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File: 1615249462440.gif (645.06 KB, 400x250, 8:5, 2xMNSk1s52djxo1_400.gif) ImgOps iqdb

bdd2f No.58113[Last 50 Posts]

I initially thought mods didn't ban CCposter and other homosexuals on /b/ because they like them or don't care about Wizchan, but now I don't care anymore.
I'm a guy who always tries to find the good in everything, even the shittest of situations. I realize now that these nonwizards abominations can teach us a great lesson on the risks of being a FAGGOT CRAB, albeit inadvertently.
By looking at them and avoiding to be anything like them, we can become not only better persons but better wizards. Virtuous ones.

As the majority of you already know, CCposter is a narcissistic delusional drug addict with gender dysphoria and is preoccupied with female issues. He came from crystal cafe, has stated many times he wishes to be a female and is constantly suffering because he wasn't born a female. He is also obsessed with having a male friend to give emotional support and feel platonic "love". It's really easy to connect the dots now and understand why even though the guy might be a virgin he will never grow to become a wizard. Why?
Because trans faggots like him want to be females so they can BE THE GIRLFRIEND. He is the worst type of crab you can find. The crab who hates his own sex and resents every other male virgin who have normal feelings.
This explains his hatred for crabs, his desire to turn Wizchan in a place where succubi can post too, calling them wizardly, and witches, obsession with female topics and issues, attentionwhoring behaviour, etc.

Maybe they don't know it yet, but they're the perfect example as to why we should disregard and distance ourselves from females or sexual and romantic desires.

When an apprentice is having problems focusin on the wizard path, we can just read them the story of ccposter and the faggot abomination from /b/ It will scare them but motivate them to avoid and disregard sex and females.

da7c6 No.58115

it's been pretty fun mocking this retard and watching him shit himself in other threads but he really should be banned. i agree hatred and disgust are excellent motivators but if you start making exceptions for certain bad behaviors you'll eventually end up opening up the floodgates. and wizchan is bad enough as it is now compared to the past.

24c83 No.58116

op sounds like a burger with stockholm syndrome who was captured and tortured. lmfao. u are totally cracked op. have you ever considered that being an overly sensitive homophobe with no sense of humor is the only issue here and you're driving yourself mad by repeated exposure? you need to get out of wizchan for a while. remember what it was like to not be HURT 24/7. maybe then you will stop jumping at every sound u hear and i can go back to posting my fap chats in peace ^_^

ae0d0 No.58118

It's funny because ccposter is more volcel than the majority of this website. Incoids have been obsessed with him because they have an inherent fear of the feminine.

The bottom line is: witchies and trans-witchies are welcome as long as they voluntarily reject social, sexual and romantic relationships. A lot of virgin males are celibate purely due to their circumstances i.e. emotional problems, social retardation and being undesirable to the opposite sex. I'd rather have someone that interacts with w0men on a daily basis and still chooses to remain celibate, then some basement dwelling loser that's a virgin only because his mom dresses him like a dork and is utterly repulsive to w0men.

da7c6 No.58121

File: 1615251361926.png (328.11 KB, 592x337, 592:337, f91.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Rule 1. You must be a male virgin and at least 18 years old to use this website.

56f4e No.58123

>The bottom line is: witchies and trans-witchies are welcome
>witchies and trans-witchies are welcome
>trans-witchies are welcome

ae0d0 No.58125

>he thinks being a wizard is just being a wizchan poster

Neck yourself, incoid.

You will never be a real man.

da7c6 No.58128

Well of course, "people" like you post here and are obviously not wizards.

ae0d0 No.58129

But I'm a male virgin and follow the rules. No matter my beliefs and opinions, according to your rules = wizardry equivalence, anyone that follows the rules is a wizard.

da7c6 No.58131

File: 1615252882482.jpg (18.46 KB, 600x341, 600:341, e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>But I'm a male

ae0d0 No.58133

Not everyone that makes you feel bad is a w0man, my dude.

da7c6 No.58135

Not everyone that hates foids is an in cel, my bitch

ae0d0 No.58136

And your hatred is based on what exactly? It's always sexual rejection and jealousy over their perceived social power over you – both of which make you an incoid.

da7c6 No.58138

They're insufferable, annoying retards who have zero ability to relate to the male experience and have only gotten worse as feminism has continued to advance in the west. And sexual rejection sometimes coupled with whiteknight simp faggotry like what you're doing makes men crabs.

ae0d0 No.58139

And are you able to relate to the female experience? I can imagine that you roll your eyes when you hear witchies talking about being groomed their entire lives to be hypersexualized objects for powerful men, just as an ideologically possessed feminist rolls her eyes at beta males.

Wizards and witches are brought together by their shared beliefs and values, a complete rejection of social, sexual and romantic relationships. There is no reason why we should exclude witchies other than your personal resentment towards them for whatever reason.

bdd2f No.58140

Rules are rules, if you don't like them you can leave or better yet, kill yourself. Now, that will definitely make Wizchan a better place.

da7c6 No.58141

No, I dont. That's why i stay the fuck away from their spaces and dont constantly try to insert myself into their narratives. what is so hard to understand about this?

ae0d0 No.58142

Rules change all the time. It's just a bunch of text on a webpage, which in my opinion, should reflect the underlying philosophy of volcelism, rather than some idiotic ironic meme.

>leave or better yet, kill yourself

Typical incoid loser mentality. Seemingly can't change something? Give up and kill yourself.

Stop whining about your boys only club. I know it will take some time to get used to period posts every month in the crawl thread, but giving wizardry a true philosophical foundation and including w0men will make this site much better overall. Remember those tabloid pieces about wizchan? Well, that would have been much harder to do if we actually had witchies around and didn't tailor the website to incoid resentment.

bdd2f No.58143

Kill yourself, nobody on here will miss you.

ae0d0 No.58144

But where else will you get your daily dose of butthurt? The bathroom mirror? 😂

Remember anon: you can make the pain stop, just close the tab and never visit this place again 👌

da7c6 No.58145

Stop trying to shit up our boys club and do like >>58143 said and off yourself.

ae0d0 No.58146

Hey, maybe you boys can make a butthurt club on reddit or something. Share your daily ass pain and help each other learn the hangman knot.

56f4e No.58147

>And are you able to relate to the female experience?

Of course we're not able to. We can make observations or even pretend to be a succubus online or whatever, but we don't have female brains and thus can't understand the female experience. But without realizing it, you just made an argument in favor of keeping this site male only. There are vast biological differences between men and succubi and it isn't just sex organs, facial features and hormones. We think differently, have different interests, experience emotions differently, and generally have much different experiences in life.

This site doesn't just exist solely because of an ironic may-may like you keep insisting. The name and superficial details are influenced by the meme but and it's core, it exists to be a community exclusively for (older) male virgins. We want to be among our own kind. Call it tribalism, call it an echo chamber, but ultimately we want to post with others who we can best relate to, which in our case, is specifically older male virgins.

24c83 No.58148

this poster is based. u tell that crab loser tbh. crabs make us look bad

bdd2f No.58149

File: 1615258792136.png (4.75 KB, 885x47, 885:47, Screenshot_8.png) ImgOps iqdb

delusional retard

24c83 No.58150


speak for urself. honestly succubi are quite clear the stuff they go through if you actually listen

56f4e No.58151

>succubi are quite clear the stuff they go through
We don't care. What part of "disregard females, acquire magic" don't you understand?

24c83 No.58152

stop speaking for the site, you neckbeard. if you havent noticed the entire audience isnt on your idea.

'disregard females, acquire magic' is about sex though. it isn't about being an autistic fucktard who can't sympathize with another human bean. nice try tho

ae0d0 No.58154

>We think differently, have different interests, experience emotions differently, and generally have much different experiences in life.

And yet, historically, what brings people together is a shared belief system and values. There is nothing biological that prevents a w0man from voluntarily rejecting social, sexual and romantic relationships. You can make the argument that witchies are statistically less likely due to certain features of the female experience, but it doesn't eliminate the possibility. Take Emily Dickinson as an example of a volcel witchie - she could fit in without a problem.

Your problem is that you are blinded by preconceived notions and you're judging witchies as undesirable despite lacking a model in your head of what an actual witchie looks and acts like.

Ultimately, there is nothing incompatible about female volcels and all your arguments are driven by a reactionary paranoia against any meaningful progress of this website.

What did they mean by this?

It's not impossible to expand that postulate to be less androcentric. "Disregard sex, acquire magic" would be a more gender neutral and inclusive phrase.

ae0d0 No.58155

Ah, the paranoia continues. Perhaps I just asked my foid friend to back me up? How far does the conspiracy go?

bdd2f No.58156

Kill yourself you emotionally invested crab faggot. You're the example of trash on Wizchan from now on

CCposter = dysphoric crab who wants a boyfriend

ae0d0 No.58157


Just an example of how hard you miss the mark. If my dislike for incoids hasn't been clear, then you clearly lack reading comprehension, fool.

>CCposter = dysphoric crab who wants a boyfriend

Paranoid theories by incoids. Who gives a shit if they're gender dysphoric? If they wanted a boyfriend, they would go hang out on discord instead of posting on a voluntary celibate forum. How stupid can you be?

bdd2f No.58158

>has an entire posting history of crying over not having a boyfriend and wanting to be a female
>no!!! i'm not a dysphoric crab, those are lies!


56f4e No.58159

>And yet, historically, what brings people together is a shared belief system and values.
And yet, historically, every culture that has ever existed regardless of the religion, belief system, and values has had a clear divide between men and succubi. Many had enforced gender segregation but even in cultures that don't enforce it, self-segregation is common. This is even true in the west despite the media and education system telling people that (race and) gender is a social construct. Ironically enough, in recent years, there has been a mass rejection of "race/gender is a social construct" specifically by leftist racial identitarians and feminists. As such I've seen more self-segregation (especially gender segregation) in recent years than in the past.

It's almost like identity politics is inexorable and caused due to biological differences or something.

ae0d0 No.58160

Dysphoric just means "dissatisfaction". I believe you mean to say /gender/ dysphoric, rather than simply dysphoric.

Anyway, I'm sure you can back up your paranoid schizo theories, right anon?

I'm not going as far as to deny race and gender as merely social constructs, but when it comes to wizardry, the core definition - it's a voluntary rejection of social, sexual and romantic relationships. It's just a belief system that anyone with sufficient cognitive abilities can take up willingly.

We are not a tribe or any kind of organized group, like a military unit, for which it would be beneficial to emphasize biological differences. We are merely an asocial community, an online space for sharing ideas, where the members are already segregated physically due to the reality of online spaces and whether you have a vagina or a dick, it matters very little. No one is asking you to live with a w0man, merely tolerate the female perspective occasionally.

56f4e No.58161

>but when it comes to wizardry, the core definition - it's a voluntary rejection of social, sexual and romantic relationships.

Part of the definition is literally being a male virgin. Why do you keep talking like you're some supreme authority on what it means to be a wizard that overrules the requirements specifically stated by this site?

bdd2f No.58162

You already know who you are, so why call you the whole thing, CCposter?
The reason why you want females on Wizchan is because you feel like one and relate more to them so you're a narcissistic faggot who says that out of selfish reasons. Exactly like a succubus would.

Dysphoric delusional crab you should kill yourself already. In the short time you've been here you've become the poster child for faggotry and transinsanity on wizchan, even Andrew is better than you.

ae0d0 No.58163

What can I say, I reject the notion that one could build a coherent belief/value system on an ironic Internet meme who's aim was to ridicule male virgin losers. Maybe you don't give a shit, but if wizardry is to represent something serious in my life, it is only natural for me to reject irony and find something more stable like volcelism.

And if you don't want wizardry to represent anything serious, then do we even have anything to talk about? Either it's all ironic and doesn't mean anything, or we ought to think critically about what we believe and identify with.

Now I'm the CC poster? Maybe YOU'RE the CC poster. You have a very feminine posting style, I must admit…

bdd2f No.58164

File: 1615264251947.png (62.4 KB, 849x344, 849:344, LOL2.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just look at CCposter, trying hard to pretend to be someone else to save his ass. He calls himself a MORE volcel than the majority of Wizchan on the first post he made on this thread. That's how desperate this dysphoric retard crab is. Mods won't ban him even if he says that breaking Rule 1 is fine and lies all the time.
At least he is showing everyone what we should never be: a faggot crab.

ae0d0 No.58165

Oh, I remember that thread. I can only assume that I triggered some butthurt mod because it got deleted rather quickly…

I'm not CC poster. You don't need to be a genius to see there's a clear difference in the way we express ourselves. But I must admit, CC poster's revolutionary mindset was the initial inspiration for my current advocacy of volcelism and gender inclusivity. There really isn't any good reason why we should leave poor witchies out in the cold, as long as they share our volcel beliefs.

bdd2f No.58166

>I remember that thread
>it got deleted because of a butthurt mod
Gender dysphoric crab making up shit again to save his ass for the 9999th time.
This is the thread you lying faggot, and here's your post >>58118 mods did not delete it because they don't care and you don't know what to say anymore.
Leave wizchan, you're literally cancer calling yourself most volcel than the majority on wizchan, when you're a gender dysphoric crab who wants to have a boyfriend.

56f4e No.58167

So basically "It's the definition because I said so and everything should cater to ME and what I want.". Forget the basic premise of this site, forget it's history, forget the rules, forget that the majority of the site wants this place to remain exclusively for male virgins, everything must change for my sake, I demand it!

Peak narcissism. You don't have a leg to stand on.

ae0d0 No.58169

Yeah, I just realized after I posted. There was a different thread where I was jousting with multiple incoids and it got deleted. All these /meta/ threads look the same anyway.

What can I say about your accusation? Just because I share some beliefs with that person, doesn't mean I'm the ccposter himself. We don't have similar posting styles, I thought pattern recognition was a schizo thing?

I used myself as an example, but anyone that isn't a clown prefers a genuine value system over a meme any day. Retards like you cherish the meme origins and the history, yet you complain when wizzies start making masturbation livestreams. You can't expect people to take this place seriously, unless you have a serious foundation. I mean, you're talking about history, but the guy that founded wizardchan.org was some cripple incoid that eventually paid for it and now makes fun of wizards on his twitter. Yes, that's the kind of history you based your identity around, you fucking clown.

56f4e No.58170

> the guy that founded wizardchan.org was some cripple incoid
Nope. Copypaste/hotwheels/cripplekike/fredrick-whateverthefuckhislastnameis was the second owner, he bought it from the OG founder like a year after the first site was created.

bdd2f No.58171

File: 1615266561094.jpg (28.66 KB, 1307x542, 1307:542, ban-976.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I want this thread to stay as proof of what wizards should never act like on here.

Now let's start with the faggot who likes to stream himself naked, faggot whose ID is 24c83

let's look at his posts in this thread:

>>58116 First thing he does is to insult me, OP. Since he is offended because of what I said about him being the perfect example of what wizards should never be. Unlike CCposter, he doesn't lie and pretend to be another poster. Alas, you can recognize because no one is as much of a faggot as he is.

>>58148 Calls CCposter, based, just for le epic trolling

>>58150 >>58152
Then disagrees and insults another poster who defends Wizchan as a male virgin site only, he uses the words "autistic fucktard, and neckbeard". This is the faggot who likes to camwhore on /b/ and that mods won't ban

>>58168 Finally the faggot is bored and talks about anal play

Here is CCposter, ae0d0, the lying piece of shit gender dysphoric faggot, that even after revealing him with actual proof that he is a fucking faggot liar on this post >>58164
keeps on lying on his new posts and says he is different poster >>58169
He says he didn't realize that he called himself "most volcel than the majority of the wizchan userbase".
He says that he is not CCposter, but he is so retarded that by making so many threads on /meta/ and arguing with everyone in favor of succubi, anyone can recognize him.
He thinks he is better than that camwhore faggot who streams himself naked on /b/ How deluded of him.

I will say it once again, you're a gender dysphoric crab, and the cancer of Wizchan. You will never be a wizard, and nothing you do in your life will change that. It's too late for you. The other faggot doesn't care though, and already knows he is not a wizard and comes here just to bait and "troll".

50a73 No.58172

File: 1615266789386.jpg (23.01 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1588258315168.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What exactly motivates you people to argue about this over and over again? Do you think that there's any possibility of rules changing to allow trannies and succubi, and that's why you feel compelled to vigorously argue over it?

da7c6 No.58173

File: 1615267038817.jpg (26.71 KB, 273x386, 273:386, 0833b00d2b80b263000b8963dc….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why would any of us go to reddit? You're literally the outsider tourist here trying to stir shit. Besides, leddit already has plenty of feminist cuckolds like you and there's even an volcels sub where you can talk with your fellow volcel shitccubi (aging party whores who've had over 100 cocks inside of them) and other delusional male feminists.

>I mean, you're talking about history, but the guy that founded wizardchan.org was some cripple

Boredom, and it's generally a good idea to make outsiders feel unwelcome.

ae0d0 No.58175

Guaranteed that "OG" founder was some lolcow enthusiasts that thought it would be hilarious to have a place for virgin losers to congregate. It's like shooting fish in a barrel, operation-wise.

How do I even prove that I'm not ccposter? I have like ~90 posts on this IP and I always use a VPN from the same region, so mods are probably familiar with me mostly.

Stay noided, I guess.

How hard do you think it is to influence a ~100 user forum anyway? Get enough regulars and mods behind you and anything is possible. The admin is currently MIA as far as I know, so I'm less optimistic about any real change and have more interest in solving the current holes in the wizard philosophy by advocating for volcelism. Most of the posters aren't trolls and clowns, so they'll eventually realize that it's something actually worth identifying with, at least compared to a fucking MEME.

>Why would any of us go to reddit?

Why does the bear shit in the woods? I wish they didn't delete r/incoid so you faggots could have someplace to hang out and complain about the tranny infiltrators or whatever.


Have you tried autoerotic asphyxiation, wizfapper? Hopefully you try it and accidentally kill yourself during your stream one of these days.

56f4e No.58176

>Guaranteed that "OG" founder was some lolcow enthusiasts that thought it would be hilarious to have a place for virgin losers to congregate

Source: "Like…trust me man."

ae0d0 No.58177

Guess the paranoia goes only one way, huh? I remember a couple years ago, lolcow paranoia was fairly dominant. Now it's trannies and masturbators.

24c83 No.58179


no, that's really dangerous. i knew some discord norpers who would talk about doing this and how easily you can make someone pass out, and id always try to tell them not to do it. there are many hazards with it. its not just the act of 'temporarily' cutting off blood. the very force of doing this can damage structures in the throat. you see in domestic violence cases the angry man baby chokes his partner and ends up causing brain damage in them. then they become even more dependent on the abuser. its really fucked up tbh

also, you sound really underage and edgy as fuck. i find it ironic that you consider yourself qualified to decide who is/isn't a good addition to the website. one thing i will say to that is to suck on my phat fucking wiz cock ya conceited bastard. caz the only person who gets to decide here is ME!

5ffdc No.58180

>How do I even prove that I'm not ccposter?
Very hard. ccposter is a constant ban evader and talks about his old accounts as if they’re not him. He’s currently on his like 6th reddit account from what I’ve seen and he currently talks about himself in third person on it. Slippery character that ccposter, he’s very used to holding multiple identities on different IPs.

ae0d0 No.58181

I was just testing your masturbation knowledge…you passed. In my opinion, there really isn't anything wrong with nude exhibitionist wiz such as yourself. You'll get your mod invitation in a couple days.

>suck on my phat fucking wiz cock

However, I find this problematic…seems like you're interested in a man giving you a blowjob? How very wizardly of you.

24c83 No.58182

no you said you wanted me to DIE!!!!!! that is so mean, wtf. u would really wish DEATH on a fellow wizard!

bdd2f No.58183

File: 1615269659947.png (209.69 KB, 1222x657, 1222:657, lol65.png) ImgOps iqdb

Ccposter got banned from his own shitty subreddit and now he is trying hard to make Wizchan his subreddit safe space "without the crab crab think" and with succubi, because he is a gender dysphoric faggot, so it's more inviting to females. That's how much of a selfish piece of shit he is. He literally wants this site to be his subreddit the piece of shit. It's so easy to see his motivations.

24c83 No.58184

should i go promote fap chatting there? or will cc explode and do something like cut themselves

bdd2f No.58185

File: 1615271161969.png (139.97 KB, 1336x794, 668:397, Screenshot_10.png) ImgOps iqdb

He doesn't care about anything but himself. He's a gender dysphoric narcissistic lying crab with BPD while you're just some mentally ill bored faggot who comes here because of the low activity that helps you whenever you want to attentionwhore.

24c83 No.58186

i find it more creepy that ur cyber stalking them

bdd2f No.58187

Some wizard posted that screenshot on the crawl thread. It's funny to see you talk about creepiness though, when you're that /b/ faggot who faps on cam

da7c6 No.58188

>I wish they didn't delete r/incoid so you faggots could have someplace to hang out and complain about the tranny infiltrators or whatever.
You literally are a tranny infiltrator from reddit raging at the actual community for not being receptive of your rulebreaking faggotry lmao. Go 41% yourself faggot.

ae0d0 No.58189

If it's not already clear, I'm not ccposter. Just compare our writing styles and consider the fact that my volcelism is life empowering, rather than playing towards some cringe /doomer/ bullshit. I don't celebrate being a loser, mental illness or being a sad pathetic faggot.

That being said, they're right about gender inclusivity, although, I cannot speculate about their motives. My advocacy for including witchies and trans-witchies is just the logical extension of volcelism as a belief/value system. Simple as.

24c83 No.58190

nice opinion bro

bdd2f No.58191

Here's your ID: 24c83
>>58168 >>58116 >>58148 >>58150 >>58152 >>58174 >>58179 >>58184 >>58186 Those are your posts so it's not an opinion, it's a fact that you're a faggot.

24c83 No.58192

god you're an insufferable turd. glad you're this bent out of shape. how does it feel to know that CC and myself still arent (and never will be) banned? lmfao. eat shit loser

670cf No.58193

The feminists really hate and work hard to exclude MtF trannies.

bdd2f No.58194

> how does it feel to know that CC and myself still arent (and never will be) banned?

It's an excelent reminder like I said in the OP, of what a person should avoid to become. There's too a feeling of schadenfreude so I have to say it feels great.
Also, looks like you forgot that both of you got banned at one point, so you didn't get that right.
I'd be careful if I were you, mod might get tired again of your faggotry lol

bdd2f No.58196

I'm going to report you for rule 2, to see if you get banned. I'm reporting these two posts of yours >>58174

>i love u ^_^ please catch me in my fap chat later. i have bought some props and think they're cute

and >>58168
>its 2021 and the thought that wizards can't discuss anal stimulation when they're masturbating because they're scared of 'being gay' is just pathetic. your butt is part of your body. its not going to bite your finger off if u decide to finger urself.
> i think before wizards can truly start to explore their bodies and experiment sexually

Let's see if the mod bans you.

af5f5 No.58197

CC poster reminds me a lot of eurasiantiger. Both extreme dedication to trolling and shitposting. Both spend a lot of time on imageboards and obscure communities. Both have highly esoteric topics that they post about nonstop and seem to consume their every thought. Both have abysmal reputations in the communities they post in. Both post about themselves in third person, samefag and use alt accounts. Both evade bans. Both are very narcissistic while also self-loathing. Both have ironclad dedication, conviction and zeal. Both are crabs who deny being crab. Both have a victim complex and love playing the victim card. The only difference is one is obsessed with BBC, WMAF(worst thing ever) and AMWF(perfect and infallible) and the other is obsessed with crystal cafe, feminism, girly shit, and "witches".

0aa67 No.58198

Just face the fact that wichies are true wizards because of how easy it would be for a succubus to get a BF or sex.

As a wizard mysf who does not desire sex with the witchie I see no reason to exclude them from wizardchan.
It is silly to ban wizards for being succubi.

Not all succubus are the type you hate just as not all men are norm scum.
People who point at the rules on the website as the definition of being a wizard are stupid because we have banners on the website featuring the supreme gentlemen who was more of a normalfag than even a typical sex haver.

Why cant we all just get along :(

1a063 No.58199

I think the problem with allowing succubi on wizchan is that even they are witches like you wrote they are invading a male space.
If you are a succubus you can lurk these forums but being openly active here would worsen the board's moral imo.
(Btw I thought it's now allowed for succubi to post on /b/)

bdd2f No.58200

I will report this >>58198 for rule 5 since it's a shitpost

>face the fact that wichies are true wizards

"Please read the following rules carefully. If you fail to abide to these rules, your post will be deleted or locked and you may lose your posting privileges temporarily or permanently. Please remember that posting on Wizardchan is a privilege and not a right. Moderators reserve the right to delete or lock posts/threads that are deemed inappropriate or abusive. Moreover, disciplinary actions (bans or warnings) are applied on a case-by-case basis. Repeated or serious offenses are punished with permanent bans"

Above all, please remember that you must be a male virgin to post on Wizardchan.

Mods should perma ban this faggot if they care about this site.

ae0d0 No.58201

The whole point of /meta/ is to be able to discuss possible changes to the website and its rules. You morons really can't understand your shitty circular reasoning? Just because witchies aren't currently allowed does not make it impossible to amend the rulebook in the future to reflect volcelism and by logical extension, gender inclusivity.

The mods should ban you for your low quality shitposting and announcing your reports. How about you fuck off if you are too stupid to make a proper argument? No, your endless butthurt is not an argument.

bdd2f No.58202

How retarded you must be not to realize that you've been doing nothing but shitposting this whole time out of a perceived injustice against succubi.
You're not even a man, you're a succubi's pet.
Fighting for succubi and calling succubi witches and saying they should post here, when there's no such thing as witches. Females can only be succubi and nothing more. That's why the first and most important rule of Wizchan is not in discussion and it will never be. That's why when you write wo men it says succubi, that's why the rule to post on Wizchan is that you must be a male virgin.

So why don't you go back to crystal cafe if you want to see your "witches" that are wizardly only for you, and who in reality are just a bunch of trannies and faggots. Go post among them. Nobody wants you here or your stupidity that you call "suggestions" when they go against the core rules and spirit of a male site.
You literally already have a site to post with your precious "witches", but are so miserable with them because they're shit like you are, so now you have to come here like a faggot trying to disrupt a male space because it butthurts you to know succubi are not allowed.

Anyone who spouts about witches and wants to allow females on here and thinks of it as a "suggestion", it's either a shitposter or a mentally retarded faggot or an ugly troll. From your posts my bet is on you being a mentally retarded faggot.

0aa67 No.58203

>there's no such thing as witches.
There are succubus who live like wizards and it is fine to call them witches.

It seems you just hate succubus because how much of the discussions on wizchan are actually about being a male explicitly?
Do you need to be a male to post on /jp/? or in the games board?

If we had witchies here they would have a few female oriented threads up talking about menstrual issues and if you dislike seeing that sort of thing you can just hide the thread.

9d21b No.58204

LMAO this whole time the volcels were saying that only they could be wizards. Well now you have allowed succs and other normalfag types to post here because they, too, are volcels. This idea of being voluntary celibate really did backfire, huh?

ae0d0 No.58206

So, uh, why can't we allow witchies, again?
(1) rules don't allow witchies!
(2) it's a male space -> because of the rules!
(3) a wizard can only be male -> because of the rules!

Do you realize that the circularity of your argument? You are completely missing the broader philosophical discussion and fail to realize that rules should be a reflection of what being a wizard actually means – voluntary rejection of social, sexual and romantic relationships. None of you can give an argument against why w0men and transw0men couldn't hold volcel beliefs and therefore be allowed to post here.

Who said anything about succs and normalfags? By definition, they do not hold volcel beliefs. Incoids like yourself also do not belong here because you are merely failed, dysfunctional normalfags that embody normalfag values in every way except you haven't met a single whore that would be willing to sleep with your disgusting ass. Without voluntary celibacy, wizardry is just a hilarious meme joke about a bunch of virgins out of circumstance.

9d21b No.58207

You're an attention whore.

ae0d0 No.58208

Classic non-argument from a subhuman incoid.

da7c6 No.58211

Volcelism is cringe reddit retardation just like you.

da7c6 No.58212

If anything this is proof of why we need to gatekeep wombniggers and troons (like you) out even harder. Complete and utter cancer.

bf7c7 No.58213

I'd rather be an "incoid" than whatever the fuck you are.

ae0d0 No.58214

But the wizard meme is based, amirite? Hehe shoot mana from your wizwand haha so fucking based and funny lol

Again, no argument, just butthurt.

Some people prefer eating shit instead of real food. Who can argue with that? Still makes me want to puke, tho.

da7c6 No.58215

Your entire argument is that succubi can be volcels thus they should be allowed to post on a site that doesn't even specifically cater to your reddit volcel faggotry and that has an agreed upon culture of female exclusion that has existed since its inception, further codified in the global rules.

Your case was dead on arrival and now you're just resorting to /b/ tier shitposting.

You're retarded.
You're arguments are retarded.
Succubi are subhumans and so are you.

0aa67 No.58216

Look Mr Grumpy!
See how hostile nearly all of you are? that is because there is ONLY angry men here aside from a few secret witchies and fem like wizards.

When a wizard is struggling and tries to ask for help they get attacked for no reason and on witch chan that does not really happen everyone is supportive of each other but not afraid to be honest either unlike reddit!

We could all benefit by allowing witchies here and as the other poster said there is no actual argument you all have besides
>muh rools

ae0d0 No.58219

>Your entire argument is that succubi can be volcels thus they should be allowed to post

Yes, and you have no rational, coherent argument against this. At best, you resort to fallacious circular reasoning that the rules cannot be changed because "rules are rules" and try to paint volcelism as some cringe reddit movement, despite the fact that reddit has a history of hosting incoid communities, the "forever alone" meme and so on, and makes no distinction between involuntary and voluntary.

You haven't even attempted to define wizardry (none of you have), other than the implicit definition that it's merely a person that follows all the rules. And since this website is based on a fucking meme, anyone that isn't a clown will understand that it's not something to be taken seriously. Volcelism is the true foundation of wizardry, a coherent belief system that actually offers something valuable and not easily attainable by the average schmuck incoid – freedom from social, sexual and romantic relationships.

You will never have sex with a w0man.
You will always be a failed normalfag, shunned by both wizards and normalfags.
Wizchan will never be a safe space for incoids, as long as I can post and shit on you daily.

dd981 No.58220

File: 1615351459863.jpg (723.96 KB, 1000x1333, 1000:1333, ukraine.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I will try to be the most respectful that I can to answer you.
Believe that I am really trying hard after seeing >>58185

>circular reasoning

Even if the rules may be stupid or outdated, they still exist to preserve and gatekeep the community and culture that was formed based on it.
The rules won't change because this community is united by them. Simple as that. No one here will buy your movement, because it's inherently against us.

>You haven't even attempted to define wizardry

If you really want to create the "true wizard" echo chamber, just make another chan bro. "Witchan" or something like that. If your ideas are really that self-evident and appealing, people will flood to you sooner or later. You are wasting your time here if you have any goals other than shitposting.

da7c6 No.58221

We are not some christian reddit "volcel" site you retard, go make volcelchan if you want to go down that road. What a wizard is has already been explained to you countless times and you can even take a gander at the faq and wiki again for further clarification.

All this is beside the fact that we dont owe you shit to begin with. This is our site, we founded it, we forumlated the culture and the rules, we set the tone. And then you come on here acting like an obnoxious retard who doesnt know shit, demanding we make some argument on your terms only that justifies our existence, while you engage in low tier pilpul and pointless semantics like some tranny activist denying basic biology.

And buddy, the only failed normal here is you. Groveling for succubi and groids and demanding they be allowed to shit up yet another male space so you can receive more attention is exactly what failed groids do and it's pathetic.

0aa67 No.58222

>Even if the rules may be stupid or outdated, they still exist to preserve and gatekeep the community and culture that was formed based on it.

The rules here are a joke we allow men to stream their fap sessions to other males here which excites both parties sexually which is against the spirit of the site but allowed.

How would allowing witchies post here be something that is against you men?
If you are truly a wizard you can handle some witch posting because you are not interested in sex with them I think most of you guys just hate seeing witchies because you are jealous of them.

The rules are meant to foster inclusion in the community by reflecting the philosophy of the users but obviously the rules do not do that since crabs are allowed to post here and if you are ok with crab posting than you have to be ok with a witch posting.

I have heard that the mods have allowed succubus to post on >>>/b/ now but have not had any confirmation from a moderator but I would like to invite witchies if that is indeed the case.

da7c6 No.58225

File: 1615354271545.jpg (112.91 KB, 582x443, 582:443, 1567778306087.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>just make another chan bro. "Witchan" or something like that. I
Funny thing too, this has already been attempted. After the original site died, several imageboards sprung up, some of which were open to succubi like merlin and hikkichan, there was even srs wizards on reddit. Guess what happened? They all died in record time lol. The only ones aside from wizchan to survive were the male-only sites with rules like ours.

Imagine that.

ae0d0 No.58227

>Believe that I am really trying hard after seeing >>58185

What does some random reddit screenshot of some literally who have to do with anything?

>Even if the rules may be stupid or outdated, they still exist to preserve and gatekeep the community and culture that was formed based on it.

The only thing it's preserving is some incoid's self-esteem and hilarious trolls like the wizfapper. The community as it currently stands is based on less than nothing, an ironic meme who's entire purpose is to make fun of virgin losers. Is that the culture you want to preserve? Hehe look at me, I'm so lonely and never touched a w0man that I turned into a dark magical being haha. Dude how funny and ironic is that haha.

>just make another chan bro

Nah, I'll just subvert this one, and there's nothing you can do about it :)

>christian reddit "volcel" site

How braindead can you be? One of the biggest tenets of Christianity is "go forth and multiply". It's not even accurate in the puritanical sense, as volcelism isn't about prohibiting masturbation or sexual imagery and thoughts.

>This is our site, we founded it, we forumlated the culture and the rules, we set the tone.


Yeah, right. As far as I know, wizard chans (the main ones at least) have been owned by three individuals, one of which ended up fucking a prostitute, the other two are mysterious people who show no real indication of what they believe or what their motives were when creating this place. For all you know, the initial wizardchan could have been made as a lolcow project to congregate losers virgins, the easiest targets on the Internet. I mean, even today, there is paranoia about a modclique of sociopathic individuals that took the job purely for the enjoyment of playing with helpless people.

Don't make any mistake, you're just another user of this website. If the admin were to change the rules today, you would fall in line in about a week. You're just another nihilist that doesn't believe in anything and simply spends time here because he feels he belongs somewhere. I am not even concerned about retards like you, because you exist purely to sustain the current status quo and if that status were to change, you would as well.

What retarded reasoning. What about magicchan? As far as I can recall, it was male-oriented and very much dead.

There could be infinite factors as to why communities survive that have nothing to do with "muh succubi destroying errything". First of all, it depends on the owner and his own motivation to fund and sustain the website, it's not like a subreddit where the original creator can leave and community stays alive.

>smug cat

Are you the butthurt incoid that I absolutely wrecked in that other deleted thread? Looking forward to destroying your self-esteem again, kitty.

56f4e No.58228

>Nah, I'll just subvert this one
Just a day or two ago you were mocking the notion that you were subverting the site claiming we were invoking a "subversive boogeyman". Nice to see you actually admit it though.

ae0d0 No.58229

If you read it a bit more carefully, I'm still mocking it :))))) *smiley wink face* ←——–

"Subversion" is just a boogeyman word to discredit anyone that wants any kind of change. I've been called a redditor, a christian, a tranny, a crab, a succubus, and they all wash off me like water off a rain coat.

da7c6 No.58230

Oh please christfags are all about the reformed virgin nonsense and "volcel" are full of such idiots who abstain from sex despite being massive whores in the past.

>For all you know, the initial wizardchan could have been made as a lolcow project to congregate losers virgins

It was made by chonners tired of newgger faggotry and the absolute cesspit r9k and 4kanker in general became, you newfag.

>What about magicchan

What about it? It lasted far longer than the others and only died because the admin couldn't afford it any longer, and there's still several active bunkers with plans to revive it.

>I absolutely wrecked in that other deleted thread?

Imagining things now simpy? Literally everyone in that thread tore you a new asshole until the mods had to come and delete it because you started sperging incoherently. No one buys your shit faggot.

>Nah, I'll just subvert this one

Good you admit your purpose even if trying to be cutesy, typical esteogen addled retard.

ae0d0 No.58231

>Literally everyone in that thread tore you a new asshole until the mods had to come and delete it because you started sperging incoherently.

And yet, I didn't get a temp ban, not even a warning, it just went poof like it didn't even happen. It seems that I caused so much collective butthurt, that the mods decided to delete the thread to stop you faggots from suiciding right then and there. Really, I oughta be more careful, you incoids have such fragile self-esteems and the right combination of words might rapidly accelerate your suicide plans or you might even start shooting up a mall or something. I can understand their decision to delete the thread to save lives ;)

Accept Jesus into your heart and you will be saved, incoid.

da7c6 No.58232

haha christ how new are you? Do you have any idea how many shitposters, spammers, 29 iq schizos, and admitted trolls we've weathered these past few years? The utter travesty that was the politics thread from 2015 till a couple years ago maybe with the shillary spammer, schizenu, the vegan autist who shat up entire boards for ages? You're literally just a shittier version of the same type of outsider we've had pop up on this site periodically for years. Fun to shit on for the benefit of other mages, but ultimately cancer that will either cure itself or have to be surgically removed.

Really just goes to show how pathetic you zoomers are. At least when we had smileberg trying to turn this place into a cult with fringe wizard nonsense he had some cool concepts and his brand of insanity was semi-interesting. All you have have is feminigger faggotry and troon shit, in other words pure cringe.


ae0d0 No.58233

Well, what can I say? Maybe veganwiz failed in his mission, but I've been trained in the top of my class when it comes to subversion. I am counting on that ironic distance of yours, at some point you will stop caring and you will accept your new overlords. You won't even remember a time when witchie was a taboo term. We might even get some moddesses to whip us up when we're being bad boys. What more could you want out of a celibate paradise?

The winds will change, my incoid friend, and like the clueless insect you are, you will be swept up by the storm. But don't cover in fear, even a celibate paradise needs some bugmen to ridicule for entertainment. You will have your place, perhaps /v9k/ will remain as a zoological experiment.

da7c6 No.58234

File: 1615360220619.jpg (62.61 KB, 605x658, 605:658, 1568891732336.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Oh my god you are literally the cringiest fucking shitposter we've ever had haha. I knew it would be sad when soylords found this place but this is somehow even sadder.

ae0d0 No.58235

Nice outsider meme, but you are too braindead to even make a proper strawman. What part of voluntary celibate don't you understand, incoid?

If I was concerned with social approval, I'd probably use more meme buzzwords like "zoomer", "soylord" and "cringe" that signal your belonging to some social group and remove the need to actually think critically. It's fairly clear that the two brain cells you have are only used for mouth breathing.

Go back to discord or wherever the fuck people use this kind of lingo unironically.

da7c6 No.58236

File: 1615361598264.jpg (1.29 MB, 2931x1136, 2931:1136, 1550190834955.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You're literally a living a meme at this point so it fits. Now dance for us faggot! Entertain us!

0aa67 No.58237

We could at least have a board for witches to post in and see how it works out and if it goes well extend witchie posting privileges to the entire site.
Witchies already post here quite a lot.

da7c6 No.58238

We could at least have a board for chads and intcels to post in and if it goes well more posting privileges.

ae0d0 No.58239

>You're literally a living a meme

This idiot cannot even comprehend that he just proved my point right here. I'm laughing at all the retards that identify with the "wizard" meme as it currently stands. I want to move away from that meme shit by giving it a real foundation, turning it into a proper belief/value system as described by volcelism.

For the first time, incoid, I agree with you. We really shouldn't be "living memes" as you say.

da7c6 No.58240

File: 1615364335654.jpg (219.86 KB, 1670x1670, 1:1, 1548863859631.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nooo you literally cannot concetipionalize

0561b No.58241

If you are more than just a dedicated troll looking for replies, then you are too stupid to realize the likely effect of what you are trying to do. By framing the debate as "volcelism" vs "crabism" while also saying we should accept succubi and non virgins on this site, you are attaching baggage that 99% of this site doesn't want to "volcelism" and if "crabism" is the alternative posters are going to side with them. I know I don't like crabs but frankly I would rather this place be filled with them than with people like you. This is coming from someone who should be in your side since I am as "volcel" as they come even though I don't identity with or use such terms, I identify as a wizard, asexual and virgin in that order.

ae0d0 No.58242

Yikes. Seems like the little nigga got so flustered that he couldn't even type "conceptualize" properly.

It's sad that he'll just be another suicide statistic in a year.

Gender inclusivity is just the logical extension of volcelism. If there is a contradiction there, please point it out, as I cannot see why even a female brain couldn't be able to adopt a volcel belief system.

You say my concept carries baggage, yet you do not realize that "foids are bad" is just incoid baggage itself and has nothing to do with wizardry. When I say witchie, you're probably imagining some porn bimbo, but in reality, a witchie with a volcel mindset will neither look nor act like that. The majority of hate you have for the opposite gender is really just hatred towards normalfaggotry, not some inherent nature that vagina people have. Not every w0man is a succubus, is my point.

da7c6 No.58243

Nigga i'm drunk as fuck, if you think your gay little foid centric cuck faggotry will remotely be popular with wizards then you're way off base.

Typical wombnigger faggotry, this is why patriarchy is the superior style of government on Earth tbh.

da7c6 No.58244

Foids are literally getting raped and tortured to death right now yet you are doing nothing about it

ae0d0 No.58245

Hang in there little buddy. The more you drink, the less you'll feel like a failure. Don't worry, this will be the year you get that gf!

Is that so? Well, there's your chance, player. Maybe if you save them they'll give you a crumb of pussy and delay your suicide plans for another year.

da7c6 No.58246

ahahhaha poor little niggerfaggot, even among wizards no one will want you. Maybe if you beg enough among foidcels you'll get that attention you so desire, but i doubt it ahahahaa!

da7c6 No.58247

hey cuckcel, how many foids do you think have gotten raped since? i bet its over 100.

ae0d0 No.58248

Apparently, my game is so strong that I'm going to chase the few w0men that don't want to be fucked.

Give it a rest, dork.

Oh oh, don't do anything drastic, twerp. Just save up enough birthday card money from your mom and maybe you'll afford a nice escort once a year. Surely it's better to be a paycel than a rapecel?

da7c6 No.58249

Hey cuckcel, foids are literally being RAPED and BEATEN TO DEATH now what are you doing about it faggot?

0aa67 No.58250

Look at the toxic masculinity we have in this thread a shining example of why we need witchies here.

da7c6 No.58251

Imagine if foidies were shot to death execution style .

da7c6 No.58252


da7c6 No.58253

hey cuck faggot, foids are literally being circumcised and toetured while being groomed now what are you going to do about it

ae0d0 No.58254

File: 1615367563050.png (195.71 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Why do these little incoids always project like this?

da7c6 No.58255

Hey wombnigger, why do stinkcubi love getting btfo by wizards? Is it the penis envy?

da7c6 No.58256

Why dont foids have souls? Why does God hate females so much? Perhaps it 8s not our place to conplain.

bdd2f No.58259

File: 1615372808969.png (16.45 KB, 1779x100, 1779:100, 1606930027275.png) ImgOps iqdb

Mod, I already reported CCposter. You said you wouldn't allow him to shitpost and keep an eye on him. He hasn't changed, it's only worsened, look at his posts. Ban him and anyone who shitposts saying succubi can be wizards and should post on Wizchan.


ae0d0 No.58262

He's on topic (for this board) and he's giving coherent arguments. I'd say ban retards that keep throwing a tantrum because they can't wrap their heads around the concept of witchies.

0aa67 No.58266

The very argument that the rules augment the culture here and keep the community from straying too far from what is defined as "wizardly" can also be used to defend allowing witchies here and implementing rules that would eliminate whatever negatives the people fear would arise.

I think it is telling that the people (here) who argue against witchies are only able to post succubus hate and call others names whist the ones who are entertaining the idea are actually giving rational arguments.

Have any of you considered that allowing witchies here would also make the average user more wizardly who is a man?
The witchies would flush the crabs desiring sex who do not belong here out of their holes when a witchie posts and a man is clearly trying to E date them in some capacity.

da7c6 No.58284

>coherent arguments

>destroy your own site cuz if you dont its mEaN tO fOIDs


836d4 No.58364

You blatantly a tranny discord raid lmao now get the fuck off this site

ae0d0 No.58365

And you're blatantly a moron LMAO
Get the fuck off this site.

838f7 No.58368

People only type LOL or LMAO in ALL CAPS in an argument when they're extra salty.

ae0d0 No.58369

Oh yeah? Well, people only type "salty" when they have a small pp (read this in a psych textbook, trust me bro).

56f4e No.58371

Yeah or even worse if someone says "I'm laughing at you" or "I can't stop laughing" that's when you know someone's really fuming. That or a smiley face. Nothing says "I'm brimming with rage but trying to look smug" like putting a smiley face at the end of a post. Literally the angry_wojak_with_smug_mask.jpg meme.

ae0d0 No.58372

I know what you mean. One thing I noticed is that when my opponents don't have the mental capacity to real tackle an argument in a debate, they always try to go for these personal attacks, trying to paint you as some villainous caricature, extrapolate small details, really grasp for straws, anything they can use just to be able to have an excuse to dismiss you and cover up for their failure.

Why do you think people go for these dishonest tactics, wiz?

838f7 No.58373

You mean like he did here >>58239 here >>58227 and here >>58229?

ae0d0 No.58374

Damn, you really had to work hard to find the couple instances I used "laughing" and a smiley face. As compelling as this psych eval is, it doesn't even fit in these specific posts.

The smiley in the two posts was used as an indicator that I was joking because I knew retards would jump on that sentence as some form of admission (unsurprisingly, they still jumped on it, grasping for any confirmation into their deranged delusions). And the one where I used "I'm laughing at the retards that identify with the wizard meme as it currently stands" wasn't even directed at the person I replied to and was obviously hyperbolic to prove a point against the "You are a living meme" thing.

Any more insightful meme analysis? If you want to make me fume, perhaps you could destroy my arguments, maybe humiliate me by highlighting all the holes in the theory? That could work you guys.

56f4e No.58375

File: 1615474782804.png (255.21 KB, 468x330, 78:55, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Shit, i didn't even notice/remember he did both of those things. It's almost a little too on the nose, like he's pretending to be an angry guy pretending to be a smug epic troll. That sort of thing is pretty common. The whole "trolls trolling trolls" thing. Some even create elaborate personas based around that premise.

da7c6 No.58377

You were already destroyed, we're just making fun of you now

31c93 No.58378

File: 1615487018959.png (505.41 KB, 368x551, 368:551, 1615239877688.png) ImgOps iqdb

7debb No.58379

File: 1615491315815.jpg (635.56 KB, 1620x2324, 405:581, V classes.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>This explains his hatred for crabs, his desire to turn Wizchan in a place where succubi can post too, calling them wizardly, and witches, obsession with female topics and issues, attentionwhoring behaviour, etc.

Succubi are never pressured for their virginity, when they have such. But look at the other half of mankind, for having accepted and promoted the motto "a succubus is, a man has to become" lots of mutations and diseases have manifested while succubi just grab the pan by its handle.

I'd include rapists and pick-up artists in the pic, if it were not a picture about virgin types.

Holding the weight of such servitude, expectations or roles harms men.

ae0d0 No.58380

I'm actually so deep into the LARP I don't even know who I am anymore. Am I trolling or do I actually believe this shit? Am I CC poster or merely one of his many personalities that shows up to make sense of his reality? Last thing I remember is going to sleep for my gender reassignment surgery…or did I dream that?

I see we're reaching new levels of incoherent schizo paranoia with every post.

Looks to me more like you're jerking each other off and avoiding actually responding to me directly. It's a decent tactic, since even your shitty meme insults feel impotent.

Virginity really is a nebulous concept and it only exists in men's psyches to torment men them until they pass the ritual. Basing wizardry on it would be acknowledging the significance of the first sexual experience and implicitly injecting normalfag values into it.

(I'm not him btw it's all a coincidence he showed up at this moment don't worry about it hehe)

56f4e No.58383

>You're avoiding my totally rational argument and can't counter my FACTS and LOGIC!

Thing is, you're not arguing in good faith and never were. Your entire argument hinges on the snuck premise that wizardry is a 1 to 1 synonym for volceldom (volceldom is not A requirement, it is the sole requirement) and has no other criteria and by logical extension of that snuck premise we should allow succubi and non-virgins. When anyone points out that wizardry has already been defined, you just say it doesn't matter because it's "just a meme". Nevermind that it (being a site for male virgins) is and always was the entire premise of this website, it's "just a meme" so the entire premise of a community that has existed for nearly a decade at this point is completely invalidated by you, who is somehow the supreme authority on the topic. When anyone reasons with you, you do 1 of three things:
1) Fall back on your snuck premise and repeat "it's just a meme bro!"
2) Call them "incoids".
3) Make an overly sarcastic reply (often invoking reductio ad absurdum) that doesn't address the argument, accusation or criticism.

But sure, you can "win" any argument from any position if you just completely change the definition of words. People have made plenty of arguments ITT, but you keep saying those arguments don't count because they don't accept the terms, definitions and conditions you're trying to apply (the premise of this website and it's history are all completely invalidated because of a meme and a wizard is nothing more than a volcel) that ex vi termini makes you the default winner.

So there is nothing left to say to you really because we'd just be going in circles, so the only thing left to do is mock you.

0aa67 No.58384

Witchies feel the same shame and pressure about being a virgin succubus as men FYI.

9a9d8 No.58385

they have social pressure on them but for different motives, the normoloids think there is something wrong with them, that they are crazy or were molested or something, but with men they just think you are pathetic and weak and probably have a micro dick in my case, they were right.

dd1f7 No.58386

There's no such thing as virgin succubi in their 30s. Sorry but even a stinky landwhale can pretty easily find a desperate man with a job and insurance plan. Hope you can find your way back to CC and never return.

0aa67 No.58387

>Sorry but even a stinky landwhale can pretty easily find a desperate man with a job
yes men are gross enough to just want to fuck anything but that does not mean that all succubus can find love also you claim no virgin succubus exist when you really just said no crab succubus exist.

this is true

1a38e No.58388

No they don't.
Whatever, this is just bait.

ae0d0 No.58390

>you're not arguing in good faith and never were

No, you're just so prejudiced against certain groups that in your mind, no one could be advocating for them unironically. I've already proven multiple times that I'm willing to parlay in good faith, but if some schmuck tries his shitty discord meme tricks on me, I have a duty to respond in kind and make the retard think twice before replying again.

>volceldom is not A requirement, it is the sole requirement

OK, so presumably, volcelism is fine, but we still oughta put in some restrictions – of course, you didn't provide any real justification for this except "well, if we go by this meme definition and the current rules…"

My position to adopt volcelism as the foundation of wizardry is born out of a simple, yet radical idea: wizardry ought to be a serious belief and value system. The benefits of this are fairly straight-forward, but I'll spoonfeed you. It improves the quality of the website because:
(a) reduces the amount of non-serious posters that live on the irony i.e. wizfapper, /b/ shitposters and so on
(b) increases the amount of serious posters because you are actually offering them something worthwhile

In your mind, non-males would shit up the place, yet you are too myopic to realize that wizchan is already low quality because it's based on a fucking meme – a joke. Tell me then, what is the incentive to not shit up the place? If it's all a joke, we should just have FUN FUN FUN and clearly wizfapper is having a blast. Why does he cause so much butthurt? I mean, if it's all a meme, why get so butthurt about his porn debut? The man is an artist and anyone that wants to ban him is simply a prude.

If you accept the preposition that wizardry ought to be serious, then you will reject any foundation that is non-serious. The traditional meme definition, as hilarious as it is (sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night laughing about it), obviously doesn't fit anymore. My suggestion is to adopt volcelism because it is a coherent set of beliefs and is a genuine value system, not born out of resentment or other negative emotion, but is actually life empowering in a way.

OK, now what about witchies and trans-witchies? They're perfectly capable of adopting a volcel belief system, but you feel that there's still some reason to exclude them, because it feels wrong in a way. I can understand that you might need time to stomach the idea, since many of you have been drinking the meme koolaid for a long time and misogyny and transphobia just feel natural to you. However, there is no real reason why they should be excluded except for your prejudice conditioned by certain institutions like 4chan.

At best, you could argue that non-males would lower the quality of the site, whether due their inherent nature or through their interaction with males. This seems plausible because you currently have a model in your head of how men and w0men interact in online spaces, but you do not have a model of how VOLCEL men and w0men interact. All the negatives that arise out of these groups or interaction with men are because of their normalfag nature and value system. A w0man that genuinely adopts a volcel belief system will look and act way differently then the standard instathot with porn aspirations. Likewise, the interaction between volcel men and w0men will also be different because if both parties are genuinely volcel, there will be no resentment, hate, shame and so on – a reason why incoids should be excluded, both because they do not subscribe to volcelism but also inherently shit up the place due to their normalfag nature and resentment towards non-males and former sex-havers.

What about virginity? We should at least exclude sex-havers, amirite? Well, I've already poked enough holes in the concept of virginity. There is simply no meaningful difference between a virgin male and a non-virgin male, except the knowledge, or rather memory, of the experience of sex. Such knowledge shouldn't remove your ability to voluntarily reject social, sexual and romantic relationships in the future. Virginity is not only nebulous as a concept, but is also inherently a normalfag concept. It's only purpose is a social rite of passage and if we were to accept virginity as real, we would be implicitly subscribing to a normalfag value system which makes virginity such a significant event in a person's life. The only purpose it has is to create guilt and shame in people that have not gone through the act, one could imagine that it was created in order to incentivize sex having as early as possible. I cannot see any benefit from acknowledging it as a concept or category.

If you have any rational reason to exclude non-males and sex-havers, please provide it or feel free to poke holes in the above reasoning. If you just want to reply with "gtfo tranny" then don't be surprised when I respond "sarcastically" as you say or respond with "gtfo incoid".

It's kinda funny since incoids are actually at a disadvantage when it comes to throwing around insults. By their very nature, they have low self-esteem and it doesn't take much to trigger a negative reaction out of them. They might feel good at the first reply, but then they will inevitably close the tab when you put salt in their emotional wounds. Call me a tranny and it washes off like water of a rain coat, but call an incoid out and you will be astonished how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back, "I've been found out".

56f4e No.58393

What a rambling mess of a post.

As has been repeated to you many times, it isn't just a "rule" that you have to be male and a virgin, it's the premise of the site. The foundation. The raison d'etre. Think of it this way. Would you go to a vegan food store and tell them they should sell meat? Sure you could argue that meat is healthy and go on about proteins and vitamin B12 and how it's hard to get enough on a vegan diet, but ultimately their rationale would be that if they sold meat, they would cease to be a vegan food store. And that's all the rationale they really need.

I'll give you another analogy. You know how in Japan a lot of establishments, especially bars and clubs, have "japanese only" and "no foreigners" signs? Why do you think that is? Do you think it's because the Japanese are evil racists that have an irrational hatred of all who are not racially pure Japanese? Or do you think it's because they want the atmosphere that can only exist in an all Japanese venue and allowing foreigners would ruin that atmosphere? And just in case you think it's just a "language barrier" thing I can tell you having lived in Japan before, that's not the honest reason. That's a reason that's sometimes cited because it's an easy, politically correct answer to give, but the truth is that they just want to be among their own kind. If they allow foreigners, even if those foreigners speak impeccable Japanese, they're still not Japanese and its completely obvious. It's not just facial features and skull structures being different, it's the fact that their cultural frame of reference and way of thinking will be vastly different from their own no matter how much effort they put into assimilation.

ae0d0 No.58397

>What a rambling mess of a post.

And you say I'm the one arguing in bad faith? Great way of characterizing my entire post so you don't have to put any effort into engaging with what I actually say.

>it's the premise of the site. The foundation. The raison d'etre.

Sure, I already acknowledged wizchan is a joke website based on a ironic meme / insult. Just because something is a certain way, doesn't mean it should be that way. If you actually bothered read my post and follow the logic, at the heart of this issue is one question: do you want wizardry to be a joke or something serious? If it's the former, then the current state of the website is fine, it's just a place to hangout with people ironically LARPing as celibates, pretending they have magical powers. As hilarious as that is, a large portion of the website identifies with being a wizard seriously and feel alienated by all the half-ironic gay erotic shitposting. I mean, some even use this place to advertise their jerk off streams. I'm sure that's your idea of a fun Saturday night, but you are probably in the minority.

>vegan analogy

Analogies are terrible arguments because you can always generalize two situations into low quality representations and claim that they are comparable, and yet two situations are never the same and it always involves NUANCE. The thing about veganism is that it's obviously born out of a coherent belief / value system. The idea is, I'm going to eat non-animal products in order to reduce / prevent animal suffering / save the environment.

The situations could be comparable if 'vegan' started out as an ironic insult for people that can't afford meat, and they made a website called veganchan where they have their fun and shitpost about enjoying cabbage or whatever and then one day some tranny subversionist comes in and says: hey, I don't care about meat or your ironic cabbage jokes, I think veganism should be a serious thing, a belief system born out of the principle that animal suffering should be prevented. Then some faggot comes out and says: hey, this is how it's always been, this is a club for people that can't afford meat and you can't just invite people that used to eat stakes, get outta here meat-eater.

The point: do you want wizardry to be a serious thing or just an ironic inside joke for your wizcord pals? Just admit it's the latter and we can ignore everything you say from now on.

>baka gaijin analogy

Again, not really comparable, since their in-group preference is built out of real cultural differences that exist between japanese and non-japanese. When it comes to wizardry, as long as everyone adheres to volcel principles, whether someone has a vagina or a dick, doesn't really matter. 90% of the time, you won't even know it's a witchie anyway, but their female perspective is a net benefit for the website. Especially when you consider the optics of wizardry, currently it's synonymous with resentful losers and it's easy for the media to paint a picture of wizchan that exaggerates those traits in the community. But if we had witchies? Well, now we're a just voluntary celibate community that has no problem with w0men, transw0men, non-white people and so on, rather than a hate group.

ae0d0 No.58398

>The thing about veganism is that it's obviously born out of a coherent belief / value system. The idea is, I'm going to eat non-animal products in order to reduce / prevent animal suffering / save the environment.

One thing I forgot to add here. Vegans aren't necessarily against eating meat, simply products that come from animals. They are perfectly fine with eating those i-can't-believe-it's-not-meat burgers grown from plants or whatever.

Similarly, wizards aren't inherently against w0men, simply having social, sexual and romantic relationships. One can still interact with w0men and congregate in the same online space with no contradiction. My point is, if wizardry is about volcelism, then allowing non-males still adheres to the volcel value system.

56f4e No.58399

>Great way of characterizing my entire post so you don't have to put any effort into engaging with what I actually say.
Except it really was a rambling mess, go and reread that post if you don't believe me and if you have a shred of self-awareness you'll see what I'm talking about. The closer you get to the end, the more deranged your ramblings get. Especially this part:
>Call me a tranny and it washes off like water of a rain coat,
Why are you bringing this up and why direct it at my post? What does this have to do with my post? I didn't even call you a tranny, at least not in that post, and I'm pretty sure I never did. I'm aware it's a reference to a meme but why bring up the tranny thing? Why randomly announce that it like, totally doesn't bother you?

>Especially when you consider the optics of wizardry, currently it's synonymous with resentful losers and it's easy for the media to paint a picture of wizchan that exaggerates those traits in the community. But if we had witchies? Well, now we're a just voluntary celibate community that has no problem with w0men, transw0men, non-white people and so on, rather than a hate group.

Do you seriously think we care about "optics" or what some faggot journo writes about the site? The only concern we would have would be if this site's host was pressured by some journalist to cut us off, yet that didn't happen even when wizchan was mentioned in hit pieces years ago, so why would it happen now, when we're no longer even on their radar?

Let me pitch you a question though, just for fun. Let's say, hypothetically the owner of this site gave you the website for free. If money is an issue, pretend there is no cost to you and that someone else is paying or whatever. What rules would you change? What rules would you eliminate? What would you add? Any other changes (rule related or otherwise) you'd make?

ae0d0 No.58400

>Except it really was a rambling mess, go and reread that post

What are you on about? It's very clear and tries to spoon-feed you the entire line of thought from the initial proposition to the end. Maybe you're used to sarcastic one liners as arguments, but this tackles both your explicit arguments and your implicit ones (yeah, even tried to do your job for you and think of possible arguments in your favor).

>Why are you bringing this up and why direct it at my post?

Settle down, the last paragraph wasn't even directed at you. I was merely pointing out that throwing insults around is a losing game for people with low self-esteem that get easily triggered by words, so incoids should probably re-think throwing discord insults around because I can dish out a lot of more punishing material than calling someone a "tranny".

There's no significance as to why I picked that insult as an example, I just thought it was funny combined with the jew meme quote.

>hypothetical about wizchan

Well, I think the rules are fine, I would just amend 1 and 2.
>1. You must be a voluntary celibate and at least 18 years old to use this website.
>2. Do not state or suggest that you will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences.

So, no male virgin requirement, simply identifying as a voluntary celibate that rejects social, sexual and romantic relationships. Saying you've had sex should be fine, but it should probably matter how you talk about it – if it's some kind of sad incoid reminiscing then the person might get a warning, if they continue to demonstrate non-volcel behavior, they will eventually get permabanned. To take the vegan analogy, you can forgive someone for eating meat some time ago, as long as they are different person now.

All the meme shit and lore can stay but it should be re-worded, perhaps re-written by someone creative to represent volcel themes and what not.

Realistically, nothing would change. The one or two witchies that might stumble here wouldn't be a problem and we could crack down on the ironic shitposting and non-volcel behavior. Retards like wizfapper would be banned not for simply sharing 3D porn, but for not being a volcel. I guess /b/ can stay as a shitposting ground, but I personally wouldn't miss it since I never browse or post there.

11efe No.58403

>because I can dish outs lot of more punishing material than calling someone a "tranny".
Calm down Cold Steel.

e7745 No.58404

>Saying you've had sex should be fine

ae0d0 No.58405

I have like one confirmed kill in this thread. Nothing personnel…


0aa67 No.58406

does having a dream in which you had sex remove your status as a virgin because we could argue on some philosophical level it does.


Stop shitposting

da7c6 No.58410

>Looks to me more like you're jerking each other off and avoiding actually responding to me directly

273f6 No.58418

>Virginity really is a nebulous concept and it only exists in men's psyches to torment men them until they pass the ritual. Basing wizardry on it would be acknowledging the significance of the first sexual experience and implicitly injecting normalfag values into it.

How the fuck is this retard not banned?

985b8 No.58460

shut the fuck up, you hypocrite CUNT

e56fc No.59654

I would like to see more emphasis on asociality and less emphasis on sex in the site culture (I'm not advocating for changing the virgin rule, calm down burger-kun)

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