who wishes they were a succubus and advocates for feminism belongs according to the mods you belong also.
How did you find out about wizchan?

be169 No.58297

I found out about this place through /qa/, probably. I don't remember how I found /qa/. It was unlisted when I started using it. What a trainwreck that board has become. I think I may have played a hand in its demise (notice how many threads seem to revolve around schizophrenia). No board has experienced as steep of a decline as /qa/.

cc983 No.58298

You'd only get shit on for posting here. Wizchan is a place for normalfag larpers pretending to be virgins.

bf42c No.58299

whats /qa/?? shitchan

266bb No.58350

Even just 3-4 years ago this site was different, posts on dep were actually depressing and posters were generally more mature. Now it's mostly crabs and 18-19yo r9k tourists.

30a96 No.58413

It looks more like 30 year old normalfags than that at times tbh

5176f No.59064

I would blame the introduction of a Discord. It's naturally going to bring in a younger crowd.

ad07b No.59070

Discord has been stricter than wizchan for a while now. /b/ posters are banned there while they troll /meta/ and post their nudes here. This is intended for the few legitimate users here who read the stuff about discord, every time a discord link was posted on wizchan 80% of the new users were banned. That’s how many shitposters there on this site.

This isn’t to convince anyone real time non anonymous discussion is great as the reservations and suspicions about it are fair; it’s to point out the problems with the wizchan user base are a wizchan problem. The historic trolls never got banned and have been here gay role playing, posting each other’s pictures, posting namefag drama, and shit for years. This obsession with discord is because they get banned there while they’re free to post here, it’s another drama meme to entertain them. This is the lenient space where they shitpost, not a strict space.

I know there are legitimate posters who lurk and don’t get involved in any of it. Just keep this website at arms length and don’t trust any /meta/ shit. Take the main boards as they are and everything else should be treated with utmost suspicion.

6f9f8 No.59076

the wizcord has a hidden channel where the mods spam 2d lolis daily it's hardly any more "wizardly"

e4abd No.59097

What's wrong with 2d lolis?
Also it's not hidden.

882c9 No.59336

>Where have all the losers gone online
Killed in Operation POGO/ZYPHR

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